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WB105Gloster Meteor F8d/d 16/04/1951, w/o 30/06/1956History 
WB106Gloster Meteor F8d/d 16/05/1951, w/o 15/09/1951HistoryEdit
WB107Gloster Meteor F8d/d 16/04/1951, w/o 18/07/1954, s.o.c. 23/07/1954 at No.60 MU RufforthHistory 
WB108Gloster Meteor F8d/d 10/04/1951, w/o 21/12/1954History 
WB109Gloster Meteor F8d/d 20/04/1951, scr. 14/04/1959 No.12 MU Kirkbride to BKL Alloys, BirminghamHistory 
WB110Gloster Meteor F8d/d 10/05/1951, w/o 18/06/1951History 
WB111Gloster Meteor F8d/d 25/04/1951, s.o.c. 09/06/1955 as CAT 5(c) at No.32 MU St. AthanHistory 
WB112Gloster Meteor F8d/d 10/04/1951, sold as scrap 27/03/1963 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
WB113Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 10/04/1951, w/o 24/07/1953History 
WB114Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 13/04/1951, w/o 09/08/1951History 
WB115Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 07/05/1951, to 7593M, to Coningsby fire dump 26/04/1959, since perishedHistory 
WB116Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 19/04/1951, to 7384M, to No.10 MU Hullavington, since scrappedHistory 
WB117Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 21/05/1951, w/o 04/04/1953History 
WB118Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 24/04/1951, w/o 31/10/1953History 
WB119Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 20/04/1951, w/o 05/05/1952History 
WB120Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 02/05/1951, w/o 04/06/1952History 
WB121Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 25/06/1951, s.o.c. 31/03/1958 as CAT 5(c) at MaltaHistory 
WB122Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 17/05/1951, w/o 05/09/1955History 
WB123Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 29/05/1951, to G-7-126, d/d 15/03/1955 to Israeli AF as 213History 
WB124Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 06/06/1951, w/o 11/05/1956, s.o.c. 31/05/1956History 
WB125Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 05/07/1951, w/o 18/08/1956History 
WB133Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 26/06/1951, to G-7-154, d/d 17/07/1956 to Syrian AF as 480History 
WB134Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 27/06/1951, s.o.c. 31/10/1957, to Foulness IslandHistory 
WB135Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 06/06/1951, sold as scrap 14/08/1957 at No.33 MU Lyneham to the MoSHistory 
WB136Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 16/07/1951, d/d 23/08/1954 to Ecuador AF as 704, to FF-114History 
WB137Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 05/07/1951, sold as scrap 14/08/1957 at No.33 MU LynehamHistory 
WB138Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 05/07/1951, w/o 25/02/1957History 
WB139Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 11/07/1951, w/o 22/07/1957History 
WB140Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 04/07/1951, to G-7-127, to Israeli AF 214, to Neve Yam, thought scrappedHistory 
WB141Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 27/07/1951, w/o 25/02/1958, s.o.c. 31/03/1958 at CAT 5(c) at MaltaHistory 
WB142Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 27/07/1951, w/o 17/02/1953History 
WB143Gloster Meteor FR9d/d 17/04/1951, w/o 08/04/1954History 
WB153Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 07/03/1951, s.o.c. 15/08/1960 at No.389/390 MU Seletar, SingaporeHistory 
WB154Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 07/03/1951, s.o.c. 10/09/1957 as CAT 5(c) at No.29 MU High ErcallHistory 
WB155Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 07/03/1951, scrapped 07/12/1960 at No.33 MU LynehamHistory 
WB156Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 20/04/1951, s.o.c. 10/09/1957 as CAT 5(c), remains to Foulness IslandHistory 
WB157Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 20/04/1951, scrapped 03/01/1958History 
WB158Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 20/04/1951, w/o 28/05/1952History 
WB159Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 16/04/1951, s.o.c. 07/08/1961 as CAT 5(c) at No.389/390 MU SeletarHistory 
WB160Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 01/05/1951, sold 14/01/1958 to MoSHistory 
WB161Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 01/05/1951, w/o 07/06/1952History 
WB162Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 02/05/1951, sold 08/11/1957 to MoSHistory 
WB163Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 27/04/1951, s.o.c. 17/09/1959 as CAT 5(c) at No.389/390 MU SeletarHistory 
WB164Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 06/06/1951, s.o.c. 19/02/1958 at Gloster Aircraft CompanyHistory 
WB165Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 04/06/1951, s.o.c. 06/08/1960, later sold to Malaysian AFHistory 
WB166Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 06/06/1951, s.o.c. 30/11/1961 as CAT 5(c) at No.389/390 MU SeletarHistory 
WB167Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 05/06/1951, s.o.c. 09/03/1960 as CAT 5(c) at No.389/390 MU SeletarHistory 
WB168Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 19/06/1951, sold 14/01/1958 to MoSHistory 
WB169Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 21/06/1951, w/o 21/09/1955History 
WB170Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 05/06/1951, sold 14/01/1958 to MoSHistory 
WB171Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 08/06/1951, sold as scrap 07/11/1958 at No.12 MU KirkbrideHistory 
WB172Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 28/06/1951, sold 14/01/1958 to MoSHistory 
WB173Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 18/06/1951, w/o 22/12/1952History 
WB174Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 29/06/1951, sold 08/11/1957 to MoS at Foulness IslandHistory 
WB175Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 26/06/1951, sold 05/12/1957 to MoSHistory 
WB176Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 02/07/1951, w/o 03/04/1956History 
WB177Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 16/07/1951, sold 05/12/1957 to MoSHistory 
WB178Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 27/06/1951, s.o.c. 23/08/1956 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB179Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 28/06/1951, sold 01/11/1957 to MoSHistory 
WB180Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 29/08/1951, w/o 01/08/1956History 
WB181Gloster Meteor PR10d/d 28/08/1951, to MoS for ordnance trials at P&EE Shoeburyness, destroyedHistory 
(41H/665401)WB188Hawker Hunter P.1067f/f 20/07/1951, to 7154M, to RAF Museum Cosford, pres. Tangmere MuseumHistory 
(41H/665402)WB195Hawker Hunter P.1067f/f 05/05/1952, to Solihull, for G.I. as 7284M, sold as scrap 12/1967History 
(41H/665403)WB202Hawker Hunter P.1067f/f 30/11/1952, d/d 09/03/1953, scrapped Bedford 1960History 
WB210Vickers V.660 w/o 12/01/1952History 
WB215Vickers V.671 S.o.c. 20/02/1961, to Foulness Island 04/03/1962History 
5117WB220Sikorsky S-51 Returned to G-AJHW 29/03/1949, sold to Canada as CF-JTOHistory 
WB228Bristol Brigand B1d/d 13/02/1950, w/o 03/10/1950History 
WB236Bristol Brigand B1d/d 27/02/1950, s.o.c. 20/03/1953 with the FEAFHistory 
F8469WB243Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 02/04/1949, sold as scrap 13/01/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F8470WB244Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 02/04/1949, w/o 05/06/1951History 
F8471WB245Fairey Firefly U9d/d 28/04/1949, w/o 25/05/1960History 
F8472WB246Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/04/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8473WB247Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/04/1949, sold as scrap 13/01/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F8474WB248Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/04/1949, broken up as spares 07/09/1955 at FleetlandsHistory 
F8475WB249Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/04/1949, w/o 06/12/1952History 
F8476WB250Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/04/1949, to A2374 at Gosport, later scrappedHistory 
F8477WB251Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 28/04/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8478WB252Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 28/04/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8479WB253Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 29/05/1949, w/o 16/06/1949History 
F8480WB254Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 02/0/1949, broken up as spares 26/11/1956 at YeoviltonHistory 
F8481WB255Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 29/05/1949, w/o 21/08/1950History 
F8482WB256Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/06/1949, broken up as spares 07/09/1955 at FleetlandsHistory 
F8483WB257Fairey Firefly U9d/d 01/06/1949, w/o 11/10/1958History 
F8484WB258Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 08/06/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8485WB259Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 25/05/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8486WB260Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 26/05/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8487WB261Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 30/05/1949, sold as scrap 08/03/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8488WB262Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/05/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8489WB263Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 27/05/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8490WB264Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/04/1949, w/o 29/0/1953History 
