2014 losses

14/01/2014 ZA398 Tornado GR4 2 Sqn Following a birdstrike the aircraft made an emergency landing at Manston. With the out of service date of the fleet approaching, and the availability of other airframes, the damage was deemed beyond economical repair. The airframe was allocated to the Defence Fire Training and Development Centre at Manston
20/01/2014 ZA595 061 Tornado GR4 15 Sqn Suffered a bird strike in the Montrose area of South East Scotland and landed at Leuchars, Fife. Due to the extent of the damage and the impending withdrawal of the type it was declared CAT5. It departed by road to Leeming on 3rd April 2014 for spares recovery and eventual scrapping
26/04/2014 ZF540 Lynx AH9A 657 Sqn The Lynx was operating as one of a pair out of Kandahar airfield, Afghanistan during a live air-to-ground gunnery exercise in a valley twelve miles south of the base in the Takhta Pul district. It struck the valley floor in a nose up attitude, broke up and burst into flames killing the three crew and two passengers. The latter were on board to gain an insight into air operations. Whilst the investigation is ongoing enemy action has been ruled out
02/06/2014 XZ936 Gazelle HT3 QinetiQ Suffered a heavy practice engine off landing on the grass at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire which broke off the tail boom. Both crew escaped safely. Initial reports indicate that there was no fault with the aircraft

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