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11131QQ100Agusta A.109 EEx G-CFVB canx 11/03/2011, d/d Boscombe Down 14/02/2011, to G-ETPIHistory 
E3368QQ101Avro 146 RJ100Ex G-9-368, ex G-BZAY, d/d Boscombe Down 02/03/2012, regd G-ETPL 28/09/2018History 
E1254QQ102Avro 146 RJ70Ex G-BVRJ, d/d Boscombe Down 19/03/2012, to G-ETPK 23/01/2019History 
42.255QQ103Diamond Twin Star DA42-MPPEx G-LTPA canx 03/08/2016, QQ103 canx 19/09/2018, regd G-ETPM 20/09/2018History 

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