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6783XR105AW Argosy C1f/f 06/12/1962, d/d 15/03/1964, w/o 27/04/1976History 
6784XR106AW Argosy C1f/f 09/01/1963, d/d 08/04/1963, scr. 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6785XR107AW Argosy C1f/f 13/02/1963, d/d 01/05/1963, to 8441M, scr. Cosford 1988HistoryEdit
6786XR108AW Argosy C1f/f 01/02/1963, d/d 28/06/1963, scr. 25/04/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6787XR109AW Argosy C1f/f 20/02/1963, d/d 10/05/1963, scr. 22/05/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6788XR133AW Argosy C1f/f 26/02/1963, d/d 15/05/1963, w/o 07/05/1968History 
6789XR134AW Argosy C1f/f 07/03/1963, d/d 19/06/1963, scr. 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6790XR135AW Argosy C1f/f 20/03/1963, d/d 09/07/1963, scr. 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6791XR136AW Argosy T2f/f 05/04/1963, d/d 18/07/1963, to 9Q-COA, scr. East Midlands 10/06/1981History 
6792XR137AW Argosy E1f/f 30/04/1963, d/d 16/08/1963, to Northolt fire section, perished 1987History 
6793XR138AW Argosy C1f/f 20/05/1963, d/d 29/08/1963, scr. 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6794XR139AW Argosy C1f/f 21/06/1963, d/d 27/09/1963, scr. 22/09/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6795XR140AW Argosy E1f/f 19/08/1963, d/d 05/11/1963, to 8579M, (F) to Nesscliffe, scr. mid 2000'sHistoryEdit
6796XR141AW Argosy C1f/f 13/09/1963, d/d 20/12/1963, sold scr. 22/05/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6797XR142AW Argosy C1f/f 04/11/1963, d/d 02/01/1974, scr. 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6798XR143AW Argosy E1f/f 26/02/1964, d/d 01/04/1964, to G-BFVT, pres. Sioux City GatewayHistory 
UK96XR148Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 24/01/1962 History 
UK97XR149Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 14/02/1962History 
UK98XR150Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 01/12/1961History 
UK99XR151Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 09/11/1960History 
UK100XR152Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 11/03/1961History 
UK101XR153Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 02/08/1961History 
UK102XR154Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 10/07/1962History 
UK103XR155Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 14/02/1962History 
UK104XR156Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 23/05/1963History 
UK105XR157Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 20/01/1962History 
UK106XR158Northrop Shelduck D1s.o.c 10/08/1963History 
UK107XR159Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 26/01/1964 History 
UK106XR160Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 22/03/1962History 
UK109XR161Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 15/03/1962History 
UK110XR162Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 20/06/1962History 
UK111XR185Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 27/09/1961History 
UK112XR186Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 02/05/1961History 
UK113XR187Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 04/12/1961History 
UK118XR188Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 22/09/1961History 
UK115XR189Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 19/07/1962History 
UK116XR190Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 08/08/1963History 
UK117XR191Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 13/03/1962History 
UK118XR192Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 19/07/1962History 
UK119XR193Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 14/03/1962History 
UK120XR194Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 27/03/1963History 
UK121XR195Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 25/06/1963History 
UK122XR196Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 16/04/1963History 
UK123XR197Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 09/11/1962History 
UK124XR198Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 29/03/1962History 
UK125XR199Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 25/06/1963History 
UK126XR200Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 19/11/1963History 
UK127XR201Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 05/04/1961History 
UK128XR202Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 31/01/1961History 
UK129XR203Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 13/04/1961History 
UK130XR204Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 09/11/1962History 
UK131XR205Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 1962History 
UK132XR206Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 23/02/1961History 
UK133XR207Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 06/09/1961History 
UK134XR208Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 06/09/1961History 
UK135XR209Northrop Shelduck D1s.o.c 31/01/1962History 
1447XR213DHC Beaver AL1f/f 03/03/1961, ex G-5-11, to SOAF as 213, to C-GDKA, Neufchatel, QuebecHistory 
1460XR214DHC Beaver AL1f/f 11/05/1961, d/d 06/06/1961 to SOAF 214, C-GGKA, N203KL, Anchorage, AlaskaHistory 
1471XR215DHC Beaver AL1f/f 17/07/1961, d/d 25/08/1961 to SOAF as 215, w/o 19/08/1972History 
1481XR216DHC Beaver AL1f/f 08/09/1961, d/d 20/09/1961 to SOAF as 216, to C-GJKA, w/o 16/06/1991History 
XO-1XR219BAC TSR-2 f/f 27/09/1964, l/f 31/03/1965, to PEE Foulness Island 17/08/1965, scr. 01/1977History 
XO-2XR220BAC TSR-2 To 7933M, pres. RAF Museum CosfordHistory 
XO-3XR221BAC TSR-2 Completed aircraft scr. PEE Foulness IslandHistory 
XO-4XR222BAC TSR-2 Pres. IWM DuxfordHistory 
