1998 losses

12/03/1998 XX395   Gazelle AH1 1 Regt Crashed in the Nanyuki area north east of Nairobi, Kenya after the pilot lost control when trying to manoeuvre the aircraft so that a crew member could photograph some giraffes. Before striking the ground it clipped the top of a small tree and then hit and killed a grazing gazelle. The two members in the front suffered broken backs while the rear passenger was thrown clear but suffered severe head injuries. The aircraft was transferred to a local Army site and was disposed of locally. All three crew were flown to hospital in Nairobi
28/03/1998 WV666 G-BTDH Provost T1 Private Force landed in a field at Herriard near Lasham, Hampshire
30/04/1998 XX186   Hawk T1A 74(R) Sqn The crew were forced to eject during air combat manoeuvres with another hawk over the Irish Sea off Valley, Anglesey due to a control restriction. They were both taken to Bangor hospital with slight injuries. The RAF Hawk fleet was grounded for a time as a result of this accident
05/06/1998 XE677 G-HHUN Hunter F4 Private Suffered an engine fire after completing a practice display for the Biggin Hill Air Show which was on the following day. The pilot made a mayday call and attempted to make an emergency landing. Unfortunately the aircraft crashed on the airfield killing the pilot
15/06/1998 ZE732 BB Tornado F3 29 Sqn Disappeared from radar while working with two other Tornados and an AWACS over the North Sea. Following an extended search the wreckage was discovered during a sonar search by an 819 NAS Sea King HAS6 approximately 20 miles off Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire. The crew did not eject and were both killed
07/07/1998 ZG533 87 Harrier GR7 3 Sqn Crashed while in the circuit at Laarbruch, Germany after the pilot ejected following a bird strike
06/08/1998 XL564   Hunter T7 ETPS Suffered a throttle restriction ten miles out from Boscombe Down, Wiltshire. The pilot declared an emergency and returned to Boscombe Down. The aircraft failed to make contact with the runway and both crew ejected when it was 2,000 to 3,000 ft along the runway. It crashed onto the airfield and caught fire. The crew were slightly injured
03/09/1998 XZ108 GL Jaguar 96R 54 Sqn The pilot lost control of the aircraft when acting a singleton during a two verses one air combat sortie over the North Sea with two other Jaguars. He ejected and the aircraft crashed into the sea thirteen miles north east of Cromer, Norfolk. See also 9th January 1990. See Sea King ZA136 below
04/09/1998 ZA136 018 Sea King HAS6 820 NAS Suffered an hydraulic fire in the rear of the aircraft during a sonar search for the wreckage of Jaguar XZ108 (see above). This damaged the flight controls and burnt through wiring forcing the pilot to ditch into the sea. It rolled inverted but the four crew were rescued by Sea King HAR3A ZH541 and taken to hospital in Norwich. It was recovered and airlifted to Yeovilton for accident investigation and was later put into store at Fleetlands before being allocated to ground instruction at Gosport as A2629
23/09/1998 ZD256 GT-437 Lynx HAS3SGM 815 NAS Flew into the South China Sea off southern Singapore during a night surface exercise which included engaging targets while operating off HMS Grafton. The aircraft sank and the salvage operation was conducted by the Royal New Zealand Navy. The pilot escaped with minor injuries but the observer was killed. The wreckage was taken to the FSAIC at Yeovilton
10/1998 XX520 A Bulldog T1 East Midlands UAS The pilot misjudged his approach to Newton, Nottinghamshire and the undercarriage struck the landing lights. A safe landing was made but with the impending withdrawal of the fleet it was deemed to be damaged beyond economical repair and was put into store at Newton. To No.172 ATC Sqn, Haywards Heath 
02/11/1998 XZ230 305 Lynx HAS3GMS 815 NAS The helicopter was tethered onto the rear of HMS Newcastle with the engines running at night when the stern of the ship sank deeply in the heavy swell. It was enveloped by water which broke the tail rotor drive shaft. It was offloaded and taken to Fleetlands but repairs were deemed uneconomical. During February 2010 it was sold for scrap to Air and Ground at Hixon, Staffordshire
22/11/1998 XX657 U Bulldog T1 Cambridge UAS During routine servicing a large crack was discovered in the main fuselage. This is a known problem with Bulldogs and is usually repaired, however, with the impending withdrawal of the fleet it was deemed to be damaged beyond economical repair and was put into store at Newton
17/11/1998 XX252   Hawk T1A Red Arrows The aircraft was in a tight turn onto finals at Cranwell, Lincolnshire when it lost height rapidly. The pilot ejected safely and it crashed onto the airfield just inside the perimeter fence
18/12/1998 ZD434 46 Harrier GR7 20(R) Sqn Flew into the ground and exploded near Stainton, three miles north east of Barnard Castle, County Durham after the pilot lost control during a bomb toss manoeuvre when the aircraft entered cloud The pilot, who was the Wittering Station Commander, did not eject and was killed. The two other aircraft in the flight circled overhead to identify the site while a 202 Sqn Sea King was scrambled from Leconfield
22/12/1998 XZ610   Lynx AH7 669 Sqn Suffered tail rotor drive shaft failure while at 300 feet and spun into the ground just outside a base in Gornji Vakuf, forty miles west of Sarajevo, Bosnia. Two crew members were killed instantly while the third died later in hospital
24/12/1998 XW431 G-BWBS Jet Provost T5 Private Crashed into the North sea one mile off Bradwell on Sea, Essex. The pilot ejected after loss of control during aerobatics but was killed. The aircraft had been operating from North Weald and was owned by McCarthy Aviation

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