1980 losses

Early 1980 WG556 A Shackleton MR2 8 Sqn Written off in a heavy landing at Lossiemouth, Grampian. It was stored at Lossiemouth until being allocated to 8651M and being placed on the fire dump there on 20th February 1981. It was finally scrapped during July 1982
14/01/1980 XZ572 B-270 Sea King HAS2 814 NAS Ditched into the Atlantic Ocean and sank after suffering an oil leak while operating from HMS Bulwark between Bermuda and Florida on the American mainland. The crew were rescued by fellow Sea King XV713. It was not recovered
14/01/1980 XP819 Beaver AL1 FWF Struck the northern boundary fence of the M3 motorway in fog at Dummer Hill, near Popham, Hampshire and caught fire. The pilot had landed in the adjacent field and then attempted an overshoot. Both crew were killed
29/01/1980 XT637   Scout AH1 1 Regt The engine failed at 300 feet shortly after take off from Hildesheim, West Germany due to water contaminated fuel. It landed heavily on frozen ground, slid across a road and came to rest in a ditch. It was not repaired and was put into store at Wroughton until being disposed of
07/02/1980 XV345   Buccaneer S2A 15 Sqn Crashed on the Nellis Ranges, Nevada, USA during a Red Flag exercise, after structural failure of a wing. Both crew were killed. This accident resulted in the grounding of the Buccaneer fleet and subsequent checks revealed many were suffering from severe fatigue damage because of their role. Some were deemed beyond economical repair and were withdrawn. This led to the disbandment of the recently formed 216 squadron
12/02/1980 XK151 Z Hunter FGA9 2 TWU Crashed in the Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye killing the pilot
18/02/1980 XZ306   Gazelle AH1 651 Sqn Crashed on White Hill Mountain near Lisburn, Northern Ireland after suffering a wire strike at night. Both crew were killed
05/03/1980 XV436 E Phantom FGR2 29 Sqn Missed the cable during an emergency landing at night at Coningsby, Lincs following hydraulic failure. The crew ejected and it ran off the runway and into a field. Allocated to Abingdon as 8850M
12/03/1980 XW765 D Harrier GR3 3 Sqn Crashed at Lampeter, Dyfed after suffering a bird strike at low level. The pilot ejected safely
08/05/1980 XW314 28 Jet Provost T5A RAFC Crashed near to the A46 road near Cranwell, Lincolnshire after the student had mishandled the aircraft during a spin. The instructor was unable to recover the aircraft and both crew ejected
08/05/1980 XN127 W Whirlwind HAR10 2 FTS Entered an uncontrolled rolling dive and struck the ground at Shawbury, Shropshire. The loadmaster was seriously injured but the rest of the crew escaped with minor injuries
16/05/1980 XL953   Pembroke C1 60 Sqn Destroyed in a hangar fire at Wildenrath, West Germany
17/05/1980 XX262   Hawk T1 Red Arrows When flying as one of the synchro pair at Brighton it struck the 44ft mast of a yacht leaving the harbour, 4 inches from the top. The pilot ejected over the sea and was picked up by a passing motor boat
22/05/1980 XT763 PO-515 Wessex HU5 772 NAS Ditched into Weymouth Bay, Dorset after loss of transmission oil pressure. The five crew escaped safely and the aircraft was recovered and placed on the dump at Portland
28/05/1980 XX961 BJ Jaguar GR1 17 Sqn During a run and break over the airfield at Bruggen, West Germany the No 2 aircraft (XX964) of the four-ship formation broke too early and collided with the No 1 (XX961). The pilot of XX961 ejected but the other pilot did not and was killed
28/05/1980 XX964 BL Jaguar GR1 17 Sqn
28/05/1980 XG261 J Hunter T7 2 TWU The pilot was unable to pull out of a high speed dive during ACT as he had left the flaps down. He ejected and the aircraft crashed near Dufftown, Grampian
29/05/1980 XL597   Hunter T7 216 Sqn Suffered loss of power due to a fuel systems fault while flying low level. Both crew  ejected and it crashed south of Little Saxham near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
03/06/1980 XV589 P Phantom FG1 111 Sqn Crashed on approach to Alconbury, Cambs after the radome opened causing loss of control. The crew ejected safely
