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WT001Boeing Wedgetail AEW1ReservedHistory 
WT002Boeing Wedgetail AEW1ReservedHistory 
WT003Boeing Wedgetail AEW1ReservedHistory 
WT113EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT114EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT115EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT116EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT117EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT118EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT119EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT120EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT121EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT122EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT140EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT141EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT142EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT143EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT144EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT145EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT146EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT147EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT148EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT149EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT150EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT151EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT152EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT153EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT154EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT155EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT156EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT157EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT158EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT159EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT160EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT161EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT162EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT163EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT164EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT165EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT166EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT167EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT168EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT169EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT170EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT171EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT172EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT173EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT174EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT175EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT176EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT177EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT178EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT179EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT180EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT181EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT182EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT183EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT184EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT185EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT186EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT187EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT188EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT189EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
SH1710WT205EE Canberra B15d/d 10/11/1955, (N) ex No.2341 ATC Sqn Eastwood, pres. Manston Museum, KentHistory 
SH1711WT206EE Canberra B6d/d 08/12/1955, s.o.c 01/10/1971 as CAT 5(S) at WroughtonHistory 
SH1712WT207EE Canberra B6d/d 07/12/1955, w/o 09/04/1958History 
SH1713WT208EE Canberra B15d/d 06/02/1956, G-27-96, d/d 03/02/1969 to Peruvian AF as 239, w/o 12/11/1973History 
SH1714WT209EE Canberra B15d/d 05/03/1956, w/o 01/02/1968History 
SH1715WT210EE Canberra B15d/d 05/03/1956, to G-27-168, d/d 10/1970 to Indian AF as IF1020History 
SH1716WT211EE Canberra B15d/d 05/03/1956, s.o.c 01/03/1972 as CAT 5(C) at CottesmoreHistory 
SH1717WT212EE Canberra B6d/d 05/04/1956, s.o.c 01/12/1974 as CAT 5(C) at FarnboroughHistory 
SH1718WT213EE Canberra B15d/d 05/04/1956, w/o 17/03/1969, s.o.c. 22/04/1969History 
WT214EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT215EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT216EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT217EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT218EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT219EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT220EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT221EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT222EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT223EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT224EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT250EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT251EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT252EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT253EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT254EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT255EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT256EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT257EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT258EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT259EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT260EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT261EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT262EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT263EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT264EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT265EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT266EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT267EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT268EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT269EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT270EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT271EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT272EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT273EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT274EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT275EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT276EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT277EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT278EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT279EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
71378WT301EE Canberra B6(BS)d/d 03/12/1954, to Chattenden 12/07/1974 for G.I, scrapped 11/1993History 
