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XN103EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN104EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN105EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN106EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN107EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN108EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN109EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN110EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN111EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
XN112EE Lightning T4CanxHistory 
PAC/84/013XN117Hunting Jet Provost T3Ex G-23-1, converted to T3 prototype, to RAAF 1958 for evaluation, scr. 1962History 
FL18XN122Folland Gnat F1f/f 29/07/1958, d/d 08/09/1958 to IAF as IE1064, w/o 07/04/1964History 
WA266XN126Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 02/05/1959, d/d 13/08/1959, to 8655M, scr. Pinewood StudiosHistoryEdit
WA267XN127Westland Whirlwind HAR10f/f 07/08/1959, d/d 05/11/1959, w/o 08/05/1980HistoryEdit
1185XN132Sud Aviation Alouette AH2Ex F-WIPG, d/d 18/09/1958, to G-BUIV, PH-THC n.t.u, PH-NSW, pres. AustriaHistory 
1186XN133Sud Aviation Alouette AH2Ex F-WIPH, d/d 18/09/1958, w/o 07/09/1960, to 7702M, broken upHistory 
PAC/W/10136XN137Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 18/08/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1976 as CAT 5(S), (N) Little Addington 10/2011HistoryEdit
80XN142DHC Beaver Srs.2Ex XH463, G-ANAR. To CF-CNR, OB-M-275, N115LA, C-GHGN Manitoba, CanadaHistory 
1150XN146Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 21/01/1959, to BGA1110, damaged 10/1975, CoA canx 10/1975History 
1151XN147Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/01/1959, w/o 01/09/1966, to BGA1482 North Coates, LincolnshireHistory 
1152XN148Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/01/1959, to BGA3287, privately owned Lachen - Speyerdorf, GermanyHistory 
1153XN149Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 12/02/1959, w/o 17/08/1966, remains sold to RAFGSA as GSA389, fateHistory 
1154XN150Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 19/02/1959, to BGA3774, wings to WB937, stored Borkenberge, GermanyHistory 
1155XN151Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 20/02/1959, sold 22/08/1995, to BGA3235, to Elchingen, GermanyHistory 
1156XN152Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 19/03/1959, w/o 17/08/1966History 
1157XN153Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 19/03/1959, w/o 06/07/1962, sold, to BGA2024 Perranporth, CornwallHistory 
1158XN154Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 13/04/1959, w/o 20/04/1964, sold to BGA1465, to EI-157, to Ballarena, N.I.History 
1159XN155Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 22/05/1959, sold 22/10/1987, to BGA4833, to Elchingen, GermanyHistory 
1160XN156Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 05/06/1959, sold 22/08/1985, to BGA3250 Portmoak, Perth and KinrossHistory 
1161XN157Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 30/06/1959, sold 10/12/1985, to BGA3255 Long Mynd, ShropshireHistory 
1162XN183Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 07/07/1959, w/o 22/08/1964, rebuilt, to BGA1354, to Nastatten, GermanyHistory 
1163XN184Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 17/08/1959, w/o 29/04/1964, to GSA339 (Cyprus) l/n stored 01/1965, fate?History 
1164XN185Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 04/09/1959, to 8942M, to BGA4077, pres. ScamptonHistory 
1165XN186Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 06/10/1959, sold 22/10/1987, to BGA3905, to WattishamHistory 
1166XN187Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 30/10/1959, sold 22/10/1987, to BGA3903, to Halton, BuckinghamshireHistory 
1167XN188Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/11/1959, w/o 07/09/1963, sold to BGA1588, stored in WalesHistory 
1168XN189Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 10/12/1959, to BGA1144, to Thionville-Yutz, FranceHistory 
1169XN194Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 06/02/1959, w/o 02/06/1969History 
1170XN195Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 29/01/1959, w/o 20/04/1964, to 7845M, to Hemswell, fate?History 
1171XN196Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 06/02/1959, w/o 07/06/1969, s.o.c. 24/06/1969History 
1172XN197Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 06/02/1959, w/o 02/05/1965, s.o.c. 04/05/1965 as CAT 5(S)History 
1173XN198Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 02/1959, privately owned EstoniaHistoryEdit
1174XN199Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 20/02/1959, w/o 27/10/1970, s.o.c. 30/11/1970History 
1175XN236Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 20/02/1959, w/o 25/01/1979History 
1176XN237Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 12/03/1959, w/o 15/04/1973, s.o.c. 22/05/1973 as CAT 5(S)History 
1177XN238Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 31/03/1959, sold 20/10/1983, (F) pres. Barnstaple, DevonHistory 
1178XN239Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 14/04/1959, to 8889M, to IWM Duxford for display circa 07/1986, to IrelandHistoryEdit
1179XN240Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 15/04/1959, to OO-ZXN Mohiville, BelgiumHistoryEdit
1180XN241Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 24/04/1959, sold 06/1987, to private owner Shipdham, Norfolk as BGA3293HistoryEdit
1181XN242Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 28/05/1959, w/o 23/10/1978History 
1182XN243Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 02/06/1959, sold 01/05/1985, to BGA3145, to LashamHistoryEdit
1183XN244Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 16/06/1959, sold 09/09/1986HistoryEdit
1184XN245Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 16/06/1959, w/o 08/06/1972, s.o.c. 11/07/1972History 
1185XN246Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 09/07/1959, sold 14/09/1987, pres. RiseleyHistoryEdit
1186XN247Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 14/07/1959, s.o.c. 21/08/1962 to BGA1559 pres. Dumfries MuseumHistory 
1187XN248Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 13/08/1959, s.o.c. 28/05/1961 as CAT5(S)History 
1188XN249Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 18/08/1959, s.o.c. 21/06/1964, to RAFGSA 340, to Singapore 1965, fate?History 
1189XN250Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 09/09/1959, sold 02/01/1979 to BGA4746, to Deelen, NetherlandsHistory 
1190XN251Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 02/10/1959, last noted 1982 at St. Athan, fate?History 