XO-5XR223BAC TSR-2 Completed aircraft scr. PEE Foulness IslandHistory 
XO-6XR224BAC TSR-2 Fuselage scr. RJ Coley and Son, Hounslow MiddlesexHistory 
XO-7XR225BAC TSR-2 Fuselage scr. RJ Coley and Son, Hounslow MiddlesexHistory 
XO-8XR226BAC TSR-2 Fuselage scr. RJ Coley and Son, Hounslow MiddlesexHistory 
XO-9XR227BAC TSR-2 Fuselage sections scr. RJ Coley and Son, Hounslow MiddlesexHistory 
1503XR232Sud Aviation Alouette AH2Ex F-WEIP, d/d 15/12/1960, pres. Middle Wallop MuseumHistory 
B5/10/173XR236Auster AOP9d/d 20/11/1961, vandalised St. Georges, Bristol circa 1977, remains to CAG InnsworthHistory 
B5/10/174XR237Auster AOP9d/d 21/11/1961, b/u as spares circe 07/1972, location?History 
B5/10/175XR238Auster AOP9d/d 08/11/1961, b/u as spares circe 07/1972, frame restored at Doncaster MuseumHistory 
B5/10/176XR239Auster AOP9d/d 11/12/1961, w/o 07/05/1964, stored Clifton, Deddington, OxfordshireHistory 
B5/10/177XR240Auster AOP9d/d 03/01/1962, to G-BDFH 24/06/1975, privately owned YeoviltonHistory 
B5/10/178XR241Auster AOP9d/d 01/1962, to G-AXRR 07/11/1969, to EggesfordHistory 
B5/10/179XR242Auster AOP9d/d 26/01/1962, w/o 16/09/1965, b/u as spares 18/03/1966 at Akrotiri, CyprusHistory 
B5/10/180XR243Auster AOP9d/d 26/01/1962, to No.4 SoTT St Athan 03/1976, sold 21/09/1989, fate unknownHistory 
B5/10/181XR244Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1962, AAC Historic Flight Middle Wallop, G-CICR 12/11/2013History 
B5/10/182XR245Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1962, w/o 09/08/1965History 
B5/10/183XR246Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1962, to 7862M, to G-AZBU GaddesbyHistory 
B5/10/184XR267Auster AOP9d/d 23/02/1962, to G-BJXR 02/02/1982, to Hucknall, to TatenhillHistory 
B5/10/185XR268Auster AOP9d/d 05/03/1962, CAT 5 at No.103 MU Akrotiri Cyprus 11/07/1966History 
B5/10/186XR269Auster AOP9d/d 05/03/1962, to G-BDXY, w/o 01/09/1991History 
B5/10/187XR270Auster AOP9d/d 06/04/1962, w/o 14/09/1964, remains to No.71 MU Bicester dumpHistory 
B5/10/188XR271Auster AOP9d/d 06/04/1962, stored WroughtonHistory 
XR290Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR291Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR292Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR293Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR294Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR295Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR296Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR297Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR298Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR299Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR300Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR301Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR302Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR303Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR304Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR305Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR306Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR307Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR308Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR309Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR310Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR311Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR312Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR313Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR314Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR315Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR331Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR332Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR333Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR334Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR335Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR336Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR345Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, s.o.c 20/06/1962History 
XR346Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, preserved at Bournemouth MuseumHistory 
XR347Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR348Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR349Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR350Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR351Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR352Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 11/07/1962History 
XR353Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR354Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 14/12/1962History 
XR355Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
XR356Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1961, fate unknownHistory 
SH1816XR362Short Belfast C1Ex G-ASKE, f/f 05/01/1964, d/d 21/12/1967, to G-BEPE, scr. Southend 18/02/1994HistoryEdit
SH1817XR363Short Belfast C1f/f 01/05/1964, d/d 06/09/1968, to G-OHCA, scr. Southend 18/02/1994History 
SH1818XR364Short Belfast C1f/f 19/08/1964, d/d 03/11/1971, to Rolls Royce, scr. Hucknall 11/06/1979History 
SH1819XR365Short Belfast C1f/f 31/12/1964, d/d 14/01/1969, to G-HLFT, to 9L-LDQ, to RP-C8020, stored Cairns, to N1819SHistory 
SH1820XR366Short Belfast C1f/f 31/05/1965, d/d 26/06/1968, to Rolls Royce, scr. Hucknall 08/08/1979History 
SH1821XR367Short Belfast C1f/f 02/11/1965, d/d 10/01/1966, to G-BFYU, G-52-15, scr. Southend 13/06/2001History 
SH1822XR368Short Belfast C1f/f 21/02/1966, d/d 29/03/1966, to G-BEPS, to G-52-13, scr. Southend 11/2008HistoryEdit
SH1823XR369Short Belfast C1f/f 03/06/1966, d/d 06/07/1966, to G-BEPL, scr. Hucknall 10/07/1979HistoryEdit
SH1824XR370Short Belfast C1f/f 04/11/1966, d/d 13/12/1966, sold to Rolls Royce, scr. Hucknall 04/07/1979History 
