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50262ZZ100AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 21/03/2016, for RNoAF 0262History 
50264ZZ101AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 17/08/2016, d/d 05/07/2018 to RNoAF as 0264History 
50265ZZ102AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 22/03/2017, d/d 19/01/2018 to RNoAF as 0265History 
50268ZZ103AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 23/06/2017, d/d 17/11/2017 to RNoAF as 0268History 
50270ZZ104AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 17/01/2018, d/d 25/05/2018 to RNoAF as 0270History 
50273ZZ105AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 09/07/2018, d/d 20/03/2019 to RNoAF as 0273History 
50275ZZ106AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 18/01/2019, d/d 21/06/2019 to RNoAF as 0275History 
50276ZZ107AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 05/09/2019, d/d 04/06/2020 to RNoAF as 0276History 
50277ZZ108AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 04/12/2019, d/d 05/03/2020 to RNoAF as 0277History 
50278ZZ109AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 24/04/2020, d/d 24/06/2020 to RNoAF as 0278History 
50279ZZ110AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 28/09/2020, d/d 08/04/2021 to RNoAF as 0279History 
50280ZZ111AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 03/11/2020, d/d 04/03/2021 to RNoAF as 0280History 
50281ZZ112AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 23/03/2021, d/d 07/10/2021 to RNoAF as 0281History 
50282ZZ113AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 05/11/2021, d/d 10/12/2021 to RNoAF as 0282History 
50283ZZ114AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 10/08/2022, d/d 25/11/2022 to RNoAF as 0283History 
50284ZZ115AgustaWestland AW.101 612f/f 15/05/2023, d/d 11/07/2023 to RNoAF as 0284History 
UK1/F-77ZZ171Boeing C-17A Ex 00-0201, ex N171UK, f/f 16/04/2001, d/d Brize Norton 23/05/2001HistoryEdit
UK2/F-78ZZ172Boeing C-17A Ex 00-0202, ex N172UK, d/d Brize Norton 15/06/2001HistoryEdit
UK3/F-80ZZ173Boeing C-17A Ex 00-0203, ex N173UK, d/d Brize Norton 04/08/2001HistoryEdit
UK4/F-81ZZ174Boeing C-17A Ex 00-0204, ex N174UK, d/d Brize Norton 26/08/2001HistoryEdit
UK5/F-185ZZ175Boeing C-17A Ex 06-0205, ex N9500Z, f/f 06/02/2008, d/d Brize Norton 07/04/2008HistoryEdit
UK6/F-190ZZ176Boeing C-17A Ex 08-0206, ex N9500B, f/f 30/05/2008, d/d Brize Norton 02/07/2008HistoryEdit
UK7/F-227ZZ177Boeing C-17A Ex 09-0207, ex N9500B, f/f 05/11/2010, d/d Brize Norton 13/01/2011HistoryEdit
UK8/F-245ZZ178Boeing C-17A Ex 12-0208, ex N9500N, f/f 21/03/2012, d/d Brize Norton 23/05/2012HistoryEdit
ZZ179Boeing C-17A AllocatedHistory 
ZZ180Boeing C-17A AllocatedHistory 
41H/697433ZZ190Hawker Hunter F58Ex SwiAF J-4066, to G-BXNZ, to G-HHAE, to ZZ190History 
41H/697425ZZ191Hawker Hunter F58Ex SwiAF J-4058, to G-BWFS, to G-HHAD, to ZZ191History 
6559ZZ192Grob Vigilant T1Ex D-KLVI. Removed from the Military Aircraft Register 02/2020. Registered G-CMHX 07/2020, to Little Rissington stored, to Kemble for scrapping 02/24, scrapped 04/2024History 
6572ZZ193Grob Vigilant T1d/d 03/2008, ex D-KBLO. Removed from the Military Aircraft Register 02/2020. Registered G-CMIJ 07/2020, to Little Rissington stored, to Kemble for scrapping 02/24, scrapped 04/2024History 
41H/691770ZZ194Hawker Hunter F58Ex SwiAF J-4021, to G-BWIU, to G-HHAC, to ZZ194, to Leeming 12/2022History 
109ZZ200General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 07-0109, d/d 10/2007, w/o 09/04/2008History 
111ZZ201General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 07-0111, d/d 12/2007, w/o 17/10/2015History 
117ZZ202General Atomics Reaper MQ-9Ad/d 06/2008, crashed 28/09/2008, damaged 02/05/2010, returned to serviceHistory 
133ZZ203General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 08-133, accident 31/03/2012 in Afghanistan, repairedHistory 
157ZZ204General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 10-0157, d/d by 09/2010History 
162ZZ205General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 10-0162, crashed 16/08/2016, under repairHistory 
ZZ206General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 12-707History 
ZZ207General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 12-708History 
4709ZZ208General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 12-709History 
4710ZZ209General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 12-710, de-registered 09/08/2023History 
4711ZZ210General Atomics Reaper MQ-9AEx 12-711, de-registered 09/08/2023History 
ZZ211General Atomics Reaper MQ-9A  
ZZ212General Atomics Reaper MQ-9A  
ZZ213General Atomics Reaper MQ-9A  
ZZ250BAE Systems Taranis f/f 10/08/2013History 
ZZ251BAE Systems Herti   
ZZ252BAE Systems Herti   