71379WT302EE Canberra B16d/d 15/12/1954, to G-27-172, d/d 08/1971 to Indian AF as IF1026History 
71380WT303EE Canberra B16d/d 09/12/1954, to G-27-170, d/d 08/1971 to Indian AF as IF1024History 
71421WT304EE Canberra B6d/d 04/05/1955, w/o 02/06/1959History 
71431WT305EE Canberra B6(BS)d/d 16/05/1955, s.o.c. 15/11/1976, to 8511M, scrapped 10/1989History 
71432WT306EE Canberra B16d/d 17/05/1955, sold to BAC 25/02/1969, scr. 09/1976 at Samlesbury to StaraviaHistory 
71396WT307EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 22/10/1955, sold to BAC 11/12/1969, scr. 1976 at Samlesbury to StaraviaHistory 
71430WT308EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 09/12/1955, to Predannack as A2601, departed 08/2021 for scrappingHistory 
71436WT309EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 15/12/1955, (N) preserved The Heritage Centre, FarnboroughHistory 
71439WT310EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 11/11/1955, w/o 15/01/1962History 
71450WT311EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 15/11/1955, sold to BAC 08/12/1969, b/u Salmesbury 1976History 
71453WT312EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 15/11/1955, sold to BAC 08/12/1969, b/u Salmesbury 1977History 
WT313EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 15/11/1955, w/o 26/09/1968History 
71461WT314EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 02/12/1955, to Bruggen, West Germany for G.I. as 8069M, perishedHistory 
71463WT315EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 28/11/1955, w/o 15/01/1962History 
71466WT316EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 25/11/1955, sold to BAC 11/12/1969, b/u Salmesbury 1976History 
71467WT317EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 28/11/1955, sold to BAC 11/12/1969, b/u Salmesbury 1976History 
71473WT318EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 16/12/1955, sold to BAC 08/12/1969, b/u Salmesbury 1976History 
71475WT319EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 25/11/1955, sold 08/12/1969 to Rolls Royce, (N) pres. Doncaster Museum History 
71480WT320EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 30/11/1955, sold to BAC 09/12/1969, b/u Salmesbury 1976History 
71483WT321EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 05/01/1956, w/o 10/05/1960History 
71486WT322EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 19/01/1956, w/o 23/02/1967, s.o.c. 09/03/1967 as CAT 5s in West GermanyHistory 
71488WT323EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 01/02/1956, sold to BAC 11/12/1969, b/u Salmesbury 1976History 
71489WT324EE Canberra B(I)6d/d 01/02/1956, w/o 14/07/1965History 
71491WT325EE Canberra B(I)6w/o 19/08/1968History 
71397WT326EE Canberra B(I)8f/f 08/06/1955 d/d 01/11/1955, w/o 27/11/1955History 
71417WT327EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 31/08/1955, to N30UP, to Stockton, California, USAHistory 
71428WT328EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 31/10/1955, w/o 07/05/1956History 
71443WT329EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 13/01/1956, d/d 03/12/1959 to RNZAF as N6101, w/o 02/11/1960History 
71459WT330EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 04/02/1956, w/o 10/11/1965, remains to Akrotiri dumpHistory 
71462WT331EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 07/03/1956, w/o 05/07/1959History 
71465WT332EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 15/02/1956, to 8200M 22/05/1972, b/u Bruggen, remains to Nordhorn rangesHistory 
71470WT333EE Canberra B6(mod)d/d 23/03/1956, to G-BVXC, preserved Bruntingthorpe, LeicestershireHistory 
71474WT334EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 23/03/1956, w/o 16/02/1960History 
71481WT335EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 26/03/1956, w/o 08/09/1959History 
71490WT336EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 24/04/1956, to Gutersloh 1972, since scr.History 
S&H.1WT337EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 02/08/1956, to Nordhorn Ranges, West Germany, fate?History 
71493WT338EE Canberra B(I)8Diverted off contract, d/d 14/02/1958 to Indian AF as IF906History 
71495WT339EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 05/04/1956, to 8198M, front fuselage to Barkston Heath fire dumpHistory 
S&H.2WT340EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 27/08/1956, to G-52-6, d/d 1975 to Peruvian AF as 251History 
71499WT341EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 27/04/1956, to Little Rissington 06/12/1973, perished 1976History 
S&H.3WT342EE Canberra B(I)8f/f 02/09/1956, d/d 04/101956, to G-52-4, d/d 15/05/1975 to Peruvian AF as 249History 
WT343EE Canberra B(I)8Diverted off contract, d/d 02/06/1956 to Peruvian AF as 206History 
71501WT344EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 06/06/1956, to G-27-145, d/d 16/07/1971 to Peruvian AF as 245, w/o 30/06/1972History 
S&H.4WT345EE Canberra B(I)8f/f 08/10/1956, d/d 09/11/1956, to 8150M 13/05/1971, scr. Laarbruch 12/1985History 
71506WT346EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 28/05/1956, to 8197M, sold 03/1992 to RNZAF Museum Wigram, New ZealandHistory 
S&H.5WT347EE Canberra B(I)8f/f 11/10/1956, d/d 23/11/1956, to Catterick Fire School 1973, since perishedHistory 
WT348EE Canberra B(I)8Diverted off contract, d/d 02/05/1956 to Peruvian AF as 207, w/o 08/02/1972History 
71507WT362EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 08/06/56, s.o.c. 23/01/1973, to Catterick Fire School 1973, since perishedHistory 
S&H.6WT363EE Canberra B(I)8f/f 23/11/1956, d/d 14/01/1957, w/o 11/06/1968History 
71511WT364EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 21/08/1956, sold to Marshalls, to G-52-5, d/d 21/07/1975 to Peruvian AF as 250History 
71513WT365EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 05/10/1956, s.o.c. CAT 5(s) 08/10/1971 at AldergroveHistory 
S&H.7WT366EE Canberra B(I)8f/f 29/12/1956, d/d 18/01/1957, w/o 05/10/1971History 
WT367EE Canberra B(I)8Taken off contract, d/d 02/07/1956 to Peruvian AF as 476, w/o 11/06/1959History 
71516WT368EE Canberra B(I)8d/d 02/08/1956, sold to Marshall''s, to G-52-2, d/d 08/03/1957 to Peruvian AF as 247History 
71383WT369EE Canberra B16w/o 26/08/1968History 
71384WT370EE Canberra B16w/o 23/09/1964History 
71386WT371EE Canberra B6w/o 06/11/1956History 
71387WT372EE Canberra B16S.o.c. 23/08/1966History 
71394WT373EE Canberra B16Sold to BAC 05/08/1969, to G-27-173, to Indian AF as IF1027History 
71395WT374EE Canberra B16Sold to BAC 20/02/1969, sold as scrap 1976 at Samlesbury to Staravia, AscotHistory 