1191XN252Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 27/10/1959, sold 21/08/1986, to BGA3507, to N19JS, Montgomery - WehrmanHistoryEdit
1192XN253Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 25/11/1959, sold 17/09/1985, location unknownHistoryEdit
WA270XN258Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 29/08/1959, d/d 18/09/1959, pres. Sunderland, Tyne & WearHistory 
WA271XN259Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 24/08/1959, d/d 04/09/1959, w/o 03/08/1969, to A2604, perished 1997History 
WA272XN260Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 24/08/1959, d/d 21/09/1959, w/o 01/05/1961History 
WA273XN261Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 26/08/1959, d/d 10/09/1959, to A2652, scrapped by 1985History 
WA274XN262Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 14/09/1959, d/d 01/10/1959, w/o 16/05/1964History 
WA275XN263Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 22/09/1959, d/d 30/09/1959, to Bosham, West Sussex, scrapped 07/2005History 
WA276XN264Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 23/09/1959, d/d 22/10/1959, to Hook Street, Wiltshire, moved 04/1984, fate?History 
WA277XN297Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 30/09/1959, d/d 27/10/1959, to Wroughton fire section 24/09/1975, since perishedHistory 
WA278/WAG.53XN298Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 08/10/1959, d/d 28/10/1959, scrapped Millom Museum during 2011History 
WA279XN299Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 19/10/1959, d/d 28/10/1959, to Tangmere Museum, departed by 2013, scr.History 
WA280XN300Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 26/10/1959, d/d 09/11/1959, w/o 14/07/1964History 
WA281XN301Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 06/11/1959, d/d 30/11/1959, w/o 21/11/1961History 
WA282XN302Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 28/11/1959, d/d 31/12/1959, to A2654, to A2758, to 9037M, scr. 04/1997History 
WA283XN303Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 15/12/1959, d/d 27/01/1960, w/o 20/04/1961History 
WA284/WAG.59XN304Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 11/12/1959, d/d 24/12/1959, pres. Norfolk and Suffolk Air Museum, FlixtonHistory 
WA285XN305Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 09/12/1959, d/d 18/01/1960, to A2606, perished Wroughton 1984History 
WA286/WAG.64XN306Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 05/01/1960, d/d 29/07/1960, perished Portland fire section 1982History 
WA287XN307Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 16/01/1960, d/d 21/01/1960, w/o 28/11/1960, to A2501, scr. circa 1969History 
WA288XN308Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 21/01/1960, d/d 29/01/1960, to A2605, perished Yeovilton 1994History 
WA289XN309Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 25/01/1960, d/d 04/02/1960, to A2663, remains scr. Baldonnel dump, IrelandHistory 
WA290XN310Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 26/01/1960, d/d 09/02/1960, w/o 16/04/1973History 
WA291XN311Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 12/02/1960, d/d 14/03/1960, w/o 27/01/1975, to A2643, scr. 1988History 
WA292XN312Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 18/02/1960, d/d 14/03/1960, w/o 03/02/1961History 
WA293XN313Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 23/02/1960, d/d 04/03/1960, w/o 07/10/1960History 
WA294XN314Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 25/02/1960, d/d 07/03/1960, to A2614, perished Predannack 1993History 
573XN318SA Twin Pioneer CC2f/f 29/05/1959, d/d 09/07/1959, w/o 14/02/1963History 
574XN319SA Twin Pioneer CC2f/f 19/06/1959, d/d 09/07/1959, scr. Singapore 10/1968History 
575XN320SA Twin Pioneer CC2f/f 14/07/1959, d/d 22/07/1959, scr. Singapore 10/1968History 
576XN321SA Twin Pioneer CC2f/f 27/07/1959, d/d 29/07/1959, w/o 28/04/1967History 
FL24XN326Folland Gnat FR1f/f 27/10/1958, ex G-39-11, to Finn AF GN-106 n.t.u, to GN-113, pres. RayskalaHistory 
S2/5268XN332Saro P.531 O/Nf/f 30/09/1958, ex G-APNV, d/d 02/10/1959, to A2579, to FAAM YeoviltonHistory 
S2/5267XN333Saro P.531 O/Nf/f 16/10/1959, ex G-APNU, d/d 20/10/1959, w/o 19/07/1961, to A2519, perishedHistory 
XN334Saro P.531 O/Nd/d 06/11/1959, to A2525, stored FAAM YeoviltonHistory 
S2/7145XN339Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 08/12/1959, sold 20/10/1969, pres. Mohringen, Stuttgart, GermanyHistory 
S2/7146XN340Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 03/03/1960, fate unknownHistory 
S2/7147XN341Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 05/02/1960, to 8022M, pres. Maasbracht, NetherlandsHistory 
S2/7148XN342Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 04/02/1960, to Finningley fire dump 28/08/1968, since perishedHistory 
S2/7149XN343Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 07/03/1960, sold 20/10/1969, privately owned Seifertshofen, GermanyHistory 
S2/7150XN344Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 08/03/1960, to 8018M, pres. Science Museum, South Kensington, LondonHistory 
S2/7151XN345Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 28/03/1960, sold 20/10/1969, stored Helicopter Museum Weston-super-MareHistory 
S2/7152XN346Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 22/04/1960, sold 20/10/1969, last noted displayed Eutingen, GermanyHistory 
S2/7153XN347Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 26/04/1960, w/o 11/12/1965, s.o.c 18/01/1966History 
S2/7154XN348Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 22/06/1960, to 8024M, pres. Buckeburg Museum, GermanyHistory 
S2/7155XN349Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 25/08/1960, sold 20/10/1969, preserved Schwenningen MuseumHistory 
S2/7156XN350Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 30/08/1960, sold 20/10/1969, last noted stored Stuttgart, GermanyHistory 
S2/7076XN351Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 30/08/1960, to G-BKSC, displayed, Morayvia Museum, Kinloss, ScotlandHistory 
S2/7158XN352Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 01/09/1960, sold 20/10/1969, to Tattershall Thorpe 1984, fate unknownHistory 
S2/7159XN353Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 28/11/1960, to Manston Fire School, Kent 02/10/1968, since perishedHistory 
S2/7160XN354Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 16/09/1960, sold 20/10/1969, pres. Hermeskeil Museum, GermanyHistory 
S2/7161XN355Saro Skeeter AOP12d/d 20/09/1960, to Manston Fire School, Kent 02/10/1968, since perishedHistory 
WA303XN357Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 10/03/1960, d/d 15/03/1960, w/o 07/02/1961History 
