Civilian Losses

These are the known fates of former military aircraft that were lost whilst in civilian ownership.

They may not have necessarily been carrying their former military serial at the time of their demise.


17th January WG274 ZS-DIR Chipmunk T10 Crashed near Thabazimbi, South Africa.
1st April T9695 G-AKGR Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Lympne, Kent.
28th March KN701 G-AMRB C-47B Dakota Crashed near Largs, Ayr.
5th May N9367 G-ANDJ Tiger Moth Crashed near Theale, Berkshire.
17th May DX240 G-ALIT Proctor III Damaged beyond repair at Panshanger, Hertfordshire.
26th May W6419 G-AOHC Tiger Moth Crashed at Holywell, Flintshire.
30th May XD667 G-AMUN York C1 Crashed on an approach to Stansted, Essex.
2nd June WG282 ZS-DIT Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Vanderbijlpark, South Africa.
17th June NP187 G-ANVW Proctor IV Damaged beyond repair at Olivares de Jacur, Spain.
2nd July EM972 G-ANPU Tiger Moth Crashed at Dyheld Down near Netheravon, Wiltshire.
29th July RH429 G-ALAJ Messenger 4A Damaged beyond repair during gales at Christchurch, Dorset.
5th August XJ281 G-ALDK Hermes IVA Damaged beyond repair landing on Drigh Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
17th August N6710 G-ANOZ Tiger Moth Crashed at Yeovil, Somerset.
19th August T9698 G-AJJI Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Elstree, Hertfordhsire.
14th September N4557 G-ALIM Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Kerriemuir near Perth.
16th September XH379 G-AMJI Bristol 173 Crashed at Filton, Bristol.
23rd September DE896 G-ANSN Tiger Moth Crashed at Glan-y-Mor, Wales.
4th October WG277 ZS-DIX Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Bloemfontein, South Africa.
21st October WG326 CR-AEF Chipmunk T10 Crashed and burnt out at Vila Gouveia, Mozambique.
24th October WG276 VP-KLU Chipmunk T10 Crashed near Chinsale, Northern Rhodesia.
13th November WG404 VH-RCW Chipmunk T10 Stalled and struck a tree at Bull Creek, Western Australia.
7th December RT489 G-AORI Auster 5 Crashed at Stagsden, Bedfordshire.


3rd January DE170 G-ANRY Tiger Moth Crashed at Croydon, Greater London.
16th March NR806 G-AKZP Dragon Rapide Crashed near Hammamet, Tunis.
24th March N5446 G-AMNO Tiger Moth Crashed at Turnhouse, Edinburgh.
24th March DF154 G-AHZH Tiger Moth Crashed at Portsmouth, Hampshire.
6th April R4905 G-ANFJ Tiger Moth Crashed at Walsgrave near Coventry.
12th April DE149 G-ANPI Tiger Moth Crashed at Mursley, Buckinghamshire.
23rd April DE280 G-AMHP Tiger Moth Crashed at Thruxton. Hampshire.
1st May XG895 G-AJBO Viking 1B Crashed on Star Hill, near Blackbushe, Hampshire.
7th May T9684 G-AKAS Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Croydon, Greater London.
27th May R5954 G-AKTZ Dragon Rapide Damaged beyond repair at Benghazi, Libya.
2nd June R1950 G-AHNW Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Elstree, Hertfordshire.
15th June DE615 G-ANSG Tiger Moth Crashed near Caen, France.
24th July N9431 G-ANPB Tiger Moth Crashed near Fairoaks, Surrey.
29th July EM943 G-ANMP Tiger Moth Crashed into Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth.
22nd August P2404 G-AJZH Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Nuthamstead, Hertfordshire.
27th August T5371 G-AKWY Tiger Moth Crashed at Petersfield, Hampshire.
29th August R5181 G-AKCH Tiger Moth Crashed near Stirling, Scotland.
1st September XD632 G-AKFP Hermes 4 Damaged beyond repair after colliding with DC3 VT-AUA on landing at Dum Dum, Calcutta, India.
12th September N6851 G-ANRE Tiger Moth Crashed in the South Cameroons.
18th September T5491 G-AIDD Tiger Moth Crashed at Roborough, Plymouth, Devon
20th October R5114 G-AOFH Tiger Moth Crashed at Wolverhampton, West Midlands.
3rd November VS384 G-AOPG Prentice T1 Damaged beyond repair during gales at Southend, Essex.
15th November NJ207 G-AKNU Solent 3 Crashed at Chessel Down, Isle of Wight.
24th November N6587 G-ANYX Tiger Moth Crashed at Thruxton, Hampshire.
29th November EM816 G-ANRH Tiger Moth Crashed in the South Cameroons.
30th December RH422 G-ALAG Messenger 4A Crashed at Gittelde Harz, West Germany.


7th January VS512 G-ANWW Anson T20 Crashed at Maidenhead Thicket, Berkshire.
31st January WB712 G-AOTC Chipmunk T10 Badly damaged in a heavy landing at Scone, Perthshire, Scotland.
13th February TW421 G-ANID Auster 5 Crashed at Stonor, Oxfordshire.
16th February WG285 VP-KLV Chipmunk T10 Crashed on landing at Nairobi Airport, Kenya.
27th February XF659 G-AICS Bristol 170 Crashed into Winter Hill, Horwich, near Bolton, Lancashire.
5th March WD301 G-AMXL Chipmunk T10 Spun into the ground at Datford Marshes, Kent.
26th March WG394 VH-RNF Chipmunk T10 Crashed Ninimi, NSW Australia.
30th March T5826 G-AOSD Tiger Moth Crashed at Syerston, Nottinghamshire.
30th March N6944 G-ANSA Tiger Moth Crashed into the River Mersey near Speke,Liverpool.
30th March VN895 G-ANAT Proctor 5 Damaged beyond repair at Elmdon Airport, Birmingham.
20th April N6547 G-ANRD Tiger Moth Crashed at Palmers Farm, Coolham, Sussex.
29th April N9252 G-APFX Tiger Moth Crashed into Langstone Harboure, Portsmouth.
8th May EM905 G-APLB Tiger Moth Crashed into the sea off Bembridge, Isle of Wight.
11th May NL777 G-ANLG Tiger Moth Crashed at Luton, Bedfordshire.
17th May N6772 G-ANRU Tiger Moth Crashed near Morbiham, France.
20th May MW185 G-AMUT York C1 Damaged beyond repair on landing at Luqa, Malta.
25th May XD623 G-AMUV York C1 Damaged beyond repair in a forced landing at Badshahpur, near Delhi, India.
4th June R5140 G-AKYR Tiger Moth Crashed near Stapleford, Essex.
6th June P2500 G-ALIO Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Sevenoaks, Kent.
19th June HM342 G-AKXK Proctor III Crashed at Beirut, Lebanon.
29th June T7456 G-AHWC Tiger Moth Crashed at Old Warden, Bedfordshire.
3rd July WB701 VH-BWD Chipmunk T10 Caught fire in flight and abandoned near Sanderson, South Australia.
22nd July T7417 G-ANEV Tiger Moth Crashed on Pengham Moors, Cardiff.
27th July WB680 G-APMN Chipmunk T10 Written off at Foxes Farm, Hanworth Fen, near Lincoln.
2nd August RH421 G-ALAE Messenger 4A Damaged beyond repair whilst landing at Epping Upland, Essex.
18th August N6548 G-AHRM Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair at Fairoaks, Surrey.
23rd August DF123 G-ANLP Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair during an engine failure at Neulandwischhhafen, West Germany.
9th September VL226 G-AIJE Viking 2 Crashed at Southall, Middlesex.
11th September EM971 G-ANKG Tiger Moth Crashed at Ipswich, Suffolk.
17th September NP281 G-AJTP Proctor IV Ditched into the sea off Singapore.
12th October T5617 G-AHVY Tiger Moth Crashed at Christchurch, Hampshire.
22nd October XF647 G-AMVB Dakota 4 Caught fire at Masjid Sulaimen, Iran.
23rd October RM190 G-ANYZ Proctor 4 Crashed into the English Channel.
4th November XF655 G-AGVB Bristol 170 Crashed at Le Touquet, France.
16th November R7532 G-AIKJ Proctor III Damaged beyond repair Tonbridge, Kent.
4th December WB610 VH-BSM Chipmunk T10 Crashed near Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.
24th December WB608 VH-BSN Chipmunk T10 Crashed near Kimberley, Australia.