SH1825XR371Short Belfast C1f/f 11/06/1967, d/d 30/06/1967, pres. RAF Museum, CosfordHistory 
1558XR376Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 24/04/1961, ex XJ376, sold to Italy 03/1990History 
1567XR377Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 24/04/1961, ex XJ377, w/o 15/06/1965History 
1582XR378Sud Aviation Alouette AH2Ex F-WIEM, d/d 05/1961, ex XJ378, to G-BSFS, to N9ZJ, Nez Pearce County, IdahoHistory 
1583XR379Sud Aviation Alouette AH2Ex F-WIEN, d/d 05/1961, to AAC Historic Acft Flt, G-CICS, to 2-ALOU, to G-ONTYHistory 
1596XR380Sud Aviation Alouette AH2Ex XJ380, d/d 21/12/1961, w/o 11/06/1983History 
1606XR381Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 09/1961, w/o 06/09/1962History 
1607XR382Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 09/1961, to F-GHCQ 03/1990, to Morocco as CN-HTS, pres. MarrakechHistory 
1621XR383Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 09/1961, w/o 04/05/1967History 
1644XR384Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 10/1961, ex XJ384, w/o 01/05/1963History 
1645XR385Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 10/1961, ex XJ385, to G-BSFU 30/05/1990, Stapleford, Essex, departedHistory 
1663XR386Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 12/1961, to F-WJDB 03/1990, Issy Les Moulineaux, Paris, France, w.f.u.History 
1664XR387Sud Aviation Alouette AH2d/d 12/1961, w/o 09/05/1969History 
14141XR391DH Heron C4Handed over 25/06/1961, to CF-CNT (new c/n 27-007), w/o 25/08/1984History 
6467XR395DH Comet C4f/f 15/11/1961, d/d 01/06/1962, to G-BDIT, scr. Blackbushe 07/1984History 
6468XR396DH Comet C4f/f 28/12/1961, d/d 12/03/1962, to G-BDIU, (RF) to 8882M Kinloss, scr. 1998History 
6469XR397DH Comet C4f/f 18/01/1962, d/d 15/02/1962, to G-BDIV, scr. Lasham 07/1985History 
6470XR398DH Comet C4f/f 13/02/1962, d/d 16/03/1962, to G-BDIW, pres. Hermeskeil Museum, GermanyHistory 
6471XR399DH Comet C4f/f 20/03/1962, d/d 26/04/1962, to G-BDIX, l/f 30/09/1981 pres. East Fortune MuseumHistory 
XR404Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR405Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR406Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR407Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR408Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR409Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR410Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR411Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR412Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR413Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR414Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR415Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR416Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR417Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR418Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR419Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR420Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR421Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR422Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR423Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR424Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR425Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR426Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR427Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
XR428Northrop Shelduck D1d/d 1957 and placed into store, fate unknownHistory 
F9514XR431Fairey Gannet AEW3f/f 19/02/1963, d/d 03/04/1963, w/o 06/09/1964History 
F9515XR432Fairey Gannet AEW3d/d 17/04/1963, perished Lossiemouth dump 1981History 
F9516XR433Fairey Gannet AEW3d/d 06/06/1963, w/o 06/05/1970History 
S2/8444XR436Westland Scout AH1/P531f/f 02/1962, scr. Middle WallopHistory 
14101XR441DH Sea Heron C1Ex G-5-16, G-AORG, d/d 17/04/1961, to G-AORG, to JerseyHistory 
14102XR442DH Sea Heron C1Ex G-AORH, d/d 17/04/1961, to G-HRON, to Portland Oregon, USA 20/01/2006History 
14072XR443DH Sea Heron C1Ex VR-NAQ, G-ARKU, d/d 24/08/1960, to G-ODLG, VH-NJP, pres. SharjahHistory 
14091XR444DH Sea Heron C1Ex VR-NCE, G-ARKV 17/03/1961, d/d 20/02/1963, w/o 26/06/1972, scr. 1980History 
14092XR445DH Sea Heron C1Ex VR-NCF, G-ARKW, d/d 22/03/1961, to G-ORSJ, scr. Booker 1996History 
XR447Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 16/06/1961. Wreck to Elgin, Preserved Morayvia, Kinloss 2018History 
XR448Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 12/09/1961History 
XR449Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 16/06/1961History 
XR450Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 25/07/1962History 
WA403XR453Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 15/11/1962, d/d 29/11/1962, to 8873M, pres. Odiham, HampshireHistoryEdit
WA404XR454Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 21/11/1962, d/d 14/12/1962, w/o 27/01/1975HistoryEdit
WA405XR455Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 21/11/1962, d/d 10/12/1962, to 8219M, perished Manston, Kent 1982HistoryEdit
WA406XR456Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 09/12/1962, d/d 19/12/1962, w/o 05/11/1968HistoryEdit
WA407XR457Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 19/12/1962, d/d 07/01/1963, to 8644M, destroyed Otterburn Ranges 1985HistoryEdit
WA408XR458Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 28/12/1962, d/d 09/01/1963, to 8662M, noted scrapyard, Irthlingborough HistoryEdit
WA409XR477Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 12/01/1963, d/d 21/02/1963, w/o 30/10/1969, s.o.c. 04/11/1969 as CAT 5(S)HistoryEdit
WA410XR478Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 24/01/1963, d/d 28/02/1963, w/o 07/08/1967, scr. Winterbourne Gunner 1990HistoryEdit
