1985 losses

24/01/1985 XZ671   Lynx AH1 652 Sqn Hit a ski hut while trying to land during a snow storm at Sonthofen near Oberstdorf, Bavaria, West Germany. To Fleetlands for rebuild but this was cancelled. To Yeovil as an AH9 test rig
30/01/1985 XX279   Hawk T1A 2 TWU/63 Sqn Crashed into Swansea Bay after loss of control due to possible aileron control restriction during ACT. The pilot ejected but appeared slumped on his chute and did not inflate his life jacket. He sank on hitting the water and both he and the aircraft were never recovered
07/02/1985 ZB606   Harrier T4N 899 NAS Dived onto the A37 road at Sticklebridge Farm, Charlton Adam, three miles north of Yeovilton, Somerset after loss of control. Both crew were killed
18/02/1985 XW933 AQ Harrier T4 3 Sqn During a low level sortie the Harrier pilot saw the F-104 slightly to his left at 50 yards. He took evasive action but the Harrier struck the underside of the F-104, killing the rear seat pilot of the Harrier instantly. The pilot ejected and the aircraft crashed at Bad Laer, West Germany. The F-104 pilot was consulting his map at the time and attributed the bump to a bird strike and attempted to divert to Gutersloh. However, due to low fuel and a fire warning he was forced to eject
18/02/1985 26+70   F-104G Starfighter MFG-2
05/03/1985 XT423 E-434 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS HMS Endurance Flt Ditched into Port Stanley Harbour off Fipass Jetty, Falklands after engine failure due to Foreign Object Damage (FOD) on take off. The four crew escaped safely. To ground instruction at Murray Heights, Falklands with 669 Squadron AAC
06/03/1985 XR772 AD Lightning F6 5 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea twenty miles NE of Skegness, Lincolnshire after loss of control in a spin. The pilot ejected but was killed
12/03/1985 XP906 F Scout AH1 660 Sqn Rolled over on take off from Crest Hill, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong after loss of main rotor rpm. One person was killed and three injured. To Sek Kong fire dump
25/03/1985 XX660 A Bulldog T1 Oxford UAS Crashed into a field at Ducklington, near Witney, Oxfordshire after failing to recover from a spin. Both crew baled out but the instructor was killed when he detached from his parachute
01/04/1985 XZ388 AH Jaguar GR1 14 Sqn During the let down to Munsterlager range near Rebberlah, West Germany with two other Jaguars the pilot mis-selected the radio frequency and had to re-select. When he looked out the aircraft was in a banked turn and close to the ground. He rolled level and applied full power but ejected when it became clear that the aircraft would strike the ground. He was knocked unconscious when he struck the canopy
17/04/1985 XX293   Hawk T1 4 FTS Crashed through power lines and through the thatched roof of a cottage before hitting the ground after the pilot had ejected on take off from Wattisham, Suffolk. The canopy had opened after he forgot to lock it before take off
14/06/1985 XV341 RF Buccaneer S2B 12 Sqn Control was lost on approach to Lossiemouth, Grampian due to excessive tailplane movement. This was caused by an improperly secured nut and bolt in the powered control unit The pilot ordered the navigator to eject but failed to do so himself and was killed when the aircraft crashed into the undershoot area
21/06/1985 ZD635 703 Sea King HAS5 819 NAS Ran out of fuel at 300ft and crashed at Spears Hill, near Tayport, three miles north of Leuchars airfield, Fife. It was carrying an underlsung load from the Dutch ship HrMs Poolster to Leuchars following a two week exercise. The pilot was killed. Initially to the AIU at Lee-on-Solent but ended its days at Predannack
27/06/1985 XV206 206 Hercules C1P 1312 Flt The Sea King collided with the Hercules in cloud at 1,000ft over the Falklands and crashed killing all four crew. The Hercules lost 20ft off the tip of the port wing but made a safe emergency landing. See also 24th May 2006
27/06/1985 XZ919 529 Sea King HAS5 826 NAS
09/07/1985 XZ365 33 Jaguar GR1 2 Sqn Struck trees on the top of a 2,450ft hill near Meschede, east of Dortmund, West Germany. The pilot maintained control of the aircraft but ejected when a fire started in the cockpit
08/1985 XT857 C Phantom FG1 111 Sqn Damaged beyond repair when it ran off the runway on landing at Leuchars, Fife after the nose wheel collapsed. To 8913M
08/08/1985 WK162 CA Canberra B2 100 Sqn The ASI indicator showed that the aircraft was not continuing to accelerate during take off from Alconbury, Cambs. The pilot abandoned take off and raised the undercarriage. Only one side retracted and the aircraft slewed into the landing lights and caught fire. The crew escaped safely. The aircraft was accelerating normally, the fault was caused by a defective air mileage unit. Allocated to 8887M on Wyton fire dump
19/09/1985 XS921 BA Lightning F6 11 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea fifty miles off Flamborough Head, Yorkshire after the pilot ejected following loss of control due to malfunction of the aileron powered flying control unit. Probably caused by a foreign object jamming one of the four aileron input levers
26/09/1985 XX333 G Hawk T1A 2 TWU/151 Sqn Both Hawks were carrying  out a practice  intercept on a Phantom at the same time during ACT at Decimomannu, Sardinia. They reached weapons release point at the same time unaware of the others approach despite a call from the range controller. They collided and crashed but all three crew ejected safely and were rescued by an Italian helicopter
26/09/1985 XX340 Z Hawk T1A 2 TWU/151 Sqn
07/10/1985 XX728 EH Jaguar GR1 6 Sqn During a three aircraft low level formation change and while in turn the No 2 aircraft collided with the formation leader. The No 2 pilot ejected but the leader did not and was killed when the aircraft crashed into Hartside Pass, near Alston, Cumbria
07/10/1985 XX731 ED Jaguar GR1A 6 Sqn
25/10/1985 XT669 T Wessex HC2 72 Sqn The main rotors struck a radio mast during a night take off from an Army base at Forkhill, South Armagh, Northern Ireland. The two pilots escaped safely but the troops in the back, who were not strapped in were injured, one fatally. Allocated to 8894M on Aldergrove fire dump
11/1985 XR752 BH Lightning F6 11 Sqn Badly damaged when it caught fire on landing at Binbrook, Lincolnshire. It was not repaired and was placed on to the airfield as a decoy during April 1987
19/11/1985 XW922 B Harrier GR3 233 OCU Written off after it rolled over during a vertical landing at Wittering, Cambs. Allocated to 8885M at Enfield
29/11/1985 WV267 VL-836 Hunter GA11 FRADU The pilot made a safe emergency landing at Yeovilton, Somerset after suffering a bird strike. Not repaired and allocated to Culdrose SAH
06/12/1985 XM372 55 Jet Provost T3A 1 FTS Damaged beyond repair in a wheels up landing at Dishforth, Yorks. To 8917M on Linton fire dump
12/12/1985 ZA610 B Tornado GR1 617 Sqn Flew into the North Sea at night thirty miles off Flamborough Head, Yorkshire while attempting to locate a Buccaneer tanker. The crew did not attempt to eject and were killed

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