1982 losses

07/01/1982 XX344   Hawk T1 RAE Control was lost in the slipstream of a Britannia aircraft while on approach to Bedford when just twenty feet off the runway. The aircraft rolled to the right then slid along the runway inverted. The pilot ejected but the navigator stayed with the aircraft and his helmet was worn down to the fabric Five firemen received bravery awards for their parts in the navigators rescue. To 8847M
12/02/1982 XZ973 J Harrier GR3 233 OCU The aircraft flew through the Dee Valley and then entered a climb. Control was lost in cloud and the aircraft crashed in the Berwyn Hills eight miles south of Corwen, Clwyd. The USNavy pilot did not eject and was killed
20/02/1982 XX662 A Bulldog T1 Aberdeen UAS Crashed into a field beside Radermie Primary School six miles south of Leuchars, Fife after the crew were unable to recover the aircraft from a spin. They abandoned the aircraft successfully
22/02/1982 KF314   Harvard T2B A&AEE Climbed steeply, rolled sharply to the right and then dived into the ground from 500ft near Chilmark, Wiltshire. Both crew were killed
24/02/1982 XW234 CO Puma HC1 33 Sqn During exercises in Norway the Puma suffered a whiteout. It force-landed near Voss suffering only slight damage. XW905 was sent with ground crew to he Puma but also suffered a whiteout and crashed. XX378 was sent out to assist but suffered the same fate. XW905 was written off, while the others were repaired.
24/02/1982 XW905   Gazelle AH1 2 Flt
24/02/1982 XX378   Gazelle AH1 2 Flt
25/02/1982 WK116 CE Canberra B2 100 Sqn Crashed into the Mediterranean Sea after the pilot mishandled the aircraft and stalled on climb out from Akrotiri, Cyprus. The crew ejected
08/03/1982 XN977 G Buccaneer S2B 15 Sqn Suffered an engine explosion while using the Nordhorn Range, West Germany. The pilot managed to return to Laarbruch but the aircraft was found to be damaged beyond repair. It was placed in store at Shawbury until being cut up there during 1991
12/03/1982 XX397 43 Gazelle HT2 705 NAS Control was lost during a wing over manoeuvre and it crashed onto its port side near Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall. The two crew and one passenger escaped safely
17/03/1982 XE531   Hunter T12 RAE Crashed on take off from Farnborough, Hants after the engine exploded due to the 11th stage compressor disc disintegrating. The crew ejected but suffered major injuries
04/1982 XX635 S Bulldog T1 East Mids UAS Damaged in an accident, possibly at Newton, Notts. Not repaired and allocated to 8767M at St. Athan
02/04/1982 XX122 GA Jaguar GR1 54 Sqn Crashed into the Wash off the Holbeach Range killing the Norwegian pilot. He had become disorientated in the hazy weather
14/04/1982 XT912 F Phantom FGR2 228 OCU After take off from Coningsby, Lincolnshire XT912 collided with the underside of XT903 causing loss of control. Both crew ejected and it crashed near Billingham. XT903 landed safely and was repaired
14/04/1982 XT903 X Phantom FGR2 228 OCU
22/04/1982 XP564 04 Jet Provost T4 1 TWU Crashed into Nant-Y-Moch reservoir near Llandeilo, Dyfed after the crew ejected following throttle failure. The throttle cable had been routed incorrectly around a pulley on the cockpit floor. Over a period of time it had become overstressed and the wires had began to break one by one
22/04/1982 XT464 F Wessex HU5 845 NAS Both suffered whiteouts and crashed while attempting to lift SAS troops off South Georgia in the South Atlantic. The troops had been observing Argentine troops which had invaded the island
22/04/1982 XT473 A Wessex HU5 845 NAS
23/04/1982 ZA311 VP Sea King HC4 846 NAS When returning to HMS Hermes it crashed into the South Atlantic in bad weather at night and sank. The pilot was rescued by Sea King XZ574 but the crewman was killed
04/05/1982 XZ450 50 Sea Harrier FRS1 800 NAS Burst into flames after being hit by small arms fire during a bombing run over Goose Green airfield, Falklands. The pilot did not eject and was killed
06/05/1982 XZ452 007 Sea Harrier FRS1 801 NAS These aircraft took off from HMS Invincible on a CAP mission over the South Atlantic and never returned. They were presumed to have collided during bad weather. The two pilots were posted as missing, presumed killed