WA411XR479Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 11/02/1963, d/d 01/03/1963, destroyed Pendine Sands Ranges, WalesHistoryEdit
WA412XR480Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 22/02/1963, d/d 04/03/1963, w/o 17/11/1965, s.o.c. 16/12/1975HistoryEdit
WA413XR481Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 07/03/1963, d/d 22/03/1963, perished Wroughton fire sectionHistoryEdit
WA414XR482Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 18/03/1963, d/d 02/04/1963, s.o.c. 29/10/1975, scr. Winterbourne Gunner 1990HistoryEdit
WA415XR483Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 22/03/1963, d/d 03/04/1963, to N2979G, pres. Costa RicaHistoryEdit
WA416XR484Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 10/04/1963, d/d 29/04/1963, perished Lee-on-Solent fire sectionHistoryEdit
WA417XR485Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 30/05/1963, d/d 02/07/1963, pres. Norfolk and Suffolk Air Museum, FlixtonHistoryEdit
WA418XR486Westland Whirlwind HCC12d/d 06/05/1964, to 8727M, to G-RWWW, pres. Weston-super-Mare MuseumHistoryEdit
WA419XR487Westland Whirlwind HCC12d/d 26/03/1964, w/o 07/12/1967HistoryEdit
S2/5312XR493Westland Scout AH1/P.531Ex G-APVM, to 8040M, to RAFO Museum, SeebHistory 
WA122XR497Westland Wessex HC2f/f 1963, d/d 28/02/1963, d/d 20/06/2002 to FAUruguay as 076, pres. MontevideoHistory 
WA123XR498Westland Wessex HC2f/f 20/04/1963, d/d 17/07/1963, to 9342M, to Cosford 17/05/2017History 
WA124XR499Westland Wessex HC2f/f 05/07/1963, d/d 09/08/1963, scrapped at H. Williams, Hitchin 04/2004History 
WA125XR500Westland Wessex HC2f/f 19/07/1963, d/d 19/08/1963, w/o 19/04/1979History 
WA126XR501Westland Wessex HC2f/f 05/07/1963, d/d 12/08/1963, to A2642, to Aldershot, Sproughton, to FranceHistory 
WA127XR502Westland Wessex HC2f/f 19/07/1963, d/d 09/08/1963, to G-CCUP, to Stonegate, East SussexHistory 
WA128XR503Westland Wessex HC2f/f 23/08/1963, d/d 16/09/1963 to A2705, to Manston Fire School, scrapped 2020History 
WA129XR504Westland Wessex HC2f/f 30/08/1963, d/d 18/09/1963, pres. AkrotiriHistory 
WA130XR505Westland Wessex HC2f/f 01/10/1963, d/d 18/10/1963, d/d 01/1998 to Uruguay Navy as A-081History 
WA131XR506Westland Wessex HC2f/f 30/10/1963, d/d 23/12/1963, to 9343M, to Selby, to Corley MoorHistory 
WA132XR507Westland Wessex HC2f/f 26/11/1963, d/d 23/12/1963, exported to New ZealandHistory 
WA133XR508Westland Wessex HC2f/f 19/11/1963, d/d 23/12/1963, to Gosport for G.I. as A2615, scr. 2006History 
WA134XR509Westland Wessex HC2f/f 13/12/1963, d/d 06/01/1964, w/o 16/10/1981, to Benson fire dump, scr. 12/1992History 
WA135XR510Westland Wessex HC2f/f 19/12/1963, d/d 06/01/1964, w/o 12/11/1970HistoryEdit
WA136XR511Westland Wessex HC2f/f 20/12/1963, d/d 03/01/1964, Classic Flyers Mus, Tauranga New Zealand, 08/2018History 
WA137XR515Westland Wessex HC2f/f 15/01/1964, d/d 03/02/1964, d/d 06/1997 to FAUruguay as 070, pres. MontevideoHistory 
WA138XR516Westland Wessex HC2f/f 16/01/1964, d/d 03/02/1964, to A2709, pres. ShawburyHistory 
WA139XR517Westland Wessex HC2f/f 22/01/1964, d/d 03/02/1964, preserved Long Kesh, County Antrim, N.I.History 
WA140XR518Westland Wessex HC2f/f 31/01/1964, d/d 26/02/1964, to G.I. at Gosport, presume scrapped circa 2016History 
WA141XR519Westland Wessex HC2f/f 12/02/1964, d/d 03/03/1964, w/o 07/12/1990, scr. 03/1993History 
WA142XR520Westland Wessex HC2f/f 19/02/1964, d/d 30/04/1964, scrapped at H. Williams, Hitchin 04/2004History 
WA143XR521Westland Wessex HC2f/f 16/04/1964, d/d 30/04/1964, d/d 01/1998 to Uruguay Navy as A-082, storedHistory 
WA144XR522Westland Wessex HC2f/f 22/04/1964, d/d 01/05/1964, d/d 06/1997 to FAUruguay as 071, pres. MontevideoHistory 
WA145XR523Westland Wessex HC2f/f 08/05/1964, d/d 28/07/1964, to Pembrey Ranged by 04/2016History 
WA146XR524Westland Wessex HC2f/f 22/05/1964, d/d 03/06/1964, w/o 12/08/1993, scr. ShawburyHistory 
WA147XR525Westland Wessex HC2f/f 27/07/1964, d/d 07/08/1964, pres. RAF Museum, Cosford, ShropshireHistory 
WA148XR526Westland Wessex HC2f/f 24/08/1964, d/d 23/09/1964, w/o 27/05/1970, to 8147M, to Weston-super-MareHistoryEdit
WA149XR527Westland Wessex HC2f/f 23/09/1964, d/d 10/12/1964, pres. Hermeskeil Museum, GermanyHistory 
WA150XR528Westland Wessex HC2f/f 04/11/1964, d/d 10/12/1964, A2711, to Morayvia, Kinloss 17/08/2017History 
WA151XR529Westland Wessex HC2f/f 01/12/1964, d/d 31/12/1964, to 9268M, pres. Belfast Crumlin RoadHistory 
FL545XR534Folland Gnat T1f/f 24/05/1963, d/d 04/07/1963, to 8578M, pres. Newark Air MuseumHistoryEdit
FL546XR535Folland Gnat T1f/f 06/06/1963, d/d 02/07/1963, to 8569M, to N8130N Tallahassee, FloridaHistoryEdit
FL547XR536Folland Gnat T1f/f 12/06/1963, d/d 05/07/1963, w/o 18/10/1963HistoryEdit
FL548XR537Folland Gnat T1f/f 13/06/1963, d/d 05/07/1963, to 8642M, to G-NATY, to North WealdHistoryEdit
FL549XR538Folland Gnat T1f/f 12/06/1963, d/d 31/07/1963, to 8621M, to G-RORI, North Weald, EssexHistoryEdit
FL550XR539Folland Gnat T1f/f 26/06/1963, d/d 31/07/1963, w/o 13/05/1966HistoryEdit
FL551XR540Folland Gnat T1f/f 02/07/1963, d/d 05/06/1964, to 8636M, to A2708, to Denver-Front RangeHistoryEdit
FL552XR541Folland Gnat T1f/f 09/07/1963, d/d 27/09/1963, to 8602M, to Bournemouth Museum 29/03/2023HistoryEdit
FL553XR542Folland Gnat T1f/f 08/07/1963, d/d 09/08/1963, w/o 09/03/1975HistoryEdit
FL554XR543Folland Gnat T1f/f 18/07/1963, d/d 28/08/1963, w/o 19/07/1965HistoryEdit
FL555XR544Folland Gnat T1f/f 07/08/1963, d/d 27/09/1963, w/o 26/04/1978HistoryEdit
FL556XR545Folland Gnat T1f/f 07/08/1963, d/d 09/10/1963, w/o 20/01/1971HistoryEdit
FL557XR567Folland Gnat T1f/f 05/09/1963, d/d 02/10/1963, w/o 13/12/1971HistoryEdit