WT375EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT376EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT377EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT378EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT379EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT380EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT381EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT382EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT383EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT384EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT385EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT386EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT387EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT397EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT398EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT399EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT400EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT401EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT402EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT403EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT404EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT405EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT406EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT407EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT408EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT409EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT410EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT411EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT412EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT413EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT414EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT415EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT416EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT417EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT418EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT419EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT420EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT421EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT422EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT440EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT441EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT442EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT443EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT444EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT445EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT446EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT447EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT448EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT449EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT450EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT451EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT452EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT453EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT454EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT455EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT456EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT457EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT458EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT459EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT460EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT461EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT462EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT463EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT464EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT465EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT466EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT467EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT468EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
WT469EE Canberra B2CanxHistory 
71412WT475EE Canberra T4d/d 02/03/1955, s.o.c. 25/05/1967, remains scrapped Bicester 1978History 
71416WT476EE Canberra T64d/d 29/03/1955, to G-27-121, to FAArgentina B-111, pres. Parana Air BaseHistory 
71420WT477EE Canberra T4d/d 14/04/1955, w/o 13/06/1958History 
71422WT478EE Canberra T4d/d 07/04/1955, scrapped at Wyton 01/07/1992History 
71426WT479EE Canberra T4d/d 19/04/1955, b/u at No.19 MU St. Athan, rear fuselage perished CatterickHistory 
71427WT480EE Canberra T4d/d 03/05/1955,(N) privately owned GermanyHistory 
71434WT481EE Canberra T4d/d 03/05/1955, w/o 02/06/1965History 
71437WT482EE Canberra T4d/d 08/06/1955, (N) to Long Marston, then departed to Marske-by-the-sea?History 
71438WT483EE Canberra T4d/d 13/06/1955, pres. Long Marston, to Malta 12/2010History 
71442WT484EE Canberra T4d/d 30/06/1955, w/o 10/08/1956History 
71445WT485EE Canberra T4d/d 07/07/1955, sold 23/09/1975 to Indian AF as Q1793History 
71448WT486EE Canberra T4d/d 07/07/1955, to 8102M, (N) to Westbury, WiltshireHistory 
71453WT487EE Canberra T4d/d 13/07/1955, sold 20/08/1975 to Indian AF as Q1794History 
71455WT488EE Canberra T4d/d 23/08/1955, (N) to Dunsfold fire section, scrapped late 1999History 
71458WT489EE Canberra T4d/d 20/09/1955, w/o 17/04/1957History 
71464WT490EE Canberra T4d/d 19/09/1955, to G.I. 14/05/1969, s.o.c. 07/07/1972, scrapped 1973History 
71468WT491EE Canberra T4d/d 27/01/1956, d/d 06/04/1956 to RAAF as A84-501, later scrappedHistory 
71457WT492EE Canberra T4d/d 27/01/1956, d/d 03/05/1956 to RAAF as A84-502, stored Wollongong, AustraliaHistory 
WT493EE Canberra T4Cancelled and not builtHistory 
WT494EE Canberra T4Cancelled and not builtHistory 
71344WT503EE Canberra PR7f/f 01/101954, d/d 11/11/1954, s.o.c 01/10/1971 as CAT 5(S) and scrappedHistory 
71348WT504EE Canberra PR7d/d 11/11/1954, w/o 24/10/1960History 
71352WT505EE Canberra PR7d/d 07/12/1954, w/o 20/01/1956History 
71357WT506EE Canberra PR7d/d 09/012/1954, sold 16/11/1962 to BAC, d/d 1964 to Indian AF as BP745History 
71361WT507EE Canberra PR7d/d 17/12/1954, to 8548M, (N) to No.384 ATC Sqn, Mansfield 29/03/1982History 
71365WT508EE Canberra PR7d/d 17/12/1954, w/o 27/11/1957History 
71369WT509EE Canberra PR7W.f.u. Marham, scrapped?History 
71373WT510EE Canberra T22d/d 12/01/1955, scr. St. Athan 12/1992, remains scrapped by Hanningfield MetalsHistory 
71377WT511EE Canberra PR7d/d 01/02/1955, w/o 08/11/1961History 
71381WT512EE Canberra PR7d/d 01/02/1955, to 8093M, to Bruggen, 1979 for G.I, since scrappedHistory 
71385WT513EE Canberra PR7d/d 08/02/1955, to Laarbruch for decoy duties as 8065M, scrapped during 1976History 
71389WT514EE Canberra PR7d/d 01/03/1955, to 8132M, to Wildenrath during 1971, since scrappedHistory 
71393WT515EE Canberra PR7d/d 04/04/1955, w/o 02/05/1966, s.o.c. 09/05/1966 as CAT 5CHistory 
71401WT516EE Canberra PR7d/d 04/04/1955, to Laarbruch for decoy duties as 8068M, scrapped 1974History 
71403WT517EE Canberra PR7d/d 04/04/1955, scr. 02/11/1970 at No.15 MU Wroughton to G H Flower & SonHistory 
71406WT518EE Canberra PR7To 8133M n.t.u, to 8691M, to Rhoose, Wales, b/u 1992, remains scr. StockHistory 
71410WT519EE Canberra PR7To Wyton fire dump, scr. 14/02/2006History 
71413WT520EE Canberra PR7d/d 16/06/1953, to 8094M to 8184M, (N) preserved Hooton ParkHistory 
71414WT521EE Canberra PR7d/d 05/05/1955, to Wildenrath 11/03/1971 for G.I. as 8134M, scrappedHistory 
