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XG127Hawker Hunter F58Af/f 18/07/1956, to G-9-294, to Swiss AF J-4101, w/o 12/12/2018 History 
XG128Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 14/08/1956, d/d 04/10/1956, w/o 13/01/1961History 
XG129Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 14/08/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, to G-9-240, d/d 15/11/1968 to IAF as A936History 
XG130Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 14/08/1956, d/d 03/09/1956, w/o 17/06/1974History 
XG131Hawker Hunter F6f/f 16/08/1956, d/d 10/10/1956, w/o 19/03/1971History 
XG132Hawker Hunter F6f/f 14/08/1956, d/d 20/09/1956, to RJAF 804, to RAFO 842, pres. Masirah, OmanHistory 
XG133Hawker Hunter F6f/f 20/08/1956, d/d 24/09/1956, w/o 07/09/1958History 
XG134Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 21/08/1956, d/d 14/09/1956, w/o 11/07/1961History 
XG135Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 24/08/1956, d/d 24/09/1956, w/o 06/04/1973History 
XG136Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 28/08/1956, d/d 17/09/1956, w/o 17/04/1964, s.o.c. 25/07/1964History 
XG137Hawker Hunter F6f/f 27/08/1956, d/d 18/09/1956, sold 29/01/1968 to RJAF as 813History 
XG150Hawker Hunter F56d/d 12/03/1957, sold 06/11/1957, d/d 19/05/1958 to IAF as BA247History 
XG151Hawker Hunter FGA9d/d 16/11/1956, w/o 03/04/1981, to 8798M, scr. 13/08/1985 at LossiemouthHistory 
S4/U/3376XG152Hawker Hunter F6Ad/d 26/10/1956, to 8843M, pres. Luftwaffen Museum, Gatow, BerlinHistory 
XG153Hawker Hunter FGA74d/d 10/10/1956, to G-9-357, to SingAF 520, pres. Brisbane, QueenslandHistory 
XG154Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 13/06/1956, d/d 26/10/1956, to 8863M, pres. RAF Museum HendonHistory 
XG155Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 29/06/1956, d/d 16/11/1956, d/d 10/04/1984 to AFZ as 07, to 1807, storedHistory 
XG156Hawker Hunter FGA9d/d 27/11/1956, w/o 09/10/1971, scr. Gibraltar circa 11/1974History 
XG157Hawker Hunter F6d/d 04/10/1956, w/o 16/06/1966, s.o.c. 30/06/1966 as CAT 5(S)History 
S4/U/3391XG158Hawker Hunter F6Ad/d 04/10/1956, to 8686M, scr. Pendine Ranges during 1999History 
XG159Hawker Hunter F6d/d 01/10/1956, sold 17/04/1967 to the RJAF as 717History 
S4/U/3393XG160Hawker Hunter F6Ad/d 12/10/1956, to 8831M, to G-BWAF, pres. Bournemouth MuseumHistory 
XG161Hawker Hunter F6d/d 04/10/1956, w/o 14/02/1974, s.o.c. 31/05/1974 as CAT 5(M)History 
XG162Hawker Hunter F6d/d 16/10/1956, w/o 07/11/1957History 
XG163Hawker Hunter F56d/d 12/10/1956, d/d 09/06/1958 to IAF as BA248History 
S4/U/3397XG164Hawker Hunter F6d/d 09/11/1956, to 8681M, pres. Davistow Museum, CornwallHistory 
XG165Hawker Hunter F6d/d 12/11/1956, w/o 18/04/1958History 
XG166Hawker Hunter F6d/d 06/12/1956, w/o 17/02/1964History 
XG167Hawker Hunter F6f/f 18/02/1957, d/d 18/02/1957, d/d 31/10/1958 to Lebanese AF as L-174History 
XG168Hawker Hunter FR10d/d 02/04/1957, d/d 22/03/1972 to RJAF as 852, to RAFO 852, stored Seeb, OmanHistory 
XG169Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 21/08/1956, d/d 14/09/1956, w/o 05/06/1973History 
XG170Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 30/08/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, to G-9-241, d/d 27/01/1969 to IAF as A940History 
XG171Hawker Hunter F6f/f 23/08/1956, d/d 24/09/1956, d/d 05/10/1962 to RJAF as 808History 
41H/680009XG172Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 27/08/1956, d/d 19/09/1956, to 8832M, pres. Norwich MuseumHistory 
XG185Hawker Hunter F6f/f 04/09/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, w/o 21/04/1976, scr. Staravia, AscotHistory 
XG186Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 02/09/1956, d/d 17/09/1956, to G-9-237, d/d 22/03/1969 to IAF as A941History 
XG187Hawker Hunter F6f/f 27/08/1956, d/d 17/09/1956, d/d 05/10/1962 to RJAF as 811History 
XG188Hawker Hunter F6f/f 12/09/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, w/o 15/05/1961History 
XG189Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 04/09/1956, d/d 04/10/1956, to G-9-238, d/d 18/04/1969 to IAF as A942History 
XG190Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 31/08/1956, d/d 10/10/1956, to G-9-244, d/d 27/01/1969 to IAF as A939History 
XG191Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 02/09/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, w/o 16/08/1976History 
XG192Hawker Hunter F6f/f 21/09/1956, d/d 17/10/1956, w/o 16/01/1962, s.o.c. 15/02/1962History 
XG193Hawker Hunter F6f/f 06/09/1956, d/d 10/10/1956, w/o 10/06/1960History 
XG194Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 06/09/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, to 8839M, pres. Wattisham MuseumHistoryEdit
XG195Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 04/09/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, to G-9-453, (N) to Lewes, East SussexHistory 
XG196Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 10/09/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, to 8702M, pres. Bentwaters, SuffolkHistory 
XG197Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 11/09/1956, d/d 23/10/1956, w/o 06/07/1979History 
XG198Hawker Hunter F6f/f 24/09/1956, d/d 23/10/1956, w/o 04/09/1967History 
XG199Hawker Hunter F71f/f 11/09/1956, d/d 02/10/1956, to FACh as J-724, pres. Los Cerrillos, ChileHistory 
XG200Hawker Hunter F6f/f 13/09/1956, d/d 02/10/1956, w/o 15/05/1967History 
XG201Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 22/09/1956, d/d 23/10/1956, to G-9-242, d/d 15/11/1968 to IAF as A937History 
XG202Hawker Hunter F6f/f 18/09/1956, d/d 11/10/1956, w/o 13/12/1957History 
XG203Hawker Hunter F6f/f 18/09/1956, d/d 18/10/1956, w/o 30/04/1957History 
XG204Hawker Hunter F6f/f 25/09/1956, d/d 25/10/1956, w/o 15/08/1969History 
41H/680030XG205Hawker Hunter FR74Af/f 17/09/1956, d/d 03/10/1956, G-9-325, SingADC 506, stored QuebecHistory 
XG206Hawker Hunter F6f/f 28/09/1956, d/d 22/10/1956, w/o 01/06/1965History 
41H/680032XG207Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 04/10/1956, d/d 29/10/1956, d/d 10/04/1984 to AFZ 88, 1088, pres. Harare HQHistory 
XG208Hawker Hunter F6f/f 02/10/1956, d/d 22/10/1956, w/o 24/03/1959History 
41H/680033XG209Hawker Hunter F6f/f 27/09/1956, d/d 25/10/1956, to 8709M, (N) Kingston-upon-ThamesHistory 
41H/680035XG210Hawker Hunter F6f/f 05/10/1956, d/d 01/11/1956, pres. Beck Row, SuffolkHistory 
XG211Hawker Hunter F56Af/f 24/09/1956, d/d 01/11/1956, to G-9-239, d/d 18/04/1969 to IAF as A943History 
XG225Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 20/10/1956, d/d 01/11/1956, l/f 09/09/1980, to 8713M, pres. CosfordHistory 
XG226Hawker Hunter F6Af/f 28/09/1956, d/d 30/10/1956, to 8800M, (N) RAF Manston History MuseumHistory 
XG227Hawker Hunter F6f/f 28/09/1956, d/d 15/10/1956, w/o 22/12/1958History 
XG228Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 02/10/1956, d/d 25/10/1956, d/d 30/09/1987 to AFZ as 1180History 
XG229Hawker Hunter F6f/f 03/10/1956, d/d 22/10/1956, w/o 27/08/1971History 
XG230Hawker Hunter F6f/f 04/10/1956, d/d 22/10/1956, w/o 15/11/1956History 
XG231Hawker Hunter F6f/f 17/10/1956, d/d 30/10/1956, to G-9-207, d/d 13/06/1967 to RJAF as 715History 