FL558XR568Folland Gnat T1f/f 13/09/1963, d/d 06/11/1963, w/o 14/01/1965, to 7874M, scr. 05/1966HistoryEdit
FL559XR569Folland Gnat T1f/f 12/09/1963, d/d 08/11/1963 30/08/1977, to 8560M, to USA as sparesHistoryEdit
FL560XR570Folland Gnat T1f/f 25/09/1963, d/d 06/11/1963, w/o 23/05/1966HistoryEdit
FL561XR571Folland Gnat T1f/f 04/10/1963, d/d 08/11/1963, to 8493M, pres. Tangmere MuseumHistoryEdit
FL562XR572Folland Gnat T1f/f 10/10/1963, d/d 01/11/1963, to A2676, to N572XR, Broomfield, ColoradoHistoryEdit
FL563XR573Folland Gnat T1f/f 11/10/1963, d/d 01/11/1963, w/o 26/03/1969HistoryEdit
FL564XR574Folland Gnat T1f/f 17/10/1963, d/d 26/11/1963, to 8631M, pres. Halton MuseumHistoryEdit
WA121XR588Westland Wessex HC2f/f 05/10/1962, d/d 09/10/1962, exported to New Zealand 06/01/2004History 
13070XR592Bristol Sycamore HR51Ex G-AMWI, d/d 06/1961 to RAN, to VH-BAW, pres. Harrington Park, AustraliaHistory 
F9517XR595Westland Scout AH1f/f 12/12/1963, d/d 07/01/1964, to G-BWHU, to private owner SouthamHistory 
F9518XR596Westland Scout AH1d/d 07/01/1964, w/o 15/07/1964History 
F9519XR597Westland Scout AH1d/d 24/01/1974, to Everett Aero, Sproughton, pres. Hermeskeil MuseumHistory 
F9520XR598Westland Scout AH1d/d 03/02/1964, w/o 30/03/1967History 
F9521XR599Westland Scout AH1d/d 04/02/1964, w/o 20/09/1965History 
F9522XR600Westland Scout AH1d/d 18/02/1964, scr. Otterburn 06/1999History 
F9523XR601Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/02/1964, w/o 26/08/1979, privately owned Sproughton, Suffolk, gone by 2021History 
F9524XR602Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/02/1964, to Cyprus for G.I, since scrappedHistory 
F9525XR603Westland Scout AH1d/d 11/03/1964, to VH-NVW, w.f.u. Avalon, AustraliaHistory 
F9526XR604Westland Scout AH1d/d 25/03/1964, w/o 08/02/1979History 
F9527XR627Westland Scout AH1d/d 13/04/1964, preserved Storwood, East Riding of YorkshireHistory 
F9528XR628Westland Scout AH1d/d 22/04/1964, w/o 08/06/1982, to Ipswich area, SuffolkHistory 
F9529XR629Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/04/1964, to Ipswich, SuffolkHistory 
F9530XR630Westland Scout AH1d/d 01/05/1964, scr. Middle Wallop 1999History 
F9531XR631Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/05/1964, w/o 19/06/1974History 
F9532XR632Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/06/1964, to Gambia 01/1997History 
F9533XR633Westland Scout AH1d/d 21/07/1964, w/o 07/09/1966, pres. Hermeskeil Museum, GermanyHistory 
F9534XR634Westland Scout AH1d/d 28/08/1964, w/o 16/05/1966History 
F9535XR635Westland Scout AH1d/d 08/02/1965, to Midland Air Museum for G.I. useHistory 
F9536XR636Westland Scout AH1d/d 08/02/1965, w/o 12/04/1973History 
F9537XR637Westland Scout AH1d/d 17/07/1964, last noted G.I. Detmold, GermanyHistory 
F9538XR638Westland Scout AH1d/d 05/05/1964, w/o 03/01/1966History 
F9539XR639Westland Scout AH1d/d 02/07/1965, scr. Middle Wallop 1993History 
F9540XR640Westland Scout AH1d/d 29/03/1964, w/o 14/05/1969History 
XR643Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 1963, to 8516M 12/01/1977, to Bankstown, Australia 03/1995HistoryEdit
XR644Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 23/01/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971, (F) perished Little Rissington by 1975HistoryEdit
XR645Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 19/01/1963, w/o 04/10/1966HistoryEdit
XR646Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 15/01/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971, perished Halton fire dump 03/1976HistoryEdit
XR647Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 30/01/1963, w/o 07/05/1973HistoryEdit
XR648Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 30/01/1963, scr. 18/12/1970 at No.27 MU Shawbury to B A TaylorHistoryEdit
XR649Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 18/12/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971, remains perished Ouston fire dump 1975HistoryEdit
XR650Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 15/03/1963, to 8459M, pres. Boscombe Down Aviation CollectionHistoryEdit
PAC/W/19443XR651Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 13/03/1963, to 8431M, scr. Halton 07/1992HistoryEdit
XR652Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 22/03/1963, to G-27-94, d/d 06/1967 to South Yemen AF as 107HistoryEdit
XR653Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 22/03/1963, to 9035M, pres. Bankstown, NSW, AustraliaHistoryEdit
XR654Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 02/04/1963, s.o.c. 25/11/1971, (N) to Chester area, CheshireHistoryEdit
XR655Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 29/03/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971 as CAT 5(S) at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XR656Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 02/04/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971 as CAT 5(S) at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XR657Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 02/04/1963, scr. 15/02/1971 at No.27 MU Shawbury to J Shackleton & CoHistoryEdit
XR658Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 03/04/1963, w/o 26/10/1971, to 8192M, pres. Manston MuseumHistoryEdit
XR659Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 01/04/1963, scr. 17/08/1971 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XR660Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 03/04/1963, to Linton-on-Ouse 17/08/1972, to 8374M n.t.u, scr. 1973HistoryEdit
XR661Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 03/04/1963, to G-27-95, d/d 06/1967 to South Yemen AF as 108HistoryEdit
XR662Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 03/04/1963, to 8410M, private owner Gilberdyke, E YorksHistoryEdit