F8491WB265Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 30/05/1949, s.o.c 10/02/1950History 
F8492WB266Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 31/05/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8493WB267Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 30/05/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8494WB268Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 30/05/1949, sold as scrap 06/05/1955 at AnthornHistory 
F8495WB269Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 31/05/1949, w/o 13/03/1951History 
F8496WB270Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 08/06/1949, w/o 11/03/1954History 
F8497WB271Fairey Firefly AS5d/d 01/06/1949, w/o 12/07/2003History 
F8498WB272Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 31/05/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8499WB281Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 15/06/1949, w/o 08/10/1959History 
F8500WB282Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 17/06/1949, sold as scrap 13/01/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F8501WB283Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 17/06/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8502WB284Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 20/06/1949, sold as scrap 18/11/1955History 
F8503WB285Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 23/06/1949, w/o 13/09/1950History 
F8504WB286Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 23/06/1949, w/o 01/04/1952, s.o.c 20/05/1952History 
F8505WB287Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 31/05/1949, w/o 04/01/1950History 
F8506WB288Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/06/1949, scr. 10/01/1958 at Anthorn to Enfield Rolling Mills, History 
F8507WB289Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 24/06/1949, w/o 15/11/1949History 
F8508WB290Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/07/1949, w/o 03/11/1952History 
F8509WB291Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/07/1949, w/o 03/11/1952History 
F8510WB292Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/07/1949, d/d 20/08/1949 to RAN, scr. 06/03/1959 to T Carr & CoHistory 
F8511WB293Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/07/1949, w/o 21/08/1950History 
F8512WB294Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 04/07/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8513WB295Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/07/1949, s.o.c. 18/07/1950 for unknown reasonsHistory 
F8514WB296Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 08/07/1949, w/o 25/02/1953History 
F8515WB297Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 12/07/1949, w/o 03/04/1951History 
F8516WB298Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 14/07/1949, scr. 02/03/1957 at Anthorn, remains still at Failsworth 1978History 
F8517WB299Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 18/07/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8518WB300Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 19/07/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8519WB301Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 19/07/1949, w/o 08/05/1953History 
F8520WB302Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 21/07/1949, sold as scrap 15/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8521WB303Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 22/07/1949, d/d 27/05/1954 to RAN, broken up 06/02/1956 as sparesHistory 
F8522WB304Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 11/08/1949, w/o 09/03/1954History 
F8523WB305Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 12/08/1949, w/o 19/06/1950, s.o.c 24/06/1950History 
F8524WB306Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 15/08/1949, d/d 03/1952 to RAN, to Nowra fire dump 15/05/1958, perishedHistory 
F8525WB307Fairey Firefly U9d/d 18/08/1949, shot down 16/09/1958 off the Malta coastHistory 
F8526WB308Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 17/08/1949, w/o 28/06/1951History 
F8527WB309Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 18/08/1949, w/o 22/09/1951History 
F8528WB310Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 03/10/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8529WB311Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 24/08/1949, scr. 10/01/1958 at Anthorn to Enfield Rolling MillsHistory 
F8530WB312Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 29/08/1949, scr. 10/01/1958 at Anthorn to Enfield Rolling MillsHistory 
F8531WB313Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 31/08/1949, to A2389 at SAH Gosport, later to Lee-on-Solent, fate unknownHistory 
F8532WB314Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/09/1949, w/o 24/09/1953History 
F8533WB315Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/09/1949, w/o 04/10/1951History 
F8534WB316Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 08/09/1949, w/o 06/11/1953History 
WB323Auster Mk.8Cancelled, not builtHistory 
F8535WB330Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 15/09/1949, broken up as spares 07/09/1955 at FleetlandsHistory 
F8536WB331Fairey Firefly U9d/d 12/09/1949, w/o 26/09/1960History 
F8537WB332Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 16/09/1949, w/o 24/07/1952History 
F8538WB333Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 16/09/1949, sold as scrap 13/01/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F8539WB334Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 03/10/1949, broken up as spares 22/09/1950 at SambawangHistory 
F8540WB335Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 23/09/1949, sold as scrap 13/01/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F8541WB336Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 23/09/1949, w/o 25/09/1951History 
F8542WB337Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/09/1949, sold as scrap 13/01/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F8543WB338Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/09/1949, to RAN 03/1949, w/o 02/09/1952, b/u 02/06/1953 at RandwickHistory 
F8544WB339Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 03/10/1949, s.o.c. 27/01/1955, to Anthorn dump 04/1957, since perishedHistory 
F8545WB340Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 03/10/1949, w/o 12/04/1951History 
F8546WB341Fairey Firefly U9d/d 06/10/1949, w/o 30/07/1958, s.o.c. 10/12/1958, to Luqa fire dump, perishedHistory 
F8547WB342Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 10/10/1949, w/o 18/11/1952History 
F8548WB343Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 10/10/1949, sold as scrap 22/07/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8549WB344Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 13/10/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8550WB345Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 24/10/1949, broken up as spares 03/01/1957 at SambawangHistory 
F8551WB346Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 20/10/1949, w/o 18/05/1951History 
F8552WB347Fairey Firefly U9d/d 17/10/1949, w/o 09/09/1960History 
F8553WB348Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 21/10/1949, sold as scrap 11/01/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F8554WB349Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 21/10/1949, to A2390 at SAH Gosport, since scrappedHistory 
F8555WB350Fairey Firefly U9d/d 27/10/1949, w/o 26/07/1960History 
F8556WB351Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/10/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8557WB352Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/10/1949, s.o.c 20/03/1951History 
F8558WB353Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 03/11/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8559WB354Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 07/11/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8560WB355Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 10/11/1949, s.o.c 16/09/1953 at SambawangHistory 
F8561WB356Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 10/11/1949, w/o 11/10/1954History 
F8562WB357Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 17/11/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8563WB358Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 18/11/1949, w/o 08/12/1951History 
F8564WB359Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 18/11/1949, scrapped Bramcote circa 1955History 
F8565WB360Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 17/11/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8566WB361Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 25/11/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8567WB362Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 21/11/1949, s.o.c 28/01/1953History 
F8568WB363Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 22/11/1949, w/o 07/06/1951History 
F8569WB364Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 28/11/1949, w/o 27/07/1951History 
F8570WB365Fairey Firefly U9d/d 30/11/1949, w/o 06/10/1960History 
