2011 losses

05/01/2011 ZE341 HI Tornado F3 111 Sqn

Suffered a major birdstrike and diverted to Leeming, Yorkshire, taking the arrestor cable on landing. The pilot was left in a critical situation if he had needed to eject as a large piece of the canopy was jammed between his lap and the cockpit structure. As the type is to be retired by March 2011 it was not repaired

06/01/2011 ZE164 HO Tornado F3 111 Sqn

Suffered a bird strike but managed to land safely back at Leuchars. Although CAT 3 damage was caused to an intake and associated engine it was not repaired as the type was retired in March 2011

27/01/2011 ZG792 138 Tornado GR4 15 Sqn

Both crew ejected after a fire in the rear fuselage. It crashed into The Minch off Skye, North West Scotland, and was destroyed. The crew suffered minor injuries

05/08/2011 XW211 Puma HC1 33 Sqn

During external checks prior to take off from Middle Wallop, Hampshire the crew noted a discrepancy between the No1 and No2 hydraulic fluid levels. The Main Rotor Gear Box cover was opened to conduct fault diagnosis and engineering personal at Benson were contacted for guidance. They were told to return the Puma to Benson but, with the cover reclosed, the locking bolt and securing pin were not fitted correctly. Three minutes after take-off and at 900ft the cover detached and struck the main and tail rotor blades. An emergency landing was made in a field near to the Walworth Business Park, Andover adjacent to the A303. It struck the ground on its port undercarriage, yawed through 90 and rolled onto its starboard side breaking off the tail cone. The three crew were able to escape with minor injuries. This helicopter had returned to flying after a rebuild following a collision with XW218 on 15th April 2007

07/08/2011 XX260 Hawk T1A Red Arrows

Suffered a major bird strike during a display over Southport sea front, Merseyside which affected the hydraulic and fuel systems. It made an emergency landing at Blackpool and was later dismantled and transported to Shawbury

20/08/2011 XX179 Hawk T1W Red Arrows

Red 4 crashed into a field at Throop, Bournemouth, Dorset after the team had completed their display and were returning to Bournemouth airport. The pilot was thrown from the aircraft on impact and was found dead in the river Stour

01/12/2011 XZ210 Lynx AH7 1 Rgt

During a routine training flight from its base at Gutersloh, West Germany and while cruising at approximately 750ft a loud bang was heard and the cabin filled with smoke. With no forward vison the crewman opened the side door which vented the smoke and allowed the pilot to see and observe a tree before making a controlled emergency landing in a ploughed field Tatenhausen south of Halle ten miles from the base. The three crew evacuated with only minor injuries but had to crawl away due to the still rotating main rotors and with the helicopter on fire. The fire was extinguished by a civilian fire crew but not before it had spread and caused significant damage. The bang had emanated from No2 engine which had suffered a catastrophic failure due to a severe over speed of the Free Power Turbine. The lead up to this failure began with the progressive loosening of the eleven Bearing Sealing Flange Retaining bolts

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