XR663Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 23/04/1963, s.o.c. 13/08/1968, remains to No.431 MU Bruggen, scr. 1970HistoryEdit
XR664Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 18/04/1963, w/o 30/09/1964, remains to BAC Warton, scrapped circa 1975HistoryEdit
XR665Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 02/05/1963, scr. 15/02/1971 at No.27 MU Shawbury to J Shackleton & CoHistoryEdit
XR666Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 02/05/1963, scr. 17/08/1971 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XR667Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 03/05/1963, s.o.c. 12/12/1975 as CAT 5(C) at Finningley and broken upHistoryEdit
XR668Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 08/06/1963, scr. 22/11/1968 at No.27 MU Shawbury to B A TaylorHistoryEdit
PAC/W/19992XR669Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 29/05/1963, to 8062M, s.o.c. 07/05/1981 at Halton and scrappedHistoryEdit
XR670Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 05/06/1963, to 8498M, stored Hermeskeil Museum, GermanyHistoryEdit
XR671Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 05/06/1963, scr. 18/12/1970 at No.27 MU Shawbury to B A TaylorHistoryEdit
XR672Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 06/06/1963, s.o.c. 14/06/1976, to 8495M, scr. Halton 2008HistoryEdit
PAC/W/19986XR673Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 06/1963, to 9032M, to G-BXLO, to GamstonHistoryEdit
PAC/W/19987XR674Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 06/06/1963, to 9030M, to G-TOMG 31/08/1994, w/o 01/08/1999HistoryEdit
XR675Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 21/06/1963, scr. 17/08/1971 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XR676Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 21/06/1963, scr. 17/08/1971 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XR677Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 26/06/1963, scr. 17/08/1971 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XR678Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 03/07/1963, s.o.c. 04/03/1969, scr. 11/11/1969 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/W/21624XR679Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 02/07/1963, to 8991M, to G-BWGT, to C-FDJP London, Ontario, CanadaHistoryEdit
XR680Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 10/07/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971, perished Church Fenton fire dump 1980HistoryEdit
XR681Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 19/07/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971, (N) to 8588M, pres. Robertsbridge, MayfieldHistoryEdit
XR697Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 31/07/1962, scr. 18/12/1970 at No.27 MU Shawbury to B A TaylorHistoryEdit
XR698Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 07/08/1963, w/o 03/01/1964HistoryEdit
XR699Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 01/08/1963, scr. 15/02/1971 at No.27 MU Shawbury to J Shackleton & CoHistoryEdit
XR700Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 07/08/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971, (N) to 8589M, displayed at Long KeshHistoryEdit
XR701Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 29/08/1963, to 9025M, to N8272W, to N204JP, to Wharton MAP, Texas, USAHistoryEdit
XR702Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 30/08/1963, scr. 18/12/1970 at No.27 MU Shawbury to B A TaylorHistoryEdit
XR703Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 30/08/1963, scr. 15/02/1971 at No.27 MU Shawbury to J Shackleton & CoHistoryEdit
XR704Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 08/1963, to 8506M, to N8272Y, Cheraw, South CarolinaHistoryEdit
XR705Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 13/09/1963, to Manston Fire School, Kent 17/10/1973, perished 1975HistoryEdit
XR706Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 25/09/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971 as CAT 5(S)at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
XR707Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 02/10/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971, to 8193M, perished HatfieldHistoryEdit
XR711EE Lightning F3f/f 06/10/1964, d/d 02/12/1964, w/o 29/10/1971, scr. Wattisham 1975HistoryEdit
XR712EE Lightning F3f/f 10/10/1964, d/d 19/11/1964, w/o 26/06/1965HistoryEdit
XR713EE Lightning F3f/f 21/10/1964, d/d 08/01/1965, to 8935M, privately owned BruntingthorpeHistoryEdit
XR714EE Lightning F3f/f 03/11/1964, d/d 08/01/1965, w/o 27/09/1966, perished Akrotiri, CyprusHistoryEdit
XR715EE Lightning F3f/f 14/11/1964, d/d 08/01/1965, w/o 13/02/1974, scr. to J ShackletonHistoryEdit
95199XR716EE Lightning F3f/f 19/11/1964, d/d 04/02/1965, to 8940M, scr. to G Johnson, CoseleyHistoryEdit
95200XR717EE Lightning F3f/f 26/11/1964, d/d 26/03/1964, s.o.c. 18/04/1974, perished Boscombe Down 1988HistoryEdit
95201XR718EE Lightning F3f/f 14/12/1964, d/d 01/04/1965, to 8932M, pres. Over Dinsdale, DarlingtonHistoryEdit
95202XR719EE Lightning F3f/f 18/12/1964, d/d 16/04/1965, w/o 05/06/1973, perished Coltishall 1980HistoryEdit
95203XR720EE Lightning F3f/f 24/12/1964, d/d 29/03/1965, to 8930M, scr. 18/01/1988 Sutton-on-the-ForestHistoryEdit
95204XR721EE Lightning F3f/f 05/01/1965, d/d 08/04/1965, w/o 05/01/1966HistoryEdit
95205XR722EE Lightning F3f/f 23/01/1965, not delivered, to G-27-2, to RSAF as 53-666, w/o 06/02/1972HistoryEdit
95206XR723EE Lightning F6f/f 02/02/1965, d/d 07/1967, w/o 18/09/1979HistoryEdit
95207XR724EE Lightning F6f/f 10/02/1965, d/d 16/06/1967, to G-BTSY, pres. Binbrook Airfield, LincolnshireHistoryEdit