21st January N6737 G-AOAE Tiger Moth Crashed near Tadcaster, Yorkshire.
1st February WB618 VH-RVQ Chipmunk T10 Crashed and burnt out at Scoresby, Victoria, Australia.
30th March WG358 ZS-DJN Chipmunk T10 Crashed in fog at Swakopmund, South Africa.
5th April WB695 VH-WFD Chipmunk T10 Crashed whilst performing aerobatics at Deniliquin, Australia.
23rd April TS871 G-AGRH Tudor 1 Crashed into Mount Suphan Dag, Turkey.
19th May WG490 D-EGAP Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair in a heavy landing at Bremen, West Germany.
4th June WB551 VH-WFC Chipmunk T10 Crashed near Orange, Australia.
11th June WB582 G-AOTB Chipmunk T10 Written off in a forced landing at Bushey Heath, Herts.
16th June DE402 G-ANUH Tiger Moth Crashed at Kings Norton, Birmingham.
23rd June NL780 G-ANOP Tiger Moth Crashed at Boxted, Essex.
26th June WB577 VH-DDN Chipmunk T10 Crashed whilst low flying at Cambooya, Australia.
6th July T6388 G-AOXY Tiger Moth Crashed near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
7th July DE676 G-AITD Tiger Moth Crashed near Yeadon, Leeds.
7th July R9550 G-AHPT Dragon Rapide Crashed at St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
15th August L8288 G-AJRT Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Waltham, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
23rd August WG281 F-OAYJ Chipmunk T10 Damaged in a forced landing at Tamatave, Madagascar when the engine failed.
6th September N9402 G-ANDG Tiger Moth Destroyed in a collision with D31 Turbulent G-APBZ at Fairoaks, Surrey.
19th September WB578 VH-RFW Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Bull Creek, Australia.
9th October WZ840 G-ALDC Hermes 4 Damaged beyond repair on landing at Southend, Essex.
15th November TJ506 G-ANIN Auster 5 Damaged beyond repair at Great Ness, Ulveston, Shropshire.
21st November HN734 G-AJXE Consul Damaged beyond repair at Elstree, Hertfordshire.
20th December DE206 G-APAW Tiger Moth Crashed at Redhill, Surrey.


9th January WB630 VH-BWE Chipmunk T10 Struck a pole and overturned at Parafield, Australia.
30th January T6567 G-AOSM Tiger Moth Crashed at Fishcroft near Boston, Linconshire.
30th January WB674 VH-RVR Chipmunk T10 Stalled and crashed at Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia.
7th February TJ399 G-AKTF Auster 5 Crashed into the English Channel off Beachy Head, Sussex.
10th February T7749 G-AKXD Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair in a forced landing in Lincolnshire.
10th February DX198 G-ALUJ Proctor III Crashed at Roseberry Topping, Yorkshire.
27th February N6736 G-ANJE Tiger Moth Crashed at Roborough, Plymouth, Devon.
27th February WG395 ZS-DIP Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Wesselsbron, South Africa.
28th February DE417 G-AOXS Tiger Moth Crashed near Reigate Heath, Surrey.
5th March XF646 G-AMSF C-47B Dakota Crashed at Elmdon Airport, Birmingham.
19th March WB606 VH-BSR Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Ralphs Bay, near Hobart, Tasmania.
3rd April T7692 G-AIRR Tiger Moth Crashed near Newtonards, Northern Ireland.
22nd April T6051 G-AOXJ Tiger Moth Crashed at Bawdsey, Suffolk.
24th April LB311 G-AHVR Taylorcraft Plus D Crashed near Torrington, Devon.
2nd May P5989 G-AHET Vega Gull Force landed at Kirby Trading Estate, near Liverpool.
8th May WB686 G-AORP Chipmunk T10 Crashed near St. Abbs Head, Berwickshire.
12th May T7369 G-APDZ Tiger Moth Crashed at Little Snoring, Norfolk.
29th May XD637 ZS-DNU Viking 1A Damaged beyond repair at Tarbes, France.
13th June N3954 G-AKKV Hawk Trainer III Crashed at Hemswell, Lincolnshire.
15th June K4281 G-APLC Tiger Moth Crashed near Sherbourne, Dorset.
16th June N6777 G-ANER Tiger Moth Crashed at Staverton, Gloucestershire.
11th July WD374 G-ARDF Chipmunk T10 Written off Thruxton, Wiltshire.
29th July T5714 G-ANUD Tiger Moth Crashed at Fairoaks, Surrey.
30th July T6814 G-ANYN Tiger Moth Crashed at Le Touquet, France.
9th November WB725 G-AORV Chipmunk T10 Crashed Crowcombe, Somerset.


