F1 to F9999

F1 to F300 DH.9
F301 to F320 Handley Page O/400
F321 to F350 Reserved
F351 to F550 DH.10
F551 to F615 SE.5a
F616 to F618 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F622 to F623 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F625 to F628 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F631 to F634 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F638 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F642 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F644 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F646 to F647 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F649 to F651 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F662 to F663 RE.8
F666 RE.8
F669 RE.8
F672 RE.8
F675 to F677 RE.8
F681 to F685 RE.8
F687 RE.8
F689 to F690 RE.8
F694 RE.8
F699 RE.8
F700 RE.8
F701 to F850 Vimy
F851 to F950 SE.5a
F951 to F1100 DH.9A
F1101 to F1300 DH.9
F1301 to F1550 Sopwith Camel
F1551 to F1552 DH.4
F1553 to F1602 RE.8
F1603 to F1652 DH.9A
F1653 to F1664 BAT FK.23
F1665 to F1764 RE.8
F1765 to F1766 Tarrant Tabor
F1767 to F1866 DH.9
F1867 to F1882 DH.10
F1883 to F2182 Sopwith Camel
F2183 to F2185 Maurice Farman
F2186 Unknown allocation
F2187 Unknown allocation
F2188 Avro 504
F2189 to F2208 Sopwith Camel
F2209 Avro 504
F2210 to F2229 Sopwith Ship Strutter
F2230 Maurice Farman S.11
F2231 to F2232 Avro 504
F2233 to F2332 Avro 504K
F2333 to F2532 Sopwith Snipe
F2533 to F2632 Avro 504K
F2633 to F2732 DH.4
F2733 to F2902 DH.9A
F2903 to F2905 Boulton & Paul Bourges
F2906 to F2908 BAT FK.25
F2909 to F2911 Nieuport Nighthawk
F2912 to F2914 Westland Weasel
F2915 to F2944 Vimy
F2945 to F2994 FE.2b
F2995 Beardmore WBII
F2996 to F3095 Vimy
F3096 to F3145 Sopwith Camel
F3146 to F3195 Vimy
F3196 to F3245 Sopwith Camel
F3246 to F3345 RE.8
F3346 to F3441 DH.6
F3442 to F3491 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F3492 to F3494 Avro 533
F3495 to F3497 Bristol Type 23 Badger
F3498 to F3547 FE.2b
F3548 to F3747 RE.8
F3748 to F3767 Handley Page O/400
F3768 to F3917 FE.2b
F3918 to F4067 Sopwith Camel
F4068 to F4070 Sopwith Snark
F4071 to F4170 FE.2b
F4171 to F4174 Avro 504
F4175 Sopwith Camel
F4176 Unknown type
F4177 to F4216 Sopwith Camel
F4217 Avro 504
F4218 BE.2d
F4219 Armstrong Whitworth FK.3
F4220 Sopwith Pup
F4221 to F4270 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F4271 to F4970 Bristol F.2B
F4971 to F4973 Armstrong Whitworth Ara
F4974 to F5073 Sopwith Camel
F5074 to F5173 Bristol F.2B
F5174 to F5248 Sopwith Camel
F5249 to F5348 SE.5a
F5349 to F5448 Handley Page O/400
F5449 to F5698 SE.5a
F5699 to F5798 DH.4
F5799 to F5800 Avro 504J
F5801 to F5808 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F5809 to F5815 Bristol F.2B
F5817 Bristol F.2B
F5819 to F5824 Bristol F.2B
F5825 to F5828 DH.4
F5832 Sopwith Camel
F5833 DH.4
F5837 DH.4
F5840 DH.4
F5844 to F5845 DH.9
F5846 to F5849 DH.4
F5850 DH.9
F5852 FE.2b
F5856 FE.2b
F5858 to F5859 FE.2b
F5861 to F5862 FE.2b
F5864 DH.9