71419WT522EE Canberra PR7d/d 16/05/1955, to Honington fire dump 27/10/1969, perished during 1970History 
71423WT523EE Canberra PR7d/d 06/06/1955, w/o 25/02/1971, to 8135M, perished Laarbruch fire dump 1976History 
71424WT524EE Canberra PR7d/d 06/06/1955, to Wildenrath 11/03/1971 for G.I. as 8136M, scrapped 1978History 
71425WT525EE Canberra T22d/d 27/06/1955, b/u 10/1991, nose preserved Doncaster MuseumHistory 
71429WT526EE Canberra PR7d/d 01/07/1955, w/o 20/02/1958History 
71435WT527EE Canberra PR7d/d 05/07/1955, to Wildenrath 11/03/1971 for G.I. as 8137M, scrapped 1978History 
71440WT528EE Canberra PR7d/d 28/09/1955, sold to BAC 13/11/1962, d/d 1964 to Indian AF as BP746History 
71441WT529EE Canberra PR7d/d 15/08/1955, w/o 16/01/1956, remains scrapped at No.54 MU CambridgeHistory 
71446WT530EE Canberra PR7w/o 07/12/1978History 
71447WT531EE Canberra PR7d/d 12/09/1955, w/o 02/02/1966History 
71449WT532EE Canberra PR7To 8728M, to 8890M, (N) pres. Bournemouth Museum, DorsetHistory 
71452WT533EE Canberra PR7d/d 03/10/1955, s.o.c. 30/12/1969, to 8066M, scr. Wildenrath 10/04/1974History 
71456WT534EE Canberra PR7d/d 05/10/1955, to 8549M, (N) to South Yorkshire Air Museum 01/2018History 
71460WT535EE Canberra T22d/d 25/10/1955, broken up 10/1991 at St. AthanHistory 
71472WT536EE Canberra PR7d/d 14/11/1955, to 8070M n.t.u, to 8063M, (N) pres. DoncasterHistory 
71476WT537EE Canberra PR7To Greece 26/07/2012, pres. Karellas Koropiou, GreeceHistory 
71477WT538EE Canberra PR7To 9142M, scr. Wyton 02/1995, (N) to St. Athan, believed scrapped 01/2001History 
71482WT539EE Canberra PR7d/d 06/02/1956, sold to BAC 11/03/1957, d/d 1957 to Indian AF as IP986History 
71484WT540EE Canberra PR7d/d 26/01/1956, w/o 26/08/1959, s.o.c. 05/11/1959 at No.103 MU Akrotiri, CyprusHistory 
71487WT541EE Canberra PR7d/d 05/03/1956, sold to BAC 17/01/1957, d/d 1957 to Indian AF as IP988History 
71494WT542EE Canberra PR7d/d 05/04/1956, sold 28/02/1957 to BAC, d/d 1957 to Indian AF as IP987History 
HABL/R/41H/657216WT555Hawker Hunter F1f/f 16/05/1953, d/d 05/07/1953, to 7499M 22/11/1957, pres. Staples CornerHistory 
WT556Hawker Hunter F1f/f 16/06/1953, d/d 17/07/1953, sold as scrap 31/01/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT557Hawker Hunter F1f/f 17/07/1953, d/d 28/08/1953, sold as scrap 31/01/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT558Hawker Hunter F1f/f 24/08/1953, d/d 31/08/1953, to 7492M, s.o.c. 04/10/1962 at St. AthanHistory 
WT559Hawker Hunter F1f/f 02/09/1953, d/d 11/09/1953, to 7493M, perished Newton fire dump circa 1968History 
WT560Hawker Hunter F1f/f 28/09/1953, d/d 30/10/1953, to 7488M, to St. Athan fire dump, scr. 1975History 
WT561Hawker Hunter F1f/f 23/10/1953, d/d 10/11/1953, scr. 31/01/1958 to H H Bushell & CoHistory 
WT562Hawker Hunter F1f/f 29/10/1953, d/d 24/11/1953, w/o 06/08/1955History 
WT563Hawker Hunter F1f/f 02/11/1953, d/d 02/12/1953, w/o 20/06/1957History 
WT564Hawker Hunter F1f/f 28/11/1953, d/d 12/12/1953, sold as scrap 31/01/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT565Hawker Hunter F1f/f 12/12/1953, d/d 12/01/1954, scr. 26/02/1958 at No.1 SoTT HaltonHistory 
WT566Hawker Hunter F1f/f 12/12/1953, d/d 18/12/1953, to 7494M, perished Catterick Fire SchoolHistory 
WT567Hawker Hunter F1f/f 18/12/1953, d/d 22/03/1954, to 7489M, perished St. Athan fire dumpHistory 
WT568Hawker Hunter F1f/f 16/12/1953, d/d 01/1954, to 7490M 21/11/1957, later scr. St. AthanHistory 
WT569Hawker Hunter F1f/f 18/12/1953, d/d 15/07/1954, to 7491M, location currently unconfirmed History 
WT570Hawker Hunter F1f/f 22/12/1953, d/d 27/07/1954, to 7497M 22/11/1957, scr. No.1 SoTT Cosford 1968History 
WT571Hawker Hunter F1f/f 08/01/1954, d/d 01/07/1955, scrappedHistory 
WT572Hawker Hunter F1f/f 05/01/1954, d/d 31/03/1954, scrappedHistory 
WT573Hawker Hunter F1f/f 05/01/1954, d/d 25/03/1954, scr. 31/01/1958 to H H Bushell & CoHistory 
WT574Hawker Hunter F1f/f 22/01/1954, d/d 12/05/1954, w/o 13/05/1956History 
WT575Hawker Hunter F1f/f 08/01/1954, d/d 05/07/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT576Hawker Hunter F1f/f 18/01/1954, d/d 03/06/1954, to 7498M, scr. 09/11/1974 at CosfordHistory 
WT577Hawker Hunter F1f/f 19/01/1954, d/d 05/07/1954, w/o 20/08/1956, to 7374M, perished StradishallHistory 
WT578Hawker Hunter F1f/f 20/01/1954, d/d 05/07/1954, to 7501M, scr. 30/04/1962 at HaltonHistory 
WT579Hawker Hunter F1f/f 23/01/1954, d/d 08/06/1954, w/o 21/10/1955History 
WT580Hawker Hunter F1f/f 25/01/1954, d/d 07/07/1954, w/o 22/03/1957History 
WT581Hawker Hunter F1f/f 03/02/1954, d/d 05/08/1954, w/o 12/07/1955History 
WT582Hawker Hunter F1f/f 08/02/1954, d/d 05/07/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT583Hawker Hunter F1f/f 10/02/1954, d/d 09/07/1954, to 7502M, to No.71 MU Bicester 10/1967History 
WT584Hawker Hunter F1f/f 20/02/1954, d/d 07/07/1954, to 7503M, scr. Cosford, remains to BicesterHistory 
WT585Hawker Hunter F1f/f 20/02/1954 d/d 07/07/1954, scr. 03/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT586Hawker Hunter F1f/f 22/02/1954 d/d 09/07/1954, scr. 02/05/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT587Hawker Hunter F1f/f 24/02/1954 d/d 21/07/1954, w/o 10/11/1956History 
WT588Hawker Hunter F1f/f 24/02/1954, d/d 15/07/1954, to 7504M 22/11/1957, scr. Upwood 1976History 
WT589Hawker Hunter F1f/f 15/06/1954 d/d 09/07/1954, w/o 16/11/1954History 
WT590Hawker Hunter F1f/f 21/06/1954 d/d 22/07/1954, w/o 22/10/1954History 
WT591Hawker Hunter F1f/f 21/06/1954, d/d 16/07/1954, w/o 24/01/1956, to 7411M n.t.u, scr. St. AthanHistory 
WT592Hawker Hunter F1f/f 22/06/1954, d/d 15/07/1954, to 7495M, perished Catterick Fire SchoolHistory 
WT593Hawker Hunter F1f/f 01/07/1954, d/d 17/09/1954, to 7505M, perished Bicester fire dumpHistory 
WT594Hawker Hunter F1f/f 02/07/1954, d/d 17/09/1954, scr. 04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT595Hawker Hunter F1f/f 02/07/1954, d/d 27/07/1954, to 7506M, to No.71 MU Bicester dump 05/1963History 
WT611Hawker Hunter F1f/f 08/07/1954, d/d 30/07/1954, w/o 09/09/1954History 
WT612Hawker Hunter F1f/f 13/07/1954, d/d 07/09/1954, to 7496M 22/11/1957, pres. RAF HenlowHistory 
WT613Hawker Hunter F1f/f 16/07/1954, d/d 05/08/1954, to 7523M 22/11/1957, scr. 18/03/1964 at WeetonHistory 
WT614Hawker Hunter F1f/f 12/07/1954, d/d 17/09/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT615Hawker Hunter F1f/f 20/07/1954, d/d 21/10/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT616Hawker Hunter F1f/f 20/07/1954, d/d 09/08/1954, to 7500M, scr. 1980 at Weston-super-MareHistory 
WT617Hawker Hunter F1f/f 29/07/1954, d/d 04/10/1954, to 7524M 22/11/1957 at Weeton, later scr.History 
WT618Hawker Hunter F1f/f 28/07/1954, d/d 07/09/1954, w/o 05/06/1956, CAT 5(c) 14/09/1956History 
WT619Hawker Hunter F1f/f 28/07/1954, d/d 13/09/1954, to 7525M 22/11/1957, pres. Montrose MuseumHistory 