1st January PH321 G-ALTP Oxford I Damaged beyond repair at Christchurch, Dorset.
12th February LB322 G-AHXG Taylorcraft Plus D Damaged beyond repair during gales at Sleap, Shropshire.
14th February NL994 G-AMBI Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair in a force landing at Stourpaine, Dorset.
26th February WB628 G-AOSJ Chipmunk T10 Crashed near Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
4th March T7335 G-ANSR Tiger Moth Crashed in Studland Bay, Dorset.
27th March WG271 F-OAOO Chipmunk T10 All were three written off when their hangar collapsed during a cyclone at Fort Dauphin, Madagascar.
WG275 F-OAOS Chipmunk T10
WG312 F-OASK Chipmunk T10
WG331 F-OBIK Chipmunk T10 Both were parked outside at Fort Dauphin, Madagascar and were destroyed by a cyclone.
WG355 F-OAOK Chipmunk T10
10th April WG426 VH-RSR Chipmunk T10 Ditched into Lake Macquare near Swansea, Australia.
16th April DE582 G-ANEO Tiger Moth Crashed Keston, Kent.
1st May NR774 G-AGOJ Dragon Rapide Crashed near Lympne, Kent.
16th May TW389 G-AOUL Auster 5D Crashed at Baldock, Hertfordshire.
24th May RH368 G-ALAP Messenger 4A Crashed at Bark Island gliding strip near Halifax, Yorkshire.
24th May XD670 OD-ACO York C1 Crashed during an emergency landing at Azabia, Muscat.
28th May T7391 G-APJR Tiger Moth Crashed at Princethorpe, Warwickshire.
16th June WB625 VH-ICC Chipmunk T10 Crashed and burst into flames after crashing on take-off from Moree, Australia.
27th June T7750 G-ANIV Tiger Moth Crashed at Doncaster, Yorkshire.
3rd July R5130 G-APOV Tiger Moth Crashed at Staplehurst, Kent.
16th July XL961 G-AMTS Heron 2 Crashed at Biggin Hill, Kent.
30th July VS374 G-AOLR Prentice T1 Crashed at Kilsythe, Glasgow, Scotland.
7th August T7932 EI-AGR Tiger Moth Crashed at Maynooth, Ireland.
9th August XG349 G-AHPM Viking 3B Crashed into Mount Holteheia, Stavanger, Norway whilst on a flight from London to Stavanger.
12th August LB342 G-AHVS Taylorcraft Plus D Crashed near Sleap, Shropshire.
14th August PH368 G-ALTR Oxford I Damaged beyond repair on take-off from Bordeaux, France.
3rd September WD323 VH-MOR Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Traralgon, Victoria, Australia.
6th September WG411 VH-RVX Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Ferntree near Scoresby, Australia.
17th October XF645 G-AMVC Dakota 4 Crashed on Coglin Fell, near Kirkoswald, Cumberland, Scotland.
18th November DF206 G-ANUJ Tiger Moth Crashed at Aslacton, Norfolk.
9th December WB639 VH-RNF Chipmunk T10 Lost power and crashed on take-off from West Maitland, Australia.
10th December WB714 VH-RVG Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Scoresby, Victoria, Australia.
12th December NR691 G-AKZB Dragon Rapide Crashed at St. Justs Airport, Lands End, Cornwall.


7th January T7247 G-ANUE Tiger Moth Crashed at Stapleford, Essex.
13th February NP354 G-ANWA Proctor 4 Crashed onto the beach at Propriano, Corsica.
4th March TJ657 G-ANIK Auster 5 Crashed near Guiseley, Yorkshire.
17th March T7453 G-ANLB Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair at Southam, Warwickshire.
8th April WB713 G-AOPZ Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair at Netherthorpe, Nottinghamshire.
15th April WB672 VH-DBI Chipmunk T10 Crashed and burnt out in Australia.
19th April T5373 G-AOGB Tiger Moth Crashed at Uffington, Shropshire.
22nd April N9244 G-AHXN Tiger Moth Crashed near Caxton, Cambridgeshire.
6th May FZ624 G-AGZB C-47A Dakota Crashed near Ventor, Isle of Wight.
8th May WB715 G-APAC Chipmunk T10 Crashed whilst landing at Luton, Bedfordshire.
21st May VZ353 D-CABU Sea Fury T20 No details known.
24th May N6459 G-AOUY Tiger Moth Crashed at Nelson, Glamorganshire.
29th May XJ320 G-ANDY Sea Devon C20 Suffered an engine failure on take-off from Turnhouse Airport, Edinburgh and struck some power cables and crashed, both crew escaped safely.
27th June WB632 G-APMW Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Bishophall Farm, Stanley, Perthshire.
30th June XF657 G-AGVC Bristol 170 Damaged beyond repair on landing at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man.
5th August T6297 G-AMJF Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair at Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
16th September DF194 G-AOFD Tiger Moth Crashed at Tewin, Hertfordshire.
29th September N6865 G-AOFO Tiger Moth Crashed at Tollerton, Nottinghamshire.
7th October WB678 VH-UET Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Whyalla, Australia.
14th October WB662 VH-RGW Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair when landing on Kattanning Racecourse, Australia.
4th November WE606 G-ASAE Auster T7 Collided mid-air with Chipmunk T10 WP906 near Reading. WP906 landed safely.


30th January VZ372 D-CAME Sea Fury T20 Crashed at Hannover, Germany.
2nd February WB622 VH-BSP Chipmunk T10 Crashed near Turmby Bay, Australia.
3rd February NP250 G-ANYS Proctor 3 Crashed near Enniskellen, Northern Ireland.
5th February VX127 VH-RCT Auster AOP6 Crashed in Tasmania, Australia.
19th March HM358 G-AOEJ Proctor 3 Crashed at Denham, Buckinghamshire.
9th April W1731 G-ALXH Anson XI Suffered an engine failure and crashed near Guiseley, Yorkshire.
14th April KN273 G-ANTB C-47B Dakota Crashed near Jersey Airport, Channel Islands.
30th April WB613 VR-SDW Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Singapore Airport.
10th May LZ570 G-AMGE Proctor III Damaged beyond repair at Woolsington near Newcastle airport.
17th June WB669 VH-RSJ Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Bringelly, near Camden, Australia.
28th July T5843 G-APIP Tiger Moth Crashed at Hayes Common, Kent.
17th August R4851 G-APTI Tiger Moth Crashed whilst landing at Dinon, France.
18th August WE611 G-ARUX Terrier A61 Damaged beyond repair at Luton, Bedfordshire.
24th September XF650 G-AMWA Bristol 170 Crashed in Guernsey, Channel Islands.
7th October TW388 G-AOTJ Auster 5 Crashed near Dumfries, Scotland.
10th November T7191 G-AMGC Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair near Hawarden, Chester.
30th December X7412 G-ALBC Dragon Rapide Crashed into high ground near Edale, Derbyshire.