WA304XN358Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 18/03/1960, d/d 06/04/1960, to A2644, perished Yeovilton fire sectionHistory 
WA305XN359Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 23/03/1960, d/d 07/04/1960, to A2712, perished Lee-on-Solent 1993History 
WA306XN360Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 26/03/1960, d/d 06/04/1960, w/o 16/11/1962, remains to Fleetlands, scr.History 
WA307XN361Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 11/04/1960, d/d 02/05/1960, w/o 13/02/1962History 
WA308XN362Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 26/04/1960, d/d 29/04/1960, w/o 30/01/1962History 
WA309XN379Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 27/04/1960, d/d 29/04/1960, w/o 05/05/1962History 
WA310XN380Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 16/05/1960, d/d 02/06/1960, scrapped 10/2020History 
WA311XN381Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 24/05/1960, d/d 01/06/1960, w/o 10/03/1962History 
WA312XN382Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 26/05/1960, d/d 01/06/1960, destroyed Sweden 1988History 
WA313XN383Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 10/06/1960, d/d 27/06/1960, w/o 16/01/1961History 
WA314/WAH.11XN384Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 27/06/1960, d/d 01/07/1960, to Culdrose fire section, perished 1983History 
WA315XN385Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 02/07/1960, d/d 26/08/1960, Battlezone paintball, Yarm, YorkshireHistory 
WA316/WAH.13XN386Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 27/06/1960, d/d 05/08/1960, to A2713, pres. AeroVenture, DoncasterHistory 
WA317XN387Westland Whirlwind HAR9f/f 25/07/1960, d/d 27/07/1960, to 8564M, dumped Kendal area, scr. 2004?History 
13450XN392Bristol Britannia C2Ex G-APPE, d/d 19/03/1959, l/f 17/12/1975 to Baginton, b/u 05/1976History 
13451XN398Bristol Britannia C2Ex G-APPF, d/d 08/04/1959, to 9Q-CPX, scrapped Goma, Zaire during 1992History 
13452XN404Bristol Britannia C2Ex G-APPG, d/d 28/10/1959, broken up Luton during 11/1976History 
B5/10/125XN407Auster AOP9f/f 31/08/1959, d/d 08/09/1959, to HKG-6, to Washington USA as N38224History 
B5/10/126XN408Auster AOP9d/d 05/10/1959, to RHKAAF as HKG-5, pres. Florida Air Museum, LakelandHistory 
B5/10/127XN409Auster AOP9d/d 02/11/1959, s.o.c. in Hong Kong 01/08/1966 and scr.History 
B5/10/128XN410Auster AOP9d/d 02/11/1959, to HKG-7, to HKG-9, w.f.u. 1972History 
B5/10/129XN411Auster AOP9d/d 21/12/1959, w/o 01/09/1962History 
B5/10/130XN412Auster AOP9d/d 11/12/1959, on rebuild WhittlesfordHistory 
B5/10/131XN435Auster AOP9d/d 11/02/1960, to G-BGBU Egham areaHistory 
B5/10/132XN436Auster AOP9d/d 25/01/1960, scr. Aden 09/1965History 
B5/10/133XN437Auster AOP9d/d 06/01/1960, to G-AXWA North Weald, to Rush GreenHistory 
B5/10/134XN438Auster AOP9d/d 01/02/1960, w/o 02/12/1960History 
B5/10/135XN439Auster AOP9d/d 09/02/1960, scr. Aden 03/1965History 
B5/10/136XN440Auster AOP9d/d 08/03/1960, w/o 25/07/1963History 
B5/10/137XN441Auster AOP9d/d 22/03/1960, to G-BGKT Exeter, DevonHistory 
B5/10/138XN442Auster AOP9d/d 07/04/1960, b/u as spares at No.103 MU Akrotiri, Cyprus 11/07/1966History 
B5/10/139XN443Auster AOP9d/d 07/04/1960, to 7977M, perished Middle Wallop dump circe 1974History 
13270XN448Bristol Sycamore HR.51Ex G-AOBM, ex CF-HVX, ex G-18-5, to RAN, to VH-SYC, w/o 02/11/1968History 
13504XN449Bristol Sycamore HR.51f/f 10/02/1959, ex G-18-177, d/d 06/1959 to RAN, w/o 03/09/1962History 
13505XN450Bristol Sycamore HR.51f/f 12/1958, ex G-18-178, d/d 06/1959 to RAN, pres. Mareeba MuseumHistory 
06026XN453DH Comet Srs.2EEx G-AMXD, d/d 15/07/1960, scrapped Farnborough 1991History 
PAC/W/10137XN458Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 31/08/1960, to 8234M, pres. Fishburn, DurhamHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10138XN459Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 31/08/1960, to G-BWOT 25/03/1996, private North Weald, EssexHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10139XN460Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 31/08/1960, w/o 01/02/1961HistoryEdit
PAC/W/10140XN461Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 05/09/1960, sold, to G-BVBE 21/07/1993, to France as F-AZMI 03/1997HistoryEdit
PAC/W/10141XN462Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 29/09/1960, stored FAAM Yeovilton, SomersetHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10142XN463Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 29/09/1960, w/o 26/10/1960HistoryEdit
PAC/W/10143XN464Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 29/09/1960, s.o.c. 31/07/1969, scr. Leeming 1970'sHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10144XN465Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 29/09/1960, w/o 24/02/1971, s.o.c. 03/03/1971 as CAT 5(S)HistoryEdit
PAC/W/10145XN466Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 03/10/1960, (N) to No.247 ATC Sqn, Ashton-under-LyneHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10146XN467Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 19/10/1960, to 8559M, to Otterburn Ranges 1994, scr. 06/1999HistoryEdit
PAC/W/10147XN468Hunting Jet Provost T4d/d 19/07/1963, s.o.c. 01/10/1971 as CAT 5(S) at No.27 MU ShawburyHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10148XN469Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 03/10/1960, w/o 23/06/1970, to Catterick Fire School 21/09/1970, perishedHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10149XN470Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 04/10/1960, to G-BXBJ, to Dubai Men's College, Dubai, UAE for G.I.HistoryEdit
PAC/W/10150XN471Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 04/10/1960, sold 02/1993, to Colorado Springs, Colorado USA as N471XNHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10151XN472Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 13/10/1960, to 8959M, to N3497N, N69RT at Sacramento Museum by 10/2012.HistoryEdit
PAC/W/10152XN473Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 31/10/1960, w/o 15/08/1984, (N) to 8862M at Church Fenton, perishedHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10153XN492Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 07/11/1960, to 8079M, (N) Church Fenton, to East Midlands AeroparkHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10154XN493Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 31/10/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1976 as CAT 5(S)at No.5 MU KembleHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10155XN494Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 31/10/1960, to 9012M, to Cornwall College, Newquay AirportHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10156XN495Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 08/11/1960, w/o 30/03/1983, to 8786M, (N) Wings Museum, Balcombe, West SussexHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10157XN496Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 07/11/1960, to Airworks, Christchurch 10/07/1969, G.I. Saudi ArabiaHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10158XN497Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 07/11/1960, broken up Linton-on-Ouse 1990HistoryEdit