06/05/1982 XZ453 009 Sea Harrier FRS1 801 NAS
12/05/1982 ZA132 134 Sea King HAS5 826 NAS Ditched after engine failure while in the hover east of the Falklands, five miles south of HMS Hermes. The crew were rescued before waves hit the tail rotor and it rolled over. Salvage was not practicable due the threat of Argentine submarines so it was sunk by Naval gunfire
13/05/1982 XE649 P Hunter FGA9 1 TWU Crashed fifteen miles SE of Aberystwyth, Dyfed after the pilot ejected following engine failure due to fracture of the turbine disk
17/05/1982 XW288 66 Jet Provost T5A 1 FTS Crashed killing the pilot after losing control during a barrel roll over the airfield at Linton-on-Ouse, Yorks. The pilot had been practising for a forthcoming aerobatics competition
17/05/1982 XZ438 38 Sea Harrier FRS1 A&AEE Rolled to the right immediately after leaving the ski ramp at Yeovilton, Somerset. The pilot was unable to correct the roll and ejected. Caused by an asymmetric fuel load condition in the 330 gallon ferry tanks
18/05/1982 XZ573 022 Sea King HAS5 826 NAS Suffered a radio altimeter failure while in a sonar hover at night two miles off HMS Hermes and ditched into the South Atlantic. The four crew were rescued. Salvage attempts were abandoned due to the possibility of Argentine submarines being in the area and it was sunk by naval gunfire
18/05/1982 ZA290 VC Sea King HC4 846 NAS Due to poor weather an attempt to land near Rio Grande, Argentina was abandoned. The SAS troops, on board were to attack an airbase. The troops were then dropped off at Bahia Inutil, Chile. The initial plan was to sink the helicopter off shore but this failed so it landed on a beach at Agua Fresca eleven miles south of Punta Arenas, Chile where the crew attempted to destroy it by fire before leaving the scene. The three crew surrendered to Chilean authorities and the helicopter was discovered and inspected by journalists before being buried on site
19/05/1982 ZA294 VT Sea King HC4 846 NAS While transferring SAS troops at night from HMS Hermes and while awaiting its turn to land on to HMS Intrepid, 200 miles ENE of Port Stanley, a large bird struck the tail rotor. It lost power, ditched, rolled over and sank killing 11 of the 20 on board. It was not recovered
21/05/1982 XX411 X Gazelle AH1 3 CBAS Hit by small arms fire off Port San Carlos and ditched into the harbour. Allocated to the BDRF at Middle Wallop. Now displayed as a memorial at AeroVenture, Doncaster
21/05/1982 XX402 G Gazelle AH1 3 CBAS After the loss of XX411, XX402 was sent to obtain information on  Argentine positions in the area. It was also hit by small arms fire and crashed into a hill side near Clam Creek, killing both crew
21/05/1982 XZ251   Lynx HAS2 815 NAS Destroyed while on board HMS Ardent and went down with the ship after an Argentine bombing raid in Grantham Sound, Falkland Islands
21/05/1982 XZ972 33 Harrier GR3 1 Sqn Hit by a Blowpipe SAM over Port Howard, West Falkland while on a reconnaissance mission from HMS Hermes. The pilot ejected and was taken prisoner but was later released
23/05/1982 ZA192 92 Sea Harrier FRS1 800 NAS Exploded shortly after take off from HMS Hermes on a bombing mission killing the pilot
23/05/1982 WP979 J Chipmunk T10 5 AEF Crashed into a field on approach to Cambridge after the instructor was taken ill and lost control. Both crew were slightly injured
25/05/1982 XZ242   Lynx HAS2 815 NAS Went down with HMS Coventry after the ship was hit by three Argentine bombs ten miles north of Pebble Island, Falklands
25/05/1982 XX963 AL Jaguar GR1 14 Sqn Shot down 35 miles NE of Bruggen, West Germany by a Sidewinder missile accidentally fired by 92 Squadron Phantom XV422.  The pilot ejected safely. The master armament switch in the Phantom had not been taped in the ‘safe’ position and the pilot inadvertently rendered ‘live’ one of the two main safely switches. The pilot and navigator were court martialed and found guilty of offences of neglect
25/05/1982 XS480 WQ Wessex HU5 848 NAS All destroyed by fire on board the Atlantic Conveyor after the ship was hit by one of two Exocet missiles fired from two Argentine Super Etendards while operating ninety miles NE of Port Stanley, Falklands. The ship sank on 30th May while under tow taking the helicopters remains down with it