1st January TW524 G-ARDX Auster 6A Destroyed by fire at Lasham, Hampshire.
27th January WB651 VH-BAW Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Wingdee Station, Australia.
20th February NM142 G-ANLE Tiger Moth Crashed at Tillington, Essex.
21st February T7169 G-AIZF Tiger Moth Crashed at Oldfield Farm, Gaydon.
18th March VX280 D-CACI Sea Fury T20 Crashed at Buschutten near Siegen, West Germany.
8th April DE978 G-APAI Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair at Chilbolton, Hampshire.
18th April WE609 G-ASRL Beagle Terrier 2 Crashed at Kota, Malawi.
30th April WB614 VH-BWB Chipmunk T10 Spun into the ground at Osbourne, Australia.
19th May MT169 G-ANHO Auster 5 Crashed at Biggin Hill, Kent.
23rd May VX942 G-ASFM Terrier 2 Crashed on take-off from Rearsby, Leicestershire.
10th June WB751 D-EFOL Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Mariensiel near Wilhelmshavan, West Germany.
27th July TA719 G-ASKC Mosquito TT35 Crashed at Staverton, Gloucestershire.
8th August WB658 VH-RVK Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Bangholme near Moorabin, Australia.
16th August WZ853 G-ASFE Chipmunk T10 Struck by Chipmunk T10 G-AOST at Tollerton, Nottinghamshire.
16th August DE957 G-AMEZ Tiger Moth Crashed at Verden-Scharnhorst, West Germany.
18th August WE611 G-ARUX Auster T7 Crashed at Luton, Bedfordshire.
22nd August NL989 G-APKE Tiger Moth Crashed at Rearsby, Leicestershire.
4th September WE587 G-ASAC Auster T7 Crashed on landing at Roborough, Plymouth, Devon.
20th September WB655 VH-RND Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Williamstown Air Base, Australia.
27th October XS684 G-ASBL Hughes 269A Crashed Redmoor House Farm, Fairlop, Essex.
3rd November WG462 G-AOSX Chipmunk T10 Suffered a wire strike and crashed at Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk.
8th November WG314 VH-WRW Chipmunk T10 Crashed 35 miles north of Carnaervon, Australia.


16th May DE638 G-ANEJ Tiger Moth Damaged beyond repair at Owstwick, Yorkshire.
16th June NL898 G-AOUR Tiger Moth Crashed at Newtonards, Northern Ireland.
20th July WE551 G-ASOY Terrier 2 Crashed at Traben-Trabach, West Germany.
24th July RH424 G-AKZX Messenger 4A Crashed on take off from Rochester, Kent.
10th August VX291 D-CACI Sea Fury T20 Crashed at Dreis, Eiffel Mountains, West Germany.
10th August DF117 G-ANKU Tiger Moth Crashed at Kilpadder, County Wicklow, Ireland.
2nd September WG351 VH-SJD Chipmunk T10 Ran out of fuel and crashed at Goulburn, Australia.
4th September N6660 G-AOIN Tiger Moth Crashed at Wattisham, Suffolk.
26th September T9768 G-AIUA Hawk Trainer III Crashed on landing at Roborough, Plymouth, Devon.
3rd October WG353 G-APTG Chipmunk T10 Crash landed at Elstree, Hertfordshire.
27th Dec VF575 G-ATKJ Terrier 2 Crashed on take-off from Rearsby, Leicestershire.


19th March WB719 D-EFUS Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair whilst taxiing at Fliensburg, West Germany.
29th March WD381 G-ARME Chipmunk T10 Crashed near Sandown, Isle of Wight.
8th April T6913 G-AHNC Tiger Moth Crashed near Biggin Hill, Kent.
23rd April N6856 G-ANLR Tiger Moth Crashed at Syderstone, Norfolk.
30th April LB376 G-AIRE Taylorcraft Plus D Crashed into the North Sea off Spurn Head, East Riding.
16th May WB735 EI-AHR Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair at Shannon airport, Ireland when the River Shannon burst its banks.
31st May WB732 G-AOJZ Chipmunk T10 Crashed south west of Perth, Scotland.
5th June T7272 G-ANDV Tiger Moth Crashed on take-off from Wisley, Surrey.
24th June WB631 G-AOJY Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair after colliding with a road roller at Lulsgate, Bristol.
18th July WB736 G-ARGH Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Skegness, Lincolnshire.
4th August XB477 G-ASVJ Hillier HT1 Crashed on a training flight at Middle Wallop, Hampshire.
11th September WF550 G-ASAG Terrier 2 Crashed at Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
4th December WD348 G-AOSA Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Coupar Angus, Fife, Scotland.


2nd January R4950 G-ANPC Tiger Moth Crashed into the hillside at Scotlandwell, near Loch Leven, Perth and Kinross.
3rd May XF748 TF-AIO Dakota 4 Crashed into hill during bad weather at Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.
10th June HB612 G-AJSN Argus II Damaged in a heavy landing at Cork, Ireland.
1st July WB746 G-ASPW Chipmunk T10 Struck overhead power lines and crashed at Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire.
13th August VX147 G-AKFC Ercoupe During a practice emergency landing at Halfpenny Green, Wolverhampton the aircraft struck a tree and crashed.
12th December WB691 HB-TUF Chipmunk T10 Crashed in a forced landing at Birrfield, Switzerland.
27th December R7486 G-AHNA Proctor I Force landed in a ploughed field at High Hall Farm, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex.


27th January WG425 VH-FTA Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Cobbity near Camden, Australia.
1st April VF544 G-ASPD Terrier 2 Crashed into trees during a snow storm near Leuchars, Fife.
11th May WP982 G-ARDW Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair at Netherthorpe, Nottinghamshire.
16th May DE578 G-AMEY Tiger Moth The aircraft had been stolen but crashed on take-off at Little Snoring, Norfolk.
8th June WB570 HB-TUC Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Spreitenbach Airfield, Switzerland.
5th July N6847 G-APAL Tiger Moth Crashed at Wilhampstead, Bedfordshire.
21st July WB648 G-AORF Chipmunk T10 Crashed on take off at White Waltham, Berkshire.
21st July DE873 G-APVP Tiger Moth Crashed near Ellingham, Essex.
8th September WT959 SE-EBH Skyraider AEW1 Destroyed by fire in landing accident at Lulea, Sweden.
8th December WG416 VH-TUG Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair Cunderdin, Australia.