WT620Hawker Hunter F1f/f 29/07/1954, d/d 22/09/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT621Hawker Hunter F1f/f 10/08/1954, d/d 21/09/1954, scr. 1959 at FarnboroughHistory 
WT622Hawker Hunter F1f/f 08/07/1954, d/d 27/07/1954, to 7526M 22/11/1957, perished Catterick 1979History 
WT623Hawker Hunter F1f/f 15/07/1954, d/d 05/08/1954, w/o 19/01/1956History 
WT624Hawker Hunter F1f/f 13/07/1954, d/d 12/08/1954, to 7426M, perished Catterick Fire SchoolHistory 
WT625Hawker Hunter F1f/f 07/08/1954, d/d 20/09/1954, to 7527M, perished Catterick Fire SchoolHistory 
WT626Hawker Hunter F1f/f 28/07/1954, d/d 07/09/1954, to 7528M, perished Catterick Fire SchoolHistory 
WT627Hawker Hunter F1f/f 07/08/1954, d/d 04/10/1954, w/o 13/08/1956History 
WT628Hawker Hunter F1f/f 05/08/1954, d/d 27/09/1954, w/o 18/07/1955History 
WT629Hawker Hunter F1f/f 06/08/1954, d/d 22/09/1954, w/o 08/02/1956History 
WT630Hawker Hunter F1f/f 01/09/1954, d/d 12/10/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT631Hawker Hunter F1f/f 29/07/1954, d/d 22/09/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT632Hawker Hunter F1f/f 04/09/1954, d/d 27/09/1954, w/o 06/12/1954History 
WT633Hawker Hunter F1f/f 12/08/1954, d/d 29/09/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT634Hawker Hunter F1f/f 10/08/1954, d/d 28/09/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT635Hawker Hunter F1f/f 01/09/1954, d/d 12/10/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT636Hawker Hunter F1f/f 09/09/1954, d/d 04/11/1954, to 7514M, perished Stradishall fire dumpHistory 
WT637Hawker Hunter F1f/f 15/09/1954, d/d 11/10/1954, w/o 27/08/1956, to 7375M, perished ManstonHistory 
WT638Hawker Hunter F1f/f 07/09/1954, d/d 1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT639Hawker Hunter F1f/f 03/09/1954, d/d 27/10/1954, w/o 08/02/1956History 
WT640Hawker Hunter F1f/f 09/09/1954, d/d 19/10/1954, w/o 02/05/1955History 
WT641Hawker Hunter F1f/f 02/09/1954, d/d 11/10/1954, to 7529M, perished Catterick Fire SchoolHistory 
WT642Hawker Hunter F1f/f 10/09/1954, d/d 07/10/1954, w/o 04/1957, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT643Hawker Hunter F1f/f 09/09/1954, d/d 15/10/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT644Hawker Hunter F1f/f 04/09/1954, d/d 07/10/1954, w/o 14/06/1955History 
WT645Hawker Hunter F1f/f 16/09/1954, d/d 07/10/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT646Hawker Hunter F1f/f 16/09/1954, d/d 19/10/1954, to 7410M, (N) scrapped Catterick 1980'sHistory 
WT647Hawker Hunter F1f/f 11/09/1954, d/d 17/11/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT648Hawker Hunter F1f/f 04/10/1954, d/d 04/11/1954, to 7530M, (N) Boscombe Down Aviation CollectionHistory 
WT649Hawker Hunter F1f/f 21/09/1954, d/d 12/11/1954, to 7531M 22/11/1957, s.o.c. 04/10/1962History 
WT650Hawker Hunter F1f/f 17/09/1954, d/d 15/10/1954, scr. 04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT651Hawker Hunter F1f/f 23/09/1954, d/d 21/10/1954, to 7532M 22/11/1957, pres. Newark MuseumHistory 
WT652Hawker Hunter F1f/f 18/09/1954, d/d 12/10/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT653Hawker Hunter F1f/f 27/09/1954, d/d 09/11/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT654Hawker Hunter F1f/f 24/09/1954, d/d 03/11/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT655Hawker Hunter F1f/f 04/10/1954, d/d 24/11/1954, w/o 02/09/1955History 
WT656Hawker Hunter F1f/f 14/10/1954, d/d 1954, scr. 1957History 
WT657Hawker Hunter F1f/f 02/10/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT658Hawker Hunter F1f/f 06/10/1954, d/d 24/11/1954, w/o 23/03/1956History 
WT659Hawker Hunter F1f/f 29/09/1954, d/d 03/11/1954, w/o 10/04/1956History 
WT660Hawker Hunter F1f/f 11/10/1954, d/d 17/11/1954, to 7421M, to West Raynham 16/10/2020History 
WT679Hawker Hunter F1f/f 28/09/1954, d/d 12/11/1954, w/o 13/01/1956, to 7412M, presume scrappedHistory 
WT680Hawker Hunter F1f/f 06/10/1954, d/d 10/11/1954, to 7533M, pres. Fleet Hargate, Lincs.History 
WT681Hawker Hunter F1f/f 11/10/1954, d/d 24/11/1954, to 7442M 18/06/1957, s.o.c. 30/01/1963 at WeetonHistory 
WT682Hawker Hunter F1f/f 06/10/1954, d/d 17/11/1954, to 7534M 22/11/1957, scr. WeetonHistory 
WT683Hawker Hunter F1f/f 08/10/1954, d/d 24/11/1954, to 7535M 22/11/1957, scr. Speke 02/1985History 
41H/665501WT684Hawker Hunter F1f/f 14/10/1954, d/d 24/11/1954, to 7422M, (N) pres. Lavendon, BuckinghamshireHistory 
WT685Hawker Hunter F1f/f 09/10/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, to 7536M 22/11/1957, scr. WeetonHistory 
WT686Hawker Hunter F1f/f 14/10/1954, d/d 12/11/1954, to 7507M, to No.71MU Bicester 09/1963, scr.History 
WT687Hawker Hunter F1f/f 20/10/1954, d/d 15/12/1954, to 7508M, to No.71MU Bicester 09/1963, scr.History 
WT688Hawker Hunter F1f/f 19/10/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT689Hawker Hunter F1f/f 20/10/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, w/o 02/09/1955History 
WT690Hawker Hunter F1f/f 13/10/1954, d/d 24/11/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT691Hawker Hunter F1f/f 21/10/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT692Hawker Hunter F1f/f 23/10/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, to 7509M, to No.71MU Bicester 09/1963, scr.History 
WT693Hawker Hunter F1f/f 21/10/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, to 7537M 22/11/1957, s.o.c. 04/10/1962, scr. WeetonHistory 
WT694Hawker Hunter F1f/f 29/10/1954, d/d 02/02/1955, to 7510M 22/11/1957, pres. Caernarfon MuseumHistory 
WT695Hawker Hunter F1f/f 08/11/1954, d/d 15/12/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT696Hawker Hunter F1f/f 04/11/1954, d/d 04/02/1955, to 7515M 22/11/1957, scr. St. AthanHistory 
WT697Hawker Hunter F1f/f 01/11/1954, d/d 17/12/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT698Hawker Hunter F1f/f 04/11/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, scr. 02/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT699Hawker Hunter F1f/f 03/11/1954, d/d 10/12/1954, scr. 30/04/1958 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WT700Hawker Hunter F1f/f 10/11/1954, d/d 01/02/1955, w/o 07/06/1957History 
41H-670668WT701Hawker Hunter T8f/f 20/10/1954, d/d 10/03/1955, to the Royal Navy 27/05/1959, w/o 23/08/1961History 
41H-665519 - 41H-670669WT702Hawker Hunter T8f/f 09/12/1954, d/d 10/03/1955, to the Royal Navy 12/06/1959, w/o 16/12/1982History 
WT703Hawker Hunter F4f/f 11/1954, d/d 10/03/1955, sold No.5 MU Kembe 17/01/1961, scr. 11/1964 DunsfoldHistory 
41H-670671WT704Hawker Hunter F4f/f 26/11/1954, d/d 21/02/1955, scr. 1959History 
WT705Hawker Hunter F4f/f 12/11/1954, d/d 10/03/1955, w/o 16/10/1957, to HSA 27/02/1961, scr. 11/1964History 
WT706Hawker Hunter T62f/f 13/12/1954, d/d 20/01/1955, d/d 10/1959 to Peruvian AF as 681, stored TexasHistory 
WT707Hawker Hunter F4f/f 13/01/1955, w/o 25/01/1955 before deliveryHistory 
41H-670675WT708Hawker Hunter F4f/f 15/12/1954, d/d 05/02/1955, scr. 1963 at No.5 MU Kemble to R J Coley's & SonsHistory 
