2007 losses

10/01/2007 ZJ259 59 Squirrel HT1 DHFS While carrying out an engine off landing at Clive Barracks, Ternhill, Shropshire ZJ263 collided with ZJ259 from above and behind. The latter was just about to touch down. ZJ263 came to rest inverted and the instructor was killed. The other three crew members were injured
10/01/2007 ZJ263 63 Squirrel HT1 DHFS
13/02/2007 ZH876 876 Hercules C4 LTW During a nigh time landing at a makeshift landing zone 20km north of Al-Amarahin south-eastern Iraq it ran into a string of six bombs hung on fishing wire Four bombs exploded unleashing a hail of 20mm ball-bearings which riddled the fuselage. The plane was transporting 58 soldiers to Maysan province where British troops were deployed on long range patrols in the area bordering Iran. Amazingly only two soldiers were injured. The site was secured and after a thorough assessment of the damage it was concluded that the aircraft could not be recovered without exposing personnel to undue risk due to enemy activity in the area. The aircraft was therefore destroyed by British forces to prevent sensitive equipment getting into the hands of insurgents. A second Hercules landed to extricate the crew, the injured and others. The site was still being cleared and this second aircraft suffered damage to all tyres and the underside of the aircraft when it struck debris, but was able to take off
18/03/2007 ZD276 Lynx AH7 655 Sqn Crashed into a field close to Lismore housing estate in Crossmaglen, South Armagh, Northen Ireland. It rolled onto its side snapping off the tail. The two crew and four police officers on board were injured. The wreckage was dumped at Yeovilton during August
15/04/2007 XW211 Puma HC1 1563 Flt XW211 was part of a three ship formation and had landed and off loaded its troops near Taji an area north of Baghdad, Iraq. XW218 came in too close and their main rotors meshed together throwing debris all around and severing the tail boom of XW218. It then rolled over and came to rest on its right hand side trapping three crew, two of which were killed. XW211 remained upright but suffered severe damage. The airframe of XW218 arrived at Shawbury on 5th March 2008. XW211 arrived at Benson for repair in December 2008. Also see 05/07/2011 incident
15/04/2007 XW218 Puma HC1 1563 Flt
20/04/2007 XX196 196 Hawk T1A 208 Sqn Crashed onto the airfield at Mona, Anglesey shortly after take off from nearby Valley on a weather reconnaissance sortie. The pilot ejected safely after loss of control due to an error on his part but was not seriously injured
08/08/2007 ZA934 BZ Puma HC1 33 Sqn Crashed onto open land on Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire and broke into three. Two crewmen and one passenger were killed and the other nine on board were injured
24/08/2007 XV205 205  Hercules C1 LTW Suffered a heavy landing in Afghanistan and was blown up by coalition forces as the aircraft could not be repaired on site
05/09/2007 ZJ965 B Bell 212 25 Flt Suffered a hard landing and was written off in the ensuring fire 5 miles north of Belize airport at Ladyville. All of the crew survived but some were injured
20/11/2007 ZA938 Puma HC1 1563 Flt The Puma was part of a mixed formation that was tasked to drop troops near a suspected target in Iraq. It struck the ground hard during a vertical descent while in a dust cloud created by its own downdraft. It then began to move forward and rock from side to side so the pilot elected to take off. While in the dust cloud he became disorientated and the rotors struck the ground while in a right hand turn. The helicopter struck the ground and rolled onto its right hand side and quickly caught fire. Within four minutes it was engulfed by flames which also set off ammunition on board. The three crew members and all but two of the troops were able to evacuate, although some were seriously hurt. The two trapped in the wreckage were later found dead by the rescue crews

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