22nd May DE634 G-ANMZ Tiger Moth Crashed at Challock, Kent.
20th June TX227 G-AWMH Anson C19 Ditched into the sea off the Liberian coast.
2nd September XM797 G-ARTU EP-9 Prospector Crashed at Old Warden, Bedfordshire.
15th September T5495 G-AMIU Tiger Moth Cartwheeled on landing at Booker, Buckinghamshire.
28th September TJ373 G-APJX Auster 5 Destroyed in gales at Inverness, Scotland.
5th November T7799 G-ALTW Tiger Moth Crashed at Panshanger, Hertfordshire.
18th December XS681 G-ASHK Brantley B2 Crashed at Wood Farm, Newport Pagnall, Buckinghamshire.


6th February WB611 G-AOTH Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Fawley Green, near Henley, Berkshire.
28th March TJ320 G-ANHW Auster 5D Force landed at Carton Manor, Norfolk.
5th April T7868 G-AHUE Tiger Moth Collided mid-air with Olympia glider BGA1305 near Meir, Staffordshire.
28th May WE536 G-ARTM Terrier 1 Damaged beyond repair at Priory Farm, Turvey, Bedfordshire.
5th July R5041 G-AODS Tiger Moth Damaged on landing at Sherburn, Yorkshire.
6th July WE555 G-ARXL Terrier 1 Damaged beyond repair at Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.
30th August WE559 G-ASAD Terrier 2 Ditched into the sea off Dungeness, Kent.
6th October XF746 ZS-DKR Dakota 4 Crashed at Germiston, Johannesburg, South Africa.


6th May WT849 SE-EBN Skyraider AEW1 Made a wheels up landing at Madlanta Airport, Sweden.
9th May WB759 HB-TUI Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Schaffhausen-Neukirch Airfield, West Germany.
30th May LB341 G-AHNG Taylorcraft Plus D Crashed in Dorset.
12th June VF492 G-ARKC Auster 6A Crashed at Bidford-on-Avon. Warwickshire.
15th August TW513 G-AKJU Auster J/1N Alpha Whilst towing a glider the undercarriage caught onto some corn causing the aircraft to crash into the ground near Wattisham, Suffolk.
23rd August T6064 G-AHRC Tiger Moth Ditched into the sea 8 miles north of Anglesey, North Wales.
9th October WG334 9Q-CNT Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Kolwazi, Zaire.
12th December EM929 G-AHVV Tiger Moth Dived into the ground during aerobatics at Lympne, Kent.


28th July WB605 HB-TUK Chipmunk T10 Crashed in Switzerland.
8th October WB717 VP-WDV Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Prince Charles Airport Airshow, Rhodesia.


7th May VF608 G-ASIP Auster 6A Destroyed by fire at Nympsfield, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.
15th August WE604 G-ARZT Auster T7 Crashed at Holme Farm, Kent.
29th September K4254 G-APVT Tiger Moth Collided mid-air with Luton Beta G-ATLY near Tollerton, Nottinghamshire.
17th December WD371 G-BBMP Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Felthorpe, Norfolk.


14th March N6978 G-AOAC Tiger Moth Crashed at Lessay, France.
20th October WE572 G-AVCR Terrier I Damaged beyond repair in a hangar collapse at Enstone, Oxfordshire.
25th December WB698 VH-KJM Chipmunk T10 Destroyed by Cyclone Tracy at Darwin, Australia.


February XS768 ZP-PJQ Basset CC1 Crashed in Greenland whilst on a delivery flight to Paraguay.
16th February NJ625 G-AJAK Auster AOP5 Struck trees on landing at Ramsgate, Kent.


2nd January VF519 G-ASYN Terrier T2 Damaged beyond repair in a gale at Netherthorpe, Derbyshire.
20th October XV321 G-BCZK Sioux HT2 Crashed on return to base in Australia. Date also quoted as 14/04/1964.Crashed heavily at Baginton, Coventry when the tail rotor drive failed. The two crew were seriously injured.
23rd October WB553 HB-TUL Chipmunk T10 Crashed into some trees at Buttwell, Switzerland.


19th February WB574 G-AOSN Chipmunk T10 Written off in a crash at Church Hill, Harefield, Uxbridge, Greater London.
25th July XV323 G-BCZL Sioux HT2 Crashed at Bishops Norton, Lincolnshire.
2nd September WD901 CF-BDH Firefly AS6 Crashed into Lake Ontario, Canada.
30th September XL658 EI-BBY Britannia C1 Crash landed and caught fire at Shannon Airport, Ireland.
22nd December XS777 G-BCIV Basset CC1 Written off in landing accident at Halfpenny Green, Staffordshire.


5th March WD301 G-AMXL Chipmunk T10 Spun into Dartford Marshes, Kent.
30th May XT120 D-HAFC Sioux AH1 Crashed at Beckum-Werse, West Germany.
11th July XT245 D-HHRK Sioux AH1 Crashed at Wintringen, Luxemburg.
31st July XS705 EI-BCA Hiller HT1 Crashed at Tallagh, Ireland.
17th August KN274 G-AMSM C-47B Dakota Ground looped on take-off from Lydd Airport, Kent. Nose section preserved Brenzett Museum, Kent.


29th March WB718 HB-TUD Chipmunk T10 Crashed into the River Aare at Bettlach, Switzerland.
26th May XT160 G-BGAM Sioux AH1 Crashed in Loch Nevis, Inverness.
1st June XP446 9Q-COE Argosy C1 Damaged beyond repair in a heavy landing at Lubumbashi, Zaire.
22nd June WH589 G-AGHB Sea Fury FB11 Crashed shortly after take-off on a test flight in West Germany.
23rd June XT501 G-BEHO Sioux AH1 Crashed Warren Farm, near Swindon, Wiltshire.
9th July XT180 G-BFEG Sioux AH1 Written off whilst crop spraying at Market Drayton, Shropshire.
26th July XW183 D-HMNI Sioux AH1 Crashed near Ibbenburen, West Germany.


27th April XT834 G-BHBW Sioux AH1 Crashed whilst crop spraying at Back Doath, near Carmyllie, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.
16th May XT107 9M-AUN Sioux AH1 Caught fire and burnt out in Malaysia.
13th June XT206 D-HAFQ Sioux AH1 Crashed in West Germany.
28th June XW184 G-BEHP Sioux AH1 Destroyed whilst crop spraying at Charisworth Farm, near Blandford Forum, Dorset.
12th August WE570 G-ASBU Terrier 2 Damaged beyond repair at Netherley, Liverpool, Merseyside.
6th December WG301 N65237 Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Ocean City, New Jersey, USA when the pilot lost control on take-off.