XG232Hawker Hunter FGA71f/f 13/10/1956, d/d 30/10/1956, to G-9-216, d/d 19/06/1968 to FACh as J-714History 
XG233Hawker Hunter F6f/f 05/10/1956, d/d 30/10/1956, w/o 20/08/1958History 
XG234Hawker Hunter F73Af/f 11/10/1956, d/d 25/10/1976, to G-9-272, RJAF 830, RAFO 829, scr. 06/1978History 
XG235Hawker Hunter F6f/f 20/10/1956, d/d 05/11/1956, w/o 15/05/1967History 
XG236Hawker Hunter F6f/f 19/10/1956, d/d 09/11/1956, w/o 14/02/1958History 
XG237Hawker Hunter F73Af/f 05/11/1956, d/d 16/11/1956, to G-9-268, RJAF 828, RAFO 828, w/o 25/08/1988History 
XG238Hawker Hunter F6f/f 16/10/1956, d/d 09/11/1956, w/o 05/05/1961History 
XG239Hawker Hunter F6f/f 20/11/1956, d/d 26/11/1956, w/o 11/01/1958, s.o.c. 27/01/1958History 
XG251Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 20/10/1956, d/d 26/11/1956, to G-9-304, to SingADC as 507, w/o 08/04/1971History 
XG252Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 25/10/1956, d/d 06/11/1956, to 8840M, pres. Adriers, FranceHistory 
XG253Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 01/11/1956, d/d 27/11/1956, w/o 28/10/1962History 
XG254Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 01/11/1956, d/d 26/11/1956, to 8881M, pres. Flixton, SuffolkHistory 
XG255Hawker Hunter F73Af/f 23/10/1956, d/d 14/11/1956, to RJAF 825, RAFO 825, pres. Ghalla, OmanHistory 
XG256Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 27/10/1956, d/d 26/11/1956, w/o 27/03/1973History 
XG257Hawker Hunter F6f/f 25/10/1956, d/d 27/11/1956, transferred 05/10/1962 to RJAF as 812History 
XG258Hawker Hunter F6f/f 31/10/1956, d/d 03/01/1957, w/o 17/05/1967History 
XG259Hawker Hunter F6f/f 06/11/1956, d/d 30/11/1956, w/o 05/06/1958, RJAF G.I, dumped ThumraitHistory 
41H/680060XG260Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 26/10/1956, d/d 12/1956, to G-9-300, to SingADC 501, pres. Paya LebarHistory 
XG261Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 19/11/1956, d/d 03/12/1956, w/o 28/05/1980History 
XG262Hawker Hunter FR10f/f 08/11/1956, d/d 04/01/1957, to G-9-198, d/d 11/1960 to RJAF as 712History 
XG263Hawker Hunter F6f/f 01/11/1956, d/d 04/12/1956, to RJAF as 805History 
41H/680064XG264Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 09/11/1956, d/d 30/11/1956, to 8715M, destroyed Otterburn circa 1986History 
XG265Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 31/10/1956, d/d 27/11/1956, w/o 01/03/1964History 
41H/680067XG266Hawker Hunter FR74Af/f 07/11/1956, d/d 26/11/1956, G-9-358, SingADC 521, stored QuebecHistory 
XG267Hawker Hunter T66Bf/f 14/11/1956, d/d 03/12/1956, sold 29/06/1962 to RJAF as 801History 
XG268Hawker Hunter F6f/f 09/11/1956, d/d 03/12/1956, sold 07/09/1962 to RJAF as 806History 
XG269Hawker Hunter F6f/f 14/11/1956, d/d 04/12/1956, sold 31/07/1962 to RJAF as 807History 
XG270Hawker Hunter F6f/f 10/11/1956, d/d 04/12/1956, w/o 31/05/1957, s.o.c 15/07/1957 as CAT 5(C)History 
XG271Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 19/11/1956, d/d 03/12/1956, w/o 13/07/1961, s.o.c 23/08/1961 as CAT 5(S)History 
XG272Hawker Hunter F58Af/f 04/12/1956, d/d 09/01/1957, to G-9-310, Swiss AF J-4111, s.o.c. 15/10/1990History 
XG273Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 15/11/1956, d/d 30/11/1956, w/o 18/04/1967History 
41H/680074XG274Hawker Hunter F6f/f 15/11/1956, d/d 03/01/1957, to 8710M, privately owned Newmarket, to KesgraveHistory 
XG289Hawker Hunter F6f/f 15/11/1956, d/d 06/02/1957, w/o 29/11/1957History 
41H/680076XG290Hawker Hunter F6f/f 20/11/1956, d/d 18/12/1956, to 8711M, (N) Boscombe Down Aviation CollectionHistory 
41H/680077XG291Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 21/11/1956, d/d 03/01/1957, sold 02/1983 at Abingdon to FACh as J-748History 
XG292Hawker Hunter FR74Af/f 27/11/1956, d/d 02/01/1957, to G-9-326, to SingADC 512, to Boise N81846History 
XG293Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 03/12/1956, d/d 09/01/1957, w/o 20/04/1964, s.o.c. 01/08/1964History 
XG294Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 29/11/1956, to Rhodesian AF 122, to AFZ 8122, damaged 27/07/1982, stored GweruHistory 
XG295Hawker Hunter F6f/f 27/11/1956, to Rhodesian AF as 121, to AFZ as 1821, w/o 03/10/1979History 
XG296Hawker Hunter FGA74f/f 30/11/1956, d/d 24/01/1957, to G-9-303, to SingADC 510, pres. Paya LebarHistory 
XG297Hawker Hunter FGA9f/f 03/12/1956, d/d 03/01/1957, to G-9-452, (N) pres. AeroVenture, DoncasterHistory 
XG298Hawker Hunter FGA73Af/f 29/11/1956, d/d 03/01/1957, to RJAF 826, to RAFO 826, w/o 16/08/1988History 
SR.907XG303Saro Skeeter Mk.6Ex G-AMDC, G-AMTZ. Rtnd to G-AMTZ, sold 04/1960 to AAC for G.I, fate unknownHistory 
95007XG307EE Lightning F1f/f 03/04/1958, l/f 31/10/1969, s.o.c. 27/05/1970 at RAE Thurleigh, BedfordHistoryEdit
95008XG308EE Lightning F1/3f/f 16/05/1958, l/f 29/06/1966, scr. RAE Thurleigh dump 1974HistoryEdit
95009XG309EE Lightning F1f/f 23/06/1958, l/f 23/06/1966, scr. 27/07/1968 to R J Coley of AscotHistoryEdit
95010XG310EE Lightning F3f/f 17/07/1958, w/o 25/06/1964, to P&EE Foulness Island 03/07/1968, scr.HistoryEdit
95011XG311EE Lightning F1f/f 20/10/1958, w/o 31/07/1963HistoryEdit
95012XG312EE Lightning F1f/f 29/12/1958, l/f 12/10/1966, to P&EE Foulness Island, scr. 02/1971HistoryEdit
95013XG313EE Lightning F1f/f 02/02/1959, sold 25/04/1968 to Airworks, to G-27-115, pres. DhahranHistoryEdit
95014XG325EE Lightning F1f/f 26/02/1959, l/f 26/10/1964, (C) to private owner NorfolkHistoryEdit
95015XG326EE Lightning F1f/f 14/03/1959, l/f 12/10/1966, to P&EE Foulness Island, scr. 1971HistoryEdit
95016XG327EE Lightning F1f/f 10/04/1959, to 8188M, scrapped during 1993 by Hanningfield MetalsHistoryEdit
95017XG328EE Lightning F1/3f/f 18/06/1959, l/f 20/01/1966, to P&EE Foulness Island, scr.HistoryEdit
95018XG329EE Lightning F1/3f/f 30/04/1959, l/f 02/06/1969, to 8050M, pres. Flixton, SuffolkHistoryEdit
95019XG330EE Lightning F1/3f/f 30/06/1959, l/f 05/01/1965, broken up 06/1968 at Warton and scr.HistoryEdit
95020XG331EE Lightning F1/3f/f 14/05/1959, l/f 28/09/1966, b/u 26/06/1968 Warton, (N) stored Gloucester areaHistoryEdit
14946/26391XG331Douglas Dakota 4Ex 43-49150, KJ975, G-AMSL. Rtnd to G-AMSL, to XF766, w/o 18/02/1956History 
95021XG332EE Lightning F1f/f 29/05/1959, w/o 13/09/1962HistoryEdit
95022XG333EE Lightning F1/3f/f 26/09/1959, l/f 14/02/1968, scr. 02/11/1970 at Warton to H H BushellHistoryEdit
95023XG334EE Lightning F1f/f 14/07/1959, w/o 05/03/1960HistoryEdit
95024XG335EE Lightning F1/3f/f 07/08/1959, w/o 11/01/1965HistoryEdit
95025XG336EE Lightning F1/3f/f 25/08/1959, to 8091M, scr. 12/03/1974HistoryEdit
XG336Gloster P.376 CanxHistory 
95026XG337EE Lightning F1/3f/f 05/09/1959, l/f 04/03/1969, to 8056M, pres. Cosford MuseumHistoryEdit
HABL003155XG341Hawker Hunter F76d/d 20/07/1956, to G-9-260, to ADAF as 702, to Somalia as CC-704History 
HABL003156XG342Hawker Hunter F4d/d 20/07/1956, sold as scrap 11/09/1963 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
152XG349Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AHPM, XF632, G-AHPM. Rtnd to G-AHPM, w/o 09/08/1961History 
255XG350Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJCD, XF633, G-AHPM. Rtnd to G-AJCD, b/u Nice, France 1963History 
13274XG354Bristol 191 Mk.1Built but never flew, used as ground rig No 1 for Gazelle engine tests onlyHistory 
