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VL112Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL113Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL114Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL115Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL116Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL117Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL118Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL119Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL120Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL121Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL122Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL123Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL124Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL125Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL126Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL127Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL128Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL129Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL130Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL131Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL132Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL133Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL134Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL135Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL136Avro Lincoln BIICanxHistory 
VL140DH Vampire F1Canx, first allocation in a batch of 50 aircraftHistory 
VL223DH Vampire F1Canx, last allocation in a batch of 50 aircraftHistory 
127VL226Vickers Viking C1AEx G-AIJE. Returned to G-AIJE, returned to VL226, to G-AIJE, w/o 02/09/1958History 
131VL227Vickers Viking C1AEx G-AIKN. Returned to G-AIKN, to Southend fire dump 11/1965, b/u 1968History 
136VL228Vickers Viking C2f/f 04/02/1957, d/d 16/06/1947, s.o.c. 28/06/1950 and scrappedHistory 
140VL229Vickers Viking C2f/f 11/02/1947, d/d 30/05/1947, to G-APWS, scr. 04/1963 at Southend AirportHistory 
145VL230Vickers Viking C2f/f 22/04/1947, never delivered, to G-ANZK, b/u 07/1955 at BovindonHistory 
150VL231Vickers Viking C2f/f 19/08/1947, d/d 05/09/1947, to A82-1, D-AMOR, D-BABY G-AOCH, scr. ManstonHistory 
153VL232Vickers Viking C2f/f 03/10/1947, d/d 29/10/1947, to G-APAT, w.f.u. at Hurn 05/1961 and scrappedHistory 
156VL233Vickers Viking C2f/f 09/10/1947, d/d 25/01/1948, to G-APOO, w.f.u. 18/08/1964 at Southend, scr.History 
VL237Vickers Viking CanxHistory 
VL238Vickers Viking CanxHistory 
VL239Vickers Viking CanxHistory 
VL240Vickers Viking CanxHistory 
VL241Vickers Viking CanxHistory 
VL242Vickers Viking CanxHistory 
VL243Vickers Viking CanxHistory 
VL244Vickers Viking CanxHistory 
144VL245Vickers Viking C(VVIP)2f/f 09/07/1946, d/d 11/08/1946, w/o 02/09/1947History 
177VL246Vickers Viking C(VVIP)2Sold, to G-APOP, scr. Southend Airport, Essex during 01/1970History 
178VL247Vickers Viking C(VVIP)2Sold, to G-APOR 06/05/1958, scr. Southend Airport, EssexHistory 
179VL248Vickers Viking C2To G-AOBY, to XB-FIPHistory 
158VL249Vickers Valetta C1f/f 30/06/1947, d/d 12/1947, b/u Blackbushe 09/1958History 
VL262Vickers Valetta C2  
165VL263Vickers Valetta C1f/f 23/02/1948, to G-APKS for Decca but b/u Biggin Hill, scr. to EyresHistory 
VL264Vickers Valetta C1  
VL265Vickers Valetta C1  
VL266Vickers Valetta C1w/o 19/08/1952History 
VL267Vickers Valetta C1  
VL268Vickers Valetta C1  
VL269Vickers Valetta C1  
VL270Vickers Valetta C1  
VL271Vickers Valetta C1  
299VL272Vickers Valetta C1Scr. Farnborough 28/05/1959History 
VL273Vickers Valetta C1  
VL274Vickers Valetta C1  
VL275Vickers Valetta C1  
VL276Vickers Valetta C1  
304VL277Vickers Valetta C1To 7476M, to Manston Fire School, b/u Halton 1964History 
VL278Vickers Valetta C1  
VL279Vickers Valetta C1To 7418M, to Sutton-on-Hull Fire School 02/07/1957History 
VL280Vickers Valetta C1  
VL281Vickers Valetta C1  
VL282Vickers Valetta C1  
VL285Avro Anson C19  
VL286Avro Anson C19  
VL287Avro Anson C19  
VL288Avro Anson C19  
VL289Avro Anson C19  
VL290Avro Anson C19  
VL291Avro Anson C19  
VL292Avro Anson C19  
VL293Avro Anson C19  
VL294Avro Anson C19  
VL295Avro Anson C19  
VL296Avro Anson C19  
VL297Avro Anson C19  
VL298Avro Anson C19  
VL299Avro Anson C19  
VL300Avro Anson C19  
VL301Avro Anson C19  
VL302Avro Anson C19  
VL303Avro Anson C19  
VL304Avro Anson C19  
VL305Avro Anson C19  
VL306Avro Anson C19sold scrap on 07/01/1969 at No.27 MU Shawbury to H H Bushell & Co, BirminghamHistory 
VL307Avro Anson C19  
VL308Avro Anson C19  
VL309Avro Anson C19  
VL310Avro Anson C19  
VL311Avro Anson C19  
VL312Avro Anson C19  
VL313Avro Anson C19  
VL333Avro Anson C19  
VL334Avro Anson C19  
VL335Avro Anson C19  
VL336Avro Anson C19  
VL337Avro Anson C19  
VL338Avro Anson C19  
VL339Avro Anson C19  
VL340Avro Anson C19  
VL341Avro Anson C19  
VL342Avro Anson C19  
VL343Avro Anson C19  
VL344Avro Anson C19  
VL345Avro Anson C19  
VL346Avro Anson C19  
VL347Avro Anson C19  
VL348Avro Anson C19To G-AVVO, pres. Newark Air MuseumHistory 
34220VL349Avro Anson C19To G-AWSA, sold 21/10/1968, pres Norfolk and Suffolk Air Museum, Flixton, SuffolkHistory 
VL350Avro Anson C19  
VL351Avro Anson C19  
VL352Avro Anson C19Wings used in composite NZ415 preserved RNZAF Museum, Wigram, New ZealandHistory 
VL353Avro Anson C19  
VL354Avro Anson C19  
VL355Avro Anson C19  
VL356Avro Anson C19To South Rhodesian AFHistory 
VL357Avro Anson C19  
VL358Avro Anson C19N.t.u.History 
VL359Avro Anson C19N.t.u.History 
VL360Avro Anson C19N.t.u.History 
VL361Avro Anson C19N.t.u.History 
VL362Avro Anson C19N.t.u.History 
VL363Avro Anson C19N.t.u.History 
VL367DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL368DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL369DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL370DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL371DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL372DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL373DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL374DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL375DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL376DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL377DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL378DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL379DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL380DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL381DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL382DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL383DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL384DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL385DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL386DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL387DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL388DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL389DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL390DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL391DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL392DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL393DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL394DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL395DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL396DH.89 Dominie CIICanxHistory 
VL401Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL402Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL403Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL404Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL405Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL406Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL407Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL408Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL409Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL410Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL432Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL433Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL434Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL435Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL436Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL437Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL438Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL439Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL440Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL441Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL442Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL443Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL444Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL445Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL446Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL447Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL448Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL449Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL450Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL451Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL452Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL453Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL454Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL455Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL456Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL457Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL458Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL459Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL460Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL461Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL475Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL476Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL477Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL478Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL479Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL480Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL481Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL482Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL483Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL484Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL485Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL486Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL487Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL488Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL489Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL490Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL491Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL492Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL493Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL494Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL501Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL502Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL503Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL504Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL505Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL506Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL507Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL508Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL509Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL510Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL515SA Pioneer To G-AKBF, to XE512History 
VL516SA Pioneer To G-ANAZ, to XE514History 
VL517SA Pioneer CanxHistory 
VL518SA Pioneer CanxHistory 
VL522Auster NTo 6818MHistory 
VL523Auster NTo 6819MHistory 
VL524Auster NCanxHistory 
VL525Auster NCanxHistory 
VL529Heston JC.6   
VL530Heston JC.6   
VL531Heston JC.6 CanxHistory 
VL532Heston JC.6 CanxHistory 
VL537DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL538DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL539DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL540DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL541DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL542DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL543DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL544DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL545DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL546DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL547DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL548DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL549DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL550DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL551DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL552DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL553DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL554DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL555DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL556DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL557DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL558DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL559DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL560DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL561DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL562DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL563DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL564DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL565DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL566DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL567DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL568DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL569DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL570DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL571DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL572DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL573DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL574DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL575DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL576DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL577DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL578DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL579DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL580DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL581DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL582DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL583DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL586DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL587DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL588DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL589DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL590DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL591DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL592DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL593DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL594DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL595DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL596DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL597DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL598DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL599DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL602DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL603DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL604DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL605DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL606DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL607DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL608DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL609DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL610DH Mosquito B35CanxHistory 
VL613DH Mosquito PR34  
VL614DH Mosquito PR34  
VL615DH Mosquito PR34  
VL616DH Mosquito PR34  
VL617DH Mosquito PR34  
VL618DH Mosquito PR34  
VL619DH Mosquito PR34  
VL620DH Mosquito PR34  
VL621DH Mosquito PR34  
VL622DH Mosquito PR34  
VL623DH Mosquito PR34  
VL624DH Mosquito PR34  
VL625DH Mosquito PR34A  
VL626DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL627DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL628DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL629DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL630DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL631DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL632DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL633DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL634DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL635DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL636DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL637DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL638DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL639DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL640DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL641DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL642DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL643DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL644DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL645DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL646DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL647DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL648DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL649DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL650DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL651DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL652DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL668DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL669DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL670DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL671DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL672DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL673DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL674DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL675DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL676DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL677DