2002 losses

21/01/2002 XW234   Puma HC1 230 Sqn Dropped from 50ft and struck the ground while on approach to Ballykelly, Northern Ireland. Of the four occupants one received back injuries which required hospital treatment. To Benson for crash investigation and later transferred to Weston-super-Mare. The aircraft was not repaired and is now submerged in lake at North Cave, East Yorkshire as a divers plaything
15/02/2002 XX352 CP Hawk T1A 19(R) Sqn Suffered a bird strike shortly after take off from Valley, Anglesey for the morning weather reconnaissance flight. The pilot attempted to return to base but was forced to eject when the engine began to rapidly lose power. The aircraft struck a field yards from a farm cottage (the occupants were away on holiday) ran through a dry stone wall, across a road, cleared a six foot wall before finally coming to rest in a field and bursting into flames. The pilot suffered back injuries which required hospital treatment
16/03/2002 XW227   Puma HC1 72 Sqn Control was lost while on final approach to an Army watchtower near the village of Jonesborough, South Armagh, Northern Ireland close to the border with Eire. The helicopter went into a spin, possibly after tail rotor failure, and the pilot made an emergency landing on the slope of the mountain. It rolled onto its side causing the main rotor and the tail boom to detach. Eight of those on board were taken to hospital four of which received serious injuries. Two were stuck in the wreckage for two hours before being cut free
12/04/2001 ZE556 WD Viking T1 662 VGS The female pilot on her first solo flight dropped a wing on landing at Arbroath, Angus. The glider flipped over and both wings and the tail section were ripped. The pilot managed to escape without serious injuries. Cockpit to No.1359 ATC Sqn, Beeston, Nottinghamshire for ground instructional use
17/05/2002 ZA599 VI Tornado GR4 2 Sqn Crashed into the Humber estuary near Brough, East Yorkshire after both crew had ejected following control difficulties. They were rescued by the Coastguard and then transported to hospital by Sea King XZ593
01/05/2002 ZH807 711 Sea Harrier F/A2 899 NAS The nose wheel jumped the wheel chock on the 899 NAS flight line at Yeovilton causing the nose  wheel and main undercarriage to collapse inflicting major back in juries to the pilot. CAT 4 damage but not repaired due to the impending withdrawal of the fleet. Sold 2005 to GJD Services, Farnborough Area, Hampshire, the cockpit section is now privately owned at Newport, Isle of Wight
12/06/2002 XZ256 RM-474 Lynx HMA8 815 NAS While operating off HMS Richmond during a live Sea Skua missile firing sortie on the Virginia Cape range the helicopter suffered a failure of the No1 engine Free Power Turbine which started a fire. Parts from the engine were ingested by No2 engine which also failed. It crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. 190 miles off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia, USA killing two of the three crew. It sank in 4,000 meters of water but was recovered and transferred to the FSAIC at Yeovilton
19/07/2002 XZ339   Gazelle AH1 665 Sqn Ditched into Lough Foyle. 200 meters offshore near Ballykelly, Co Londonderry and suffered CAT 5 damage. The two crew were slightly injured
02/08/2002 ZD464 54 Harrier GR7 20(R) Sqn During a display over the sea at Lowestoft, Suffolk, and after completing a rearwards hover, the pilot inadvertently retarded the throttle instead of moving the nozzle lever to ‘hover stop’. On realising that the engine was running down he advanced the throttle but also unwittingly moved the nozzle lever to forward. The aircraft entered a dive and at 64ft the pilot ejected. The cockpit section broke off when the aircraft struck the sea bed. The pilot broke his ankle when he struck the tail fin of the aircraft when he landed
08/11/2002 XW911 N911XW Gazelle AH1 Private Whilst on a night time flight from Islip, New York, USA to East Hampton, New York, USA, the aircraft crashed into water killing the pilot
05/12/2002 ZB605 720 Harrier T8 899 NAS Suffered an engine fire during an overshoot at Wittering, Cambridgeshire. The instructor pilot waited for the student to eject before he followed but was tragically killed as the aircraft was only at 40 ft and inverted. The student suffered minor injuries

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