13275XG355Bristol 191 Mk.1Built but never flew, used as ground rig No 2, for Gazelle engine tests onlyHistory 
13276XG356Bristol 191 Mk.1Built but never flew, used as test rig No 3, for controls fatigue testsHistory 
13277XG357Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13278XG358Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13279XG359Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13280XG360Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13281XG361Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13282XG362Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13283XG363Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13284XG364Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13285XG365Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13286XG366Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13287XG367Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13288XG368Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13289XG369Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13290XG370Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13291XG371Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13292XG372Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13293XG373Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13294XG374Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13295XG375Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13296XG376Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13297XG377Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13298XG378Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13299XG379Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13300XG380Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13301XG381Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13302XG382Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13303XG383Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13304XG384Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13305XG385Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13306XG386Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13307XG387Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13308XG388Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13309XG389Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13310XG390Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13311XG391Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13312XG392Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13313XG393Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13314XG394Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13315XG395Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13316XG396Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13317XG397Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13318XG398Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13319XG419Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13320XG420Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13321XG421Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13322XG422Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13323XG423Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13324XG424Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13325XG425Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13326XG426Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13327XG427Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13328XG428Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13329XG429Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13330XG430Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13331XG431Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13332XG432Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13333XG433Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13334XG434Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13335XG435Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13336XG436Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13337XG437Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13338XG438Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13339XG439Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13340XG440Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13341XG441Bristol 191 Srs.2CanxHistory 
13342XG447Bristol Belvedere HC1f/f 05/07/1958, d/d 31/03/1959, scr. 07/08/1966 at Boscombe DownHistory 
13343XG448Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 20/11/1959, s.o.c. 21/03/1969, scr. Changi, SingaporeHistory 
13344XG449Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 11/1959, s.o.c. 21/03/1969 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13345XG450Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 07/12/1960, scr. Westlands Weston-super-Mare during 1970History 
13346XG451Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 1960, s.o.c. 13/11/1967 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13347XG452Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 27/04/1960, to 7997M, to G-BRMB, pres. Weston-super-Mare MuseumHistory 
13348XG453Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 17/10/1960, w/o 18/03/1969History 
13349XG454Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 17/10/1960, to 8366M, pres. IHM, Weston-super-Mare History 
13350XG455Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 15/02/1963, s.o.c. 19/03/1969 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13351XG456Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 17/10/1960, s.o.c. 01/08/1968 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13352XG457Bristol Belvedere HC1f/f 10/02/1961, d/d 31/08/1961, s.o.c. 14/05/1968 at No.389 MU Seletar, scr.History 
13353XG458Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 15/09/1961, s.o.c. 21/03/1969 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13354XG459Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 28/09/1961, s.o.c. 21/03/1969 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13355XG460Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 01/11/1961, s.o.c. 21/03/1969 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13356XG461Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 03/10/1961, w/o 31/12/1964, s.o.c. 22/01/1965History 
13357XG462Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 02/10/1961, w/o 05/10/1963, s.o.c. 21/01/1964, (N) pres. Weston-super-MareHistory 
13358XG463Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 03/11/1961, w/o 30/10/1964History 
13359XG464Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 06/12/1961, s.o.c. 21/03/1969 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13360XG465Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 06/12/1961, w/o 30/07/1962History 
13361XG466Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 10/01/1962, s.o.c. 13/05/1968 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13362XG467Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 08/03/1962, s.o.c. 21/03/1969 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
13363XG468Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 20/02/1962, w/o 25/01/1968, s.o.c. 21/03/1969 at No.389 MU Seletar, scr.History 