F8571WB366Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/12/1949, w/o 09/02/1953History 
F8572WB367Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 06/12/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8573WB368Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 09/12/1949, sold as scrap 18/11/1955 at AnthornHistory 
F8574WB369Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 14/12/1949, s.o.c 01/11/1950 in the Far EastHistory 
F8575WB370Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 12/12/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8576WB371Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 12/12/1949, to RAN, w/o 04/04/1953, broken up as spares 07/11/1955History 
F8577WB372Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 16/12/1949, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8578WB373Fairey Firefly U9d/d 19/12/1949, w/o 04/11/1958History 
F8579WB374Fairey Firefly U9d/d 19/12/1949, w/o 07/10/1960History 
F8580WB375Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 05/01/1950, s.o.c 13/09/1950History 
F8581WB376Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 13/01/1950, s.o.c 01/11/1950History 
F8582WB377Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 13/01/1950, scrapped Anthorn circa 1957History 
F8583WB378Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 13/01/1950, w/o 03/12/1954History 
F8584WB379Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 13/01/1950, to G/I at SAH Gosport as A2391, s.o.c 18/11/1955 and scrappedHistory 
F8585WB380Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 20/01/1950, w/o 16/07/1951History 
F8586WB381Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 20/01/1950, w/o 09/09/1951History 
F8587WB382Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 23/01/1950, sold as scrap 07/09/1955 at FleetlandsHistory 
F8588WB391Fairey Firefly U9d/d 06/02/1950, w/o 27/11/1951History 
F8589WB392Fairey Firefly U9d/d 06/02/1950, w/o 27/11/1951History 
F8590WB393Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 25/01/1950, to RAN 27/09/1951, w/o 26/10/1951History 
F8591WB394Fairey Firefly U9d/d 06/02/1950, w/o 03/11/1958History 
F8592WB395Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 06/02/1950, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8593WB396Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 06/02/1950, w/o 14/10/1951History 
F8594WB397Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 06/02/1950, w/o 22/07/1954History 
F8595WB398Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 14/02/1950, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8596WB399Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 03/03/1950, s.o.c 05/10/1953History 
F8597WB400Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 16/02/1950, sold as scrap 11/01/1958 at AbbotsinchHistory 
F8598WB401Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 14/02/1950, s.o.c 08/11/1956 and scrapped at FleetlandsHistory 
F8599WB402Fairey Firefly U9d/d 16/02/1950, w/o 30/01/1958History 
F8600WB403Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 20/02/1950, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8601WB404Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 23/02/1950, w/o 25/10/1951History 
F8602WB405Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/02/1950, w/o 18/05/1950, to G.I at Arbroath, later scrappedHistory 
F8603WB406Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/02/1950, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8604WB407Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/03/1950, scrapped 07/09/1955 at FleetlandsHistory 
F8605WB408Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 01/03/1950, w/o 02/11/1954History 
F8606WB409Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 16/03/1950, s.o.c 27/01/1955History 
F8607WB410Fairey Firefly U9d/d 01/03/1950, w/o 25/08/1960History 
F8608WB411Fairey Firefly U9d/d 08/03/1950, w/o 25/08/1960History 
F8609WB412Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 16/03/1950, s.o.c 15/01/1953History 
F8610WB413Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/03/1950, w/o 31/05/1952History 
F8611WB414Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 17/03/1950, w/o 13/03/1952History 
F8612WB415Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 17/03/1950, scrapped 07/09/1955 at FleetlandsHistory 
F8613WB416Fairey Firefly U9d/d 27/03/1950, sold as scrap 21/07/1961 at Fairey's of RingwayHistory 
F8614WB417Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/03/1950, sold as scrap 10/01/1958 at AnthornHistory 
F8615WB418Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/03/1950, w/o 06/10/1950History 
F8616WB419Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 27/03/1950, scrapped Anthorn 28/11/1955History 
F8617WB420Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 20/04/1950, w/o 17/03/1951History 
F8618WB421Fairey Firefly Mk.5d/d 20/04/1950, scrapped 07/09/1955 at FleetlandsHistory 
F8619WB422Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 20/04/1950, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8620WB423Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 01/10/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, b/u 02/10/1957 at Schofields, NSWHistory 
F8621WB424Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 07/10/1950, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8622WB425Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 07/10/1950, w/o 24/06/1953History 
F8623WB426Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 01/12/1950, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8624WB427Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 01/12/1950, w/o 21/05/1952History 
F8625WB428Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 09/01/1951, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8626WB429Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 10/01/1951, w/o 09/07/1955History 
F8627WB430Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 10/01/1951, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8628WB431Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 23/01/1951, sold as scrap 02/03/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8629WB432Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 23/01/1951, w/o 30/01/1955History 
F8630WB433Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 24/01/1951, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8631WB434Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 23/01/1951, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8632WB435Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 01/02/1951, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8633WB436Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 02/02/1951, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8634WB437Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 05/06/1950, sold as scrap 08/03/1957 at AnthornHistory 
F8635WB438Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 05/02/1951, sold as scrap 22/07/1952 at AnthornHistory 
F8636WB439Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 26/02/1951, w/o 06/02/1952History 
F8637WB440Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 01/02/1951, scr. 08/03/1957 at Anthorn, (N) Newton Abbot area, DevonHistory 
WB446Avro Anson T21d/d 26/01/1950, b/u 30/04/1958History 
WB447Avro Anson T21d/d 03/02/1950, b/u 18/08/1956 as spares at No.49 MU ColerneHistory 
WB448Avro Anson T21d/d 03/02/1950, to Kinloss dump 06/04/1960, since perishedHistory 
WB449Avro Anson T21d/d 03/02/1950, b/u 16/05/1957 as spares at No.58 MU Sutton BridgeHistory 
WB450Avro Anson T21d/d 06/02/1950, sold as scrap 27/04/1964History 
WB451Avro Anson T21d/d 14/02/1950, sold as scrap 19/05/1960History 
WB452Avro Anson T21d/d 15/02/1950, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 to H H Bushell & Co, BirminghamHistory 
WB453Avro Anson T21d/d 30/03/1950, sold as scrap 18/01/1962 to Hants AirHistory 
WB454Avro Anson T21d/d 27/02/1950, sold as scrap 02/05/1960 to R J EdeyHistory 
WB455Avro Anson T21d/d 06/04/1950, b/u 07/04/1953History 
WB456Avro Anson T21d/d 03/04/1950, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 to H H Bushell & Co, BirminghamHistory 
WB457Avro Anson T21d/d 03/04/1950, sold as scrap 10/05/1960 to H H Bushell & Co, BirminghamHistory 
WB458Avro Anson T21d/d 29/03/1950, sold as scrap 10/05/1960 to H H Bushell & Co, BirminghamHistory 
WB459Avro Anson T21d/d 30/03/1950, sold as scrap 13/07/1964 to H H Bushell & Co, BirminghamHistory 
WB460Avro Anson T21d/d 30/03/1960, sold as scrap 27/06/1960 to H H Bushell & Co, BirminghamHistory 
WB461Avro Anson T21d/d 05/04/1960, sold as scrap 19/05/1960 to Byres CoHistory 
WB462Avro Anson T21d/d 05/04/1950, sold as scrap 18/01/1962 to Hants AirHistory 
WB463Avro Anson T21d/d 03/04/1950, w/o 01/03/1955, s.o.c. 13/09/1955 at No.34 MU ShrewsburyHistory 
WB464Avro Anson T21d/d 11/04/1950, sold as scrap 18/01/1962 to Hants AirHistory 
WB465Avro Anson T21d/d 11/04/1950, sold as scrap 03/05/1966 to H S OwenHistory 
WB470Bristol Britannia 175CanxHistory 
WB473Bristol Britannia 175CanxHistory 
12799WB482Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21EEx G-AIMI, d/d 30/03/1949 to MoS, to RAAF A81-1, to VH-SJG, pres. Point CookHistory 
12805WB483Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21EEx G-AIMO, d/d 24/01/1949 to MoS, to RAAF as A81-2, w/o 25/11/1953History 
