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VM109Slingsby T.24 f/f 04/1946History 
VM113Slingsby T.24 w/o 10/12/1946History 
VM118Slingsby T.24 w/o 08/1948History 
VM125Avro Athena f/f 12/06/1948, w/o 30/08/1949, later scrapped by Avro's, WoodfordHistory 
VM129Avro Athena f/f 17/09/1949, fate unknown, thought scrappedHistory 
VM132Avro Athena   
VM138Avro Athena CanxHistory 
VM143Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM148Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM151Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM157Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM162Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM169Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM174Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM179Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM181Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM188Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM193Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM199Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM206Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM215Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM220Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM227Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM231Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM238Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM243Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM252Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM259Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM263Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM269Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM274Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM278Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM286Piper Cub Ex USAAF 43-630History 
779VM291Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
1576VM292Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
2010VM293Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
1665VM294Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
5746VM295Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
2547VM296Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM305Avro Anson T20  
VM306Avro Anson T22  
VM307Avro Anson C19  
VM308Avro Anson C19  
VM309Avro Anson C19  
VM310Avro Anson C19  
VM311Avro Anson C19  
VM312Avro Anson C19  
VM313Avro Anson C19  
VM314Avro Anson C19  
VM315Avro Anson C19  
VM316Avro Anson C19  
VM317Avro Anson C19  
VM318Avro Anson C19  
VM319Avro Anson C19  
VM320Avro Anson C19  
VM321Avro Anson C19  
VM322Avro Anson C19  
VM323Avro Anson C19  
VM324Avro Anson C19  
VM325Avro Anson C19Stored at Carew Cheriton, WalesHistory 
VM326Avro Anson C19  
VM327Avro Anson C19  
VM328Avro Anson C19  
VM329Avro Anson C19  
VM330Avro Anson C19  
VM331Avro Anson C19  
VM332Avro Anson C19  
VM333Avro Anson C19  
VM334Avro Anson C19  
VM335Avro Anson C19  
VM336Avro Anson C19  
VM337Avro Anson C19  
VM338Avro Anson C19  
VM339Avro Anson C19  
VM340Avro Anson C19  
VM341Avro Anson C19  
VM342Avro Anson C19  
VM351Avro Anson C19  
VM352Avro Anson C19  
VM353Avro Anson C19  
VM354Avro Anson C19  
VM355Avro Anson C19To South Rhodesian AFHistory 
VM356Avro Anson C19  
VM357Avro Anson C19To South Rhodesian AFHistory 
VM358Avro Anson C19  
VM359Avro Anson C19  
VM360Avro Anson C19d/d 16/05/1947, s.o.c 18/11/1957, pres. 05/02/1973, East Fortune MuseumHistory 
VM361Avro Anson C19  
VM362Avro Anson C19  
VM363Avro Anson C19  
VM364Avro Anson C19  
VM365Avro Anson C19  
VM366Avro Anson C19  
VM367Avro Anson C19  
VM368Avro Anson C19History 
VM369Avro Anson C19  
VM370Avro Anson C19  
VM371Avro Anson C19  
VM372Avro Anson C19  
VM373Avro Anson C19  
VM374Avro Anson C19  
VM375Avro Anson C19  
VM376Avro Anson C19  
VM377Avro Anson C19  
VM378Avro Anson C19  
VM379Avro Anson C19  
VM380Avro Anson C19  
VM381Avro Anson C19  
VM382Avro Anson C19  
VM383Avro Anson C19  
VM384Avro Anson C19  
VM385Avro Anson C19  
VM386Avro Anson C19  
VM387Avro Anson C19  
VM388Avro Anson C19  
VM389Avro Anson C19  
VM390Avro Anson C19  
VM391Avro Anson C19  
VM392Avro Anson C19  
VM393Avro Anson C19  
VM394Avro Anson C19  
VM406Avro Anson C19  
VM407Avro Anson C19  
VM408Avro Anson C19  
VM409Avro Anson C19  
VM410Avro Anson T20  
VM411Avro Anson T20  
VM412Avro Anson T20  
VM413Avro Anson T20  
VM414Avro Anson T20  
VM415Avro Anson T20  
VM416Avro Anson T20  
VM417Avro Anson T20  
VM418Avro Anson T20  
VM419Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM420Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM421Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM422Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM423Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM424Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM425Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM426Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM427Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM428Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM429Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM430Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM431Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM432Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM448Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM449Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM450Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM451Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM452Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM453Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM454Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM455Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM456Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM457Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM458Avro Anson CanxHistory 
VM466Siebel 204 D-1Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
5656VM472Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM479Focke-Achgelis Fa.223 EEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM483Dornier Do.24 TEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM489Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
3010VM495Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
3076VM502Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
1105VM508Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM515Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM516Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM517Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM518Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM519Slingsby Cadet TX1To BGA705, C of A expired 05/1957History 
VM520Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM521Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM522Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM523Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM524Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM525Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM526Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM527Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM528Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM529Slingsby Cadet TX1Rebuilt as Cadet TX2, to XE759History 
VM530Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM531Slingsby Cadet TX1To BGA708, C of A expired 05/1955History 
VM532Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM533Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM534Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM535Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM536Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM537Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM538Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA796, w/o 08/09/1966History 
VM539Slingsby Cadet TX1Rebuilt as Cadet TX2, to XE760History 
VM540Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM541Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM542Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM543Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM544Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM545Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM546Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM547Slingsby Cadet TX1To BGA858History 
VM548Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM549Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM550Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM551Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM552Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM553Slingsby Cadet TX1To BGA706History 
VM554Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM555Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM556Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM557Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM558Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM559Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM583Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM584Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM585Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM586Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM587Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM588Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM589Slingsby Cadet TX1Rebuilt as Cadet TX2, to XE761History 
VM590Slingsby Cadet TX1To BGA805, to G-AXMB, stored Newark MuseumHistory 
VM591Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM592Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM593Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM594Slingsby Cadet TX1Rebuilt as Cadet TX2, to XE762History 
VM595Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM596Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM597Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM598Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM630Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM631Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM632Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM633Slingsby Cadet TX1  
VM634Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA792, C of A expired 01/1961History 
VM635Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM636Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM637Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA895, stored Newark MuseumHistory 
VM638Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA800, crashed 1960History 
VM639Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM640Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM641Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM642Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM643Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA799History 
VM644Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM645Slingsby Cadet TX2w/o 06/05/1950History 
VM646Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM647Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM648Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM649Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA769, C of A expired 1965History 
VM650Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA789, believed since scrappedHistory 