13364XG473Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 29/05/1962, w/o 04/05/1963History 
13365XG474Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 08/06/1962, l/f 20/03/1969, pres. RAF Museum, Hendon as 8367MHistory 
13366XG475Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 10/05/1962, w/o 05/12/1963, to No.71 MU Bicester dump and scr.History 
13367XG476Bristol Belvedere HC1d/d 11/10/1962, s.o.c. 13/06/1968 at No.389 MU Seletar, Singapore and scr.History 
XG480Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XG481Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XG482Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XG483Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XG484Supermarine Swift F4CanxHistory 
XG487ML-120D Midget w/o 08/07/1955History 
XG488ML-120D Midget w/o 25/07/1955History 
XG489ML-120D Midget Fate unknownHistory 
XG490ML-120D Midget Fate unknownHistory 
XG491ML-120D Midget Fate unknownHistory 
XG492ML-120D Midget Fate unknownHistory 
4435XG496DH Devon C2Ex G-ANDX. Rtnd to G-ANDX, to Redcliffe, Australia, departed, pres. AustraliaHistory 
13245XG500Bristol Sycamore HR14f/f 28/01/1955, d/d 16/02/1955, w/o 14/12/1961History 
13246XG501Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 09/03/1955, w/o 15/12/1955History 
13247XG502Bristol Sycamore HR14f/f 24/02/1955, d/d 04/03/1955, pres. Museum of Army Flying, Middle WallopHistory 
13264XG503Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 30/03/1955, to Odiham Fire Section 27/03/1968, later perishedHistory 
13265XG504Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 31/03/1955, scr. William Kerr's Scrapyard, Causewayhead, Scotland 1992History 
13267XG505Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 10/05/1955, w/o 25/01/1956History 
13203XG506Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 06/05/1955, to 7852M, preserved South Kirkby area of West YorkshireHistory 
13402XG507Bristol Sycamore HR14f/f 19/07/1956, d/d 01/08/1956, w/o 16/07/1964History 
13239XG508Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 05/07/1955, scr. during 1967 at No.389 MU, Seletar, SingaporeHistory 
13269XG509Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 05/07/1955, w/o 14/02/1962, to 7745M at Ternhill, since scrappedHistory 
13268XG510Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 04/07/1955, w/o 05/02/1956History 
13271XG511Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 05/07/1955, w/o 07/12/1960History 
13272XG512Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 28/07/1955, w/o 04/07/1963History 
13273XG513Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 09/08/1955, w/o 16/09/1957History 
13368XG514Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 26/08/1955, w/o 10/01/1964History 
13369XG515Bristol Sycamore HR14f/f 10/08/1955, d/d 26/08/1955, to 8008M, to Pyestock, fate?History 
13370XG516Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 30/09/1955, w/o 18/02/1957History 
13371XG517Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 04/10/1955, w/o 23/08/1963History 
13372XG518Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 24/10/1955, to 8009M, pres. Norfolk and Suffolk Air Museum, FlixtonHistory 
13373XG519Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 14/11/1955, w/o 24/01/1964History 
13374XG520Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 14/11/1955, w/o 11/03/1960History 
13375XG521Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 25/11/1955, w/o 13/10/1961History 
13376XG522Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 05/12/1955, w/o 04/04/1961History 
13377XG523Bristol Sycamore HR14f/f 10/08/1955, d/d 16/12/1955, w/o 25/09/1962, to 7793M, pres. FlixtonHistory 
13378XG538Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 02/07/1956, w/o 14/09/1960History 
13379XG539Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 13/01/1956, w/o 01/08/1958History 
13380XG540Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 03/01/1956, w/o 23/07/1965, to 7899M, to Chorley, scr. 2000History 
13381XG541Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 03/02/1956, w/o 20/07/1958History 
13382XG542Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 15/06/1956, w/o 04/06/1958History 
13383XG543Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 05/03/1956, w/o 23/09/1958History 
13384XG544Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 18/12/1956, to Lower Tremar, Cornwall, to WalesHistory 
13385XG545Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 09/10/1956, w/o 16/07/1957History 
13386XG546Bristol Sycamore HR14f/f 10/06/1956, d/d 07/06/1956, w/o 31/05/1957History 
13387XG547Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 15/06/1956, to 8010M, pres. Musée Royal de l'Armée, Brussels, BelgiumHistory 
13388XG548Bristol Sycamore HR14f/f 13/06/1956, d/d 20/06/1956, w/o 10/07/1957History 
13389XG549Bristol Sycamore HR14d/d 25/10/1956, w/o 16/04/1958History 
71492XG554EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 03/1956, scrapped at Salmesbury during 1976History 
106XG558SA Pioneer CC1d/d 09/12/1954, s.o.c. 07/06/1963 at No.390 MU, and scr.History 
107XG559SA Pioneer CC1d/d 30/12/1954, w/o 28/01/1957History 
108XG560SA Pioneer CC1d/d 31/01/1955, w/o 26/08/1960History 
109XG561SA Pioneer CC1d/d 14/02/1955, w/o 23/10/1959History 
110XG562SA Pioneer CC1d/d 02/03/1955, w/o 07/02/1958History 
111XG563SA Pioneer CC1d/d 31/03/1955, w/o 15/04/1957History 
264XG567Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AKBH. Rtnd to G-AKBH, to F-BJRS, scr. Perpignan, France 01/1975History 
228XG568Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AIVO, XF630, G-AIVO. Rtnd to G-AIVO, b/u for spares Nice, France 1963History 
WA67XG572Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 09/09/1955, d/d 14/09/1955, w/o 28/11/1961, scr. CuldroseHistory 
WA68XG573Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 09/09/1955, d/d 14/09/1955, to CDEE Porton Down, scr. during 1985History 
WA69XG574Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 15/08/1955, d/d 13/09/1955, to A2575, Yeovilton MuseumHistory 
WA70XG575Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 17/08/1955, d/d 23/09/1955, w/o 16/09/1959History 
WA71XG576Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 16/08/1955, d/d 23/09/1955, to G-AYNP, ZS-HCY, G-AYNP, pres. BeringenHistory 
WA72XG577Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 28/03/1956, d/d 16/04/1956, to Leconfield as 9050M,tendered and scrapped during early 2001History 
WA73XG578Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 29/03/1956, d/d 16/04/1956, w/o 07/12/1961 b/u as spares and produceHistory 
WA74XG579Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 10/10/1955, d/d 20/10/1955, w/o 21/04/1959, s.o.c. 15/07/1959History 
WA75XG580Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 24/10/1955, d/d 02/11/1955, w/o 27/04/1961History 
WA76XG581Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 25/10/1955, d/d 02/11/1955, w/o 20/01/1958, to A2469, scr. 1960'sHistory 
WA77XG582Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 16/02/1956, d/d 29/02/1956, w/o 05/11/1957, scr. 16/03/1958History 