12809WB484Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21EEx G-AIMR, d/d 14/02/1949 to MoS, to RAAF as A81-3, to VH-SJQ, w/o 10/05/1975History 
541WB484Slingsby T.21B BGA575, w/o 13/05/1952, s.o.c. 03/07/1952 at CAT 5(c)History 
1395WB490Avro Ashton Mk.1f/f 01/09/1950 d/d 24/10/1951, b/u 21/12/1959 at WoodfordHistory 
1396WB491Avro Ashton Mk.2f/f 02/08/1951 d/d 08/09/1951, G-AJJW n.t.u, (N) pres. Newark Air MuseumHistory 
1397WB492Avro Ashton Mk.3f/f 06/07/1951 d/d 02/1952, w/o 04/08/1955, to Farnborough for structural testsHistory 
1398WB493Avro Ashton Mk.3f/f 18/12/1951 d/d 1952, scr. Filton 29/06/1963History 
1399WB494Avro Ashton Mk.4f/f 18/11/1952 , scr. Hatfield 12/02/1963History 
3WB499Vickers Viscount V.700Ex G-AMAV canx 29/03/1956, rtnd to G-AMAV 23/08/1956, broken up StanstedHistory 
WB505Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 31/05/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, scr. 04/06/1957 at NowraHistory 
WB506Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 31/05/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, scr. 06/03/1959 at NowraHistory 
WB507Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 31/05/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, scr. 06/03/1959 at NowraHistory 
WB508Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 31/05/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, scr. 06/03/1959 at NowraHistory 
WB509Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 01/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, scr. 20/01/1958 at Schofield, NSWHistory 
WB510Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 01/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, b/u as spares 08/02/1956 at NowraHistory 
WB516Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 15/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, b/u 29/07/1954 at Schofields, NSWHistory 
WB517Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 15/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, scr. 06/03/1959 at NowraHistory 
F8646WB518Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 19/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, to NX518WB, to Denver, COHistory 
WB519Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 21/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, w/o 10/06/1952History 
WB520Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 16/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, scr. 04/06/1957 at NowraHistory 
WB521Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 27/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, b/u 07/11/1955 at Schofields, NSWHistory 
WB522Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 19/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, w/o 22/02/1952History 
WB523Fairey Firefly AS6d/d 22/06/1950, d/d 17/10/1950 to RAN, w/o 19/02/1952History 
4264WB530DH Devon C1d/d 04/07/1949, to Swinderby as 8825M, scr. 10/1987History 
04266WB531DH Devon C2d/d 12/07/1949, to G-BLRN 18/05/1990, to D-INKA at Dusseldorf, to EssenHistory 
4267WB532DH Devon C1h/o 19/07/1949, d/d 20/07/1949, w/o 04/01/1962History 
4269WB533DH Devon C2d/d 13/08/1949, to G-DEVN 26/10/1984, preserved Merseburg, GermanyHistory 
04270WB534DH Devon C2d/d 11//11/1949, to OY-BHZ DenmarkHistory 
4271WB535DH Devon C1d/d 30/12/1949, to Sennybridge ranges 1978, since destroyedHistory 
WB543AW Meteor NF11Sold as scrap 28/02/1955History 
C1/0001/DHH.f1 WB549DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1949, to G-BAPB 26/02/1973, to Old BuckenhamHistory 
C1/0002/DHH.f3 WB550DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 18/11/1949, pres. RCAF Memorial Museum, Trenton, Ontario, CanadaHistoryEdit
C1/0003/DHH.f2 WB551DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1949, to Australia as VH-TWD, w/o 04/06/1959History 
C1/0004/DHH.f5 WB552DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/03/1950, to G-AMZL, rtnd to WB552, w/o 09/02/1972History 
C1/0005/DHH.f4 WB553DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1949, to G-AOTX, to Switzerland as HB-TUL, w/o 23/10/1976History 
C1/0006/DHH.f6 WB554DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, to de Havilland 27/09/1960, sold to Ghana AF as G-159History 
C1/0007/DHH.f7 WB555DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, w/o 25/04/1966, to 7924M, b/u St. Athan, (N) on rebuild WickenbyHistory 
C1/0008/DHH.f8 WB556DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, to RAFGSA, fuselage to Moorabbin, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0009/DHH.f9 WB557DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, sold as scrap 12/09/1973 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
C1/0010/DHH.f10 WB558DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, w/o 17/08/1967History 
C1/0011/DHH.f11 WB559DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/02/1949, w/o 25/05/1960History 
C1/0012/DHH.f12 WB560DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, sold at St. Athan 1994, (PAX) Norwich, NorfolkHistoryEdit
C1/0013/DHH.f13 WB561DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, w/o 23/08/1955, s.o.c. 06/09/1955, to IAC 199, stored BaldonnelHistory 
C1/0014/DHH.f15 WB562DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/02/1950, w/o 29/07/1975, s.o.c. 29/07/1975 as CAT 5(C)History 
C1/0015/DHH.f16WB563DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, sold 24/07/1956 to G-AOTF, to RAFGSA, to Husbands BosworthHistory 
C1/0016/DHH.f17 WB564DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, sold 25/06/1956 to G-AOSV, to OH-HCD Finland, to KymiHistory 
C1/0017/DHH.f18 WB565DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/02/1950, to G-PVET 23/05/1997 at Rendcomb, GloucestershireHistory 
C1/0018/DHH.f19 WB566DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/02/1950, to New Zealand as ZK-TNR 17/02/1984, w/o 03/04/1994History 
C1/0019/DHH.f22 WB567DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/02/1950, sold at Newton, to VH-JHN, Gatton, Queensland, AustraliaHistoryEdit
C1/0020/DHH.f23 WB568DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/03/1950, sold 25/06/1956 to VH-REW, w/o 22/09/1957History 
C1/0021/DHH.f24WB569DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 30/05/1996 to SE-BDN, to G-BYSJ 12/10/1999 Kemble, to Eshott 08/2023HistoryEdit
C1/0022/DHH.f26WB570DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/02/1950, to G-AOSH, to HB-TUC, w/o 08/06/1968History 
C1/0023/DHH.f27WB571DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/03/1950, to G-AOSF, HB-TUA, G-AOSF, D-EIIZ, D-EOSF Porta WestfalicaHistory 
C1/0024/DHH.f25WB572DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/03/1950, to G-AOTN, to VH-BON, to VH-RSK Upway, Victoria, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0025WB573DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, w/o 30/11/1968, s.o.c. 05/12/1968 as CAT 5SHistory 
C1/0026WB574DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, to G-AOSN, w/o 19/02/1977History 
C1/0027WB575DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, sold 10/03/1995 at Yeovilton to F-AZPD, Rennes, FranceHistory 
C1/0028WB576DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, w/o 01/09/1952, s.o.c. 23/09/1952 as CAT 5SHistory 
C1/0029WB577DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, sold 18/07/1956 to Australia as VH-DDN, w/o 27/06/1959History 
C1/0030WB578DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, sold 24/08/1956 to Australia as VH-RFW, w/o 19/09/1959History 
C1/0031WB579DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, w/o 03/07/1951History 
C1/0032WB580DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, sold 06/09/1957, broken up as spares 08/1959 at Biggin HillHistory 
C1/0033WB581DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, sold 08/11/1973 to G-BBNB, to South Africa as ZS-LJUHistory 
C1/0034WB582DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, sold 20/07/1956 to G-AOTP, w/o 11/06/1959History 
C1/0035WB583DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, s.o.c. 10/07/1956, scrapped at No.71 MU BicesterHistory 
C1/0036WB584DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/03/1950, to 7706M (PAX), pres. Hooton ParkHistory 
C1/0037WB585DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/03/1950, sold 06/07/1956 to G-AOSY, privately owned Audley End, EssexHistory 
C1/0038WB586DHC Chipmunk T10Sold, to Norway as LN-DHC, Kjeller, to Oslo Gardermoen MuseumHistoryEdit
C1/0039WB587DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/03/1950, sold 18/07/1956 as VH-UEK, w/o 28/01/1963, std. Port AdelaideHistory 
C1/0040WB588DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/03/1950, to G-AOTD 30/06/1956, privately owned HenstridgeHistory 
C1/0041WB600DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/03/1950, to VH-RCU 31/05/1988, Keith, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0042WB601DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to VH-BCA at Mareeba, Queensland, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0043WB602DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/03/1950, w/o 06/07/1951, s.o.c. 21/07/1951 as CAT 5SHistory 
C1/0044WB603DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, w/o 26/04/1952History 
C1/0045WB604DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to G-AOTR, to D-EGOG, to HB-TUH, rtnd to G-AOTR Compton AbbasHistory 