25/05/1982 XS495 WP Wessex HU5 848 NAS
25/05/1982  XS499 WN Wessex HU5 848 NAS
25/05/1982 XS512 WT Wessex HU5 848 NAS
25/05/1982 XT476 WS Wessex HU5 848 NAS
25/05/1982  XT483 WU Wessex HU5 848 NAS
25/05/1982 XZ700   Lynx HAS2 815 NAS
25/05/1982  ZA706 BT Chinook HC1 18 Sqn
25/05/1982 ZA716 BQ Chinook HC1 18 Sqn
25/05/1982  ZA719 BM Chinook HC1 18 Sqn
27/05/1982 XZ988 34 Harrier GR3 1 Sqn Hit by small arms fire while on a bombing run over Goose Green, Falklands. The pilot ejected and was rescued
28/05/1982 XT629 DR Scout AH1 3 CBAS Shot down by an Argentine Pucara one mile SE of Camilla Creek, Falkland Islands killing the pilot and injuring the aircrewman
29/05/1982 ZA174 000 Sea Harrier FRS1 801 NAS The aircraft was positioning for take from HMS Invincible when the ship rolled in rough seas while operating off the Falkland Islands. It slid across the deck, went over the side and sank. The pilot ejected
30/05/1982 XZ963 14 Harrier GR3 1 Sqn Ran out of fuel after the tanks were hit by small arms fire over Port Stanley, Falklands. The pilot ejected and it crashed into the sea thirty miles from HMS Hermes
01/06/1982 XZ456 008 Sea Harrier FRS1 809 NAS Hit by a ground launched Roland Anti Aircraft missile while on a reconnaissance mission from HMS Invincible south of Port Stanley airfield. The pilot ejected over the sea and was rescued eight hours later
06/06/1982 XX377 L Gazelle AH1 3 CBAS During the early hours of the morning the helicopter was flying from Darwin with two signal specialists on board to a Radio Rebroadcast station on Mount Pleasant. Albeit equipped with functional IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) it was questionably not turned on and mistakenly shot down by a Sea Dart missile fired from HMS Cardiff. The two aircrew and two passengers were killed. A lack of Airspace co-ordination between the Navy and Army resulted in the ship having no prior knowledge of the flight
08/06/1982 XZ989 07 Harrier GR3 1 Sqn Lost power on landing at Port San Carlos airstrip. It hit the strip hard and skidded to a halt, Allocated to 8849M at Gutersloh
11/06/1982 XW896   Gazelle AH1 3 Regt Flew into rising ground just below the crest on the Suffield training area, Alberta, Canada. The aircraft cartwheeled, broke up and caught fire. One of the four occupants were killed
11/06/1982 XX820 BD Jaguar GR1 17 Sqn The left hand engine failed during a circuit to land at Bruggen, West Germany after it ingested a bolt that had not been fitted correctly during servicing. The pilot ejected after levelling the aircraft to avoid some buildings
12/06/1982 XM837 400 Wessex HAS3 737 NAS HMS Glamorgan was struck by a land launched Exocet missile 23 miles off Port Stanley, Falklands. The missile bounced along the aft deck before exploding and punching a hole through to the galley below and destroying the hangar. The fully fuelled helicopter was engulfed by fire and exploded. Although the ship survived the attack thirteen men were killed and twenty two were injured
17/06/1982 XX898   Buccaneer S2B 12 Sqn Control was lost  while on approach to Lossiemouth, Grampian after disconnection of the rudder powered control unit. The crew ejected and the aircraft crashed at Easter Untyhank Farm, Duffus. A bolt in the control unit had worked loose since a major service eight months earlier because a securing split pin had not been fitted
29/06/1982 XW272 Z Harrier T4 4 Sqn Took off with the flaps retracted from a grass strip on the Bergen Hohne Range, West Germany. It climbed no more than 30 feet and continued forward in a nose down attitude until it crashed into trees. The pilot did not eject and was killed
29/06/1982 XM330   Wessex HAS1 RAE Damaged by fire at Farnborough, Hants. Allocated to ground instruction use there. Later presented to the International Helicopter Museum at Weston-super-Mare
07/07/1982 XV491 F Phantom FGR2 29 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea in fog 35 miles north of Cromer, Norfolk for no apparent reason during ACT with another Phantom. The crew did not eject and were killed