WA78XG583Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 24/02/1956, d/d 03/1956, to G-BAGD, to VR-BES, canx 08/01/1974History 
WA79XG584Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 23/03/1956, d/d 16/04/1956, w/o 20/07/1959, to A2487, scr.History 
WA80XG585Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 26/03/1956, d/d 19/12/1956, w/o 14/10/1965, to Redhill, scr.History 
WA81XG586Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 10/10/1956, d/d 31/10/1956, to Farnborough dump, perishedHistory 
WA82XG587Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 23/09/1955, d/d 14/10/1955, to G-AYYI, to 5N-AIS, scr.History 
WA83XG588Westland Whirlwind HAR3f/f 30/09/1955, d/d 20/10/1955, to G-BAMH, to VR-BEP, pres. East MidlandsHistory 
WA84XG589Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 17/10/1956, d/d 27/10/1956, l/f 19/11/1971, perished Boscombe DumpHistory 
WA85XG590Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 08/11/1956, d/d 18/01/1957, w/o 06/06/1958, s.o.c. 13/09/1958History 
WA86XG591Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 31/05/1957, d/d 14/06/1957, perished Yeovilton fire section History 
WA87XG592Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 24/04/1957, d/d 03/05/1957, to Paintball Park, CowbridgeHistory 
WA88XG593Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 24/04/1957, d/d 20/05/1957, scr. Westlands, Yeovil 24/09/1968History 
WA89XG594Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 27/04/1957, d/d 14/05/1957, s.o.c. 23/03/1970, to FAAM Yeovilton storeHistory 
WA90XG595Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 30/04/1957, d/d 14/05/1957, s.o.c. 13/02/1970 at Fleetlands, scr.History 
WA91XG596Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 06/05/1957, d/d 14/05/1957, to A2651History 
WA92XG597Westland Whirlwind HAS7f/f 15/05/1957, rejected by the FAA as rogue aircraft, to SAR Warton, scr.History 
14058XG603DH Heron C2d/d 13/09/1954, to OY-DNP, to HK-1286, broken upHistory 
12896XG606DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 19/01/1956, broken up as spares and produce 18/07/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12898XG607DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 03/02/1956, sold as scrap 19/12/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12899XG608DH Sea Venom ECM21d/d 03/02/1956, w/o 16/09/1959, broken up 10/12/1962 at FleetlandsHistory 
12900XG609DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 03/02/1956, w/o 01/05/1958History 
12901XG610DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 21/01/1956, sold as scrap 31/10/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12902XG611DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 15/02/1956, broken up as spares and produce 31/10/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12903XG612DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 16/02/1956, sold as scrap 19/12/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12904XG613DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 16/02/1956, to Shuttleworth, to Duxford, pres. Krakow Museum, PolandHistory 
12905XG614DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 01/03/1956, w/o 11/03/1960History 
12906XG615DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 01/03/1956, broken up as spares and produce 31/10/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12907XG616DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 05/03/1956, to A2492, perished Culdrose fire dumpHistory 
12908XG617DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 02/03/1956, w/o 19/09/1959History 
12909XG618DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 14/03/1956, scr. 19/12/1962 at Abbotsinch to H H Bushell & CoHistory 
12910XG619DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 21/03/1956, w/o 03/08/1957History 
12911XG620DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 12/04/1956, w/o 08/09/1958History 
12912XG621DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 12/04/1956, to A2498, scr. 1962, parts noted at Lasham 1963History 
12913XG622DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 16/04/1956, to A2504, scrapped, remains to Staravia, AscotHistory 
12914XG623DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 08/05/1956, broken up as spares and produce 10/05/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12915XG624DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 03/05/1956, broken up as spares and produce 25/08/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12955XG625DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 22/03/1956, w/o 25/07/1958History 
12956XG626DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 22/03/1956, w/o 11/10/1957, broken up as spares and produce 01/11/1958History 
121050XG627DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 23/03/1956, scr. 19/12/1962 at Abbotsinch to H H Bushell & CoHistory 
121051XG628DH Sea Venom ECM21d/d 12/04/1956, scr. 01/04/1963 at Abbotsinch to H H Bushell & CoHistory 
121052XG629DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 26/03/1956, to Culdrose fire pits 03/09/1970, pres. Stone, StaffordshireHistory 
121053XG630DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 12/04/1956, broken up as spares and produce 05/12/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121054XG631DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 16/04/1956, sold as scrap 13/02/1963 at Abbotsinch to Star MetalsHistory 
121055XG632DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 13/04/1956, broken up as spares and produce 05/12/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121056XG633DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 16/04/1956, broken up as spares and produce 25/08/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121057XG634DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 16/04/1956, broken up as spares and produce 05/12/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121058XG635DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 17/04/1956, broken up as spares and produce 03/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121059XG636DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 01/05/1956, w/o 29/10/1956History 
121060XG637DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 24/04/1956, to A2512, scr. and remains noted at Staravia 1963History 
121061XG638DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 01/05/1956, w/o 30/08/1960History 
121062XG653DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 10/05/1956, w/o 19/05/1958History 
121063XG654DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 04/05/1956, broken up as spares and produce 24/05/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121064XG655DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 23/05/1956, to A2506, remains to George Williamson, Quarrywood by 1968History 
121065XG656DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 14/06/1956, broken up as spares and produce 03/04/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121066XG657DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 04/06/1956, scr. 19/12/1962 at Abbotsinch to Unimetals LtdHistory 
121067XG658DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 27/05/1956, w/o 20/10/1959History 
