D1 to D9999

D1 to D200 Avro 504
D201 to D450 SE.5a
D451 to D950 DH.9
D951 to D1000 DH.6
D1001 to D1500 DH.9
D1501 to D1600 RE.8
D1601 to D1650 Avro 504A
D1651 to D1750 DH.9
D1751 to D1775 DH.4
D1776 to D1975 Sopwith Camel
D1976 to D2125 Avro 504K
D2126 to D2775 Bristol Fighter
D2776 to D3275 DH.9
D3276 to D3325 Sopwith Cuckoo Re-serialled N6900 to N6949
D3326 to D3425 Sopwith Camel
D3426 to D3575 SE.5a
D3576 to D3775 Dolphin
D3776 to D3835 FE.2b
D3836 to D3910 RE.8
D3911 to D4010 SE.5a
D4011 to D4210 DH.9 Canx, serials re-allocated
D4011 to D4210 Sopwith Pup
D4211 to D4360 Sopwith Pup Canx, serials re-allocated
D4361 to D4560 Avro 504
D4561 to D4660 Handley Page O/400
D4661 to D5000 RE.8
D5001 to D5200 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
D5201 to D5400 Dolphin
D5401 to D5450 Handley Page O/400
D5451 to D5550 Avro 504
D5551 to D5850 DH.9
D5851 to D5950 Avro 504
D5951 to D6200 SE.5a
D6201 to D6400 Avro 504
D6401 to D6700 Sopwith Camel
D6701 to D6850 RE.8
D6851 to D7050 SE.5a
D7051 to D7200 Avro 504
D7201 to D7400 DH.9
D7401 to D7800 Avro 504
D7801 to D8100 Bristol F.2B
D8101 to D8250 Sopwith Camel
D8251 to D8300 Avro 504K
D8301 to D8350 Handley Page O/400
D8351 to D8430 DH.4
D8431 to D8580 SE.5a
D8581 to D8780 DH.6
D8781 to D9080 Avro 504K
D9081 to D9230 FE.2b
D9231 to D9380 Sopwith Camel Canx, serials re-allocated
D9231 to D9280 DH.4
D9281 to D9380 Avro 504K
D9381 to D9680 Sopwith Camel
D9681 to D9730 Handley Page O/400
D9731 to D9736 BAT FK.24
D9737 to D9739 RE.8
D9740 to D9789 FE.2b
D9790 to D9799 RE.8
D9800 to D9899 DH.9
D9900 to D9999 FE.2b

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