PAC/W/10159XN498Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 25/11/1960, sold, to G-BWSH 13/05/1996, Humberside, LincsHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10160XN499Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 25/11/1960, sold 02/06/1993, to N7075X, Monahans, Texas, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10161XN500Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 25/11/1960, pres. Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, SuffolkHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10162XN501Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/12/1960, to 8958M at No.2 SoTT Cosford, stored Ogden, Utah, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10163XN502Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/12/1960, sold 24/01/1995, to N502GW Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/10164XN503Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 22/12/1960, s.o.c. 28/05/1976, (N) NELSAM, Tyne & WearHistoryEdit
XN504Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/01/1961, w/o 14/03/1963, s.o.c. 18/03/1963 as CAT 5(S)HistoryEdit
XN505Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 02/12/1960, l/n Shawbury 1993, possibly to USA for spares, location?HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11795XN506Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 02/12/1960, sold 05/1993, N77506, Salt Lake Community College, Utah, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11796XN507Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/01/1961, s.o.c. 08/08/1974 as CAT 5(S) at No.5 MU Kemble, scr. 05/1975HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11798XN508Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 29/12/1960, (N) last noted with No.4 SoTT St. Athan, fate?HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11799XN509Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 02/01/1961, sold 20/01/1993, to Michigan, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11799XN510Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 23/01/1961, to G-BXBI, privately owned GreeceHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11800XN511Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 09/01/1961, s.o.c. 28/05/1976, (N) pres. AeroVenture, DoncasterHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11801XN512Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 20/01/1961, to 8435M, preserved Kolonie, BelgiumHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11802XN547Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/02/1961, w/o 08/03/1989HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11803XN548Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/10/1961, to 8971M, to N4421B, to St. George Municipal Airport, UtahHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11804XN549Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/02/1961, to 8235M, to Shawbury fire dump, (N) to Warrington 2006HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11805XN550Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/02/1961, s.o.c. 28/05/1976, (N) scr. Stone 11/2004HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11806XN551Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 02/02/1961, to 8984M, pres. Felton, BristolHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11807XN552Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 02/02/1961, sold 12/07/1994, to N68354, to N552XN Tamiami, Florida, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11808XN553Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 13/02/1961, sold 25/04/1994, to USA as N57553, stored, Boise, Idaho, USAHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11809XN554Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 13/02/1961, to 8436M, to Commando Elite Paintball, CambridgeshireHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11810XN555Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 27/02/1961, s.o.c. 08/08/1974 as CAT 5(S) at No.5 MU Kemble, scr. 05/1975HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11811XN556Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 28/01/1961, w/o 17/03/1970HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11812XN557Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 28/02/1961, s.o.c. 08/08/1974 as CAT 5(S), scr. 05/1975HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11813XN558Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/03/1961, w/o 29/06/1971, remains s.o.c. 07/07/1971 as CAT 5(C)HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11814XN559Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/03/1961, s.o.c. 01/02/1974, perished Catterick 1980HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11815XN573Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/03/1961, s.o.c. 28/05/1976 as CAT 5(S), (N) pres. Newark Air MuseumHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11816XN574Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 15/03/1961, sold 03/1989 to Chassey, France, to Montelimar MuseumHistoryEdit
PAC/W/11817XN575Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 12/04/1961, w/o 30/09/1969HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11818XN576Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 16/03/1961, w/o 04/09/1969HistoryEdit
PAC/W/11819XN577Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 21/03/1961, to Cosford as 8956M, to Ogden Municipal Airport, Utah, USAHistoryEdit
XN578Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 12/04/1961, s.o.c. 18/12/1969, remains perished Valley fire dump 1975HistoryEdit
XN579Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 13/04/1961, to 9137M, to Gunsmoke Paintball Colchester, EssexHistoryEdit
XN580Hunting Jet Provost T3f/f 16/03/1961, d/d 06/04/1961, w/o 15/06/1964HistoryEdit
XN581Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 06/04/1961, scrapped Scampton 07/1991HistoryEdit
XN582Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 24/04/1961, to 8957M, to Sleap 22/07/2020HistoryEdit
XN583Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 21/04/1961, w/o 17/09/1964, s.o.c. 21/09/1964 as CAT 5(S)HistoryEdit