121068XG659DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 04/06/1956, broken up as spares and produce 18/07/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121069XG660DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 14/06/1956, broken up as spares and produce 24/04/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121070XG661DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 02/07/1956, broken up as spares and produce 16/05/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121071XG662DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 02/07/1956, broken up as spares and produce 24/05/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12916XG663DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 28/07/1956, broken up as spares and produce 25/08/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121072XG664DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 20/07/1956, sold as scrap 19/12/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121073XG665DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 25/07/1956, scr. 12/12/1962 at Abbotsinch to H H Bushell & CoHistory 
12917XG666DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 23/05/1956, broken up as spares and produce 24/05/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12918XG667DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 28/05/1956, broken up as spares and produce 11/10/1960 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121074XG668DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 17/08/1956, broken up as spares and produce 05/10/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12919XG669DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 31/05/1956, b/u as spares 21/03/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121075XG670DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 29/08/1956, scr. 13/02/1963 at Abbotsinch by Star Metals, AscotHistory 
121076XG671DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 31/08/1956, w/o 16/04/1958History 
12920XG672DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 20/06/1956, w/o 25/06/1971History 
12925XG673DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 14/09/1956, broken up as spares and produce 28/05/1963 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12921XG674DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 31/05/1956, scr. 28/08/1964 at Shorts of Belfast by H TrainerHistory 
12926XG675DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 14/09/1956, broken up as spares and produce 25/08/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121041XG676DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 14/09/1956, broken up as spares and produce 03/1961 at AbbotsinchHistory 
12922XG677DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 06/07/1956, scr. 01/04/1963 at Abbotsinch to H H Bushell & CoHistory 
121042XG678DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 03/10/1956, w/o 21/01/1959History 
12923XG679DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 06/07/1956, w/o 01/10/1956History 
121043XG680DH Sea Venom FAW21d/d 03/10/1956, to Belfast, pres. NEAM SunderlandHistory 
121044XG681DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 02/11/1956, b/u 24/10/1967 at Fleetlands and scr. 29/04/1968History 
121045XG682DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 04/02/1957, broken up as spares and produce 12/11/1962 at BrawdyHistory 
121046XG683DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 15/11/1956, l/f 06/10/1970 to Culdrose, perished PredannackHistory 
121047XG684DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 28/11/1956, scr. 25/08/1964 at Shorts of Belfast to H TrainerHistory 
12924XG685DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 04/12/1956, broken up as spares and produce 25/05/1963 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121048XG686DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 03/12/1956, w/o 24/02/1960History 
121049XG687DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 29/11/1956, sold as scrap 12/05/1969 at Belfast to H Trainer, BelfastHistory 
121107XG688DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 27/02/1957, to Belfast fire section 22/06/1970, finally scrapped 10/1981History 
121108XG689DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 09/01/1957, w/o 23/07/1958History 
121109XG690DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 08/01/1957, broken up as spares and produce 28/05/1963 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121110XG691DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 22/01/1957, to Ta'qali Museum, Malta 12/09/2005 for displayHistory 
121111XG692DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 02/05/1957, s.o.c. 20/08/1970, pres. Kinloss Morayvia MuseumHistory 
121112XG693DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 08/01/1957, to Tain Ranges, Scotland 15/11/1968, since destroyedHistory 
121113XG694DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 08/01/1957, to Fareham College during 1974, fate unknownHistory 
121114XG695DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 15/01/1957, sold as scrap 12/08/1969 at Belfast to H Trainer, BelfastHistory 
121115XG696DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 17/01/1957, w/o 25/06/1959History 
121116XG697DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 24/01/1957, sold as scrap 29/04/1968 at FleetlandsHistory 
121117XG698DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 04/04/1957, perished Predannack Fire SchoolHistory 
121118XG699DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 26/02/1957, w/o 02/11/1967, remains to George Williamson of QuarrywoodHistory 
121119XG700DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 02/05/1957, scr. 04/09/1963 at Abbotsinch by H H Bushell & CoHistory 
121120XG701DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 03/06/1957, b/u as spares 31/03/1969 at YeoviltonHistory 
121121XG702DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 02/05/1957, sold as scrap 12/05/1969 at Belfast to H Trainer, BelfastHistory 
121122XG721DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 31/05/1957, sold as scrap 12/05/1969 at Belfast to H Trainer, BelfastHistory 
121123XG722DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 03/06/1957, sold as scrap 12/05/1969 at Belfast to H Trainer, BelfastHistory 
121124XG723DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 30/05/1957, w/o 11/03/1960History 
121125XG724DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 06/07/1957, sold as scrap 12/05/1969 at Belfast to H Trainer, BelfastHistory 
121126XG725DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 23/06/1957, broken up as spares and produce 28/05/1963 at AbbotsinchHistory 
121127XG726DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 01/09/1957, sold as scrap 12/05/1969 at Belfast to H Trainer, BelfastHistory 
121128XG727DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 27/08/1957, w/o 06/12/1957History 
121129XG728DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 29/07/1957, w/o 13/03/1958History 