41H-670675WT709Hawker Hunter F4f/f 15/12/1954, d/d 15/02/1955, w/o 03/11/1955History 
41H-670677WT710Hawker Hunter F4f/f 17/12/1954, d/d 15/02/1955, sold to HSA 12/07/1961, scr. Dunsfold 1964History 
41H-665528 - 41H670678WT711Hawker Hunter PR11f/f 10/02/1955, d/d 19/03/1955, to A2731, pres. Spark Bridge, CumbriaHistory 
41H-670679WT712Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 19/01/1955, d/d 01/03/1955, w/o 25/10/1965History 
41H-670680WT713Hawker Hunter F58Af/f 25/01/1955, d/d 02/03/1955, to G-9-336, Swiss AF as J-4120, s.o.c. 06/07/1992History 
41H-670681WT714Hawker Hunter F4f/f 25/01/1955, d/d 29/04/1955, w/o 18/08/1955History 
41H-670682WT715Hawker Hunter F4f/f 25/01/1955, d/d 14/03/1955, scr. Dunsfold during 11/1964History 
41H-670683WT716Hawker Hunter F58Af/f 27/01/1955, d/d 29/03/1955, 7790M, G-9-385, SwissAF J-4152 pres. DubendorfHistory 
41H-670684WT717Hawker Hunter F52f/f 25/01/1955, d/d 16/06/1955, d/d 02/1956 to Peruvian AF as 630History 
41H-670685WT718Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 29/01/1955, d/d 14/03/1955, w/o 31/08/1964History 
41H-670686WT719Hawker Hunter F4f/f 27/01/1955, d/d 17/03/1955, w/o 14/11/1957, to 7596M, scr. GaydonHistory 
41H-670687WT720Hawker Hunter F4f/f 27/01/1955, d/d 01/03/1955, scr. 11/1964 at HSA DunsfoldHistory 
WT721Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 02/02/1955, d/d 15/02/1955, w/o 22/09/1970History 
41H/670689WT722Hawker Hunter T8Cf/f 04/02/1955, d/d 24/05/1955, to Bournemouth Museum 02/08/2023History 
41H/670690WT723Hawker Hunter PR11f/f 16/02/1955, d/d 25/03/1955, to G-PRII 14/07/1999, pres. BirminghamHistory 
WT734Hawker Hunter F52f/f 05/02/1955, d/d 09/05/1955, d/d 03/1956 to Peruvian AF as 638History 
WT735Hawker Hunter F4f/f 12/02/1955, d/d 28/03/1955, s.o.c. 08/04/1960, perished Aylesbury fire dumpHistory 
WT736Hawker Hunter F4f/f 04/02/1955, d/d 1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670694WT737Hawker Hunter F4f/f 01/03/1955, d/d 29/03/1955, scr. 1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670695WT738Hawker Hunter F4f/f 17/02/1955, d/d 25/03/1955, w/o 20/10/1955History 
41H-670696WT739Hawker Hunter F4f/f 10/02/1955, d/d 02/03/1955, scr. 11/1962 at HSA DunsfoldHistory 
41H-670697WT740Hawker Hunter F4f/f 17/02/1955, d/d 29/03/1955, scr. 11/1964 at HSA DunsfoldHistory 
41H-670698WT741Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 01/03/1955, d/d 28/03/1955 as F4, conv 11/62 to GA11, to G-9-367, d/d 10/1973 to Singapore ADC as T75A 544, w/o 14/10/1976. Original nose to composite 'XG195' at Hemswell, to Doncaster 2005History 
41H-670699WT742Hawker Hunter F4f/f 28/08/1955, d/d 29/03/1955, s.o.c. 10/1957, remains scr. Foulness 1980'sHistory 
41H-670700WT743Hawker Hunter F4f/f 28/02/1955, d/d 29/03/1955, w/o 10/1957History 
41H/670701WT744Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 28/02/1955, d/d 25/03/1955, sold 26/11/1994, to Braunton, DevonHistory 
41H/670702WT745Hawker Hunter T8f/f 02/03/1955, d/d 14/04/1955, (F) Staravia, Ascot as scrap 1982, (C) No.4 SoTT St Athan in 1986 as 8893M, (C) Faygate 13/08/1990, Hurn 26/10/1990, to USA as N745WT, mated with new fuse, w/o 18/06/1998History 
41H/670703WT746Hawker Hunter F4f/f 01/03/1955, d/d 17/03/1955, to St Athan for G/I as 7770M 12/11/1962, to No.1 SoTT, Halton 04/1977, to Saighton Camp, Chester for G/I, sold 1999 to DGAM Dumfries, Scotland where it is on display.History 
41H-670704WT747Hawker Hunter F4f/f 04/03/1955, d/d 25/03/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670705WT748Hawker Hunter F4f/f 03/03/1955, d/d 1955, scr. 1962 by HSAHistory 
41H-670706WT749Hawker Hunter F4f/f 15/03/1955, d/d 01/04/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670707WT750Hawker Hunter F4f/f 04/03/1955, d/d 20/04/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670708WT751Hawker Hunter F4f/f 09/03/1955, d/d 28/03/1955, perished No.71 MU Bicester fire dumpHistory 
41H-670709WT752Hawker Hunter F4f/f 03/03/1955, d/d 01/04/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670710WT753Hawker Hunter F4f/f 10/03/1955, d/d 01/04/1955, scr. 1962 by HSAHistory 
41H-670711WT754Hawker Hunter F4f/f 10/03/1955, d/d 29/03/1955, w/o 05/09/1957, s.o.c. 08/10/1957, scr. 1964History 
41H-670712WT755Hawker Hunter T81f/f 18/03/1955, d/d 14/04/1955, to G-9-417, to Kenyan AF 803, Zimbabwe AF 8100History 
41H-670713WT756Hawker Hunter F52f/f 11/03/1955, d/d 20/04/1955, d/d 04/1956 to Peruvian AF as 639History 
41H-670714WT757Hawker Hunter F4f/f 15/03/1955, d/d 01/04/1955, w/o 20/10/1955History 
41H-670715WT758Hawker Hunter F52f/f 17/03/1955, d/d 14/04/1955, d/d 03/1956 to Peruvian AF as 633History 
41H-670716WT759Hawker Hunter F52f/f 16/03/1955, d/d 20/05/1955, d/d 03/1956 to Peruvian AF as 642History 
41H-670717WT760Hawker Hunter F4f/f 17/03/1955 d/d 14/04/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670718WT761Hawker Hunter F4f/f 28/03/1955 d/d 15/04/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
7571WT761Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex 124761, f/f 16/01/1951, d/d 16/09/1953, w/o 29/08/1957History 
41H-670719WT762Hawker Hunter F4f/f 29/03/1955, d/d 15/04/1955, w/o 07/07/1955History 
41H-670720WT763Hawker Hunter F4f/f 25/03/1955, d/d 20/04/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670721WT764Hawker Hunter F4f/f 16/03/1955, d/d 14/04/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670722WT765Hawker Hunter F52f/f 05/04/1955, d/d 29/04/1955, d/d 04/1956 to Peruvian AF as 645History 
41H-670723WT766Hawker Hunter F52f/f 24/03/1955, d/d 02/05/1955, d/d 03/1956 to Peruvian AF as 635History 
41H-670724WT767Hawker Hunter F4f/f 12/04/1955, d/d 26/04/1955, scr. 1962 at HSA DunsfoldHistory 
41H-670725WT768Hawker Hunter F52f/f 23/04/1955, d/d 25/05/1955, d/d 04/1956 to Peruvian AF as 641History 
41H-670726WT769Hawker Hunter F4f/f 30/03/1955, d/d 20/05/1955, scr. 1962 at HSA DunsfoldHistory 
41H-670727WT770Hawker Hunter F50f/f 24/06/1955, d/d 26/08/1955 to Swedish AF as 34001, scr.History 
41H-670728WT771Hawker Hunter F4f/f 14/04/1955, d/d 20/05/1955, scr. 11/1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670729WT772Hawker Hunter T8f/f 30/03/1955, d/d 31/05/1955, w/o 21/09/1976, (N) perished Yeovilton fire dumpHistory 
41H-670730WT773Hawker Hunter F52f/f 19/04/1955, d/d 29/04/1955, d/d 05/1956 to Peruvian AF as 644History 
41H-670731WT774Hawker Hunter F52f/f 06/04/1955, d/d 02/05/1955, d/d 05/1956 to Peruvian AF as 637History 
41H-670732WT775Hawker Hunter F4f/f 04/04/1955, d/d 25/04/1955, scr. 1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670733WT776Hawker Hunter F52f/f 01/04/1955, d/d 24/05/1955, d/d 05/1956 to Peruvian AF as 631History 
41H-670734WT777Hawker Hunter F4f/f 21/04/1955, d/d 02/06/1955, scr. 1962 at HSA DunsfoldHistory 
41H/670735WT778Hawker Hunter F4f/f 05/04/1955, d/d 25/05/1955, to 7791M, remains to AMS Brize Norton, scr.History 
41H-670736WT779Hawker Hunter F52f/f 19/04/1955, d/d 25/05/1955, d/d 04/1956 to Peruvian AF as 643History 