XN584Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 24/04/1961, to 9014M, pres. Bruntingthorpe, to Treforest for G.I.HistoryEdit
XN585Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 27/04/1961, w/o 28/03/1979HistoryEdit
XN586Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 03/05/1961, to 9039M, Brooklands College, to Brooklands Museum, to SproughtonHistoryEdit
XN587Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 03/05/1961, to Cranwell 27/12/1969 for G.I, scrapped 1970'sHistoryEdit
XN588Hunting Jet Provost T3f/f 18/04/1961, d/d 03/05/1961, w/o 18/05/1967HistoryEdit
PAC/W/12191XN589Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 03/05/1961, to 9143M, pres. Elvington, N.Yorkshire HistoryEdit
XN590Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 03/05/1961, w/o 31/07/1980HistoryEdit
XN591Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 03/05/1961, w/o 10/03/1965, remains to Arborfield for G.I, scr. 1980HistoryEdit
XN592Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 17/05/1961, s.o.c. 28/05/1976 as CAT 5(S), (N) scr. Odiham 1991HistoryEdit
XN593Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 18/05/1961, to 8988M, to Salt Lake City, Utah, USAHistoryEdit
XN594Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 25/05/1991, to 8077M, sold, privately owned FranceHistoryEdit
XN595Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 30/05/1961, to N4436P, stored Ropkey Armor Museum, Crawfordsville, USAHistoryEdit
XN596Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 30/05/1961, sold 04/09/1969, to Singapore for G.I. as SAFTECH 1HistoryEdit
PAC/W/12741XN597Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 02/06/1961, w/o 28/06/1967, to 7984M, (N) privately owned KentHistoryEdit
XN598Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 09/06/1961, w/o 01/06/1978HistoryEdit
XN599Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 16/06/1961, w/o 27/03/1962HistoryEdit
XN600Hunting Jet Provost T3f/f 31/05/1961, d/d 16/06/1961, (N) pres. Lelystad, NetherlandsHistoryEdit
XN601Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 26/06/1961, w/o 17/10/1962HistoryEdit
XN602Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 23/06/1961, w/o 16/10/1965, 8088M, perished Manston Fire School 1997HistoryEdit
XN603Hunting Jet Provost T3f/f 04/06/1961, d/d 28/06/1961, w/o 29/07/1965HistoryEdit
XN604Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 03/07/1961, w/o 09/05/1962HistoryEdit
XN605Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 15/07/1961, offered for sale 03/1989 at Scampton, scr. 08/1995HistoryEdit
PAC/W/13891XN606Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 05/07/1961, to 9121M, to Rifle Airport, Aspen, Colorado, USA as N606RA HistoryEdit
PAC/W/13892XN607Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 18/07/1961, (N) pres. Morayvia Aviation Museum, KinlossHistoryEdit
PAC/W/13893XN629Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 19/07/1961, to G-BVEG, G-KNOT, (N) pres. Kesgrave, SuffolkHistoryEdit
XN630Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 31/07/1961, w/o 23/07/1969HistoryEdit
XN631Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/08/1961, w/o 20/04/1965HistoryEdit
PAC/W/13896XN632Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 03/08/1961, to 8352M, pres. Birlingham, WorcestershireHistoryEdit
XN633Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/08/1961, to Bicester fire dump 30/11/1973 as 8353M, perished 1979HistoryEdit
XN634Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 03/08/1961, nose preserved at Spark BridgeHistoryEdit
XN635Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 29/08/1961, 8704M, (N) Predannack Fire School, perished 05/1993HistoryEdit
13070XN635Bristol Sycamore HR51Ex G-AMWI, mis-painted, to XR592History 
XN636Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 08/09/1961, to 9045M No.1 SoTT Cosford, now privately ownedHistoryEdit
PAC/W/13901XN637Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 07/09/1961, to G-JETP n.t.u, to G-BKOU 17/02/1983, North Weald, EssexHistoryEdit
XN638Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 14/09/1961, to Church Fenton fire dump 18/12/1969, perished by 1975HistoryEdit
XN639Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 01/02/1962, to Manston Fire School 31/10/1969 for film work, since perishedHistoryEdit
PAC/W/14147XN640Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 01/02/1962, to 9016M, to N640XN, North Palm Beach Airport, Florida, USA HistoryEdit
XN641Hunting Jet Provost T3Af/f 22/01/1962, d/d 07/02/1962, w/o 11/05/1984, to 8865M, perished NewtonHistoryEdit
XN642Hunting Jet Provost T3d/d 07/02/1962, w/o 19/02/1963HistoryEdit
XN643Hunting Jet Provost T3Ad/d 07/02/1962, w/o 30/07/1981, cockpit to Barkston Heath for G.I as 8704M, fate HistoryEdit
10079XN647DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 25/01/1961,d/d 09/03/1961, A2610, (N) to Stevenson, Oxfordshire 11/2004History 
10080XN648DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 13/01/1961, d/d 01/03/1961, w/o 31/05/1965History 
10081XN649DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 06/02/1961, d/d 22/02/1961, scr. Farnborough 09/1984History 
10082XN650DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 20/02/1961, d/d 28/03/1961, (N) privately owned NorfolkHistory 
10083XN651DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 28/02/1962, d/d 13/03/1961, to A2616, (N) pres. Lavendon, BuckinghamshireHistory 
10084XN652DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 14/03/1961, d/d 10/04/1961, to Catterick F/S 1984 as 8817M, perishedHistory 
10085XN653DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 23/03/1961, d/d 16/04/1961, scr. Farnborough 1984History 
10086XN654DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 05/04/1961, d/d 02/05/1961, scr. Sydenham, Belfast 04/1973History 
10087XN655DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 11/04/1961, d/d 01/05/1961, scr. Sydenham, Belfast 01/1973History 
10088XN656DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 26/04/1961, d/d 12/06/1961, scr. Sydenham, Belfast 1973History 
10089XN657DH Sea Vixen D3f/f 03/05/1961, d/d 18/05/1961, broken up Hannningfield Metals, Stock 1998, (C)? History 
10090XN658DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 15/05/1961, d/d 29/05/1961, to 8223M, scr. FarnboroughHistory 
10091XN683DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 29/05/1961, d/d 13/06/1961, scr. Sydenham, Belfast 02/1973History 
10092XN684DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 24/05/1961, d/d 29/05/1961, scr. Sydenham, Belfast 02/1973History 
10093XN685DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 09/06/1961, d/d 16/06/1961, l/f 03/08/1971, 8173M, pres. Baginton MuseumHistory 
