A1 to A9999

A1 to A40 FE.2d
A41 to A65 FE.8
A66 to A115 RE.8
A116 to A118 Nieuport 16
A119 Morane BB
A120 Morane P
A121 Nieuport 16
A122 Morane N
A123 to A124 Morane LA
A125 to A126 Nieuport 16
A127 to A129 Morane N
A130 to A131 Nieuport 16
A132 Morane BB
A133 to A136 Nieuport 16
A137 to A139 Morane BB
A140 to A146 Morane LA
A147 Morane BB
A148 Morane N
A149 to A151 Morane BB
A152 to A153 Morane LA
A154 Nieuport 20
A155 Morane BB
A156 Nieuport 20
A157 to A159 Morane LA
A160 Morane V
A161 to A163 Morane BB
A164 to A165 Nieuport 16
A166 to A167 Morane N
A168 to A170 Morane LA
A171 to A179 Morane N
A180 to A182 Morane LA
A183 Morane BB
A184 Nieuport 16
A185 Nieuport 20
A186 Morane N
A187 Nieuport 16
A188 Nieuport 20
A189 to A191 Morane BB
A192 Morane LA
A193 Morane P
A194 Morane LA
A195 Morane BB
A196 Morane N
A197 Morane P
A198 to A199 Morane I
A200 to A201 Nieuport 17
A202 Morane I
A203 Nieuport 17
A204 Morane V
A205 Morane P
A206 Morane I
A207 Morane V
A208 Nieuport 16
A209 Morane V
A210 to A212 Nieuport 16
A213 Nieuport 17
A214 Nieuport 16
A215 Nieuport 17
A216 Nieuport 16
A217 to A218 Morane BB
A219 Morane V
A220 Morane BB
A221 Morane P
A222 Morane BB
A223 to A225 Nieuport 16
A226 to A227 Morane BB
A228 to A229 Nieuport 20
A230 to A233 Morane BB
A234 to A235 Morane P
A236 to A238 Morane V
A239 to A241 Morane P
A242 to A244 Morane BB
A245 to A246 Morane V
A247 to A250 Morane P
A251 Morane BB
A252 Morane V
A254 Morane V
A255 Morane P
A256 to A257 Morane BB
A258 to A259 Nieuport 20
A260 to A261 Morane P
A262 to A263 SPAD VII
A264 to A270 Morane P
A271 to A276 Nieuport 17
A277 Morane P
A278 to A279 Nieuport 17
A280 Morane P
A281 Nieuport 17
A282 to A284 Morane BB
A285 Nieuport 20
A286 to A290 Morane BB
A291 to A292 Nieuport 20
A293 to A296 Morane BB
A297 to A298 Morane P
A299 to A304 Morane BB
A305 to A307 Nieuport 17
A308 Morane P
A309 Nieuport 20
A311 Nieuport 17
A313 Nieuport 17
A314 Nieuport 20
A315 Morane P
A316 to A317 Avro
A318 to A323 Martinsyde Trainer
A324 to A373 Maurice Farman S.11
A374 to A375 Albatros
A376 BE.2b
A377 to A386 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A387 to A410 Henry Farman F.27
A411 Armstrong Whitworth FK.7
A412 to A561 Avro 504A
A562 to A611 BE.12A
A612 to A613 Bristol F.3A
A614 to A625 Curtiss JN-3
A626 to A675 Sopwith Pup
A676 to A727 Vickers FB.14
A728 Maurice Farman S.11
A729 to A777 Armstrong Whitworth
A778 to A877 FE.2b
A878 to A897 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A898 to A903 Curtiss JN-3
A904 to A953 Maurice Farman S.11
A954 to A1153 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A1154 to A1253 Henry Farman F.20
A1254 to A1260 Curtiss JN-3
A1261 to A1410 BE.2
A1411 to A1460 Vickers FB.9
A1461 to A1510 Armstrong Whitworth FK.3
A1511 to A1560 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A1561 to A1610 Martinsyde G.102 Elephant
A1611 to A1660 Airco DH.1
A1661 to A1710 Grahame-White Type XV
