C1 to C9999

C1 to C200 Sopwith Camel
C201 to C550 Sopwith Pup
C551 to C750 Sopwith Camel Order cancelled, serial numbers re-allocated
C551 to C750 Avro 504
C751 to C1050 Bristol F.2B Fighter
C1051 to C1150 SE.5a
C1151 to C1450 DH.9
C1451 to C1550 Sopwith Pup
C1551 to C1700 Sopwith Camel
C1701 to C1750 BE.2e
C1751 to C1950 SE.5a
C1951 to C2150 DH.6
C2151 to C2230 DH.9
C2231 to C3080 RE.8
C3081 to C3280 BE.12
C3281 to C3380 Sopwith Camel
C3381 to C3480 Handley Page O/400
C3481 to C3530 RE.8 Order cancelled, serial numbers re-allocated
C3481 to C3483 Grahame White Ganymede
C3484 to C3486 Nieuport BN.1
C3487 to C3498 Handley Page O/400
C3499 Maurice Farman S.11
C3500 to C3503 Sopwith Pup
C3504 Allocation unknown
C3505 Avro 504
C3506 DH.6
C3507 to C3706 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
C3707 to C3776 Sopwith Pup
C3777 to C4276 Dolphin
C4277 Curtiss JN-3
C4278 Maurice Farman S.11
C4279 Maurice Farman S.7
C4280 Reservation
C4281 DH.6
C4282 RE.8
C4283 DH.10
C4284 to C4289 Sopwith Snail
C4290 Avro 504
C4291 to C4293 Westland Wagtail
C4294 RE.8
C4295 Sopwith Pup
C4296 Braemar I
C4297 Braemar II
C4298 Pullman To G-EASP
C4299 Avro 504
C4300 Sopwith 1 Strutter
C4301 to C4500 Avro 504J
C4501 to C4540 DH.4
C4541 to C4546 Siskin
C4547 Vickers FB.14D
C4548 Bristol F.2B
C4549 Avro 504
C4550 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
C4551 to C4600 RE.8
C4601 to C4900 Bristol F.2B
C4901 to C5025 Bristol M.1C
C5026 to C5125 RE.8
C5126 to C5275 DH.6
C5276 to C5300 Caudron G.3
C5301 to C5450 SE.5a
C5451 to C5750 DH.6
C5751 to C6050 Avro 504J
C6051 to C6350 DH.9
C6351 to C6500 SE.5a
C6501 to C6700 DH.6
C6701 to C6800 Sopwith Camel
C6801 to C6900 DH.6
C6901 to C7200 BE.2e
C7201 to C7900 DH.6
C7901 to C8000 Sopwith Cuckoo Re-serialled as N7000 to N7099
C8001 to C8200 Dolphin
C8201 to C8400 Sopwith Camel
C8401 to C8651 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
C8652 to C8654 Boulton & Paul P.5 Hawk Serials re-allocated
C8652 Avro 504
C8653 to C8654 Sopwith Pup
C8655 to C8657 Boulton & Paul P.3 Bobolink
C8658 to C8660 DH.10
C8661 to C9310 SE.5a
C9311 to C9335 Maurice Farman S.7
C9336 to C9485 DH.6
C9486 to C9635 SE.5a
C9636 to C9785 Handley Page O/400
C9786 to C9835 FE.2b
C9836 to C9985 Bristol F.2B
C9986 Avro 504
C9987 BE.2e
C9988 to C9989 BE.2d
C9990 to C9991 Sopwith Pup
C9992 BE.12b
C9993 Sopwith Pup
C9994 DH.6
C9995 BE.2d
C9996 BE.2e
C9997 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
C9998 to C9999 Avro 504

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