10094XN686DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 11/07/1961, d/d 26/07/1961, w/o 26/08/1970History 
10095XN687DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 05/07/1961, d/d 28/08/1961, w/o 06/07/1971History 
10096XN688DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 20/07/1961, d/d 27/07/1961, to 8141M, scr. Farnborough 1995History 
10097XN689DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 01/08/1961, d/d 01/09/1961, b/u for spares 04/07/1969 at YeoviltonHistory 
10098XN690DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 07/09/1961, d/d 16/10/1961, scr. Sydenham, Belfast 1971History 
10099XN691DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 14/09/1961, d/d 29/09/1961, to 8143M, to North Weald, scr. 26/07/2001History 
10100XN692DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 05/10/1961, d/d 30/10/1961, to A2624, b/u 02/1995 Hanningfield MetalsHistory 
10101XN693DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 20/10/1961, d/d 14/11/1961, s.o.c. 02/02/1971 at Sydenham, Belfast scr.History 
10102XN694DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 02/11/1961, d/d 17/11/1961, to G.I. at Sydenham, Belfast, scrappedHistory 
10103XN695DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 14/11/1961, d/d 04/01/1962, w/o 31/05/1963History 
10104XN696DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 14/12/1961, d/d 18/01/1962, to Flight Refuelling, (N) pres. SunderlandHistory 
10105XN697DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 28/12/1961, d/d 22/01/1962, to A2623, scr. 03/1984 BournemouthHistory 
10106XN698DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 12/01/1963, d/d 06/02/1962, w/o 22/01/1965History 
10107XN699DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 29/01/1962, d/d 15/02/1962, to 8224M, scr. North Luffenham 1992History 
10108XN700DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 09/02/1962, d/d 30/03/1962, to 8138M, scr. Farnborough 1984History 
10109XN701DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 15/03/1962, d/d 05/04/1962, w/o 22/03/1966History 
10110XN702DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 30/03/1962, d/d 05/04/1962, w/o 05/1970, then scrapped at Akrotiri, CyprusHistory 
10111XN703DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 17/04/1962, d/d 30/04/1962, w/o 28/06/1963History 
10112XN704DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 04/05/1962, d/d 25/05/1962, to Yeovilton for G.I, scr. circa 1972History 
10113XN705DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 24/08/1962, d/d 31/10/1962, to 8225M, scr. Farnborough circa 1984History 
10114XN706DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 24/05/1962, d/d 13/06/1962, to A2613, scr. Farnborough 1984History 
10115XN707DH Sea Vixen FAW2f/f 08/06/1962, d/d 05/07/1962, to 8144M, scr. Farnborough 1984History 
10116XN708DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 23/07/1962, d/d 12/09/1962, w/o 25/11/1964History 
10117XN709DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 11/07/1962, d/d 13/07/1962, w/o 10/02/1965History 
10118XN710DH Sea Vixen FAW1f/f 10/08/1962, d/d 03/10/1962, w/o 29/08/1963History 
XN714Hunting H.126 f/f 26/03/1963, preserved RAF Museum, Cosford, ShropshireHistory 
XN719Hunting H.126 Canx 1962, partly built aircraft transported to Aston Down scr. 12/1966History 
95096XN723EE Lightning F2f/f 11/07/1961, w/o 25/03/1964HistoryEdit
95094XN724EE Lightning F2Af/f 11/09/1961, d/d 10/07/1962, to 8513M, sold 14/03/1985, fate?HistoryEdit
95097XN725EE Lightning F3Af/f 31/03/1962, to P&EE Foulness Island 09/1974, scr. 1983HistoryEdit
95098XN726EE Lightning F2Af/f 29/09/1961, d/d 14/02/1963, l/f 04/04/1977, (N) pres. Old SarumHistoryEdit
95099XN727EE Lightning F2Af/f 13/10/1961, d/d 25/01/1963, scr. P&EE Foulness Island circa 1982HistoryEdit
95105XN728EE Lightning F2Af/f 26/10/1961, to Balderton, scr. 09/09/2011, (N) privately owned BinbrookHistoryEdit
95106XN729EE Lightning F2f/f 03/11/1961, d/d 01/03/1963, to RSAF 52-659, 52-612, w/o 02/05/1970HistoryEdit
95107XN730EE Lightning F2Af/f 23/11/1961, d/d 12/03/1963, s.o.c. 28/02/1977 to 8496M, pres. Gatow, BerlinHistoryEdit
95108XN731EE Lightning F2Af/f 08/01/1962, d/d 22/04/1963, to 8518M, scr. Laarbruch 07/03/1985HistoryEdit
95109XN732EE Lightning F2Af/f 19/01/1962, d/d 30/04/1963, s.o.c. 01/01/1977 to 8519M, scr. Laarbruch 1994HistoryEdit
95110XN733EE Lightning F2Af/f 01/02/1962, d/d 06/06/1963, to 8520M, b/u Detmold 01/03/1985HistoryEdit
95113XN734EE Lightning F3Af/f 13/07/1962, d/d 01/05/1963, 8346M, G-27-239, G-BNCA, scr Cranfield 01/12/1994HistoryEdit
95114XN735EE Lightning F2Af/f 23/02/1962, d/d 10/05/1963, s.o.c. 01/01/1977, to 8552M, scr. 10/07/1986HistoryEdit
95115XN767EE Lightning F2f/f 19/02/1962, d/d 02/07/1963, to RSAF as 52-655, to 52-609, pres. DhahranHistoryEdit
95121XN768EE Lightning F2f/f 14/03/1962, d/d 05/07/1963, l/f 03/1973, s.o.c. 03/05/1973, 8347M, scr. 1978HistoryEdit
95122XN769EE Lightning F2f/f 31/03/1962, d/d 05/09/1963, to 8402M, (N) pres. Ta'qali Museum, MaltaHistoryEdit
95123XN770EE Lightning F2f/f 24/04/1962, d/d 05/09/1963, to RSAF as 52-656, to 52-610, pres. RiyadhHistoryEdit
95124XN771EE Lightning F2Af/f 29/08/1962, d/d 04/11/1962, s.o.c. 01/04/1977, to 8547M, scr. Foulness 02/1996HistoryEdit
95125XN772EE Lightning F2Af/f 10/05/1962, d/d 07/11/1962, w/o 28/01/1971HistoryEdit
95126XN773EE Lightning F2Af/f 13/06/1962, d/d 25/11/1962, to 8521M, scr. Laarbruch 01/03/1985HistoryEdit
95127XN774EE Lightning F2Af/f 27/09/1962, d/d 13/02/1963, to 8551M, scr. 1995HistoryEdit
95128XN775EE Lightning F2Af/f 01/10/1962, d/d 17/12/1962, to 8448M, scr. Gutersloh circa 1984HistoryEdit
95129XN776EE Lightning F2Af/f 18/10/1962, d/d 13/02/1963, pres. East Fortune, East LothianHistoryEdit
95130XN777EE Lightning F2Af/f 29/10/1962, d/d 06/12/1962, to 8536M, scr. 1987 HistoryEdit
95131XN778EE Lightning F2Af/f 09/11/1962, d/d 09/01/1963, to 8537M at Wildenrath, scr. 1992HistoryEdit
95132XN779EE Lightning F2f/f 20/11/1962, d/d 27/03/1963, to 8348M, nose removed 1977, fuselage scr.HistoryEdit
95133XN780EE Lightning F2Af/f 07/12/1962, d/d 12/03/1963, w/o 29/09/1975, to 8663M, scr. circa 1984HistoryEdit
95134XN781EE Lightning F2Af/f 12/12/1962, d/d 15/03/1963, to 8538M, to Withington, scr. 1990HistoryEdit
95135XN782EE Lightning F2Af/f 20/12/1962, d/d 19/02/1962, to 8539M, pres. Hermeskeil Museum, GermanyHistoryEdit
95136XN783EE Lightning F2Af/f 26/01/1963, d/d 26/03/1963, to 8526M at Bruggen, scr. 1994/5HistoryEdit
95137XN784EE Lightning F2Af/f 26/01/1963, d/d 19/03/1963, to 8540M, pres. Baarlo, NetherlandsHistoryEdit
95138XN785EE Lightning F2f/f 30/01/1963, d/d 05/04/1963, w/o 27/04/1964HistoryEdit
