2008 losses

23/04/2008 ZJ943 DK Typhoon FGR4 11 Sqn The pilot selected undercarriage down when on approach to NAS China Lake, California but a fault in the undercarriage selector switch failed to lower it. The pilot did not notice the cockpit indications for an unsafe undercarriage and it landed wheels up. Returned to the UK and stripped for spares at Coningsby. On 29th July 2015 it arrived at Shawbury for storage
29/05/2008 ZJ247 47 Squirrel HT2 670 Sqn Struck power lines and crashed near Kingscott, north Devon. One crew member was killed at the scene, the other died later in hospital. The helicopter had been part of a two ship formation with a Lynx operating from Middle Wallop
16/06/2008 ZD408 37A Harrier GR9 NSW Crashed into a field near to the village of Ashwell, Rutland during a sortie from Cottesmore. The pilot ejected safely. A loss of engine oil lead to engine seizure and fire, attributed to engine oil filler cap not being secured
20/08/2008 XX320   Hawk T1A Red Arrows The aircraft was on delivery from Shawbury to Cranwell, Lincolnshire and was on approach to land. The pilot reported three greens to confirm the undercarriage was down and locked. However, it was not down and the aircraft belly landed. It slid across the airfield ripping off the wings and ran into a car park close to the Control Tower. Both crew ejected safely. In 2012 the cockpit section was in a museum at Scampton, Lincolnshire, whilst the remainder of the airframe was dumped at Scampton
23/08/2008 ZG751 HI Tornado F3 111 Sqn Due to an unspecified technical defect the aircraft was deemed beyond economical repair, with the imminent rundown of the Tornado fleet. It was cut up at Leeming during early 2010 with the centre fuselage going to Boscombe Down
04/09/2008 ZJ177   Apache AH1 Operation Herrick (654 Sqn) Struck the ground shortly after take-off from the Edinburgh Forward Operations Base, Helmand, Afghanistan when the pilot mishandled the helicopter after entering a dust cloud. On impact the tail section detached and the helicopter came to rest on its port side causing extensive damage to the port stub wing and severe damage to the main rotor. Both crew evacuated without serious injury

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