2012 losses

03/07/2012 ZD743 091 Tornado GR4 15 Sqn ZD743 was returning south to Lossiemouth via the Tain weapons range, Ross and Cromarty after a low level sortie over northern Scotland. ZD812 had taken off from Lossiemouth and was heading north to the range to carry out strafing runs. Both arrived earlier than their allocated time and were holding due to a USAF F-15E being on the range. ZD743 was in a left hand pattern at 900ft between the Beatrice and Helmsdale oil rigs. ZD812 commenced a right hand pattern in the same area and was given clearance to enter the range when in a right hand bank. With the other Tornado in a left hand bank they collided belly up seven miles east of the Helmsdale rig and crashed into the Moray Firth. The crew of ZD812 ejected and were pulled from the water by one of two Sea Kings that were scrambled from Lossiemouth. The pilot was killed and the Weapons System Operator received serious injuries. The crew of ZD743 did not eject and both were killed
03/07/2012 ZD812 104 Tornado GR4 15 Sqn

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