2010 losses

26/01/2010 ZD461 51A Harrier GR9A 1 Sqn

Suffered CAT 3 damage when a fire started after taxing onto the ramp at Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA. This was caused by a catastrophic failure of both brake packs which deposited hydraulic oil onto the hot discs. It arrived back at Cottesmore on 19th March. Due to budgetary cuts the Harrier fleet was withdrawn from service on 15th December and it was declared CAT5

23/03/2010 XX233 Hawk T1 Red Arrows

During a practice display over the Greek Air Force base at Kastelli, Crete, Red 6 XX253 and Red 7 XX233, the Synchro Pair, collided. The pilot of XX233 was forced to eject and it crashed onto the airfield. He suffered a dislocated shoulder. XX253 landed at Heraklion and suffered airframe damage. It was stored at Scampton, Lincolnshire but was not repaired and in 2012 was placed on the main gate there for display purposes

06/05/2010 XV304 Hercules C3A LTW

Made a wheels up landing at Brize Norton, Oxfordshire suffering CAT3 damage. Initial investigations found no fault with the aircraft systems. Aircraft used for spares recovery, then Ground Instructional use at Brize Norton

23/06/2010 ZJ138 X Merlin HC3 1419 Flt

Suffered a heavy landing at night after the pilot became disorientated due to a brown out on sand during an emergency landing outside the perimeter fence at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. During the recovery stage by American forces cables were tied though the windows to drag it into the camp. These cables cut deep into the metal work causing extensive damage. To Yeovil for a possible rebuild but this appears to have been abandoned as it was stored at HMS Sultan, Gosport by December 2011

10/11/2010 ZD470 60 Harrier GR9 800 NAS

Suffered bird strike and diverted to Cardiff airport. It was roaded to St. Athan and then transferred back to Cottesmore. Due to the withdrawal of the Harrier fleet on 15th December it was declared CAT5

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