95208XR725EE Lightning F6f/f 19/02/1965, d/d 15/08/1967, pres. Binbrook Village, LincolnshireHistoryEdit
95209XR726EE Lightning F6f/f 26/06/1965, d/d 12/07/1967, (N) pres. Harrogate area, North YorkshireHistoryEdit
95210XR727EE Lightning F6f/f 06/03/1965, d/d 10/09/1967, to 8968M, scr. Wildenrath 1992HistoryEdit
95211XR728EE Lightning F6f/f 17/03/1965, d/d 01/11/1967, pres. Bruntingthorpe, LeicestershireHistoryEdit
95212XR747EE Lightning F6f/f 02/04/1965, d/d 04/01/1968, (N) 20 Sqn ATC, Bideford, DevonHistoryEdit
95213XR748EE Lightning F3f/f 13/04/1965, d/d 21/08/1967, w/o 24/06/1974HistoryEdit
95214XR749EE Lightning F3f/f 30/04/1965, d/d 04/10/1967, to 8934M, pres. Peterhead, AberdeenshireHistoryEdit
95215XR750EE Lightning F3f/f 10/05/1965, d/d 09/10/1967, s.o.c. 28/11/1974, departed Wattisham 10/1975HistoryEdit
95216XR751EE Lightning F3f/f 31/05/1965, d/d 11/01/1968, privately owned Selby North YorkshireHistoryEdit
95217XR752EE Lightning F6f/f 16/06/1965, d/d 26/11/1965, scr. Binbrook 09/1987 to Swafling EngineeringHistoryEdit
95218XR753EE Lightning F6f/f 23/06/1965, d/d 16/11/1965, to 8969M, pres. Coningsby, LincolnshireHistoryEdit
95219XR754EE Lightning F6f/f 08/07/1965, d/d 03/12/1965, to 8972M, (N) pres. Upwood CambridgeshireHistoryEdit
95220XR755EE Lightning F6f/f 15/07/1965, d/d 10/12/1965, pres. Callington, CornwallHistoryEdit
95221XR756EE Lightning F6f/f 11/08/1965, d/d 10/12/1965, scr. Foulness 02/1994HistoryEdit
95222XR757EE Lightning F6f/f 19/08/1965, d/d 21/12/1965, (N) pres. Newark MuseumHistoryEdit
95223XR758EE Lightning F6f/f 30/08/1965, d/d 11/01/1966, scr. Laarbruch, Germany 1994HistoryEdit
95224XR759EE Lightning F6f/f 09/09/1965, d/d 18/01/1966, (N) privately owned North Weald, EssexHistoryEdit
95225XR760EE Lightning F6f/f 20/09/1965, d/d 27/01/1966, w/o 15/07/1986HistoryEdit
95226XR761EE Lightning F6f/f 09/10/1965, d/d 15/02/1966, w/o 08/11/1984HistoryEdit
95227XR762EE Lightning F6f/f 09/10/1965, d/d 22/02/1966, w/o 07/04/1975HistoryEdit
95228XR763EE Lightning F6f/f 15/10/1965, d/d 11/02/1966, w/o 01/07/1987HistoryEdit
95229XR764EE Lightning F6f/f 04/11/1965, d/d 01/03/1966, w/o 30/09/1971HistoryEdit
95230XR765EE Lightning F6f/f 10/11/1965, d/d 08/03/1966, w/o 23/07/1981HistoryEdit
95231XR766EE Lightning F6f/f 11/01/1966, d/d 28/03/1966, w/o 07/09/1967HistoryEdit
95232XR767EE Lightning F6f/f 14/01/1966, d/d 1966, w/o 26/05/1970HistoryEdit
95233XR768EE Lightning F6f/f 24/11/1965, d/d 01/08/1966, w/o 29/10/1974HistoryEdit
95234XR769EE Lightning F6f/f 01/12/1965, d/d 02/11/1966, w/o 11/04/1988HistoryEdit
95235XR770EE Lightning F6f/f 16/12/1965, d/d 26/09/1966, pres. RAF Manston Museum, KentHistoryEdit
95236XR771EE Lightning F6f/f 20/01/1966, d/d 24/10/1966, pres. Midland Air Museum, CoventryHistoryEdit
95237XR772EE Lightning F6f/f 10/02/1966, d/d 21/10/1966, w/o 06/03/1985HistoryEdit
95238XR773EE Lightning F6f/f 28/02/1966, d/d 07/11/1966, to G-OPIB, to ZU-BEW, Cape Town, South AfricaHistoryEdit
89XR801Vickers Viscount f/f 30/06/1955, ex N7403, ex G-APKK, scr. Coventry 1974History 
198XR802Vickers Viscount f/f 24/09/1956, ex N7442, ex G-ARUU, scr. Coventry 1974History 
826XR806Vickers VC10 C1Kf/f 26/11/1965, d/d 19/04/1967, w/o 19/12/1997, (N) to 8296M, scr. 2009History 
827XR807Vickers VC10 C1Kf/f 25/03/1966, d/d 17/11/1966, scr. Bruntingthorpe 28/07/2010History 
828XR808Vickers VC10 C1Kf/f 09/06/1966, d/d 07/07/1966, to RAF Museum Cosford 21/06/2015History 
829XR809Vickers VC10 C1f/f 28/07/1966, d/d 31/08/1966, to G-1-1, to G-AXLR, scr. Kemble 25/10/1982HistoryEdit
830XR810Vickers VC10 C1Kf/f 29/11/1966, d/d 21/12/1966, (N) to Crondall, HampshireHistory 
1XR814Cushioncraft CC2Used by RAE Bedford 08/1966 to 04/1969, then sold as spares sourceHistory 
XR818Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR819Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR820Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR821Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR822Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR823Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR824Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR825Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR826Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR827Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR828Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR829Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR830Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR831Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR832Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR833Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR834Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR835Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR836Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR837Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR838Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR839Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR840Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR841Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR842Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR861Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR862Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR863Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR864Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR865Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR866Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR867Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR868Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR869Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR870Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR871Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR872Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR873Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR874Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR875Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR876Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR877Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR878Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR879Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR880Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR881Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR882Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR883Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR884Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR885Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR886Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR887Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR888Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR889Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR890Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR894Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR895Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR896Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR897Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR898Northrop Shelduck D1Pres. Old SarumHistory 
XR916Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR917Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR918Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR919Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR920Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR921Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR922Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR923Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR927Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR928Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR929Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR930Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR931Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR932Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR933Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR934Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR935Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR936Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR937Northrop Shelduck D1  
XR938Northrop Shelduck D1  
B.201XR942Wallis WA.116 f/f 10/05/1962, w/o 12/05/1962History 
B.202XR942Wallis WA.116 f/f 13/07/1962, ex G-ARZA, to G-ARZA, to Portugal 1988 as CS-GAAHistory 
B.203XR943Wallis WA.116 f/f 18/10/1962, ex G-ARZB, pres. ShuttleworthHistory 
B.205XR944Wallis WA.116 Ex G-ARZC, w/o 07/11/1965. Rebuilt to c/n 214History 
214XR944Wallis WA.116 Ex G-ATTB, rebuilt from c/n B.205History 
FL565XR948Folland Gnat T1f/f 09/11/1963, d/d 19/12/1963, w/o 14/03/1972HistoryEdit
FL566XR949Folland Gnat T1f/f 04/11/1963, d/d 26/11/1963, w/o 27/05/1964HistoryEdit
FL567XR950Folland Gnat T1f/f 07/11/1963, d/d 05/12/1963, w/o 22/04/1965HistoryEdit
FL568XR951Folland Gnat T1f/f 07/11/1963, d/d 03/12/1963, to 8603M, sold 1986, to USA as N81298HistoryEdit
FL569XR952Folland Gnat T1f/f 08/11/1963, d/d 16/01/1964, w/o 13/06/1969HistoryEdit
FL570XR953Folland Gnat T1f/f 20/11/1963, d/d 19/12/1963, to 8609M, to N953RH, Cheraw, South CarolinaHistoryEdit
FL571XR954Folland Gnat T1f/f 22/11/1962, d/d 16/01/1964, to 8570M, departed Bournemouth 2008,HistoryEdit
FL572XR955Folland Gnat T1f/f 12/12/1963, d/d 24/01/1964, to A2678, to N4367L Austin, TexasHistoryEdit
FL573XR976Folland Gnat T1f/f 06/12/1963, d/d 07/02/1964, w/o 12/10/1964HistoryEdit
FL574XR977Folland Gnat T1f/f 01/01/1964, d/d 16/02/1964, to 8640M, pres. RAF Museum HendonHistoryEdit
FL575XR978Folland Gnat T1f/f 10/01/1964, d/d 07/02/1964, w/o 22/07/1964HistoryEdit
FL576XR979Folland Gnat T1f/f 16/01/1964, d/d 07/02/1964, w/o 06/09/1965HistoryEdit
FL577XR980Folland Gnat T1f/f 04/02/1964, d/d 02/1964, to 8622M, to N936FC East Islip, New YorkHistoryEdit
FL578XR981Folland Gnat T1f/f 30/01/1964, d/d 28/02/1964, w/o 03/03/1978HistoryEdit
FL579XR982Folland Gnat T1f/f 07/02/1964, d/d 11/03/1964, destroyed Foulness Island 1973HistoryEdit
FL580XR983Folland Gnat T1f/f 25/02/1964, d/d 02/04/1964, w/o 30/04/1976HistoryEdit
FL581XR984Folland Gnat T1f/f 06/03/1964, d/d 25/03/1964, to 8571M, N316RF, San Diego - Brown FieldHistoryEdit
FL582XR985Folland Gnat T1f/f 10/03/1964, d/d 02/04/1964, w/o 05/04/1965, (N) to 7886M, last noted KembleHistoryEdit
FL583XR986Folland Gnat T1f/f 30/04/1964, d/d 05/06/1964, w/o 20/01/1971HistoryEdit
FL584XR987Folland Gnat T1f/f 15/05/1964, d/d 22/06/1964, to 8641M, to N7CV, to Tauranga, New ZealandHistoryEdit
FL585XR991Folland Gnat T1f/f 29/05/1964, d/d 01/07/1964, to 8637M, to A2709, to G-BOXO, to N1CL, to N5RDHistoryEdit
FL586XR992Folland Gnat T1f/f 08/05/1964, d/d 05/06/1964, w/o 16/12/1969HistoryEdit
FL587XR993Folland Gnat T1f/f 29/05/1964, d/d 01/07/1964, to 8878M n.t.u, A2677, N3XR, w/o 09/01/1991HistoryEdit
FL588XR994Folland Gnat T1f/f 17/06/1964, d/d 02/07/1964, w/o 13/11/1970HistoryEdit
FL589XR995Folland Gnat T1f/f 26/06/1964, d/d 22/07/1964, w/o 16/11/1969HistoryEdit
FL590XR996Folland Gnat T1f/f 09/07/1964, d/d 05/08/1964, w/o 08/10/1976HistoryEdit
FL591XR997Folland Gnat T1f/f 19/06/1964, d/d 22/07/1964, w/o 03/01/1970HistoryEdit
FL592XR998Folland Gnat T1f/f 23/07/1964, d/d 02/09/1964, to 8623M, to N998XR Denver - Front RangeHistoryEdit
FL593XR999Folland Gnat T1f/f 28/07/1964, d/d 02/09/1964, w/o 08/08/1968HistoryEdit

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