23rd May WP778 G-BBNF Chipmunk T10 Crashed on landing at Chase Farm, Botley Hill, Little Burstead, Essex.
17th June XT102 G-BGHN Sioux AH1 Crashed when the aircraft's boom struck the ground whilst crop spraying at Dumnagir, near Montrose, Scotland.
18th June XT545 G-BGOZ Sioux AH1 Suffered a loss of cyclic control and crashed whilst crop spraying near Myton-upon-Swale, Yorkshire.
15th July XT212 D-HAFG Sioux AH1 Crashed at Schweppenhausen, West Germany.
1st August XS685 G-ASBD Hughes 269A Crashed at South Driffield, Yorkshire.
17th August WP789 G-BCOS Chipmunk T10 Destroyed when the aircraft spun into the sea of Ancona, Italy.
7th December XT153 ZS-HJB Sioux AH1 Crashed in South Africa.
22nd December XS767 G-BCIS Basset CC1 Crashed near Freetown, Sierra Leone.


17th May KG632 C-FQHF Dakota III Crashed at Calgary Alta, Canada.
6th June XV318 G-BCYY Sioux HT2 Crashed when the engine failed on take-off from Paxford, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.


4th June XT508 G-BGAI Sioux AH1 Crashed and burnt out whilst crop spraying in a field at Wappenham, near Towcester, Northamptonshire.
6th July XV319 G-BCYZ Sioux HT2 Overpitched on take-off at Stownor, Oxfordshire and struck the ground.
9th July XJ322 G-AMYP Sea Devon C20 Suffered engine problems on take-off from Shoreham, West Sussex and dived into the ground killing the pilot.
30th July XT848 G-BHKD Sioux AH1 Crashed at Ledstone, near Castleford, Yorkshire after striking a building.
12th August XS172 G-BDRY Hiller HT2 Struck power lines whilst crop spraying at Bickerton, Cheshire.
14th September XS784 N206TB Basset CC1 Crashed at Davenport, California, USA.


17th February WB566 ZK-TNR Chipmunk T10 Crashed doing aerobatics during at the Wanaka Airshow, New Zealand.
18th April XT143 G-BFEJ Sioux AH1 Written off after running out of fuel and force landing into a field at High Eldwick near Bingley, Yorkshire.
9th June R7524 G-AIWA Proctor I Crashed at Le Ferte Alais, France.
19th August WJ897 G-BDFT Varsity T1 Crashed at Marchington, near Uttoxeter. Staffordshire after both engines failed. Of the fourteen on  board only three survived.
12th November WB744 N9HP Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Elmdale Air Park, Abilene, Texas, USA.


24th August XS941 G-APLK M100 Student Crashed at Duxford, Cambridgeshire.
04th September XT249 G-SMRI Sioux AH1 Struck power lines whilst crop spraying in Lancashire.


26th January T6774 G-ALNA Tiger Moth Force landed into a gravel pit near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex and sank.
4th June T7471 G-AJHU Tiger Moth Failed to become airborne on takeoff and struck a tree at Thatcham, Berkshire.


6th September WK622 G-BCZH Chipmunk T10 Crashed on take-off from Pentney, Norfolk.
16th October TJ343 G-AJXC Auster 5 Damaged by gales at Hook, Hampshire.
19th November XT811 G-BFOI Sioux AH1 Struck the ground whilst crop spraying at Church Hall Farm, near Paglesham, Essex.


22nd August XP328 G-BKHC Whirlwind HAR10 Crashed on landing at Whatfield, Suffolk.


5th February NR747 G-AJHO Dragon Rapide Force landed into a field 5 miles south of Oxford caught fire and burnt out.
26th July MT197 G-ANHS Auster 4 Crashed at Talgarth, Brecon, Powys, Wales.
9th September XT553 HB-XLX Sioux AH1 Crashed at Val Mulix, Switzerland.


19th May N6616 G-AOZB Tiger Moth Suffered a mid-air collision with PA28 G-BNNP and crashed at Gatton Bridge near Reigate, Surrey.


19th January XR993 N3XR Gnat T1 Ran out of fuel and crashed at Shreveland, Louisiana, USA.
15th June XS160 D-HTIM Hiller HT2 Crashed at Minheim, Germany.
16th June XR216 C-GJKA Beaver AL1 Crashed into Sandridge Lake, Ontario, Canada.
7th July XT162 G-BFJN Sioux AH1 Struck the crop whilst spraying and crashed near Spilsby, Lincolnshire.
8th August XT144 HB-HOJ Sioux AH1 Crashed at at Tavannes, Switzerland.
1st September XR269 G-BDXY Auster AOP9 Force landed at Southend Hill, Cheddington, Buckinghamshire.
9th September XS165 SX-HEC Hiller HT2 Crashed in Greece.
26th November WZ868 G-BCIW Chipmunk T10 Badly damaged when the port wing struck a fence on landing at Hulcote Farm, Bedfordshire.


3rd May XR240 G-BDFH Auster AOP9 Crashed near Milton, Cambridgeshire.
27th June RM689 G-ALGT Spitfire XIV Struck the runway at the bottom of a loop during an air display at Woodford, Greater Manchester. It burst into flames killing the pilot.
9th October XS169 SX-HCV Hiller HT2 Crashed in Greece.


9th May XS779 N163S Basset CC1 Crashed near Freeport International Airport, Bahamas.
13th June XL595 G-BTYL Hunter T7 Crashed in the Ladybower reservoir area of the Peak District, Derbyshire during a thunderstorm. The pilot/owner was killed. He had taken off from Coltishall despite warnings of bad weather in the Peak District area.
10th October TW517 G-BDFX Auster 5 Damaged beyond repair on landing at Oaksey Park, Wiltshire.


4th March EX280 G-TEAC Harvard IIA Crashed near Woodham Walter, Essex.
7th April XW791 N41953 HS.125 CC1 Damaged beyond repair during a hard landing at Herrera International Airport, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
20th July N6986 G-AIXD Tiger Moth Crashed at Rendcomb near Cirencester, Gloucestershire after the aircraft struck low voltage cables.


25th February WZ876 G-BBWN Chipmunk T10 The engine failed immediately after take off from Netherthorpe, Nottinghamshire due to the carburettor icing up. The aircraft belly flopped onto a hedge which contained a small stone wall that effectively destroyed the aircraft. The fuselage came to rest on its left hand side almost inverted but with little damage to the cockpit and engine areas. The two crew received minor injuries.
14th July WG363 G-BDIM Chipmunk T10 Damaged beyond repair after being struck by the debris from P-38J NX3145X when it crashed at Duxford, Cambridgeshire.
21st July RR299 G-ASKH Mosquito TIII Entered a spin during a wing over manoeuvre during its display at Barton Airfield, Manchester. The aircraft was recovering from the spin at low level when it crashed into dense woodland one mile from the airfield. Both crew were killed.
29th July XT134 HB-XIH Sioux AH When the pilot lost control of the aircraft and crashed whilst attempting to land in high winds at Coazhutte, Switzerland killing one passenger.
18th August L6936 G-ANPK Tiger Moth Badly damaged in a forced landing on Jaywick Sands, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.
2nd October XP282 G-BGTC Auster AOP9 The aircraft landed a long way down the runway at South Lodge Farm airstrip, Nottinghamshire and the pilot decided to go round again. The aircraft failed to climb sufficiently to clear cars which were parked on the western end of the strip and the left wing struck the roof of one of the cars. The pilot was unable to maintain control and it stalled and crashed into the adjoining field. The two crew escaped without injury.