121130XG729DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 26/08/1957, broken up as spares and produce 17/06/1970 at YeoviltonHistory 
121131XG730DH Sea Venom FAW22f/f 01/08/1957, d/d 29/08/1957, pres. London Colney Museum, HertfordshireHistory 
121132XG731DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 03/09/1957, s.o.c. 15/12/1968, to Tain Ranges, Scotland, destroyed 1988History 
121133XG732DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 29/10/1957, w/o 09/05/1958History 
121134XG733DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 04/11/1957, to Belfast fire dump, perished post 1981History 
121135XG734DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 28/11/1957, to Belfast fire dump, to Ulster College, Castlereach, scr.History 
121136XG735DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 02/12/1957, w/o 17/01/1958History 
121137XG736DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 11/12/1957, to private collector in the Midlands, UK circa 1993History 
121138XG737DH Sea Venom FAW22d/d 18/03/1958, to FAA Museum Yeovilton, pres. East Midlands AeroparkHistory 
15633XG742DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 03/11/1954, sold to Shorts of Belfast 31/01/1967, since scrappedHistory 
15634XG743DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 19/11/1954, privately owned, to Fishburn 03/07/2018History 
15635XG744DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 24/11/1954, scr. 02/06/1965 at Brawdy to Bradwell & Co, WintonHistory 
15636XG745DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 27/01/1955, broken up as spares and produce 13/02/1961 at BrawdyHistory 
15637XG746DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 18/01/1955, scr. 10/09/1965 at Brawdy to Bradwell & Co, WintonHistory 
15638XG747DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 18/01/1955, scr. 10/09/1965 at Brawdy to Bradwell & Co, WintonHistory 
15639XG748DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 18/01/1955, scr. 10/09/1965 at Brawdy to Bradwell & Co, WintonHistory 
15640XG765DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 18/01/1955, w/o 03/03/1955History 
15641XG766DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 18/01/1955, to RAN N6-766, VH-RAN, G-SPDR, G-VYPO, to South Africa 2012History 
15642XG767DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 27/01/1955, scr. 10/09/1965 at Brawdy to Bradwell & Co, WintonHistory 
15643XG768DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 18/01/1955, scr. 10/10/1966 at Lossiemouth to George WilliamsonHistory 
15644XG769DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 14/02/1955, sold to FACh on 10/11/1972History 
15645XG770DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 01/03/1955, to RAN as N6-770, pres. Museum of Flight, NowraHistory 
15646XG771DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 28/02/1955, w/o 27/03/1958History 
15647XG772DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 30/03/1955, sold to FACh on 10/11/1972 as J-308, w.f.u. 12/1980History 
15648XG773DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 21/03/1955, sold as scrap 31/01/1967 at BelfastHistory 
15649XG774DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 04/05/1955, sold as scrap 31/01/1967 at BelfastHistory 
15650XG775DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 22/04/1955, to Southall Technical College 29/01/1970 to private owner FishburnHistory 
15651XG776DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 09/05/1955, scr. 12/08/1965 at Brawdy to Bradwell & Co, WintonHistory 
15652XG777DH Sea Vampire T22d/d 25/05/1955, sold to FACh on 10/11/1972 as J-306, pres. Los Cerrillos, ChileHistory 
F9351XG783Fairey Gannet AS4f/f 05/12/1956, d/d 04/01/1957, scr. 30/11/1961 at Abbotsinch to J N ConnellHistory 
F9352XG784Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 25/06/1957, not delivered, d/d 28/11/1957 to RAN, scr. 30/03/1967History 
F9353XG785Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 15/07/1957, d/d 28/11/1957 to RAN, scr. 30/03/1967History 
F9354XG786Fairey Gannet COD4f/f 12/1956, d/d 04/01/1957, s.o.c. 03/02/1969 at BrawdyHistory 
F9355XG787Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 29/08/1957, d/d 09/01/1958 to RAN, perished Nowra fire dumpHistory 
F9356XG788Fairey Gannet AS4f/f 14/01/1957, d/d 08/02/1957, sold as scrap 18/10/1963 History 
F9357XG789Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 01/10/1957, d/d 06/02/1958 to RAN, pres. Moorabbin, Victoria, AustraliaHistory 
F9358XG790Fairey Gannet COD4f/f 22/01/1957, d/d 06/02/1957, broken up 1978, destroyed on Tain RangesHistory 
F9359XG791Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 06/11/1957, d/d 23/01/1958 to RAN, sold as scrap 30/03/1967History 
F9360XG792Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 09/12/1957, d/d 06/02/1958 to RAN, w/o 02/02/1965, s.o.c. 09/11/1965, scr.History 
F9361XG793Fairey Gannet AS4f/f 15/02/1957, d/d 04/03/1957, scr. 06/10/1961 at Abbotsinch to J N ConnellHistory 
F9362XG794Fairey Gannet AS4f/f 20/02/1957, d/d 04/03/1957, scr. 18/10/1963 at Abbotsinch to J N ConnellHistory 
F9363XG795Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 08/01/1958, d/d 20/03/1958 to RAN, w/o 10/01/1964, scr. 30/03/1967History 
F9364XG796Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 25/02/1958, d/d 17/04/1958 to RAN, w/o 06/03/1968History 
F9365XG797Fairey Gannet ECM6f/f 08/03/1957, d/d 03/04/1957, pres. Duxford MuseumHistory 
F9366XG798Fairey Gannet AS6f/f 03/1957, d/d 03/04/1957, w/o 27/11/1962History 
F9367XG825Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 11/02/1958, d/d 03/07/1958 to RAN, perished Nowra fire dump 27/09/1971History 
F9368XG826Fairey Gannet AS1f/f 27/03/1958, not delivered, to RAN, perished Nowra fire dump 15/05/1968History 
F9369XG827Fairey Gannet AS4f/f 05/04/1957, d/d 02/05/1957, scr. 18/10/1963 at Abbotsinch to J N ConnellHistory 
F9370XG828Fairey Gannet AS4f/f 06/05/1957, d/d 30/05/1957, sold scr. 28/08/1964 BelfastHistory 
F9371XG829Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, d/d 03/11/1958 to WGN as UA+114, since scrappedHistory 
F9372XG830Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, d/d 03/11/1958 to WGN as UA+115, w/o 12/05/1966History 
F9373XG831Fairey Gannet ECM6d/d 31/05/1957, s.o.c. 14/06/1966, to A2539, pres. Davidstow AirfieldHistory 
F9374XG832Fairey Gannet ECM6f/f 29/08/1957, d/d 13/09/1957, w/o 23/01/1964History 
F9375XG833Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+101, since scrappedHistory 
F9376XG834Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+102, since scrappedHistory 
F9377XG835Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+103, since scrappedHistory 
F9378XG836Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+104, since scrappedHistory 
F9379XG837Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9380XG838Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9381XG839Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+105, since scrappedHistory 
F9382XG840Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+106, since scrappedHistory 
F9383XG841Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9384XG842Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9385XG843Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+107, since scrappedHistory 