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL678DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL679DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL680DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL681DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL682DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL683DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL684DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL685DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL686DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL687DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL688DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL689DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL690DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL691DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL692DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL693DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL694DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL695DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL696DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL697DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL714DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL715DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL716DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL717DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL718DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL719DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL720DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL721DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL722DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL723DH Mosquito PR34CanxHistory 
VL726DH Mosquito FBVI  
VL727DH Mosquito FBVI  
VL728DH Mosquito FBVI  
VL729DH Mosquito FBVI  
VL730DH Mosquito FBVI  
VL731DH Mosquito FBVI  
VL732DH Mosquito FBVI  
VL733DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL734DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL735DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL736DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL737DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL738DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL739DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL740DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL741DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL742DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL743DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL744DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL745DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL746DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL747DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL748DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL749DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL750DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL751DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL752DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL753DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL754DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL755DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL780DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL781DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL782DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL783DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL784DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL785DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL786DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL787DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL788DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL789DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL790DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL791DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL792DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL793DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL794DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL795DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL796DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL813DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL814DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL815DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL816DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL817DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL818DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL819DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL820DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL821DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL822DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL823DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL824DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL825DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL826DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL827DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL828DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL829DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL830DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL831DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL832DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL833DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL834DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL835DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL836DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL837DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL838DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL839DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL840DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL841DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL842DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL857DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL858DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL859DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL860DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL861DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL862DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL863DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL864DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL865DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL866DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL867DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL868DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL869DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL870DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL871DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL872DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL873DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL874DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL875DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL876DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL877DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL878DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL879DH Mosquito FBVICanxHistory 
VL892BP Balliol T1f/f 26/04/1947, d/d 11/12/1947, to G.I. Arbroath 06/04/1964, scr.History 
VL917BP Balliol T1f/f 24/03/1948, to spares useHistory 
VL935BP Balliol T2f/f 17/05/1948, s.o.c. 08/04/1953History 
VL954BP Balliol T1CanxHistory 
12835VL958Bristol Sycamore Mk.If/f 27/07/1947History 
12836VL963Bristol Sycamore Mk.IG-ALOUHistory 
VL967Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL968Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL969Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL970Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL971Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL972Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL973Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL974Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL975Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL976Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL977Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL978Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL979Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL980Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL981Avro Lancastrian C2  
VL982Avro Lancastrian C2CanxHistory 
VL983Avro Lancastrian C2CanxHistory 
VL984Avro Lancastrian C2CanxHistory 
VL985Avro Lancastrian C2CanxHistory 
VL986Avro Lancastrian C2CanxHistory 
621965VL991Junkers Ju.88 G-6Ex Air Min 9History 
VL994Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL995Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL996Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL997Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL998Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 
VL999Grumman Avenger CanxHistory 

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