PA100 to PZ999

PA100 to PA129 Seafire IB Converted from Spitfires
PA130 to PA139 Seafire IB Allocated for conversions from Spitfires, but not used
PA143 Seagull
PA147 Seagull
PA152 Seagull Not built
PA158 to PA198 Lancaster BI
PA214 to PA239 Lancaster BI
PA252 to PA288 Lancaster BI
PA303 to PA351 Lancaster BI
PA365 to PA396 Lancaster BI
PA410 to PA452 Lancaster BI
PA473 to PA512 Lancaster BI
PA526 to PA563 Lancaster BI
PA579 to PA625 Lancaster BI
PA646 to PA687 Lancaster BI
PA701 to PA737 Lancaster BI
PA752 to PA799 Lancaster BI
PA816 to PA835 Lancaster BI
PA838 to PA871 Spitfire PRXI
PA884 to PA913 Spitfire PRXI
PA926 to PA961 Spitfire PRXI
PA964 to PA999 Lancaster
PB112 to PB158 Lancaster
PB171 to PB213 Lancaster
PB226 to PB267 Lancaster
PB280 to PB308 Lancaster
PB341 to PB385 Lancaster
PB397 to PB438 Lancaster
PB450 to PB490 Lancaster
PB504 to PB542 Lancaster
PB554 to PB596 Lancaster
PB609 to PB653 Lancaster
PB666 to PB708 Lancaster
PB721 to PB768 Lancaster
PB780 to PB823 Lancaster
PB836 to PB881 Lancaster
PB893 to PB936 Lancaster
PB949 to PB998 Lancaster
PD112 to PD146 Lancaster
PD159 to PD196 Lancaster
PD198 to PD239 Lancaster
PD252 to PD296 Lancaster
PD309 to PD439 Lancaster
PD361 to PD404 Lancaster
PD417 to PD444 Lancaster
PD446 to PD480 Hawker Typhoon IB
PD492 to PD536 Hawker Typhoon IB
PD548 to PD577 Hawker Typhoon IB
PD589 to PD523 Hawker Typhoon IB
PD625 to PD635 Kirby Cadet
PD637 to PD639 Kirby Cadet
PD643 to PD647 Kirby Cadet
PD650 to PD652 Kirby Cadet
PD654 to PD655 Dagling
PD656 Kirby Cadet
PD658 Dagling
PD659 to PD662 Kirby Cadet
PD664 Dagling
PD665 to PD666 Kirby Cadet
PD679 Kirby Cadet
PD680 to PD681 Dagling
PD682 Kirby Cadet
PD685 to PD686 Kirby Cadet
PD690 to PD692 Kirby Cadet
PE101 to PE129 York C1
PE146 to PE191 York C1
PE224 to PE248 York C1
PE510 to PE553 Windsor
PE565 to PE606 Windsor
PE618 to PE658 Windsor
PE671 to PE715 Windsor
PE727 to PE769 Windsor
PE782 to PE826 Windsor
PE839 to PE878 Windsor
PE882 FW.190A-4/U-8
PE885 to PE927 Tempest II
PE939 to PE966 Tempest II
PE978 to PE999 Tempest II
PF112 to PF158 Tempest II
PF171 to PF213 Tempest II
PF225 to PF266 Tempest II
PF280 to PF319 Tempest II
PF333 to PF367 Tempest II
PF370 Welkin II
PF379 to PF415 Mosquito
PF428 to PF469 Mosquito
PF481 to PF526 Mosquito
PF538 to PF579 Mosquito
PF592 to PF635 Mosquito
PF647 to PF680 Mosquito
PF690 to PF725 Horsa I
PF739 to PF770 Horsa I
PF786 to PF817 Horsa I
PF820 to PF866 Wellington
PF879 to PF915 Wellington
PF927 to PF968 Wellington
PF979 to PF999 Wellington
PG112 to PG157 Wellington
PG170 to PG215 Wellington
PG227 to PG269 Wellington
PG282 to PG326 Wellington
PG338 to PG379 Wellington
PG392 to PG422 Wellington
PG425 to PG456 Hurricane II
PG469 to PG499 Hurricane II
PG512 to PG554 Hurricane II
PG567 to PG610 Hurricane II
PG614 to PG658 Tiger Moth TII