11/07/1982 XV698 351 Sea King HAS2A 824 NAS No2 engine failed while transferring supplies from RFA Fort George to Leeds Castle in the South Atlantic. It ditched in the heavy swell, turned over and sank in 2,000 meters of water and was not recovered. The crew escaped safely
28/07/1982 XX305   Hawk T1 4 FTS The aircraft was returning to Valley, Anglesey after the cockpit had filled with fumes and the crew had switched to emergency oxygen supply. The students supply ran out while on short finals and in his anxiety to get the aircraft on the ground, the instructor lost control of the aircraft. Both crew ejected at 300 ft but the student struck the ground still in his seat and was killed. The instructor was severely injured
05/08/1982 XL593 82 Hunter T7 1 TWU Suffered an engine failure due to compressor failure and crashed near Carmarthen, Dyfed. Both crew ejected safely
19/08/1982 XE682 865 Hunter GA11 FRADU Damaged during a nose wheel up landing on a foam carpet at Yeovilton, Somerset following a bird strike. It was not repaired and was put into store at Shawbury until being allocated to the SAH at Culdrose during November 1986
24/08/1982 XX452 G Gazelle AH1 ARWS Crashed onto the airfield at Andover, Hants after the instructor had crossed his hands on the controls and lost control of the aircraft. Both crew received minor injuries. Remains to Middle Wallop fire dump
13/09/1982 XX760 AA Jaguar GR1 14 Sqn Crashed onto moorland on the Dalreavoch Estate, Rogart near Braegrudie, Sutherland after the pilot ejected due to an engine fire. Caused by a fracture in the combustion chamber which burnt through the casing and ignited fuel in the fuselage tanks
15/09/1982 XX373   Gazelle AH1 663 Sqn Struck the ground heavily at Soest, West Germany after the tail rotor stalled during a 180 degree turn with a 45 degree bank. Both crew received major injuries
20/09/1982 XV160 X Buccaneer S2B 16 Sqn Stalled after pulling up sharply and crashed into cliffs after carrying out a bombing run on the Capo Frasca Range, Sardinia. Both crew ejected
28/09/1982 XT647   Scout AH1 A&AEE Control was lost on take off from Boscombe Down, Wilts due to misalignment of the pilot valve in the starboard cyclic control system. The aircraft  was destroyed when it impacted the airfield but both crew managed escape unhurt
29/09/1982 XX768 BA Jaguar GR1 17 Sqn The pilot ejected after an engine fire on approach to Bruggen, West Germany due to fatigue failure of a low pressure compressor which ruptured several fuel system components. It crashed at Heinsberg-Rauderath
30/09/1982 XZ247   Lynx HAS2 815 NAS Ditched and sank in the Atlantic while operating off HMS Ambuscade after a fire in the cabin roof. It was eighty miles N.W of Lewis in the Hebrides. The three crew were rescued. It was not recovered
15/10/1982 XL232   Victor K2 232 OCU Burnt out on the runway at Marham, Norfolk after an engine exploded during take off, igniting the fuel load. All five crew escaped
20/10/1982 XX300 S Hawk T1 2 TWU/151 Sqn Crashed onto the airfield at Chivenor, Devon after the pilot ejected following a bird strike while on approach. Allocated to Abingdon BDRF with the nose section later being allocated to Valley for ground instruction
28/10/1982 XS568 441 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS HMS Falmouth Flt Ditched into the Gulf of Honduras off Belize astern of HMS Falmouth after vibration and power loss on take off. The three crew were rescued safely. To Fleetlands Apprentice School as A2715 then to Gosport as A2637
06/11/1982 XW767 06 Harrier GR3 1 Sqn Crashed into the sea off Port Stanley, Falklands after the pilot ejected. The engine had failed and caught fire
01/12/1982 XX400   Gazelle AH1 655 Sqn Flew into power lines at 20 ft while attempting to land south of Crossmaglen, Armagh, Northern Ireland. The aircraft struck the ground, rolled over and disintegrated. The pilot escaped safely
09/12/1982 XW417 124 Jet Provost T5A 7 FTS Dived into the bank of Thirlmere Reservoir, Cumbria after the pilot had become disorientated in bad weather and lost control. He did not eject and was killed
16/12/1982 WT702 874 Hunter T8C FRADU Crashed into the English Channel off the Isle of Wight during an exercise with HMS Exeter. The pilot was killed

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