95139XN786EE Lightning F2Af/f 12/02/1963, d/d 09/04/1963, w/o 04/08/1976, to 8500M, scr. circa 1982HistoryEdit
95140XN787EE Lightning F2Af/f 15/02/1963, d/d 22/03/1963, to 8522M, scr. Laarbruch 07/03/1987HistoryEdit
95141XN788EE Lightning F2Af/f 25/02/1963, d/d 23/05/1963, to 8543M, scr. Laarbruch 1994HistoryEdit
95142XN789EE Lightning F2Af/f 11/03/1963, d/d 26/04/1963, to 8527M, scr. Bruggen 1994/95HistoryEdit
95143XN790EE Lightning F2Af/f 20/03/1963, d/d 25/04/1963, to 8523M, scr. Laarbruch 07/03/1987HistoryEdit
95144XN791EE Lightning F2Af/f 04/04/1963, d/d 09/05/1963, to 8524M, scr. Bruggen 09/02/1984HistoryEdit
95145XN792EE Lightning F2Af/f 19/04/1963, d/d 24/06/1963, to 8525M, scr. Bruggen circa 1991HistoryEdit
95146XN793EE Lightning F2Af/f 01/05/1963, d/d 21/06/1963, to 8544M, scr. Wildenrath 04/1987HistoryEdit
95147XN794EE Lightning F2f/f 16/05/1963, d/d 05/09/1963, to 8349M, bu 1977, (N) scr. Laarbruch 1984HistoryEdit
95148XN795EE Lightning F2Af/f 30/05/1963, d/d 13/07/1963, (F) scr. Foulness 1996, (N) pres. NeatisheadHistoryEdit
95149XN796EE Lightning F2f/f 12/07/1963, d/d 11/10/1963, to RSAF as 52-657, w/o 20/09/1966HistoryEdit
95150XN797EE Lightning F2f/f 05/09/1963, d/d 04/10/1963, to RSAF as 52-658, to 52-611, w/o 28/11/1968HistoryEdit
XN798EE Lightning F2CanxHistory 
XN799EE Lightning F2CanxHistory 
XN800EE Lightning F2CanxHistory 
XN801EE Lightning F2CanxHistory 
XN802EE Lightning F2CanxHistory 
XN803EE Lightning F2CanxHistory 
XN808GAF Jindivik 102N.t.u. A92-105History 
XN809GAF Jindivik 102N.t.u. A92-106History 
6743XN814AW Argosy E1f/f 04/03/1961, d/d 30/03/1962, scr. at No.5 MU Kemble 10/1977History 
6744XN815AW Argosy C1f/f 22/04/1961, d/d 06/06/1961, sold as scrap 12/09/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6745XN816AW Argosy E1f/f 05/06/1961, d/d 08/09/1961, to 8489M, broken up New Zealand 1988HistoryEdit
6746XN817AW Argosy C1f/f 08/05/1961, w/o 01/10/1984, (F) to dump RAE West Freugh, scrapped 20/07/2011History 
6747XN818AW Argosy C1f/f 05/07/1961, d/d 28/09/1961, sold as scrap 12/09/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6748XN819AW Argosy C1f/f 08/07/1961, d/d 11/10/1961, to 8198M n.t.u, to 8205M, (C) pres. NewarkHistory 
6749XN820AW Argosy C1f/f 28/07/1961, d/d 06/09/1961, sold as scrap 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6750XN821AW Argosy C1f/f 22/08/1961, d/d 21/11/1961, sold as scrap 22/05/1975 at KembleHistory 
6751XN847AW Argosy C1f/f 12/09/1961, d/d 06/12/1961, to 8220M, scr. St Athan 10/01/1975History 
6752XN848AW Argosy C1f/f 29/09/1961, d/d 01/12/1961, to 8159M, scr. Topcliffe 06/1973History 
6753XN849AW Argosy C1f/f 12/10/1961, d/d 03/01/1962, sold as scrap 15/06/1973 at KembleHistory 
6754XN850AW Argosy C1f/f 31/10/1961, d/d 24/01/1962, sold as scrap 25/04/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6755XN851AW Argosy C1f/f 20/11/1961, d/d 24/01/1962, sold as scrap 10/02/1976 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6756XN852AW Argosy C1f/f 05/12/1961, d/d 01/02/1962, sold as scrap 22/05/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6757XN853AW Argosy C1f/f 12/12/1961, d/d 15/02/1962, sold as scrap 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6758XN854AW Argosy C1f/f 09/01/1962, d/d 26/02/1962, sold as scrap 22/05/1975 at KembleHistory 
6759XN855AW Argosy E1f/f 17/01/1962, d/d 16/03/1962, l/f 02/08/1977, 8556M, perished Manston 05/1992History 
6760XN856AW Argosy C1f/f 25/01/1962, d/d 19/03/1962, sold as scrap 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6761XN857AW Argosy C1f/f 08/02/1962, d/d 04/05/1962, sold as scrap 18/08/1975 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
6762XN858AW Argosy C1f/f 19/02/1962, d/d 04/05/1962, sold as scrap 07/10/1975 at KembleHistory 
UK1XN862Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 12/12/1959History 
UK2XN863Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 23/11/1959History 
UK3XN864Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 09/02/1960, s.o.c 05/03/1960History 
UK4XN865Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 13/06/1960History 
UK5XN866Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 18/01/1961History 
UK6XN867Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 23/10/1959, s.o.c 26/11/1959History 
UK7XN868Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 03/08/1960History 
UK8XN869Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 16/12/1959History 
UK9XN870Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 26/02/1960History 
UK10XN871Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 14/12/1960History 
UK11XN872Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 19/01/1961History 
UK12XN873Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 18/12/1961History 
UK13XN874Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 06/05/1960History 
UK14XN875Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 16/01/1961History 
UK15XN876Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 24/01/1961History 
UK16XN893Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 03/02/1961History 
UK17XN894Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 08/09/1960History 
UK18XN895Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 09/05/1960History 
UK19XN896Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 21/06/1960History 
UK20XN897Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 11/10/1960History 
UK21XN898Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 28/07/1962History 
UK22XN899Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 23/05/1961History 
UK23XN900Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 21/04/1961History 
UK24XN901Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 23/05/1961History 
UK25XN902Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 21/03/1961History 
UK26XN903Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 19/09/1962History 
UK27XN904Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 22/03/1961History 
UK28XN905Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 11/07/1962History 
UK29XN906Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 24/07/1961History 
UK30XN907Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 10/02/1962History 
UK31XN908Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 12/08/1960History 
UK32XN909Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 04/08/1960History 
UK33XN910Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 28/04/1960History 
UK34XN911Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 14/06/1960History 
UK35XN912Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 02/05/1961History 
UK36XN913Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 17/07/1961History 