ZZ253BAE Systems Herti   
ZZ254BAE Systems Herti   
1046ZZ330Airbus Voyager KC2f/f 19/08/2009 as F-WWKH, to EC-337, d/d Brize Norton 21/12/2011, ex G-VYGAHistory 
1248ZZ331Airbus Voyager KC2f/f 11/08/2011 as F-WWYE, to EC-331, d/d Brize Norton 19/12/2012, ex G-VYGBHistory 
1275ZZ332Airbus Voyager KC3f/f 18/11/2011 as F-WWKJ, to EC-330, d/d Brize Norton 26/04/2013, ex G-VYGCHistory 
1312ZZ333Airbus Voyager KC3f/f 07/05/2012 as F-WWYF, to EC-337, d/d Brize Norton 29/05/2013, ex G-VYGDHistory 
1033ZZ334Airbus Voyager KC3f/f 04/06/2009 as F-WWKJ, to EC-335, d/d Brize Norton 31/07/2014, ex G-VYGEHistory 
1334ZZ335Airbus Voyager KC3f/f 04/07/2012 as F-WWTV, to EC-338, d/d Brize Norton 29/06/2013, ex G-VYGFHistory 
1363ZZ336Airbus Voyager KC3f/f 25/10/2012 as F-WWKI, to EC-333, d/d Brize Norton 30/11/2012, ex G-VYGGHistory 
1390ZZ337Airbus Voyager KC3f/f 14/01/2013 as F-WWYV, to EC-336, d/d Brize Norton 29/01/2014, ex G-VYGHHistory 
1419ZZ338Airbus Voyager KC3f/f 29/04/2013 as F-WWTN, to EC-331, d/d Brize Norton 29/05/2014, ex G-VYGIHistory 
1439ZZ339Airbus A.330 -243f/f 28/06/2013 as F-WWKF, to EC-333, d/d Brize Norton 14/08/2014, to G-VYGJHistory 
1498ZZ340Airbus A.330 -243f/f 29/01/2014 as F-WWTR, to EC-330, d/d Brize Norton 05/02/2015, to G-VYGKHistory 
1555ZZ341Airbus A.330 -243f/f 17/07/2014 as F-WWYI, to EC-336, d/d Brize Norton 22/06/2015, to G-VYGLHistory 
1601ZZ342Airbus A.330 -243f/f 20/01/2015 as F-WWCC, to MRTT028, d/d Brize Norton 24/02/2016 to G-VYGMHistory 
1610ZZ343Airbus Voyager KC2f/f 27/04/2015 as F-WWCX, to EC-331, d/d Brize Norton 13/07/2016 (G-VYGN)History 
ZZ349AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ350AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ351AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ352AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ353AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ354AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ355AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ356AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ357AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ358AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ359AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ360AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ361AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ362AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ363AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ364AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ365AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ366AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ367AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ368AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ369AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ370AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ371AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ372AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ373AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ374AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
494/SCMR06ZZ375AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
495/SCMR07ZZ376AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
496/SCMR08ZZ377AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
497/SCMR09ZZ378AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
498/SCMR10ZZ379AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
499/SCMR11ZZ380AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
500/SCMR12ZZ381AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d Yeovilton 29/04/2014History 
501/BRH19ZZ382AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 11/04/2014History 
502/BRH20ZZ383AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 13/05/2014History 
503/BRH21ZZ384AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
504/BRH22ZZ385AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
505/BRH23ZZ386AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
506/BRH24ZZ387AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 23/10/2014History 
485/BRH11ZZ388AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 04/01/2013History 
486/BRH12ZZ389AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
487/BRH13ZZ390AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
488/BRH14ZZ391AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
489/BRH15ZZ392AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
490/BRH16ZZ393AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 04/2014History 
492/BRH17ZZ394AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
493/BRH18ZZ395AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
481/SCMR01ZZ396AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