F5871 to F5872 RE.8
F5874 RE.8
F5876 to F5877 RE.8
F5879 to F5883 RE.8
F5885 RE.8
F5891 RE.8
F5895 to F5909 RE.8
F5910 SE.5a
F5912 SE.5a
F5914 to F5921 Sopwith Camel
F5923 Sopwith Camel
F5924 SE.5a
F5925 to F5928 Sopwith Camel
F5930 to F5932 Sopwith Camel
F5936 Sopwith Camel
F5938 to F5948 Sopwith Camel
F5950 to F5951 Sopwith Camel
F5953 to F5960 Sopwith Camel
F5961 to F5962 Dolphin
F5964 to F5968 Sopwith Camel
F5969 SE.5a
F5970 Sopwith Camel
F5972 Sopwith Camel
F5973 to F5974 RE.8
F5976 to F5980 RE.8
F5981 to F5983 Sopwith Camel
F5985 Sopwith Camel
F5987 Sopwith Camel
F5989 to F5994 Sopwith Camel
F5995 to F5999 Bristol F.2B
F6001 to F6003 DH.4
F6005 to F6019 RE.8
F6020 Dolphin
F6022 to F6039 Sopwith Camel
F6040 to F6043 Bristol F.2B
F6044 to F6050 RE.8
F6052 to F6053 Sopwith Camel
F6055 DH.9
F6057 DH.9
F6058 Sopwith Camel
F6060 SE.5a
F6061 Sopwith Camel
F6063 to F6064 Sopwith Camel
F6066 DH.9
F6067 Sopwith Camel
F6069 Sopwith Camel
F6070 DH.4
F6071 FE.2b
F6072 to F6073 DH.9
F6075 FE.2b
F6076 Sopwith Camel
F6077 FE.2b
F6080 to F6081 FE.2b
F6082 to F6084 Sopwith Camel
F6085 RE.8
F6086 to F6090 Sopwith Camel
F6091 to F6092 RE.8
F6093 to F6094 Bristol F.2B
F6096 DH.4
F6097 RE.8
F6098 DH.9
F6099 DH.4
F6100 Sopwith Camel
F6101 Bristol F.2B
F6102 Sopwith Camel
F6103 to F6104 DH.4
F6105 to F6107 Sopwith Camel
F6109 to F6111 Sopwith Camel
F6112 to F6113 DH.9
F6114 to F6115 DH.4
F6116 Bristol F.2B
F6117 Sopwith Camel
F6119 to F6120 DH.4
F6121 Bristol F.2B
F6122 to F6123 Sopwith Camel
F6124 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F6125 DH.9
F6126 to F6127 Sopwith Camel
F6128 FE.2b
F6129 Sopwith Camel
F6131 Bristol F.2B
F6132 Sopwith Camel
F6133 DH.4
F6134 RE.8
F6135 Sopwith Camel
F6137 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F6138 Sopwith Camel
F6139 DH.4
F6140 Sopwith Camel
F6141 DH.9
F6142 Bristol F.2B
F6143 RE.8
F6144 to F6146 Dolphin
F6147 Sopwith Camel
F6149 to F6153 Sopwith Camel
F6155 to F6157 Sopwith Camel
F6158 Bristol F.2B
F6159 to F6163 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F6164 to F6168 DH.4
F6169 Sopwith Camel
F6172 DH.9
F6173 to F6174 FE.2b
F6175 to F6177 Sopwith Camel
F6178 RE.8
F6180 Sopwith Camel
F6182 Sopwith Camel
F6183 Sopwith Camel or DH.9
F6184 to F6185 Sopwith Camel
F6187 DH.4
F6188 to F6194 Sopwith Camel
F6195 Bristol F.2B
F6196 DH.9
F6197 to F6201 Sopwith Camel
F6203 to F6204 RE.8
F6205 DH.9
F6206 Bristol F.2B
F6207 DH.4
F6208 Bristol F.2B
F6209 DH.4
F6210 to F6211 Sopwith Camel
F6212 DH.4
F6213 DH.9
F6214 to F6215 DH.4
F6216 Sopwith Camel
F6217 Bristol F.2B
F6218 RE.8
F6219 to F6221 Sopwith Camel
F6222 DH.4
F6223 Sopwith Camel
F6224 DH.4
F6225 to F6226 Sopwith Camel
F6227 DH.4
F6228 to F6230 Sopwith Camel
F6234 DH.4
F6235 Bristol F.2B
F6238 Sopwith Camel
F6240 Sopwith Camel
F6244 to F6245 Sopwith Camel
F6249 to F6252 Sopwith Camel
F6253 DH.4
F6254 Sopwith Camel or RE.8
F6257 to F6259 Sopwith Camel
F6261 Sopwith Camel
F6264 Sopwith Camel
F6268 to F6269 Sopwith Camel