C1/0046WB605DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to Switzerland as HB-TUK, w/o 28/07/1972History 
C1/0047WB606DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to Australia as VH-BSR, w/o 19/03/1960History 
C1/0048WB607DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/04/1950, w/o 25/05/1951, to de Havilland, s.o.c. 13/09/1951 as CAT 5SHistory 
C1/0049WB608DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/04/1950, to Australia as VH-BSN, w/o 24/12/1958History 
C1/0050WB609DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/04/1950, w/o 26/08/1950History 
C1/0051WB610DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/04/1950, to Australia as VH-BSM, w/o 04/12/1958, stored CaloundraHistory 
C1/0052WB611DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/04/1950, sold 17/08/1956 at No.22 MU Silloth to G-AOTH, w/o 06/02/1970History 
C1/0053WB612DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/04/1950, to G-AOTT, to D-EMUN 18/12/1958, b/u 09/1971 GermanyHistory 
C1/0054WB613DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/04/1950, to G-AOSI, to Singapore as VR-SDW, w/o 30/04/1963History 
C1/0055WB614DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/04/1950, to Australia as VH-BWB, w/o 02/02/1964History 
C1/0056WB615DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 08/05/1997, to G-BXIA 09/06/1997, Blackpool, LancashireHistory 
C1/0057WB616DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/04/1950, to G-AOSC, to VH-MOE, to Super Chipmunk VH-UEU, GawlerHistory 
C1/0058WB617DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1950, to Australia as VH-RNE, w/o 23/03/1957History 
C1/0059WB618DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1950, to Australia as VH-RVQ, w/o 01/02/1959History 
C1/0060WB619DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1950, to OH-HCB, to G-APYG, to HenstridgeHistory 
C1/0061WB620DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/04/1950, to EI-AJC, G-ARTP, EI-AMH, G-ARTP, IAC 200, w/o 24/04/1980History 
C1/0062WB621DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/05/1950, G-AOSR, to VH-BSV in Queensland, Australia, to VH-RMEHistory 
C1/0063WB622DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/05/1950, to Australia as VH-BSP, w/o 02/02/1963History 
C1/0064WB623DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/05/1950, to Australia as VH-RVW, to ZK-DUC in Wanaka, New ZealandHistory 
C1/0065WB624DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/05/1950, pres. Newark Air Museum, NottinghamshireHistory 
C1/0066WB625DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/04/1950, to VH-RVT, then to VH-RJK Cunderdin, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0068/DHH.f77WB626DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/02/1950, b/u as spares, PAX to Trenchard Museum, Halton during 2012History 
C1/0069WB627DHC Chipmunk T10B/u as spares at Cambridge, to 9248M, (F) pres. Flixton MuseumHistoryEdit
C1/0071WB628DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/05/1950, to G-AOSJ, w/o 26/02/1961History 
C1/0070WB629DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/05/1950, to VH-CPC, then to VH-ICC, w/o 16/06/1961History 
C1/0072WB630DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/05/1950, to EI-AJD 21/07/1956, to VH-BWD, to VH-BWE, w/o 09/01/1960History 
C1/0077WB631DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/05/1950, to G-AOJY, w/o 24/06/1966, remains scr. HambleHistory 
C1/0078WB632DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/05/1950, to EI-AJA, then to G-APMW 12/05/1958, w/o 27/06/1962History 
C1/0079WB633DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 24/05/1950, to G-AOJM, to D-ECEM 23/08/1956, w/o 29/08/1958History 
C1/0074WB634DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/05/1950, to VH-RWO, then to PK-AAY in Indoneasia, fate unknownHistory 
C1/0080WB635DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/06/1950, to G-AOSZ, to G-TRIC, privately owned Cuatro Vientos, SpainHistory 
C1/0081WB638DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/06/1950, to Australia as VH-BVR, w/o 19/01/1957History 
C1/0082WB639DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/06/1950, to Australia as VH-RNF, w/o 09/12/1961History 
C1/0075WB640DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/05/1950, to VH-RSQ, to N640WB at Houston South West Airport, Texas, USAHistory 
C1/0076WB641DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/05/1950, w/o 02/06/1951, s.o.c. 18/06/1951 as CAT 5S at Sutton BridgeHistory 
C1/0083WB642DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/06/1950, to VH-BVQ, VH-GAF, VH-GAH, VH-AST, VH-ASK Victoria, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0084WB643DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/06/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFOHistory 
C1/0073WB644DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/05/1950, w/o 06/09/1950History 
C1/0085WB645DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/06/1950, reduced to a PAX as 8218M (n.t.u.), stored Halton, Bucks, to USAHistory 
C1/0086WB646DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/06/1950, w/o 04/05/1952History 
C1/0087WB647DHC Chipmunk T10Transferred to AAC, sold 08/05/1997, to Rangiora, New Zealand as ZK-XUKHistory 
C1/0089WB648DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/06/1950, to G-AORF 07/05/1956, w/o 21/07/1968History 
C1/0090WB649DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/06/1950, to Australia as VH-BSL, w/o 16/07/1957History 
C1/0088WB650DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/06/1950, G-BBTR, to Breckenridge-Stephens County A/P, TX, USA as N53941History 
C1/0091WB651DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/07/1950, to Australia as VH-BAW, w/o 27/01/1964History 
C1/0093WB652DHC Chipmunk T10To G-CHPY 07/03/1997, Portamio, Portugal, to Little Rissington, to Calcutt, WiltshireHistoryEdit
C1/0094WB653DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/06/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFPHistory 
C1/0097WB654DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/1950, 8218M, to G-BXGO, to Finmere, BucksHistoryEdit
C1/0092WB655DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/07/1950, to Australia as VH-RND, w/o 20/09/1964History 
C1/0095WB656DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/07/1950, w/o 08/04/1953History 
C1/0096WB657DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/07/1950, to Royal Navy Historic Flight, Yeovilton, 11/03/1994, to G-CNVH 23/07/2021History 
C1/0098WB658DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/06/1950, to VH-BSJ, then to VH-RVK, w/o 08/09/1964History 
C1/0111WB659DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/06/1950, to VH-BAD 09/11/1956, to VH-UPD, w/o 29/04/2014History 
C1/0099WB660DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/07/1950, to G-ARMB, to Oamaru, New Zealand as ZK-CHP, to TimaruHistory 
C1/0110WB661DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/07/1950, w/o 04/04/1951History 
C1/0112WB662DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/06/1950, to Australia as VH-RGW, w/o 14/10/1962History 
C1/0113WB665DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 21/07/1950, to Paris-Cox Field, Texas, USA as N655WBHistory 
C1/0114WB666DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/06/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFMHistory 
C1/0115WB667DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 25/07/1950, to Brewton Municipal Airport, Alabma, USA as N17017History 
C1/0116WB668DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/07/1950, to Australia as VH-GAN, then to VH-WFH, to Port MacquarieHistory 
C1/0117WB669DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/06/1950, to Australia as VH-GMD, then to VH-RSJ, w/o 17/06/1963History 
C1/0118WB670DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/07/1950, PAX to 8361M, to private owner Carlisle MuseumHistory 
C1/0119WB671DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/07/1950, to G-BWTG 04/06/1996, to Teuge, NetherlandsHistory 
C1/0120WB672DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/06/1950, to USA as N9867F, then to Australia as VH-DBI, w/o 15/04/1962History 
C1/0121WB673DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/07/1950, w/o 30/08/1954, s.o.c. 10/09/1954 at No.71 MU BicesterHistory 
C1/0122WB674DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/06/1950, to G-AOTL, then to Australia as VH-RVR, w/o 30/01/1960History 
C1/0123WB675DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/08/1950, to Australia as VH-RNI, to VH-AKB, to LuskintyreHistory 
C1/0124WB676DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/08/1950, transferred to the AAC 19/09/1958, w/o 23/07/1959History 
C1/0125WB677DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 16/08/1950, sold 24/09/1956 to Australia as VH-RHW, to JandakotHistory 
C1/0126WB678DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/06/1950, to Australia as VH-BWA, then to VH-UET, w/o 07/10/1962History 
C1/0127WB679DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/06/1950, to G-AOTA, to Australia as VH-BSU, to MareebaHistory 
C1/0128WB680DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to de Havilland, Leavesden, to G-APMN, w/o 27/07/1958History 