28th March WV666 G-BTDH Provost T1 Force landed in a field at Herriard near Lasham, Hampshire.
5th June XE677 G-HHUN Hunter F4 Two Hunters had taken off from Dunsfold to fly to Biggin Hill Air Show, Kent for a practice display for the Air Show there which was on the following day. Due to poor weather they returned to Dunsfold and carried out two practice displays. When on approach to land G-HHUN suffered an engine failure and crashed heavily onto the airfield killing the pilot.
18th June WT745 N745WT Hunter T8 Crashed at Manchester, NH, USA during an airworthiness test flight after a twelve year rebuild. Thirty seven minutes into the flight, and while on approach to the airport, the pilot reported that he would have to eject as the engine had flamed out. He stayed with aircraft until it had cleared a crowded car park and did not survive the low level ejection. The flame out was due to running out of fuel because of faulty fuel gauges which indicated sufficient fuel remaining.
24th December XW431 G-BWBS Jet Provost T5 Crashed into the North sea one mile off Bradwell On Sea, Essex. The pilot ejected after loss of control during aerobatics but was killed. The aircraft had been operating from North Weald and was owned by McCarthy Aviation.


14th February XS794 9L-LBG Andover CC2 Crashed at Foxtrot Airstrip 100 miles NNW of Malakal, Sudan and overshot the runway and struck some tree stumps.
April XS640 P4-TBL Andover E3 Damaged beyond repair during a landing on a brush strip in Katanga, Congo.
1st August XR674 G-TOMG Jet Provost T4 Crashed at Woolaston, Gloucestershire killing both crew. It was operating out of Staverton and was giving pleasure flights to local pilots. 
29th August WD321 G-BDCC Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Husbands Bosworth Airfield, Leicestershire.
30th September XV128 ZK-HUD Scout AH1 Crashed at New Plymouth, New Zealand when the engine failed due to fuel starvation.
16th October XT630 G-BXRL Scout AH1 Suffered engine failure and ditched into a water filled quarry at Tarmac Quarry, Hearts Hill, Mancetter, near Atherstone, Warwickshire. It became inverted but the three occupants were able to swim to safety before the aircraft sank. It remained submerged for about a month before being recovered. To Thruxton for spares.
17th November XL576 N576NL Hunter T7 Crashed on take-off at Williams Gateway AZ, USA due to an engine failure. The remains were stored Chino.


4th March WP899 G-BCSB Chipmunk T10 Crashed on take-off at Cosford, Shropshire.
8th April PV202 G-TRIX Spitfire T9 During the final approach following a successful overshoot at Goodwood, West Sussex the aircraft clipped a tree on the airfield boundary. Control was lost and it struck a bank, skidded across Goodwood race circuit, came to rest inverted approximately 60 yards from the runway and caught fire. Both occupants were killed.
19th August WG420 ZS-URX Chipmunk T10 Crashed at Hectorspruit, South Africa.
23rd August XT632 G-BZBD Scout AH1 Crashed at Streatly, South Oxfordshire. All occupants escaped.
24th September XW281 G-BYNZ Scout AH1 Whilst on flight from Thruxton to Gloucestershire in poor weather, the pilot decided to return to base, but whilst turning hard to the right a loss of yaw control occurred and the tail and skid struck the ground resulting in the aircraft crashing onto its side at Upper Chute near Andover, Hampshire, both crew were unhurt
16th October XM378 G-BWZE Jet Provost T3A Abandoned take-off shortly after getting airborne from Lelystad, Netherlands after suffering engine problems. The undercarriage collapsed and the cockpit area suffered damage.


12th February XS509 ZK-HVK Wessex HC2 During heli-logging operations, the helicopter picked up a log and almost immediately placed it back on the ground. The helicopter then adopted a steep nose-down attitude and descended parallel to the terrain, colliding with the ground some 400 feet below the pick-up site.
12th February XW302 G-BYED Jet Provost T5 The pilot was forced to make a forced landing short of the airfield at Eglington, Londonderry, Northern Ireland after the engine failed at 700ft while in the circuit. It came down in shallow water on the mud flats of Lough Foyle, the pilot escaped without injury. An RAF Chinook performed the recovery and set down the intact airframe on the grass at Eglington.
12th May WH588 G-EEMV Sea Fury FB11 Crashed onto the airfield at Sywell, Northamptonshire and came to rest inverted. The pilot was killed.
3rd September XW910 G-BXZE Gazelle HT3 When the aircraft crashed at the Hickstead Showground, West Sussex when control was lost in a turn to left due to loss of fenestron control, the skid hit the ground and the aircraft struck the ground hard and was damaged beyond repair.
19th November XW799 G-BXSL Scout AH1 Crashed at Wimpole, Cambridgeshire shortly after take off from Cambridge Airport. The helicopter was written off but the occupants escaped safely.


14th July XW894 G-BZOS Gazelle HT2 Whilst taking off from Gaydon, Warwickshire for a flight to Elstree, Hertfordshire the aircraft rolled to the left, the pilot applied right cyclic causing the aircraft to roll to the right during which the rotor blades struck the ground. The aircraft came to rest on its side with extensive damage to the tail boom and cabin area.
8th November XW911 N911XW Gazelle AH1 Flew into the sea off East Hampton, New York State, USA during a flight on a moonless night.
26th November ZB626 G-BZDW Gazelle HT3 Whilst landing at Hadleigh, Essex a control restriction was felt, the pilot attempted a run-on landing but the skids dug into the water-logged ground and the aircraft rolled over onto its right hand side.