F6270 RE.8
F6271 Sopwith Camel
F6273 RE.8
F6276 SE.5a
F6277 RE.8
F6279 RE.8
F6281 to F6282 Sopwith Camel
F6285 Sopwith Camel
F6292 Sopwith Camel
F6294 to F6295 Sopwith Camel
F6299 RE.8
F6300 Sopwith Camel
F6301 Sopwith Camel Ex D8617, rebuilt at depot in France, serial compromised the subsequent allocation
F6302 Sopwith Camel Ex D1808, rebuilt at depot in France, serial compromised the subsequent allocation
F6303 Sopwith Camel Ex B2371, rebuilt at depot in France, serial compromised the subsequent allocation
F6304 Sopwith Camel Ex D6628, rebuilt at depot in France, serial compromised the subsequent allocation
F6305 Sopwith Camel Ex B6635, rebuilt at depot in France, serial compromised the subsequent allocation
F6306 Sopwith Camel Ex D8511, rebuilt at depot in France, serial compromised the subsequent allocation
F6307 Sopwith Camel Ex C1584, rebuilt at depot in France, serial compromised the subsequent allocation
F6308 Sopwith Camel Ex D8385, rebuilt at depot in France, serial compromised the subsequent allocation
F6301 to F6500 Sopwith Camel
F6501 to F7000 Salamander
F7001 to F7030 Sopwith Snipe
F7031 to F7033 Sopwith Snapper
F7034 to F7133 Dolphin
F7134 to F7143 Handley Page V/1500
F7144 to F7146 Sopwith Camel
F7147 to F7346 DH.10
F7347 to F7546 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
F7547 to F7596 Sopwith Ship Strutter
F7597 to F7598 DH.4
F7599 to F7600 Unknown allocation
F7601 to F7750 Salamander
F7751 to F7800 SE.5a
F7801 to F7950 Salamander
F7951 to F8200 SE.5a
F8201 to F8230 Handley Page V/1500
F8231 to F8280 Sopwith Cuckoo
F8281 to F8320 Handley Page V/1500
F8321 to F8420 SE.5a
F8421 to F8495 DH.10A
F8496 to F8595 Sopwith Camel
F8596 to F8645 Vimy
F8646 to F8695 Sopwith Camel
F8696 to F8945 Avro 504K
F8946 to F9145 SE.5a
F9146 to F9295 Vimy
F9296 to F9395 FE.2h
F9403 Bristol F.2B
F9406 Bristol Scout
F9407 Sopwith Camel
F9410 Sopwith Camel
F9413 Sopwith Camel Reported as Avro 504, but casualty card records it as Sopwith Camel
F9417 Sopwith Camel
F9446 to F9495 Caudron
F9496 to F9695 Sopwith Camel Canx, serials re-allocated
F9502 Bristol F.2B
F9504 to F9506 Avro 504
F9509 Sopwith Camel
F9511 DH.4
F9515 DH.9A
F9516 Bristol F.2B
F9546 to F9547 Avro 504K
F9548 Sopwith Camel Ex B5556, returned to B5556
F9549 Bristol F.2B
F9550 FE.2b
F9551 to F9565 Allocation unknown
F9566 FE.2b
F9567 BE.2e
F9568 SE.5a
F9569 to F9570 Vimy
F9571 BE.2d
F9572 Avro 504A
F9575 Sopwith Camel
F9579 Sopwith Camel
F9591 Sopwith Camel
F9598 Bristol F.2B
F9599 Sopwith Camel
F9606 Bristol F.2B
F9608 Sopwith Camel
F9616 Bristol F.2B
F9617 Sopwith Camel
F9623 to F9624 Sopwith Camel
F9625 Avro 504
F9626 Bristol Scout
F9627 BE.2c
F9628 to F9632 Sopwith Camel
F9633 Avro 504
F9634 to F9635 Sopwith Camel
F9636 Avro 504
F9637 Sopwith Camel
F9638 Bristol F.2B
F9639 to F9694 Reserved
F9695 Sopwith Camel
F9696 to F9845 Avro 504K
F9846 to F9995 Sopwith Snipe
F9996 to F9999 Reserved

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