C1/0129WB681DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to Australia as VH-RNV, then to VH-WCRHistory 
C1/0130WB682DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to G-AORW PrestwickHistory 
C1/0131WB683DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to G-AORL, to Australia 08/09/1986 as VH-DCZHistory 
C1/0132WB684DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/07/1950, to G-BBTP, to N53942, to USA as N68031, to Auburn CaliforniaHistory 
C1/0133WB685DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 04/07/1950, pres. NEAM, Sunderland, (Composite with WP969 rear fuselage)History 
C1/0134WB686DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/08/1950, to G-AORP, w/o 08/05/1960, scr. Stapleford, Essex 1974/5History 
C1/0135WB687DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/08/1950, to G-AOST, to USA as N2790, to Delaware, USA as N101JFHistory 
C1/0136WB688DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/09/1950, to Australia as VH-RJW, to Indonesia as PK-AAX, since scrappedHistory 
C1/0137WB689DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/09/1950, to G-AOUN, to OO-NCL, to D-EPCL, Porta Westfalica, GermanyHistory 
C1/0138WB690DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/07/1950, sold 25/06/1956 at No.20 MU Aston Down to USA as N713HHistory 
C1/0139WB691DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/09/1950, to Ireland as EI-AHY, to HB-TUF Switzerland, w/o 10/12/1967History 
C1/0140WB692DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 08/09/1950, to Iran as EP-AFN, pres. Tehran Museum, IranHistory 
C1/0141WB693DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 08/05/1957, to Ardmore, Auckland, New Zealand as ZK-RFSHistory 
C1/0143WB694DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/07/1950, sold as scrap 04/09/1973 at No.5 MU KembleHistory 
C1/0142WB695DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/08/1950, to G-AOTB, to Australia as VH-WFD, w/o 05/04/1959History 
C1/0144WB696DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/08/1950, to EI-AHU, to G-APLO, based Seppe, NetherlandsHistory 
C1/0145WB697DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 27/02/1997, to G-BXCT 03/03/1997, to Belgium 09/2022, to OO-PMS at SanicoleHistoryEdit
C1/0146WB698DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/09/1950, to Australia as VH-RVU, the to VH-KJM, w/o 25/12/1974History 
C1/0147WB699DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/09/1950, to G-AOJV, to D-EJAN, then to EC-BOI, Barcelona, SpainHistory 
C1/0148WB700DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 05/07/1950, to Australia as VH-RNI, w/o 13/09/1957History 
C1/0149WB701DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/09/1950, to Australia as VH-BWD, w/o 03/07/1958History 
C1/0150WB702DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 26/09/1950, to G-AOFE, Goodwood, West SussexHistory 
C1/0151WB703DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/07/1950, to G-ARMC 26/04/1961, to Compton Abbas, to BookerHistory 
C1/0152WB704DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/09/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFRHistory 
C1/0222WB705DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1950, w/o 20/07/1953, to Sri Lankan AF as CT-101, since w/oHistory 
C1/0228WB706DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to Debden for G.I. as 7286M, to Sri Lankan AF as CT-102History 
C1/0240WB709DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/01/1951, to 7601M, to Kenyan AF, to Sri Lankan AF as CT-103History 
C1/0245WB710DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 10/01/1951, to EI-AJB, to VH-RSM, to Maitland, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0159WB711DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/10/1950, s.o.c. 20/05/1958, to G-APPM, Sywell, NorthamptonshireHistory 
C1/0158WB712DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/07/1950, to G-AOTC, w/o 31/01/1958History 
C1/0161WB713DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/09/1950, sold 12/06/1956 to G-AOPZ, w/o 08/04/1962History 
C1/0162WB714DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 30/10/1950, to G-AOUB, to VH-RNE, then to VH-RVG, w/o 10/12/1961History 
C1/0167WB715DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/07/1950, to G-APAC, w/o 08/05/1962, parts to WD327/G-ATVFHistory 
C1/0168WB716DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/07/1950, to AAC 01/09/1957, later scrappedHistory 
C1/0169WB717DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/07/1950, to South Africa ZS-CCV, to Rhodesia VP-WDV, w/o 08/10/1972History 
C1/0170WB718DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 14/08/1950, to G-AORU, to Switzerland as HB-TUD, w/o 29/03/1979History 
C1/0171WB719DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/08/1950, to G-AOJW, to D-EFUS, w/o 19/03/1966History 
C1/0172WB720DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/08/1950, w/o 25/09/1956, s.o.c. 25/09/1956 at No.71 MU BicesterHistory 
C1/0173WB721DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 01/09/1950, to AAC 06/05/1969, to N31352, to G-CMNK St Columb Major, CornwallHistory 
C1/0174WB722DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 28/08/1950, to G-AOSP, to VH-BTL, to Scone, as VH-AMVHistory 
C1/0175WB723DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 29/09/1950, w/o 22/02/1952, s.o.c. 26/02/1952 at No.63 MU EdzellHistory 
C1/0176WB724DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 07/09/1950, to G-APCV, to VH-FBB 11/04/1958, to VH-FEK, stored CunderdinHistory 
C1/0177WB725DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/09/1950, sold 29/05/1956 at 9 MU Cosford to G-AORV, w/o 09/11/1960History 
C1/0178WB726DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/09/1950, to G-AOSK, Halton, Buckinghamshire, to TurwestonHistory 
C1/0163WB727DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1950, to de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, to Iran as EP-AFSHistory 
C1/0164WB728DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 02/10/1950, to EI-AHP, G-AOZU, 5N-AGP, G-AOZU, VH-RWI Jandakot, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0165WB729DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/10/1950, w/o 10/05/1952History 
C1/0179WB730DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/10/1950, to G-AOUO, with RAFGSA at Cosford, to Halton, to Hooton ParkHistory 
C1/0180WB731DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/10/1950, to G-AOUP, w.f.u 13/06/2017, stored Milden, SuffolkHistory 
C1/0181WB732DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/10/1950, to G-AOJZ, w/o 31/05/1966, wreckage to Sandtoft, to AustraliaHistory 
C1/0182WB733DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/10/1950, to G-ATDE, rtnd WB733, pres. (Composite WG422) AeroVentureHistory 
C1/0183WB734DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 20/10/1950, sold 14/02/1957 at No.20 MU Aston Down to G-AOZP GamstonHistory 
C1/0184WB735DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 27/10/1950, to Ireland as EI-AHR, w/o 16/05/1966History 
C1/0185WB736DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 03/11/1950, s.o.c. 05/09/1958, to G-ARGH, w/o 18/07/1966History 
C1/0186WB737DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 06/11/1950, w/o 27/03/1951, remains to No.63 MU Edzell and scrappedHistory 
C1/0187WB738DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 31/10/1950, to G-BCHS, to South Africa 02/1976 as ZS-JJRHistory 
C1/0188WB739DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 02/1996 to Windmill Aviation then to France as F-AZVA, St. Rambert d'AlbonHistoryEdit
C1/0189WB743DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1950, to Australia as VH-BSR, w.f.u.History 
C1/0190WB744DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1950, to G-BDEL, to USA as N65152, to N9HP, w/o 12/11/1984History 
C1/0192WB745DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1950, to G-AOJS, D-EHOF, VR-NBI, 5N-AAE, to ZK-LOM West Melton, New ZealandHistory 
C1/0193WB746DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/11/1950, to G-ASPW 06/03/1964, w/o 01/07/1967History 
C1/0194WB747DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 09/11/1950, w/o 20/07/1954, s.o.c. 04/08/1954 as CAT 5SHistory 
C1/0195WB748DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1950, sold 10/08/1956 at No.22 MU Silloth, to Australia as VH-RIWHistory 
C1/0196WB749DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 13/11/1950, to G-AOFF, to OH-HCE, to California, USA as N9246Z, storedHistory 
C1/0198WB750DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1950, to G-BDEK, to USA as N65217, to N545PUHistory 
C1/0199WB751DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1950, to G-AOJP, to D-EFOL, to G-AOJP, to D-EFOL, w/o 10/06/1964History 
C1/0200WB752DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 15/11/1950, w/o 14/05/1957, s.o.c. 17/07/1957 at No.58 MU Sutton BridgeHistory 
C1/0201WB753DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1950, to Australia as VH-BPZ, w/o 20/11/1957History 
C1/0202WB754DHC Chipmunk T10Sold 08/05/1997, to ZU-BJZ, Lanseria, South AfricaHistory 
C1/0204WB755DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1950, to G-AOTO, to RJAF as T212, w/o 24/09/1959History 
C1/0205WB756DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1950, to F-AYME, Le Plessis - Belville, FranceHistory 
