2013 losses

08/01/2013 ZF349 349 Tucano T1 1 FTS Following rectification work after an over-temperature of the exhaust gas temperature on the previous flight the aircraft was carrying out a routine Partial Test Flight in the local area. Whilst overhead the airfield at Linton on Ouse, Yorkshire and when conducting power checks the pilot observed torque anomalies and curtailed the sortie. When positioned for recovery a loss of thrust was experienced and, suspecting engine failure, called a Mayday and attempted to lower the undercarriage. With the undercarriage still lowering an emergency wheels up landing was made on the runway. The engine failure had been caused by the failure of epoxy resin in the Torque Motor bellows within the Fuel Control Unit. This failure could have occurred on any sortie and was not caused by the conduct of the air test or the previous maintenance. Damage to the aircraft was CAT4 but with surplus Tucanos in store a repair is unlikely
23/04/2013 ZD704 BAe.125 CC3 32 Sqn The aircraft was parked outside at Kandahar, Afghanistan during a severe hailstorm. Unable to fly, it was dismantled and returned to the UK for assessment. Damage to the fuselage was deemed beyond economical repair and it was withdrawn from use
29/07/2013 XX338 338 Hawk T1W 208 Sqn Made an emergency landing at Cardiff Airport after suffering a bird strike which made hole through one of the wings. By September it was in store at Shawbury awaiting a decision on repair
03/10/2013 ZE428 H Sea King HC4 848 NAS Impacted the ground tail first at Yeovilton, Somerset when the nose was raised too quickly on landing. The helicopter remained upright and the crew evacuated safely but the tail section was sheared off from the main fuselage. Although assessed as CAT 3 repair with the impending Out of Service Date for the Sea King approaching it remains to be seen if it flies again

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