A1711 Maurice Farman S.11
A1712 to A1741 Henry Farman F.20
A1742 to A1791 Bristol Scout D
A1792 to A1891 BE.2
A1892 to A1901 Caudron G.3
A1902 to A1931 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A1932 to A1966 FE.2d
A1967 Armstrong Whitworth FK.3
A1968 to A1969 Vickers FB.19
A1970 to A2019 Avro 504A
A2020 to A2119 FE.4
A2120 to A2121 Vickers FB.15
A2122 Vickers FB.19
A2123 to A2124 Caudron G.3
A2125 to A2174 Airco DH.4
A2175 to A2275 Maurice Farman S.11
A2276 to A2375 Henry Farman F.20
A2376 to A2380 Bristol Scout D
A2381 to A2432 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A2433 to A2532 Maurice Farman S.11
A2533 to A2632 Airco DH.2
A2633 to A2682 Avro 504A
A2683 to A2732 Armstrong Whitworth FK.8
A2733 to A2982 BE.2
A2983 to A2991 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A2992 Vickers FB.19
A2993 to A3005 Caudron G.3
A3006 to A3020 Bristol Scout D
A3021 Fokker
A3022 Curtiss JN-3
A3023 Henry Farman
A3024 to A3048 Caudron G.3
A3049 to A3168 BE.2
A3169 to A3268 RE.8
A3269 BE.2c
A3270 to A3275 Nieuport 12
A3276 to A3280 Curtiss JN-3
A3281 to A3294 Nieuport 12
A3295 to A3302 Maurice Farman S.11
A3303 to A3354 Bristol F.2A Fighter
A3355 to A3404 Avro 504A
A3405 to A3504 RE.8
A3431 Sopwith 1 Strutter Serial incorrectly allocated. Actually A2431
A3505 Vickers FB.14
A3506 to A3830 RE.8
A3831 Curtiss JN-3
A3832 to A3931 RE.8
A3932 Short Bomber Ex 9833
A3933 to A3934 Martinsyde F.1
A3935 to A4004 Martinsyde G.102 Elephant
A4005 Short Bomber Ex 9325
A4006 to A4055 BE.12a
A4056 to A4060 Curtiss JN-3
A4061 to A4160 Maurice Farman S.11
A4161 to A4560 RE.8
A4561 to A4563 SE.5
A4564 to A4763 RE.8
A4764 to A4813 DH.2
A4814 to A4815 Vickers FB.11
A4816 to A4817 BE.2c
A4818 to A4844 FE.9
A4845 to A4868 SE.5
A4869 to A4987 FE.8
A4988 to A5087 Airco DH.2
A5088 to A5137 Airco DH.3
A5138 to A5142 Bristol Monoplane
A5143 to A5152 FE.2d
A5153 to A5155 Short Bomber
A5156 RE.7
A5157 to A5159 Short Bomber
A5160 to A5168 Curtiss JN-3 and JN-4
A5169 Voisin LA
A5170 to A5171 Short Bomber
A5172 Airco DH.5
A5173 Short Bomber Ex 9485
A5174 Vickers FB.19
A5175 to A5176 Airco DH.6
A5177 to A5178 Bristol MR.1
A5179 to A5182 Short Bomber
A5183 to A5202 Nieuport 12
A5203 Short Bomber
A5204 Martinsyde G.102 Elephant
A5205 to A5206 Curtiss JN-3
A5207 to A5208 BE.2c
A5209 Bristol Scout
A5210 Vickers FB.12A
A5211 Airco DH.2
A5212 to A5213 Armstrong Whitworth FK.10
A5214 Short Bomber Ex 9320
A5215 to A5224 Curtiss Twin
A5225 to A5236 Vickers FB.19
A5237 Reserved
A5238 to A5337 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A5388 to A5487 FE.2b
A5488 BE.2c
A5489 to A5490 Short Bomber
A5491 FE.8
A5492 to A5496 Curtiss JN-3
A5497 to A5499 BE.2c
A5500 to A5799 FE.2b
A5800 to A5949 Avro 504A
A5950 to A6149 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A6150 to A6249 Sopwith Pup
A6250 to A6299 Martinsyde G.102 Elephant
A6300 Short Bomber Ex 9832
A6301 to A6350 BE.12
A6351 to A6600 FE.2
A6601 Morane P