18th February WZ858 G-DHCI Chipmunk T10 Destroyed in a hangar fire at Felthorpe airfield, Norfolk.
March XS602 3C-KKB Andover C1 Crashed at Rumbek, Sudan after suffering an engine failure.
1st June XF516 G-BVVC Hunter F6 Plunged into the Dyfi Estuary near Aberdovey, mid Wales after the pilot had ejected while retuning to Exeter from Northern Ireland. He was rescued from the water after 30 minutes by a Sea King helicopter and was taken to hospital in Aberystwyth having suffered two broken vertebrae.
22nd July XL614 N614XL Hunter T7 Crashed on take-off from Scanton-Wilkes International Airport, USA.
18th November XW887 G-CBFD Gazelle HT2 Whilst on a maintenance test flight near Doncaster the cyclic control became jammed by the pilots five point harness, which the pilot failed to wear before take-off, the pilot attempted to turn the aircraft with his yaw pedal and in doing so the tail of the aircraft struck the ground and the aircraft was damaged beyond repair.
22nd November ZB629 G-CBZL Gazelle HT3 During a landing at Mouswald, southeast of Dumfries, Scotland, the aircraft struck a power cable to an engineering workshop, the main rotor severed the boom and the aircraft fell to the ground, the pilot was slightly injured.


4th July XV140 G-KAXL Scout AH1 Crashed due to loss of power possibly because of lack of fuel. The pilot received serious injuries. To Sierra Leone, West Africa in April 2006 but crashed there soon afterwards before taking up any new marks.


21st February XX507 N21SA HS.125 CC2 When the aircraft landed 300 feet left of runway 05L and hit a 4 foot deep ditch ripping off the undercarriage during a night landing at Bromont Airport, Canada. The runway edge lights had been turned off, but the runway was not closed.
February XS792 9XR-AB Andover CC2 Damaged beyond repair on landing at Old Fangak, Sudan.
June XS610 9Q-CVK Andover E3 Engine failed shortly after take-off from Kapoeta, Sudan and crashed.
18th June FS826 OY-IIB Harvard IIB Stalled and crashed during a practice for the Karup Air Show, Denmark.


27th August XK636 F-AZKF Vampire T11 Crashed at Angers, France.


24th May XV639 N612VH Wasp HAS1 Operated by the Classic Rotors Museum based at Ramona California USA. The pilot reported that during the flight a severe vibration began throughout the helicopter. The pilot was attempting to make a precautionary landing when the tail rotor stuck a tree. Maintenance personnel for the operator indicated that the vibration was due to a failure of one of the snubber dampeners on a main rotor blade. Due to the age of the helicopter it was written off.
12th October ZB503 G-CHES Islander Crashed in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Mountains, Spain.


1st November XW898 G-CBXT Gazelle HT2 Crashed into a field while flying in misty conditions about 800-900 feet at one of the highest spots in Gloucestershire at Langley Hill Farm, Winchcombe, near Cheltenham. All three on board were killed.


8th July XF877 G-AWVF Provost Crashed one mile east of Bishop Norton, Lincolnshire after an engine failure followed by a fire. The pilot was killed.
14th November XS451 ZU-BEX Lightning T5 During the take off run for a display at Overberg Air Force Base, South Africa fuel was seen emitting from the rear fuselage and evidence of a small fire was noted in post crash photographs. During the display the fire intensified and the pilot reported handling difficulties which would be due to loss of hydraulics. The pilot attempted to eject but the canopy failed to release so preventing the ejection sequence to commence. He was killed when the aircraft struck the ground and exploded.


23rd June WK639 N6540C Chipmunk T10 Force landed due to engine failure shortly after take off from Vaughan Ranch Airfield in Port Orchard, Washington, USA after undergoing extensive maintenance.
26th December XZ940 UR-MANN Gazelle HT2 Crashed near Butavischevka, Ukraine killing the occupants.


5th March XT793 G-BZPP Wasp HAS1 Whilst hovering and preparing to land at Yeovilton, Somerset it was struck from behind by biplane G-STDO and crashed onto the runway. The biplane had been carrying out touch and goes and its female passenger was taken away by air ambulance. There was no one on duty in the tower and it took approximately 20 minutes for the emergency services to arrive.
15th May XL716 G-AOIL Tiger Moth While operating from Compton Abbas airfield Dorset it suffered engine failure during aerobatics and crashed Witchampton, between Wimborne Minster and Blandford Forum. One of the two occupants died from their injuries and the other was seriously injured.


5th January WP808 G-BDEU Chipmunk T10 Whilst parked at Prestwick Airport it was blown over by 85 mph winds and collided with a Cessna 150 and a fence.
5th January ZA631 G-BFUN Venture Picked up by high winds at Compton Abbas, Dorset and was flipped into the car park. It suffered a broken wing, twisted fuselage frame and smashed tail plane.
29th January WP805 VH-QOZ Chipmunk T10 Crash landed into a field shortly after take from Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia after suffering engine problems. The undercarriage collapsed and the engine was ripped from its mountings. Both crew were injured.
24th March XW612 G-BXRR Scout AH1 Written of in a very heavy landing at the Hilton Hotel, Northampton after the pilot mishandled the helicopter and was unable to correct the rapid rate of descent.
24th July Z7252 G-ALJF Proctor IV Bounced on touchdown at an airstrip twelve miles south west of Ashford, Kent. The pilot attempted an overshoot but it veered to the right and struck a tree and hedgerow seriously injuring the pilot.
5th December KG767 SAAF 6840 Dakota C-47TP Crashed in a remote area of the eastern Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa during a flight from Waterkloof Air Base, Pretoria to Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. All four 35 squadron, two 44 squadron personal and five passengers were killed.


5th December WB682 G-AORW Chipmunk T10 Whilst parked at Prestwick Airport it was flipped over during 100mph+ gales. See also WP908 on 5th January 2012.


29th June WB659 VH-UPD Chipmunk T10 Control was lost during aerobatics and it crashed 1 km SE of Coff Harbour Regional Airport, NSW, Australia.


1st August XP504 G-TIMM Gnat T1 Crashed during a paired Gnat display at Oulton Park, Cheshire killing the pilot.
22nd August WV372 G-BXFI Hunter T7 Entered a dive from the inverted while carrying out a wingover manoeuvre during a display at Shoreham, West Sussex. The pilot was unable to pull out of the dive and it crashed onto the A27 road where it struck cars and exploded. The pilot was flown to hospital by air ambulance with critical injuries and eleven members of the public were killed with more injured.
10th November XS606 TL-AEW Andover C1 Lost height immediately after take-off from Malakal Airport, South Sudan and force-landed into a field approximately two kilometres from the airfield and close to the River Nile. It burnt out but the four crew escaped safely. It was on a positioning flight to Wau, South Sudan after delivering food to Malakal.
29th December XT634 G-BYRX Scout AH1 Suffered a loss of control at 30ft and made a hard landing near Barn Farm, Ruddington, Nottinghamshire.


17th July XP967 HA-PPC Alouette AH2 Crashed onto the airfield at Breighton east of Selby, Yorkshire injuring the five occupants.

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