41H-670737WT780Hawker Hunter F4f/f 06/04/1955, d/d 22/10/1955, scr. 1964 by HSAHistory 
WT795Hawker Hunter F4f/f 21/04/1955, d/d 04/05/1955, scr. 1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670739WT796Hawker Hunter F52f/f 24/04/1955, d/d 04/05/1955, d/d 05/1956 to Peruvian AF as 640History 
41H-670740WT797Hawker Hunter F58Af/f 21/04/1955, d/d 20/05/1955, to 7792M, G-9-388, SwissAF J-4148, s.o.c. 13/03/1990History 
41H-670741WT798Hawker Hunter F4f/f 13/04/1955, d/d 22/03/1956, scr. 1964 by HSAHistory 
41H/670742WT799Hawker Hunter T8f/f 26/04/1955, d/d 01/06/1955, to Womersley Diving School May 2006History 
41H-670743WT800Hawker Hunter F52f/f 04/04/1955, d/d 26/04/1955, d/d 04/1956 to Peruvian AF as 636History 
41H-670744WT801Hawker Hunter F71f/f 23/03/1955, d/d 01/06/1955, to 7789M, G-9-379, Chilean AF as J-731History 
WT802Hawker Hunter F4f/f 24/03/1955, d/d 20/04/1955, scr. 1964 by HSAHistory 
41H-670746WT803Hawker Hunter F52f/f 23/03/1955, d/d 29/04/1955, d/d 05/1956 to Peruvian AF as 634History 
41H/670747WT804Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 23/03/1955, d/d 14/04/1955, A2646, privately owned, stored Todenham, Glos.History 
41H-670748WT805Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 18/04/1955, d/d 02/05/1955, w/o 22/03/1967History 
41H/670749WT806Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 31/03/1955, d/d 25/04/1955, sold 1994, to Bruntingthorpe 12/2010History 
41H-670750WT807Hawker Hunter F4f/f 04/04/1955, d/d 02/05/1955, w/o 18/08/1955History 
41H-670751WT808Hawker Hunter F58Af/f 05/05/1955, d/d 24/05/1955, to G-9-337, Swiss AF J-4121, s.o.c. 21/01/1992History 
41H/670752WT809Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 13/04/1955, d/d 28/06/1955, w/o 14/06/1988History 
WT810Hawker Hunter GA11f/f 19/04/1955, d/d 18/05/1955, w/o 25/10/1965History 
WT811Hawker Hunter F4f/f 23/04/1955, d/d 24/05/1955, scr. 1964 by HSAHistory 
WT827Gloster Javelin f/f 07/03/1953, s.o.c 16/11/1962 and scrapped at No.49 MU ColerneHistory 
WT830Gloster Javelin f/f 14/01/1954, to 7485M to Bircham Newton, s.o.c. 11/12/1962, scr.HistoryEdit
WT836Gloster Javelin f/f 20/07/1954, never delivered, to Cosford for G.I. as 7552M, scr. 23/03/1964HistoryEdit
WT841Gloster Javelin f/f 20/08/1956, s.o.c 25/07/1960 and scrappedHistory 
WA/H/108WT845Westland Dragonfly HC4d/d 22/08/1952, w/o 21/01/1953History 
WA/H/109WT846Westland Dragonfly HC4d/d 19/08/1952, w/o 25/11/1953History 
7832WT849Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 126849, f/f 07/1952, d/d 21/11/1955, to SE-EBN, w/o 06/05/1971History 
WT851Supermarine Attacker FB1d/d 16/05/1952,sold as scrap on 25/03/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
WT854Supermarine Scimitar f/f 19/01/1956, s.o.c. 06/11/1964, scrapped P&EE Foulness IslandHistory 
WT859Supermarine Scimitar f/f 26/06/1956, to A2499, (N) to Boscombe Down Aviation CollectionHistory 
669WT865Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 02/07/1951, w/o 08/02/1953, s.o.c. 08/02/1953 as CAT.5(C)History 
676WT866Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 02/07/1951, w/o 31/08/1956, s.o.c. 18/10/1956 CAT.5CHistory 
677WT867Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 13/08/1951, sold 14/08/1985, to Eaglescott, Devon, to BGA5805?, gone by 2014HistoryEdit
678WT868Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 13/08/1951, sold 02/1999, converted to motor Cadet as PH-1163, Goch, GermanyHistoryEdit
679WT869Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 20/08/1951, sold 1980, fate unknownHistoryEdit
680WT870Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 22/08/1951, sold 21/08/1986, fate unknownHistoryEdit
681WT871Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 20/08/1951, sold 22/04/1985, to BGA3149/FCG, to HilversumHistoryEdit
682WT872Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 03/09/1951, w/o 1977, to G.I. with Air Cadets, fate unknownHistoryEdit
683WT873Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 05/09/1951, sold 31/10/1983 to G-BZLK 02/08/2000, BGA2976 DunkeswellHistory 
684WT874Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 17/09/1951, to BGA1255, privately owned LashamHistory 
685WT875Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 17/09/1951, w/o 23/10/1978 in hangar fire at Kenley, s.o.c. 21/10/1978History 
686WT876Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 02/10/1951, w/o 13/06/1961, s.o.c. 13/06/1961 CAT 5sHistory 
687WT877Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 02/10/1951, sold to V Mears 21/08/1986, disp. Tettenhall Museum 05/2016HistoryEdit
688WT893Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 17/10/1951, w/o 04/10/1963, to BGA1227, w.f.u. 04/1974History 
689WT894Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 17/10/1951, w/o 15/04/1967, s.o.c. 28/04/1967 CAT 5sHistory 
690WT895Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 29/10/1951, w/o 16/04/1983, s.o.c. 30/08/1983 as CAT 5sHistory 
691WT896Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 29/10/1951, w/o 26/07/1955, s.o.c. 25/07/1955 CAT 5sHistory 
692WT897Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 29/10/1951, w/o 18/10/1961, to 7710M 06/01/1961, scr. Weeton 20/05/1963History 
693WT898Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 29/10/1951, sold 21/08/1986, to BGA3284, to BGA4412/JCS AustriaHistoryEdit
694WT899Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 27/11/1951, sold 20/08/1985 to R J Everett, to Midden Zeeland, to TilburgHistoryEdit
695WT900Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 17/12/1951, sold 09/09/1986, to BGA3272/FHK, Saltby, LeicsHistoryEdit
696WT901Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 03/12/1951, sold 22/08/1985, to Germany, to BGA5638HistoryEdit
697WT902Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 0312/1951, sold 16/04/1985, to BGA3147, to N12065 Marana, ArizonaHistoryEdit
698WT903Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 11/12/1951, sold 10/09/1987 to Lasham Gliding Society, to BGA3299/FJN, Grobnik, Croatia, to Czecia with Slovenia owner?HistoryEdit
699WT904Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 07/12/1951, sold 09/12/1985, to SE-SMB, to LN-GKP, to Rygge, to FalkopingHistory 
700WT905Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 07/12/1951, sold 20/08/1985 to R J Everett, to Sevenoaks area, Kent 01/2008HistoryEdit
701WT906Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 07/01/1952, sold 14/09/1987, to BGA3360 n.t.u, to G-BRVJ YearbyHistoryEdit
702WT907Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 07/01/1952, w/o 13/08/1970History 
703WT908Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 09/01/1952 sold 19/08/1986, to BGA3487/FSJ, Dunstable, BedfordshireHistoryEdit
704WT909Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 09/01/1952, sold 22/08/1985 to PH-797, D-1081, HB-557 Schänis, SwitzerlandHistoryEdit