UK37XN914Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 11/04/1961History 
UK38XN915Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 11/04/1961History 
UK39XN916Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 15/03/1961History 
UK40XN917Northrop Shelduck D1w/o 16/03/1961History 
B3-02-61XN922Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 23/01/1962, d/d 19/02/1962, w/o 05/07/1962History 
B3-03-61XN923Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 11/03/1962, d/d 30/02/1962, to Boscombe Down dump, pres. CharlwoodHistory 
B3-04-61XN924Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 31/03/1962, d/d 19/04/1962, to A2553, to Quarrywood Scrapyard by 1971History 
B3-05-61XN925Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 27/04/1962, d/d 29/05/1962, to A2602, to 8087M, perished Catterick 1989HistoryEdit
B3-06-61XN926Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 11/05/1962, d/d 19/06/1962, s.o.c. 28/11/1969, to Foulness, scr. Pendine 1994History 
B3-07-61XN927Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 30/05/1962, d/d 13/07/1962, w/o 25/03/1964History 
B3-08-61XN928Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 02/06/1962, d/d 16/07/1962, to 8179M, b/u 02/1996, (N) pres. GravesendHistoryEdit
B3-09-61XN929Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 05/07/1962, d/d 04/10/1962, to 8051M, scr. George Williams circa 1997History 
B3-10-61XN930Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 19/07/1962, d/d 07/02/1963, to 8180M, scr. Hanningfield Metals, Stock, Essex 1993History 
B3-11-61XN931Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 04/09/1962, d/d 21/12/1962, w/o 15/11/1964History 
B3-12-61XN932Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 18/09/1962, d/d 08/01/1963, to A2552, scr. Lee-on-Solent circa 1970History 
B3-13-61XN933Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 02/10/1962, d/d 24/01/1963, to Foulness 18/11/1970, scr. Pendine Sands 1994History 
B3-01-62XN934Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 15/10/1962, d/d 04/02/1963, to A2600, perished Predannack 08/1995History 
B3-02-62XN935Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 31/10/1962, d/d 16/02/1963, w/o 19/08/1964History 
B3-03-62XN948Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 14/11/1962, d/d 01/03/1963, w/o 26/11/1964History 
B3-04-62XN949Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 08/12/1962, d/d 15/01/1963, w/o 08/08/1966History 
B3-05-62XN950Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 24/12/1962, d/d 31/01/1963, w/o 28/03/1966History 
B3-06-62XN951Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 26/01/1963, d/d 02/03/1963, w/o 01/12/1970History 
B3-07-62XN952Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 12/02/1963, d/d 19/02/1963, w/o 19/02/1963History 
B3-08-62XN953Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 22/02/1963, d/d 22/03/1963, to 8182M, to A2655, to Predannack, scr. 1998History 
B3-09-62XN954Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 08/03/1963, d/d 01/04/1963, to A2617, destroyed 14/04/1974History 
B3-10-62XN955Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 13/03/1963, d/d 28/03/1963, to Foulness Island 17/03/1970, scr. 02/1994History 
B3-11-62XN956Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 28/03/1963, d/d 22/04/1963, to Laarbruch for G.I. as 8059M, scr. 1994HistoryEdit
B3-12-62XN957Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 03/04/1963, d/d 24/04/1963, to Yeovilton 19/11/1971, pres. FAAM YeoviltonHistory 
B3-13-62XN958Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 18/04/1963, d/d 03/05/1963, w/o 20/11/1965History 
B3-14-62XN959Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 08/05/1963, d/d 10/06/1963, to Foulness Island 17/03/1970, scr. 1991History 
B3-15-62XN960Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 26/05/1963, d/d 04/07/1963, to Foulness Island 1982, scr. 02/1994History 
B3-16-62XN961Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 06/06/1963, d/d 28/06/1963, w/o 25/6/1965History 
B3-17-62XN962Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 19/06/1963, d/d 09/07/1963, (N) to 8183M, pres. Cosford as 'XN972'History 
B3-18-62XN963Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 05/07/1963, d/d 29/07/1963, to Foulness Island 25/11/1970, scr. 1971History 
B3-19-62XN964Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 21/07/1963, d/d 27/08/1963, pres. Newark Air MuseumHistory 
B3-20-62XN965Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 06/08/1963, d/d 04/09/1963, scr. Pendine Sands Ranges 07/1991History 
B3-21-62XN966Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 01/09/1963, d/d 25/09/1963, w/o 24/01/1964History 
B3-22-62XN967Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 13/09/1963, d/d 02/10/1963, to A2627, (N) pres. Norwich MuseumHistory 
B3-23-62XN968Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 27/09/1963, d/d 16/10/1963, w/o 08/12/1970History 
B3-24-62XN969Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 16/10/1963, d/d 13/11/1962, w/o 09/10/1965History 
B3-25-62XN970Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 01/11/1963, d/d 03/12/1963, w/o 25/03/1966History 
B3-26-62XN971Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 20/11/1963, d/d 31/12/1963, to West Freugh 17/09/1970 for G.I, later scr.History 
B3-27-62XN972Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 06/12/1963, d/d 15/01/1964, to 8181M, to Foulness Island 1980, since scr.History 
B3-28-62XN973Blackburn Buccaneer S1f/f 31/12/1963, d/d 06/02/1964, (F) scr. Lossiemouth dump, (C) to Warton for G.I, scr.History 
B3-01-63XN974Blackburn Buccaneer S2Af/f 05/06/1964, d/d 18/06/1964, l/f 09/08/1991 to Elvington Museum, YorkshireHistoryEdit
B3-02-63XN975Blackburn Buccaneer S2f/f 30/06/1964, d/d 13/07/1964, w/o 14/06/1978HistoryEdit
B3-03-63XN976Blackburn Buccaneer S2Bf/f 03/08/1964, d/d 31/08/1964, w/o 09/07/1992HistoryEdit
B3-04-63XN977Blackburn Buccaneer S2Bf/f 24/09/1964, d/d 27/10/1964, w/o 08/03/1982, scr. Shawbury 10/1991HistoryEdit
B3-05-63XN978Blackburn Buccaneer S2Bf/f 15/10/1964, d/d 04/11/1964, w/o 05/06/1971HistoryEdit
B3-06-63XN979Blackburn Buccaneer S2f/f 07/11/1964, d/d 20/11/1964, w/o 09/06/1966History 
B3-07-63XN980Blackburn Buccaneer S2f/f 20/12/1964, d/d 17/01/1965, w/o 03/03/1969History 
B3-08-63XN981Blackburn Buccaneer S2Bf/f 14/01/1965, d/d 04/02/1965, stored Errol, Perth and Kinross, ScotlandHistoryEdit
B3-09-63XN982Blackburn Buccaneer S2Af/f 25/01/1965, d/d 03/03/1965, scr. Brough during 07/1992HistoryEdit
B3-11-64XN983Blackburn Buccaneer S2Bf/f 08/03/1965, d/d 29/03/1965, b/u Lossiemouth, (N) pres. West Walton HighwayHistoryEdit

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