482/SCMR02ZZ397AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2f/f 01/2013, d/d Yeovilton 27/08/2014History 
471/BRH01ZZ398AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1f/f 20/04/2011, d/d Yeovilton 08/05/2014History 
472/BRH02ZZ399AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1f/f 01/09/2011, d/d Yeovilton 05/02/2013History 
462/TI01ZZ400AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1f/f 12/11/2009, to Yeovil College for G.I, to Yeovilton for G.I.History 
463/TI02ZZ401AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1f/f 14/10/2010, to Pennant Training at StavertonHistory 
464/TI03ZZ402AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1f/f 19/11/2010, handed over on 12/10/2016 to DCAE Gosport for G.I.History 
473/BRH03ZZ403AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 17/08/2012History 
474/BRH04ZZ404AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d 09/05/2013History 
475/BRH05ZZ405AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 24/09/2012History 
476/BRH06ZZ406AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 28/05/2012History 
477/BRH07ZZ407AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 09/2012History 
478/BRH08ZZ408AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 29/06/2012History 
479/BRH09ZZ409AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
480/BRH10ZZ410AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d Yeovilton 15/10/2012History 
ZZ411AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
ZZ412AgustaWestland Wildcat Allocation cancelledHistory 
483/SCMR03ZZ413AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
484/SCMR04ZZ414AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d Yeovilton 23/04/2013History 
491/SCMR05ZZ415AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
FM-14ZZ416Beech Shadow R1+Ex G-JENC, canx 27/05/2009, d/d Waddington 27/05/2009History 
FM-16ZZ417Beech Shadow R1+Ex G-NICY, canx 06/07/2009, d/d Waddington 07/07/2009History 
FM-17ZZ418Beech Shadow R1++Ex G-JIMG, canx 03/09/2009, d/d Waddington 24/09/2009History 
FM-18ZZ419Beech Shadow R1+Ex G-OTCS, canx 10/12/2009, d/d Waddington 10/12/2009History 
ZZ420Meggitt BTT-3 Banshee 'Type' serial allocation, 47 airframesHistory 
ZZ421Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ422Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ423Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ424Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ425Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ426Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ427Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ428Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ429Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ430Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ431Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ432Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ433Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ434Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ435Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ436Meggitt Voodoo   
ZZ450Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ451Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ452Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ453Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ454Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ455Meteor Mirach 100/5 w/o 19/10/2015History 
ZZ456Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ457Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ458Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ459Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ460Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ461Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ462Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ463Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ464Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ465Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ466Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ467Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ468Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ469Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ470Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ471Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ472Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ473Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ474Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ475Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ476Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ477Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ478Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ479Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ480Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ481Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ482Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ483Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ484Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ485Meteor Mirach 100/5 Washed ashore at Baleshare, North Uist in October 2015History 