PG671 to PG716 Tiger Moth TII
PG728 to PG769 Tiger Moth TII
PG782 to PG824 Tiger Moth TII
PG837 to PG871 Tiger Moth TII
PG884 to PG922 Tiger Moth TII
PG968 to PG999 Oxford
PH112 to PH157 Oxford
PH169 to PH215 Oxford
PH227 to PH268 Oxford
PH281 to PH327 Oxford
PH339 to PH379 Oxford
PH391 to PH425 Oxford
PH447 to PH489 Oxford
PH502 to PH527 Oxford
PH528 to PH535 Oxford Re-serialled VB861 to VB868
PH528 to PH569 Anson CXII
PH582 to PH626 Anson CXII
PH638 to PH679 Anson CXII
PH691 to PH735 Anson CXII
PH747 to PH789 Anson CXII
PH803 to PH845 Anson
PH858 to PH865 Anson CXIX
PJ660 to PJ695 Hurricane XIIA
PJ711 to PJ758 Hurricane XIIA
PJ779 to PJ813 Hurricane XIIA
PJ842 to PJ872 Hurricane XIIA
PJ876 Ju.88R-1
PJ878 to PJ923 Stirling V
PJ935 to PJ959 Stirling V
PJ971 to PJ999 Stirling V
PK113 to PK158 Stirling V
PK171 to PK186 Stirling V
PK225 to PK237 Stirling IV
PK240 Seafire XV
PK243 Seafire XV
PK245 Seafire XV
PK248 to PK269 Oxford
PK282 to PK309 Oxford
PK312 to PK356 Spitfire
PK369 to PK412 Spitfire
PK426 to PK468 Spitfire
PK481 to PK525 Spitfire
PK539 to PK582 Spitfire
PK594 to PK635 Spitfire
PK648 to PK689 Spitfire
PK712 to PK754 Spitfire
PK769 to PK811 Spitfire
PK828 to PK868 Spitfire
PK883 to PK926 Spitfire
PK949 to PK998 Spitfire
PL123 to PL169 Spitfire
PL185 to PL227 Spitfire
PL246 to PL288 Spitfire
PL313 to PL356 Spitfire
PL369 to PL408 Spitfire
PL423 to PL466 Spitfire
PL488 to PL499 Spitfire
PL758 to PL799 Spitfire
PL823 to PL866 Spitfire
PL881 to PL925 Spitfire
PL949 to PL998 Spitfire
PM123 to PM168 Spitfire
PM184 to PM228 Spitfire
PM245 to PM288 Spitfire
PM302 to PM347 Spitfire
PM367 to PM404 Spitfire
PM419 to PM462 Spitfire
PM478 to PM519 Spitfire
PM536 to PM581 Spitfire
PM596 to PM637 Spitfire
PM651 to PM676 Spitfire
PM679 FW.190A-4/U-8
PM682 to PM723 Barracuda II
PM738 to PM780 Barracuda II
PM796 to PM838 Barracuda II
PM852 to PM897 Barracuda II
PM913 to PM958 Barracuda II
PM970 to PM999 Barracuda II
PN115 to PN164 Barracuda II
PN167 to PN208 Halifax
PN223 to PN267 Halifax
PN285 to PN327 Halifax
PN343 to PN362 Halifax
PN465 to PN406 Halifax
PN423 to PN470 Halifax
PN485 to PN527 Halifax
PN540 to PN566 Halifax
PN580 to PN619 Halifax
PN623 to PN667 Warwick
PN681 to PN725 Warwick
PN739 to PN782 Warwick
PN796 to PN839 Warwick
PN853 to PN898 Warwick
PN910 to PN952 Warwick
PN964 to PN996 Warwick
PN999 FW.190A-4/U-8
PP103 to PP132 Sunderland V
PP135 to PP164 Sunderland
PP139 Spitfire F21
PP142 to PP164 Halifax Re-serialled TW774 to TW796
PP165 to PP187 Halifax
PP203 to PP247 Halifax
PP259 to PP296 Halifax
PP308 to PP350 Halifax
PP362 to PP389 Halifax
PP391 to PP437 Firefly I
PP456 to PP497 Firefly I
PP523 to PP567 Firefly I
PP580 to PP623 Firefly I
PP639 to PP660 Firefly I
PP663 to PP695 Lancaster BI
PP713 to PP758 Lancaster BI
PP772 to PP806 Lancaster BI