VM651Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM652Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM653Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM654Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM655Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM656Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM657Slingsby Cadet TX2To IAC as IAC-6, to IGA-6, IrelandHistory 
VM658Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM659Slingsby Cadet TX2Pres. Meath Aero Collection, Ashbourne, IrelandHistory 
VM660Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM661Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM662Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA838, C of A expired 11/1958History 
VM663Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA901, C of A expired 12/1964History 
VM664Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM665Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM666Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA819. w/o 09/1969History 
VM667Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM681Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM682Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM683Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM684Slingsby Cadet TX2to BGA791, stored Knutsford, Cheshire, arr 08/2014History 
VM685Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM686Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM687Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA794, to Lee-on-Solent, then to Saltby by 2010History 
VM688Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM689Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM690Slingsby Cadet TX2To BGA857History 
VM691Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM692Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM693Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM694Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM695Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM696Slingsby Cadet TX2  
VM701Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM702Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM703Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM704Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM725Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM726Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM727Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM728Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM729Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM730Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM731Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM732Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM733Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM734Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM735Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM736Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM737Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM738Avro Lancastrian C2  
VM743FGP-227 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM748Arado Ar.196 AEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM761Arado Ar.196 AEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM768Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM769Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM770Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM771Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
120518VM772Bucker Bestmann Ex Luftwaffe 120518. To F-BBLA, F-BCSX, SL-AAL, D-EMAS at ItzehoeHistory 
VM773Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM774Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM775Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM776Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM777Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM778Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM779Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM780Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM781Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM782Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM783Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM784Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM785Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM786Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM787Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM788Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM789Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM790Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM791Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM792Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM793Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM794Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM795Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM796Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM797Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM824Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM825Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM826Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM827Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM828Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM829Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM830Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM831Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM832Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM833Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM834Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM835Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM836Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM837Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM838Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM839Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM840Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM841Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM842Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM843Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM844Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM845Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM846Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM851Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM852Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM853Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM854Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM855Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM856Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM857Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM858Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM859Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM860Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM861Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM862Messerschmitt Bf.108 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM873Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM874Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM879Bucker Bestmann Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM885Siebel 204 DEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM886Siebel 204 DEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM887Siebel 204 DEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM892Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM897Fieseler Fi.156 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VM900Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM901Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM902Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM903Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM904Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM905Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM906Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM907Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx Luftwaffe, to Dutch Rijksluchtvaartschool for sparesHistory 
6750VM908Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx Luftwaffe, to G-AHBP, scr. Castle Bromwich, Birmingham 1948History 
VM909Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM910Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM911Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM912Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM913Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM914Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM915Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM916Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM917Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM918Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM919Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM920Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM921Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM922Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
501441VM923Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx Luftwaffe, to BEA as G-AHOC 1946, scr. Ringway Manchester 1948History 
VM924Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM925Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM926Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM927Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx Luftwaffe, to PH-UBBHistory 
VM928Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM929Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM930Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM931Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM932Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM961Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM962Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM963Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM964Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM965Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM966Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM967Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM968Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM969Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM970Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM971Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM972Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM973Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM974Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM975Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM976Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM977Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM978Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
3317VM979Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx Luftwaffe, to BEA as G-AHOG 1946, scr. Ringway Manchester 1948History 
VM980Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM981Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM982Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM983Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM984Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM985Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx Luftwaffe, to PH-UBAHistory 
VM986Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VM987Junkers Ju.52 /3mEx LuftwaffeHistory 

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