A6602 Nieuport 20
A6603 to A6605 Nieuport 17
A6606 to A6608 Morane P
A6609 to A6611 Nieuport 17
A6612 Morane P
A6613 to A6624 Nieuport 17
A6625 Nieuport 20
A6626 Morane P
A6628 Morane
A6629 to A6632 Morane P
A6633 to A6634 SPAD VII
A6635 to A6639 Morane P
A6640 to A6642 SPAD VII
A6643 Morane P
A6644 to A6647 Nieuport 17
A6648 Morane P
A6650 to A6653 Morane P
A6655 to A6656 Morane P
A6657 to A6658 Nieuport 17
A6659 to A6660 Morane P
A6661 to A6663 SPAD VII
A6664 to A6665 Nieuport 17
A6666 Morane P
A6667 to A6680 Nieuport 17
A6681 to A6683 SPAD VII
A6684 Nieuport 17
A6686 Nieuport Triplane
A6687 to A6688 SPAD VII
A6689 Nieuport 17
A6691 to A6694 Nieuport 17
A6695 to A6697 SPAD VII
A6698 to A6700 Morane P
A6701 Nieuport 17
A6702 Morane P
A6703 to A6706 SPAD VII
A6707 Nieuport 20
A6708 Morane P
A6709 to A6714 SPAD VII
A6715 to A6717 Morane P
A6718 Nieuport 17
A6719 Morane P
A6720 to A6721 Nieuport 23
A6722 to A6725 Morane P
A6726 Nieuport
A6727 to A6730 Morane P
A6731 to A6732 Nieuport 20
A6733 to A6734 Nieuport
A6735 to A6737 Nieuport 20
A6738 to A6739 Nieuport
A6740 to A6743 Nieuport 20
A6744 to A6745 Nieuport 17
A6746 to A6749 SPAD VII
A6750 Morane P
A6751 to A6752 Nieuport 17
A6754 to A6756 Nieuport 17
A6757 to A6758 Morane P
A6760 Morane P
A6761 to A6772 Nieuport 23
A6773 Nieuport 17
A6774 to A6798 Nieuport 23
A6799 to A6800 Morane P
A6801 to A7000 RE.8 Order cancelled
A6801 to A6900 Maurice Farman S.11
A6901 to A7000 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A7001 to A7100 Maurice Farman S.11
A7101 to A7300 Bristol F.2B Fighter
A7301 to A7350 Sopwith Pup
A7351 to A7400 Vickers FB.12C
A7401 to A8090 Airco DH.4
A8091 to A8140 Armstrong Whitworth FK.3
A8141 to A8340 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A8341 to A8490 Vickers FB.14
A8491 to A8500 No known allocation
A8501 to A8600 Avro 504A
A8601 to A8625 Vickers FB.9
A8626 to A8725 BE.2e
A8726 to A8731 No known allocation
A8732 to A8737 Sopwith Pup
A8738 to A8743 No known allocation
A8744 to A8793 Sopwith 1 Strutter
A8794 to A8893 SPAD VII
A8894 FE.8b
A8895 FE.2b
A8896 to A8897 BE.2c
A8898 to A8947 SE.5
A8948 to A8949 BE.2c
A8950 to A8999 Armstrong Whitworth FK.10 Canx, serials re-allocated
A8950 FE.2b
A8951 to A8956 TE.1
A8957 to A8962 Experimental Radio Controlled
A8963 Vickers FB.16
A8964 Grahame-White M.1
A8966 Avro 504
A8967 Nieuport 12
A8968 to A8969 Henry Farman
A8970 to A8973 Sopwith Sparrow
A8974 to A8998 Henry Farman
A8999 Aviatik
A9000 to A9099 Sopwith Triplane
A9100 to A9161 SPAD VII
A9162 Maurice Farman
A9163 to A9562 Airco DH.5
A9563 to A9762 Airco DH.6
A9763 to A9812 Avro 504
A9813 to A9918 Sopwith Triplane
A9919 Airco DH.1
A9920 Short 827
A9921 Maurice Farman S.11
A9922 to A9971 Avro 504A
A9972 Armstrong Whitworth FK.3
A9973 to A9974 BE.2c
A9975 to A9977 Avro 504B
A9978 to A9979 Maurice Farman S.11
A9980 to A9999 Armstrong Whitworth FK.3

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