C1/0206WB757DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 17/11/1950, to G-AORE, exported 14/07/1971 to a private owner in USAHistory 
C1/0207WB758DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 23/11/1950, to 7729M, to Holbeach, scrappedHistory 
C1/0208WB759DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/11/1950, to G-AOTW, to D-ELEF, to HB-TUI, w/o 09/05/1971History 
C1/0209WB760DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/12/1950, to G-BCOO, Hawarden, Flintshire, WalesHistory 
C1/0211WB761DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 22/11/1950, sold 16/08/1956 at No.22 MU Silloth to VH-RWI, AustraliaHistory 
C1/0212WB762DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to G-BCOY, Husbands Bosworth, LeicestershireHistory 
C1/0213WB763DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 11/12/1950, sold 17/10/1973 to G-BBMR, to Bicester, to TurwestonHistory 
C1/0214WB764DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to EI-AJE, to G-APPK, to Oklahoma, USA 09/1997 as N4998THistory 
C1/0215WB765DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to Ghana AF as G-155, w/o 1967History 
C1/0217WB766DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 19/12/1950, sold 18/07/1956 to G-AOSU, to Gyor-Per, HungaryHistory 
C1/0218WB767DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to Ghana AF as G-161, w/o 07/1964History 
C1/0219WB768DHC Chipmunk T10d/d 12/12/1950, to G-AOTU, to Nigeria 14/11/1962 as 5N-AGO, w.f.u.History 
WB771HP Victor HP.80f/f 24/12/1952, w/o 14/07/1954History 
WB775HP Victor HP.80f/f 11/09/1954, broken up and scrapped during 1961 at RadlettHistory 
5615WB781Blackburn YA.7 f/f 20/09/1949, s.o.c. 18/05/1955, to Farnborough fire dump, since perishedHistory 
5616WB788Blackburn YA.8 f/f 03/05/1950, s.o.c. 15/09/1954, to Farnborough dump, scr. to R. J. ColeyHistory 
WB797Blackburn YB.1 f/f 19/07/1950, s.o.c. 20/12/1955, scrapped Fleetlands circa 1963History 
WB802HP.39 Messenger   
WA/H/5WB810Westland S.51 Ex G-ALIL, sold to RAF 28/03/1949, canx 14/12/1964, fate unknownHistory 
WB818Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 01/08/1951, d/d 29/08/1951, s.o.c. 28/04/1961 at No.389 MU SeletarHistory 
WB819Avro Shackleton T4f/f 02/08/1951, d/d 23/08/1951, to Stansted Fire School 14/06/1958, perishedHistory 
WB820Avro Shackleton T4f/f 14/08/1951, d/d 03/09/1951, s.o.c. 01/06/1967, to St. Mawgan dumpHistory 
WB821Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 17/08/1951, d/d 14/09/1951, scr. 31/05/1962 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB822Avro Shackleton T4f/f 17/08/1951, d/d 12/10/1951, perished St. Mawgan dump 1968History 
WB823Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 25/08/1951, d/d 18/09/1951, scr. 29/05/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB824Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 30/08/1951, d/d 20/09/1951, scr. 31/05/1962 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB825Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 31/08/1951, d/d 19/09/1951, s.o.c. 08/08/1961 at No.389/390 MU SeletarHistory 
WB826Avro Shackleton T4f/f 03/09/1951, d/d 10/10/1951, scr. at No.27 MU Shawbury to B A TaylorHistory 
WB827Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 12/09/1951, d/d 05/10/1951, scr. 05/08/1964 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB828Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 14/09/1951, d/d 12/10/1951, scr. 25/11/1962 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB829Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 21/09/1951, d/d 25/10/1951, s.o.c. 28/04/1961 at No.389/390 MU SeletarHistory 
WB830Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 26/09/1951, d/d 14/11/1951, scr. 31/05/1962 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB831Avro Shackleton T4f/f 27/09/1951, d/d 23/10/1951, w/o 17/05/1967, perished St. Mawgan dumpHistory 
WB832Avro Shackleton T4f/f 03/10/1951, d/d 17/11/1951, to Cosford as 7885M, later scrappedHistory 
WB833Avro Shackleton MR2f/f 17/06/1952, d/d 23/07/1952, w/o 19/04/1968History 
WB834Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 11/10/1951, d/d 21/11/1951, s.o.c. 08/08/1961 at No.389/390 MU SeletarHistory 
WB835Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 15/10/1951, d/d 26/11/1951, scr. 31/05/1962 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB836Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 18/10/1951, d/d 27/11/1951, scr. 05/08/1964 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB837Avro Shackleton T4f/f 24/10/1951, d/d 21/11/1951, scr. at No.27 MU Shawbury to B A TaylorHistory 
WB844Avro Shackleton T4f/f 31/10/1951, d/d 12/12/1951, to Cosford as 8028M, later scrappedHistory 
WB845Avro Shackleton T4f/f 08/11/1951, d/d 18/12/1951, scr. 12/03/1969 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
WB846Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 14/11/1951, d/d 12/12/1951, to Kinloss as 7561M, scrapped 1980History 
WB847Avro Shackleton T4f/f 20/11/1951, d/d 20/12/1951, to Kinloss as 8020M, since perishedHistory 
WB848Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 25/11/1951, d/d 28/12/1951, scr. 23/10/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB849Avro Shackleton T4f/f 28/11/1951, d/d 11/01/1952, to Newton as 8026M, later scrappedHistory 
WB850Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 08/12/1951, d/d 11/01/1952, scr. 29/05/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB851Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 12/12/1951, d/d 06/02/1952, scr. 28/02/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB852Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 19/12/1951, d/d 07/02/1952, scr. 29/05/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB853Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 19/12/1951, d/d 07/02/1952, scr. 29/05/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB854Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 29/12/1951, d/d 07/02/1952, s.o.c. 27/11/1962 at No.389/390 MU SeletarHistory 
WB855Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 02/01/1952, d/d 08/02/1952, scr. 28/02/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB856Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 09/01/1952, d/d 08/02/1952, scr. 19/12/1960 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB857Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 16/01/1952, d/d 20/02/1952, scr. 31/05/1962 at No.27 MU ShawburyHistory 
WB858Avro Shackleton T4f/f 29/01/1952, d/d 27/02/1952, scr. at No.27 MU Shawbury to B A TaylorHistory 
WB859Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 30/01/1952, d/d 06/03/1952, scr. 25/09/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB860Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 07/02/1952, d/d 12/03/1952, scr. 28/02/1963 at No.23 MU AldergroveHistory 
WB861Avro Shackleton MR1Af/f 20/02/1952, d/d 14/03/1952, w/o 05/09/1957History 
WB862Avro Shackleton MR1ACancelled not builtHistory 
WB870DH Hornet F3d/d 24/11/1950, w/o 10/08/1951History 
WB871DH Hornet F3d/d 24/11/1950, w/o 26/01/1953History 
WB872DH Hornet F3d/d 07/12/1950, w/o 14/05/1953History 
WB873DH Hornet F3d/d 12/12/1950, s.o.c. 15/10/1954 as CAT 5(c) in SingaporeHistory 
WB874DH Hornet F3d/d 12/12/1950, s.o.c. 04/11/1953 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB875DH Hornet F3d/d 11/01/1950, s.o.c. 31/07/1954 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB876DH Hornet F3d/d 11/01/1950, s.o.c. 27/05/1955 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB877DH Hornet F3d/d 09/01/1951, s.o.c. 16/05/1955 as CAT 5(c) at Butterworth, l/n SeletarHistory 
WB878DH Hornet F3d/d 31/01/1951, s.o.c. 28/03/1955 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB879DH Hornet F3d/d 26/01/1951, s.o.c. 27/05/1955 as CAT 5(c) at Butterworth, l/n SeletarHistory 
WB880DH Hornet F3d/d 09/02/1951, s.o.c. 16/03/1955 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB881DH Hornet F3d/d 16/02/1951, w/o 26/06/1952History 
WB882DH Hornet F3d/d 19/03/1951, w/o 04/06/1952History 
WB883DH Hornet F3d/d 16/02/1951, s.o.c. 27/05/1955 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB884DH Hornet F3d/d 09/03/1951, w/o 28/09/1951, s.o.c. 01/10/1951History 
WB885DH Hornet F3d/d 27/03/1951, w/o 03/02/1954History 
WB886DH Hornet F3d/d 20/03/1951, w/o 14/07/1953History 
WB887DH Hornet F3d/d 08/05/1951, w/o 03/12/1951History 
WB888DH Hornet F3d/d 13/04/1951, s.o.c. 14/04/1953 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB889DH Hornet F3d/d 01/05/1951, s.o.c. 11/02/1954 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB897DH Hornet F3d/d 01/05/1951, s.o.c. 15/03/1955 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB898DH Hornet F3d/d 08/05/1951, w/o 15/07/1953History 
WB899DH Hornet F3d/d 01/05/1951, s.o.c. 06/05/1953 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB900DH Hornet F3d/d 18/05/1951, w/o 04/01/1952History 
WB901DH Hornet F3d/d 30/05/1951, s.o.c. 28/03/1953 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB902DH Hornet F3d/d 05/06/1951, w/o 03/12/1951History 
WB903DH Hornet F3d/d 04/06/1951, w/o 25/08/1952History 
WB904DH Hornet F3d/d 06/06/1951, s.o.c. 18/05/1955 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB905DH Hornet F3d/d 29/06/1951, w/o 25/06/1953History 
WB906DH Hornet F3d/d 25/06/1951, w/o 17/01/1954History 