F9386XG844Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+108, since scrappedHistory 
F9387XG845Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9388XG846Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+109, since scrappedHistory 
F9389XG847Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9390XG848Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9391XG849Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+110, preserved Gatow - Museum, GermanyHistory 
F9392XG850Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+111, since scrappedHistory 
F9393XG851Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9394XG852Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+112, pres. Speyer Museum, GermanyHistory 
F9395XG853Fairey Gannet AS4Not delivered, to WGN as UA+113, pres. Nordholz, GermanyHistory 
F9396XG854Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9397XG855Fairey Gannet AS4CanxHistory 
F9398XG869Fairey Gannet T2f/f 20/01/1956, d/d 07/02/1956, scr. 08/08/1962 at Abbotsinch to Star MetalsHistory 
F9399XG870Fairey Gannet T2f/f 26/01/1956, d/d 07/02/1956, scr. 27/02/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F9400XG871Fairey Gannet T2f/f 12/02/1956, d/d 06/03/1956, w/o 06/12/1957, to A2474, scr.History 
F9401XG872Fairey Gannet T2f/f 02/1956, d/d 07/03/1956, scr. 08/08/1962 at Abbotsinch to Star MetalsHistory 
F9402XG873Fairey Gannet T5f/f 09/03/1956, d/d 23/03/1956, tested to destruction at HayesHistory 
F9403XG874Fairey Gannet T2f/f 21/03/1956, d/d 16/04/1956, to Fairey, to Indonesian Navy as LA-17History 
F9404XG875Fairey Gannet T2f/f 10/04/1956, d/d 25/04/1956, scr. 27/02/1962 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F9405XG876Fairey Gannet T2d/d 31/05/1956, scr. 01/04/1963 at Abbotsinch to H H Bushell & CoHistory 
F9406XG877Fairey Gannet T2d/d 20/06/1956, scr. 08/08/1962 at Abbotsinch to Star Metals CompanyHistory 
F9407XG878Fairey Gannet T2d/d 17/07/1956, scr. 13/12/1960 at Abottsinch to J N Connell LtdHistory 
F9408XG879Fairey Gannet T2d/d 11/09/1956, scr. 13/12/1960 at Abbotsinch to J Pitt of PaisleyHistory 
F9409XG880Fairey Gannet T2d/d 26/09/1956, scr. 27/02/1962 at Abbotsinch to Kitson Vickers & SonsHistory 
F9410XG881Fairey Gannet T2d/d 23/10/1956, w/o 23/02/1965History 
F9411XG882Fairey Gannet T5f/f 01/03/1957, d/d 06/05/1957, to 8754M, pres. Errol, Perth and KinrossHistory 
F9412XG883Fairey Gannet T5f/f 01/03/1957, d/d 30/05/1957, pres. Berkshire Air Museum, WoodleyHistory 
F9413XG884Fairey Gannet T5d/d 05/06/1957, s.o.c. 17/05/1977 at Lossiemouth, to Tain Ranges, scr. 1979History 
F9414XG885Fairey Gannet T5d/d 03/07/1957, b/u 19/05/1970 as spares and produce at BrawdyHistory 
F9415XG886Fairey Gannet T5d/d 04/07/1957, b/u 19/05/1970 as spares and produce at BrawdyHistory 
F9416XG887Fairey Gannet T5d/d 30/07/1957, w/o 02/08/1963History 
F9417XG888Fairey Gannet T5d/d 20/12/1957 direct to RAN, pres. Nowra AustraliaHistory 
F9418XG889Fairey Gannet T5d/d 26/09/1957, b/u Lossiemouth on 08/11/1978, perished CatterickHistory 
F9419XG890Fairey Gannet T2Not delivered, to WGN as UA+99, since scrappedHistory 
241XG895Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AJBO, ex XF629, w/o 01/05/1957 at Star Hill near BlackbusheHistory 
221XG896Vickers Viking 1BEx G-AIVH. Rtnd to G-AIVH, scrapped at Blackbushe 02/1960History 
XG897Avro York Ex MW326, ex G-AMRJ. Rtnd to G-AMRJ, to OD-ACE 07/1955, scr. 09/1959History 
XG898Avro York Ex MW327, ex G-ANRC. Rtnd to G-ANRC, w/o 22/09/1954History 
SH1814XG900Short SC.1 f/f 02/04/1957, to South Kensington, London 06/1971 for displayHistory 
SH1815XG905Short SC.1 f/f 06/08/1958, to Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland for displayHistory 
XG912Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG913Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG914Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG915Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG916Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG917Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG918Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG919Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG920Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG921Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG922Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG923Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG924Avro Shackleton MR3CanxHistory 
XG929Avro York Ex MW193, ex G-ANSY, to XG929 for trooping contract, w/o 25/02/1956History 
XG934Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG935Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG936Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG937Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG938Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG939Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG940Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG941Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG942Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG943Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG944Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG945Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG946Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG947Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG961Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG962Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG963Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG964Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG965Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG966Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG967Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG968Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG969Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG970Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG971Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG972Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG973Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG974Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG975Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG976Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG977Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG978Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG979Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG980Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG981Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG982Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG983Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG984Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG985Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG986Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG987Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG988Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG989Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG990Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG991Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 
XG992Hawker Sea Hawk FGA4CanxHistory 

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