705WT910Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 28/01/1952, sold, to BGA3953/HHG, privately owned Denbighshire, Wales HistoryEdit
706WT911Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 28/01/1952, sold 21/08/1985, to G-BODG, to East Fortune, ScotlandHistoryEdit
707WT912Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 18/02/1952, w/o 26/07/1971History 
708WT913Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 18/02/1952, s.o.c. 04/08/1986, to BGA3239/FGA, pres. Sunderland MuseumHistoryEdit
709WT914Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 10/03/1952, sold 20/08/1985, to BGA3194, pres. East Midlands AeroparkHistoryEdit
710WT915Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 10/03/1952, sold 12/09/1986, to BGA3181/FDQ, to Elmpt Station, GermanyHistoryEdit
711WT916Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 17/03/1952, w/o 05/05/1965, s.o.c. 09/06/1965 CAT.5(C)History 
712WT917Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 17/03/1952, sold 09/09/1986, to BGA3289/FJC, to PH-1121 Goch, GermanyHistoryEdit
713WT918Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 07/04/1952, sold 19/08/1986, to BGA3241/FGC, Paderborn - HaxterbergHistoryEdit
714WT919Slingsby Cadet TX3d/d 07/04/1952, sold 29/08/1986, privately owned, SwedenHistoryEdit
12890WT923Bristol Sycamore HC11Ex G-ALSV, d/d 29/09/1951, s.o.c 29/08/1963 and scrappedHistory 
12893WT924Bristol Sycamore HC11Ex G-ALSY, d/d 16/11/1951, s.o.c 29/08/1963 and scrappedHistory 
WT925Bristol Sycamore HC11Ex G-ALTA, d/d 19/03/1952, sold as scrap 06/07/1964History 
12897WT926Bristol Sycamore HC11Ex G-ALTC, d/d 14/05/1952, w/o 10/04/1953History 
WT930Bristol 170 Freighter CanxHistory 
12891WT933Bristol Sycamore Mk.3Ex G-ALSW, to 7709M, pres. Newark Air Museum, NottinghamshireHistory 
12896WT939Bristol Sycamore Mk.3Ex G-ALTB, w/o 14/01/1958History 
7403WT943Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124097, mispainted as WT097, f/f 07/1950, d/d 21/11/1955, b/u 18/03/1963History 
7584WT944Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127942, f/f 13/06/1951, d/d 10/11/1951, s.o.c. 18/06/1963History 
7585WT945Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127943, f/f 19/07/1951, d/d 10/11/1951, scr. 05/05/1965 at CuldroseHistory 
7586WT946Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127944, f/f 18/08/1951, d/d 10/11/1951, scr. Abbotsinch 27/03/1961History 
7587WT947Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127945, f/f 30/08/1951, d/d 10/11/1951, scr. Prestwick 18/03/1963History 
7961WT948Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127946, f/f 20/10/1952, d/d 19/02/1953, scr. Abbotsinch 27/03/1961History 
7962WT949Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127947, f/f 10/1952, d/d 19/02/1953, to G-31-5, SE-EBB, pres. StockholmHistory 
7963WT950Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127948, f/f 11/1953, d/d 20/02/1953, to G-31-7, to SE-EBD, scr.History 
7964WT951Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127949, f/f 05/11/1952, d/d 19/02/1953, G-31-2, SE-EBM, G-BMFC, N4277LHistory 
7965WT952Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127950, f/f 11/1952, d/d 02/1953, to G-31-4, SE-EBA, scr.History 
7966WT953Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127951, f/f 25/11/1952, d/d 19/02/1953, w/o 22/09/1959History 
7967WT954Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127952, f/f 02/12/1952, d/d 19/02/1953, scr. 27/03/1961 AbbotsinchHistory 
7968WT955Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127953, f/f 12/12/1952, d/d 31/03/1953, w/o 29/05/1956History 
7969WT956Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127954, f/f 1953, d/d 20/02/1953, to G-31-8, SE-EBE, scr.History 
7970WT957Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127955, f/f 01/1953, d/d 31/03/1953, to G-31-9, SE-EBF, w/o 25/02/1976History 
7971WT958Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127956, f/f 24/02/1953, d/d 31/03/1953, w/o 13/04/1957History 
7972WT959Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127957, f/f 1953, d/d 31/03/1953, to G-31-13, SE-EBC, w/o 09/08/1968History 
7973WT960Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127958, f/f 09/02/1953, d/d 31/03/1953, scr. Abbotsinch 27/03/1961History 
7974WT961Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127959, f/f 21/02/1953, d/d 31/03/1953, w/o 05/11/1956History 
7975WT962Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127960, f/f 02/1953, d/d 15/09/1953, to G-31-6, SE-EBC, pres. UgglarpHistory 
7976WT963Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127961, f/f 18/03/1953, d/d 25/09/1953, w/o 24/06/1960History 
7420WT964Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124114, f/f 01/12/1950, d/d 01/09/1953, scr. Donibristle 26/12/1958History 
7430WT965Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124124, f/f 30/01/1951, d/d 15/09/1953, scr. Lee-on-Solent 23/10/1961History 
7575WT966Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124765, f/f 03/1951, d/d 15/05/1953, b/u PrestwickHistory 
7581WT967Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124771, f/f 05/1951, d/d 25/09/1953, b/u PrestwickHistory 
7578WT968Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124768, f/f 03/05/1951, d/d 25/09/1953, scr. Fleetlands 09/01/1959History 
7413WT969Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124107, f/f 12/10/1950, d/d 25/09/1953, scr. Donibristle 26/12/1958History 
WT970Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT971Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT972Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT973Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT974Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT975Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT976Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT977Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT978Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT979Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT980Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
WT981Douglas Skyraider AEW1CanxHistory 
7418WT982Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124112, mispainted as WT112, f/f 10/1950, d/d 25/09/1953, b/u for sparesHistory 
7427WT983Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124121, mispainted as WT121, f/f 24/01/1951, d/d 25/09/1953, YeoviltonHistory 
7849WT984Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 126866, f/f 08/1952, d/d 24/04/1956, w/o 24/11/1956History 
7410WT985Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124104, f/f 10/1950, d/d 21/11/1955, scr. 05/05/1965 at CuldroseHistory 
7409WT986Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 124103, f/f 09/1950, d/d 19/02/1953, b/u at FleetlandsHistory 
7937WT987Douglas Skyraider AEW1Ex BuAer 127922, f/f 08/1952, d/d 22/11/1955, G-31-3, SE-EBL, N5469Y, USS MidwayHistory 

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