ZZ486Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ487Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ488Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ489Meteor Mirach 100/5 w/o 04/05/2012History 
ZZ490Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ491Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ492Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ493Meteor Mirach 100/5 w/o 16/09/2015History 
ZZ494Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ495Meteor Mirach 100/5 w/o 26/08/2015History 
ZZ496Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ497Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ498Meteor Mirach 100/5   
ZZ499Meteor Mirach 100/5   
FL-597ZZ500Beech Avenger T1Ex N3197D, ex G-MFTA, h/o 09/06/2011, d/d Culdrose 22/06/2011History 
FL-618ZZ501Beech Avenger T1Ex N618HB, ex G-MFTB, h/o 09/06/2011, d/d Culdrose 22/06/2011History 
FL-629ZZ502Beech Avenger T1Ex N63699, ex G-MFTC, h/o 09/06/2011, d/d Culdrose 21/06/2011History 
FL-633ZZ503Beech Avenger T1Ex N6433F, ex G-MFTD, h/o 09/06/2011, d/d Culdrose 23/06/2011History 
FM-48ZZ504Beech Shadow R1+Ex G-CGUM, canx 09/12/2011, d/d Waddington 12/12/2011History 
FM-29ZZ505Beech Shadow R2Ex G-DAYP, cancelled 04/07/2022History 
FM-54ZZ506Beech Shadow R2Ex G-GMAD, canx 08/04/2022History 
FM-55ZZ507Beech Shadow R1+Ex N5055U, d/d Waddington 30/07/2013 as G-LBSB, regd ZZ507 16/05/2018History 
514/BRH25ZZ510AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
515/BRH26ZZ511AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
516/BRH27ZZ512AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
517ZZ513AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d Yeovilton 13/10/2015History 
519ZZ514AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d Yeovilton 03/06/2015History 
520ZZ515AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
521ZZ516AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
522ZZ517AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d Yeovilton 03/06/2015History 
523ZZ518AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d Yeovilton 17/06/2015History 
525ZZ519AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d Yeovilton 08/2015History 
527ZZ520AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
528ZZ521AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d 09/2015History 
529ZZ522AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
530ZZ523AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d 14/12/2015History 
531ZZ524AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1d/d 03/03/2016History 
532ZZ525AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
533ZZ526AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
534ZZ527AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1  
535ZZ528AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d 07/03/2016History 
536ZZ529AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d 23/03/2016History 
545ZZ530AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2d/d 25/10/2016History 
538ZZ531AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
539ZZ532AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
541ZZ533AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
543ZZ534AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
537ZZ535AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA2  
511/ROK01ZZ541AgustaWestland AW.159 210d/d 06/06/2016 to RoK Navy as 15-0601History 
512/ROK02ZZ542AgustaWestland AW.159 210d/d 07/06/2016 to RoK Navy as 15-0602History 
524ZZ543AgustaWestland AW.159 210d/d 06/06/2016 to RoK Navy as 15-0603History 
526ZZ544AgustaWestland AW.159 210d/d 07/06/2016 to RoK Navy as 15-0605History 
540ZZ545AgustaWestland AW.159 210d/d 22/11/2016 to RoK Navy as 16-0606History 
542ZZ546AgustaWestland AW.159 210d/d 22/11/2016 to RoK Navy as 16-0607History 
544ZZ547AgustaWestland AW.159 210d/d 23/11/2016 to RoK Navy as 16-0608History 
546ZZ548AgustaWestland AW.159 210d/d 23/11/2016 to RoK Navy as 16-0609History 
547ZZ549AgustaWestland AW.159 220f/f 01/11/2018, for Philippine Navy, d/d 04/2019History 
548ZZ550AgustaWestland AW.159 220f/f 13/12/2018, for Philippine Navy, d/d 04/2019History 
RJ18/18773ZZ664Boeing RC-135W Ex 64-14833, d/d Waddington 12/11/2013History 
RJ19/18778ZZ665Boeing RC-135W Ex 64-14838, d/d Mildenhall 03/09/2015History 
RJ20/18770ZZ666Boeing RC-135W Ex 64-14830, d/d Mildenhall 06/06/2017, d/d Waddington 07/06/2017History 

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