WB907DH Hornet F3d/d 29/06/1951, w/o 20/03/1952History 
WB908DH Hornet F3d/d 03/07/1951, w/o 29/09/1954History 
WB909DH Hornet F3d/d 03/07/1951, s.o.c. 02/05/1955 as CAT 5(c)History 
WB910DH Hornet F3d/d 10/08/1951, w/o 07/03/1952History 
WB911DH Hornet F3d/d 08/08/1951, w/o 14/09/1954History 
WB912DH Hornet F3d/d 29/08/1951, w/o 28/08/1952History 
554WB919Slingsby Sedbergh TX1Ex BGA637, G-ALLH. Sold 20/08/1985 to BGA3174History 
559WB920Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 06/08/1949, sold 14/08/1985, to BGA3221/FFG, to Teuge, to PH-1511History 
560WB921Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 28/11/1951, w/o 01/06/1960, s.o.c. 08/06/1960 Cat 5(s)History 
585WB922Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 13/06/1949, sold 24/08/1987, to BGA4366/JAU, Nympsfield Gloucestershire History 
586WB923Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 28/06/1949, sold 07/08/1986, to BGA3292/FJF, Snitterfield, WarwickshireHistory 
587WB924Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 28/06/1949, sold 20/10/1987, to BGA3901/HFC, Bicester, OxfordshireHistory 
588WB925Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 05/07/1949, w/o 24/01/1958, to BGA2964/EUN, Booker, BuckinghamshireHistory 
589WB926Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 11/07/1949, sold 14/08/1985, then to HB-1367 Locarno, Switzerland. To PH-199 History 
590WB927Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 07/1949, w/o 30/12/1983, then scrapped at SlingsbysHistory 
591WB928Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 03/08/1949, w/o 13/12/1961, s.o.c. 11/07/1963 as CAT 5cHistory 
592WB929Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 08/1949, w/o 23/10/1978 in hangar fire at KenleyHistory 
593WB930Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 22/08/1949, w/o 13/05/1951 s.o.c. 18/05/1951 CAT 5(S)History 
594WB931Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 06/09/1949, w/o 11/03/1950, s.o.c. 14/04/1950 CAT 5(S)History 
595WB932Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 06/09/1949, to Zimbabwe 09/09/1986, to VH-XJN, Palmwoods, AustraliaHistory 
596WB933Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 12/09/1949, sold 21/11/1955, to BGA732, w/o 30/09/1960 at DunstableHistory 
601WB934Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 26/09/1949, sold 19/08/1986, to BGA3385/FNC, to Oberschleissheim, GermanyHistory 
602WB935Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/09/1949, sold 19/08/1986, then to BGA4110/HQB, to Kircheim, GermanyHistory 
603WB936Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 03/10/1949, w/o 19/03/1950History 
604WB937Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 01/06/1950, sold 03/09/1986, to PH-811, to private owner Lunen, GermanyHistory 
605WB938Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 17/10/1949, sold 06/08/1986, to ZS-GSO, Stanley Island, South AfricaHistory 
606WB939Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 24/10/1949, sold 20/08/1985 to Ailsa Soaring Club, then to BGA3220, fate?History 
607WB940Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 31/10/1949, w/o 23/10/1978 in hangar fire at KenleyHistory 
608WB941Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 31/10/1949, sold 20/08/1985, to BGA3219, to N941WB, Moriarty, USAHistory 
609WB942Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 07/11/1949, sold 21/08/1986, to Sweden as SE-SMDHistory 
610WB943Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 11/1949, sold 01/11/1983, to BGA2941/ETP, to HS-SGY ThailandHistory 
611WB944Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 22/11/1949, sold 07/05/1985, to BGA3160/FCT, to Bicester, departedHistory 
612WB945Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 29/11/1949, w/o 26/07/1958, to GSA242, BGA1254/BUW, HaltonHistory 
613WB946Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 05/12/1949, sold 16/01/1968, to Soesterberg, Netherlands as PH-799History 
614WB947Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 13/12/1949, sold 20/08/1985, to BGA3230, then to USA as N9048UHistory 
615WB948Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 28/12/1949, w/o 06/04/1969, to GSA360/BGA1521, fate?History 
616WB955Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 02/01/1950, w/o 01/01/1950, to BGA649, fate?History 
617WB956Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 02/01/1950, w/o 15/04/1955, s.o.c. 18/04/1955 CAT 5(s)History 
618WB957Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 09/01/1950, w/o 31/07/1955, to GSA120/BGA662, BGA2720/EJJ, Parham ParkHistory 
619WB958Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 11/10/1950, sold 21/08/1986, to BGA3243/FGE, pres. Cotswold AirportHistory 
620WB959Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 01/1950, sold 31/10/1983, to BGA2975/EUZ, Brent Tor, DevonHistory 
621WB960Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 23/01/1950, sold 22/10/1987, then to SE-SMK, Falkoping, SwedenHistory 
622WB961Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 06/02/1950, sold 22/10/1987, then to Eudenbach, Germany as BGA4856History 
623WB962Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 08/02/1950, sold 25/06/1987, to BGA3836/HCK, Kleve, GermanyHistory 
624WB963Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 20/02/1950, sold 02/09/1987, then to ZS-GSP, Stanley Island, South AfricaHistory 
625WB964Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 20/02/1950, w/o 05/07/1968, destroyed in a fire at Kirbymoorside 18/11/1968History 
626WB965Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/02/1950, s.o.c 05/04/1954 as CAT 5(c)History 
627WB966Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 02/03/1950, s.o.c. 23/08/1963 as CAT 5(C), to BGA2767/ELH, to ItalyHistory 
628WB967Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 07/03/1950, w/o 21/05/1964, to GSA338, to BGA1352/BYY, ChauvignyHistory 
629WB968Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 16/03/1950, w/o 09/07/1953History 
630WB969Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/03/1950, w/o 24/01/1958, to GSA247, BGA2036, pres. AeroVentureHistory 
631WB970Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/03/1950, w/o 08/08/1971History 
632WB971Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 20/04/1950, sold 13/12/1985, to BGA3324/FKP, Eaglescott, DevonHistory 
633WB972Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 28/08/1954, sold 03/09/1986, then to USA as N9049VHistory 
634WB973Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 11/10/1950, sold 22/10/1987, to BGA4135/HRD, Friedrichsthal area, GermanyHistory 
641/MHL001WB974Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/10/1950, to BGA3423, to LN-GAO, OH-914X, canx 10/2003History 
642/MHL002WB975Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 31/10/1950, sold 21/08/1986, to BGA3288/FJB, stored Atkar, HungaryHistory 
643/MHL003WB976Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 18/11/1949, sold 22/08/1985 to BGA3297, w/o 01/07/1995 at CrowlandHistory 
644/MHL004WB977Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 25/11/1949, w/o 19/05/1957, s.o.c. 21/05/1957 as CAT 5(C)History 
645/MHL005WB978Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 01/12/1949, sold 12/08/1985, to BGA3189/FDY, Challock, Kent, to France as F-AYDYHistory 
MHL006WB979Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 14/12/1949, sold 22/10/1987, to F-AZSY Montagne Noir, FranceHistory 
MHL007WB980Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 29/12/1949, sold 06/08/1986, to BGA3290/FJD, Husbands BosworthHistory 
MHL008WB981Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 03/01/1950, sold 07/01/1986, to BGA3238/FFZ, Eaglescott, DevonHistory 
MHL009WB982Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 13/10/1950, w/o 13/01/1954, s.o.c. 16/02/1954 CAT 5(C)History 
MHL010WB983Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 27/01/1950, sold 20/08/1985, to BGA3175, Bicester, departedHistory 
MHL011WB984Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 09/02/1950, w/o 23/03/1956History 
MHL012WB985Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 20/02/1950, to SE-SMA, OY-XSI, BGA5230, G-CKNN, to Donzdorf, to N985WBHistory 
MHL013WB986Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 21/02/1950, sold 09/09/1986, to BGA3265/FHCHistory 
MHL014WB987Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 28/02/1950, sold 22/10/1987, then to BGA3338, then to Norway as LN-GHRHistory 
MHL015WB988Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 07/03/1950, sold, to BGA4877/JYA, Santo Tome del Puerto, Somosierra, SpainHistory 
MHL016WB989Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 21/03/1950, to Leeds University GS, to BGA3195/FEE, Moeve - Obernau, GermanyHistory 
MHL017WB990Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 30/03/1950, sold 16/04/1985, to BGA3148/FCF/993, Lasham, HampshireHistory 
MHL018WB991Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 05/04/1950, sold 09/09/1986, to BGA3264/FHB, Scrapped 2016History 
660WB992Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 11/12/1950, to BGA3492/FSP, to VH-XWB, Bathurst, NSW, AustraliaHistory 
MHL019WB993Slingsby Sedbergh TX1d/d 02/06/1950, sold 07/01/1986, to BGA3225/FFL, to PH-201, to AsperdenHistory 

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