PP820 to PP866 Lancaster BI
PP880 to PP918 Lancaster BI
PP921 to PP957 Seafire LIII
PP969 to PP999 Seafire LIII
PR115 to PR156 Seafire LIII
PR170 to PR215 Seafire LIII
PR228 to PR271 Seafire LIII
PR285 to PR334 Seafire LIII
PR338 to PR379 Seafire FXV
PR391 to PR436 Seafire FXV
PR449 to PR479 Seafire FXV
PR492 to PR506 Seafire FXV
PR525 to PR567 Tempest II
PR581 to PR623 Tempest II
PR645 to PR689 Tempest II
PR713 to PR758 Tempest II
PR771 to PR815 Tempest II
PR830 to PR876 Tempest II
PR889 to PR928 Tempest II
PR941 to PR967 Tempest II
PR979 to PR999 Tempest II
PS115 to PS157 Tempest II
PS173 to PS215 Tempest II
PS229 to PS273 Tempest II
PS287 to PS329 Tempest II
PS342 to PS387 Tempest II
PS408 to PS449 Tempest II
PS463 to PS507 Tempest II
PS520 to PS563 Tempest II
PS579 to PS625 Tempest II
PS637 to PS681 Tempest II
PS684 to PS725 Spitfire PRXIX
PS739 to PS781 Spitfire PRXIX
PS795 to PS836 Spitfire PRXIX
PS849 to PS893 Spitfire PRXIX
PS908 to PS935 Spitfire PRXIX
PS936 to PS987 Spitfire
PT163 to PT203 Spitfire
PT222 to PT229 Spitfire
PT335 to PT380 Spitfire
PT395 to PT436 Spitfire
PT451 to PT498 Spitfire
PT523 to PT567 Spitfire
PT582 to PT627 Spitfire
PT639 to PT683 Spitfire
PT697 to PT738 Spitfire
PT752 to PT795 Spitfire
PT818 to PT859 Spitfire
PT873 to PT915 Spitfire
PT929 to PT970 Spitfire
PT986 to PT999 Spitfire
PV115 to PV160 Spitfire
PV174 to PV215 Spitfire
PV229 to PV270 Spitfire
PV283 to PV327 Spitfire
PV341 to PV385 Spitfire
PV745 to PV739 Spitfire
PV752 to PV797 Spitfire
PV820 to PV865 Spitfire
PV879 to PV919 Spitfire
PV934 to PV984 Spitfire
PW112 to PW122 Spitfire
PW134 to PW158 Spitfire
PW173 to PW196 Spitfire
PW221 to PW250 Spitfire
PW255 to PW266 Stirling V
PW276 to PW289 Stirling V
PW303 to PW347 Stirling V
PW361 to PW380 Stirling V
PW384 to PW425 Stirling V
PW438 to PW479 Stirling V
PW493 to PW525 Stirling V
PW539 to PW580 Stirling V
PW592 to PW633 Stirling V
PW637 to PW678 Horsa II
PW693 to PW735 Horsa II
PW742 to PW790 Horsa II
PW812 to PW847 Horsa II
PW862 to PW897 Horsa II
PW925 Lincoln
PW929 Lincoln
PW932 Lincoln
PW937 Miles M.28 Mk.III
PW943 Hermes
PW947 to PW988 Martinet TTI
PX101 to PX147 Martinet TTI
PX163 to PX198 Martinet TTI
PX203 Cierva W9
PX210 to PX253 Hornet
PX273 to PX315 Hornet
PX328 to PX369 Hornet
PX383 to PX389 Hornet
PX399 to PX425 Hornet
PX440 to PX487 Hornet
PX501 to PX530 Hornet
PZ161 to PZ203 Mosquito
PZ217 to PZ259 Mosquito
PZ273 to PZ316 Mosquito
PZ330 to PZ358 Mosquito
PZ371 to PZ419 Mosquito
PZ435 to PZ476 Mosquito
PZ479 to PZ515 Beaufighter TFX
PZ528 to PZ569 Beaufighter TFX
PZ583 to PZ626 Beaufighter TFX
PZ638 to PZ680 Beaufighter TFX
PZ694 to PZ727 Beaufighter TFX
PZ730 to PZ778 Hurricane IIC
PZ791 to PZ835 Hurricane IIC
PZ848 to PZ865 Hurricane IIC

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