10/06/1980 XX390 A  Gazelle AH1 3 CBAS Failed to level out and flew into Lough Foyle, during a descent to join the circuit at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland. All three occupants were injured
27/06/1980 XP156 PO-663 Wessex HAS3 737 NAS Crashed into the English Channel off Portland, Dorset killing all three crew
11/07/1980 XV418 S Phantom FGR2 92 Sqn Flew into the ground near Diepholz, West Germany when control was lost while trying to formate with the camera aircraft during filming for the BBC. Both crew were killed
17/07/1980 XX817 BB Jaguar GR1 17 Sqn Shortly after take off from Bruggen, West Germany the port engine lost power. The pilot attempted to return to base but ejected when both engines caught fire due to a fuel leak. It crashed into woods seven miles from the base
31/07/1980 XN590 86 Jet Provost T3A 7 FTS Suffered a multiple bird strike during an overshoot at Elvington, Yorks when it flew into part of a flock of 500 racing pigeons that had been released ten miles south of the airfield. The pilot ejected and the aircraft crashed near Goole, Humberside
08/1980 WJ821   Canberra PR7 13 Sqn Written off in a force-landing at Bedford. Allocated to Bassingbourn gate as 8668M
15/09/1980 XX401 F Gazelle AH1 3 CBAS Flew into a hill at Balnakeil, Sutherland killing three on board. It was operating off HMS Intrepid during exercise 'Teamwork 80'
18/09/1980 XX545 02 Bulldog T1 London UAS Stalled during a simulated engine failure and crashed onto the airfield at Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Both crew were injured
14/10/1980 XV792 AN Harrier GR3 3 Sqn Crashed after a technical defect while in a hover at Gutersloh, West Germany. The pilot ejected but was killed
28/10/1980 XV761 CB Harrier GR3 4 Sqn Crashed 19 miles north of Bitburg, West Germany after a bird strike. The pilot ejected safely
07/11/1980 WH667 J Canberra B2 100 Sqn Crashed in flames after an engine exploded on take off from Akrotiri, Cyprus. The pilot did not eject, the navigator did but was killed
11/11/1980 WP972 A Chipmunk T10 FWF Lost power just after take off from Middle Wallop, Hants. The instructor took control and turned the aircraft back towards the airfield and made a heavy forced landing which broke off the undercarriage. Caused by a worn fuel shut off lever in the cockpit.
12/11/1980 XV413 D Phantom FGR2 29 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea 50 miles off Cromer, Norfolk during ACT. The crew made no attempt to eject and were killed. Only one per cent of the aircraft was recovered and so no cause was found
17/11/1980 XV256 Nimrod MR2 206 Sqn  Crewed by 206 Sqn, it suffered a massive bird strike on take off from Kinloss, Grampian when just 20ft off the runway. Only the number 4 engine was undamaged and the RAAF exchange pilot ordered full power on it and the other three damaged engines. However he was forced to make a crash landing into a forest 1,300yds from the end of the runway. The aircraft was quickly engulfed in flames. The two pilots were incapacitated due to severe blows to the head during the crash and due to the severity of the fire it was not possible to rescue them. The other eighteen crew were able to escape but all suffered smoke inhalation
18/11/1980 ZA801 V Gazelle HT3 CFS Crashed after loss of control in a turn at Chetwynd, Salop. The pilot escaped without serious injury
30/11/1980 XX434   Gazelle AH1 655 Sqn While on the ground in Ulster, Northern Ireland with the rotors turning, a holdall was passed into the rear of the cabin. This caught on and raised the collective lever. The aircraft yawed violently to the left and pitched nose down into the ground. One of the four occupants was injured
01/12/1980 XZ454 N-250 Sea Harrier FRS1 801 NAS Hit HMS Invincible’s ski ramp during a slow flypast for the press and crashed into the English Channel off The Lizard, Cornwall. The pilot ejected safely
09/12/1980 XV414 R Phantom FGR2 23 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea 200 yards astern Trinity House light vessel two miles off Great Yarmouth, Norfolk after the crew ejected following the ignition of a massive fuel leak. The wreckage was found seven months later when fishermen caught it in their nets and was later dumped at Wattisham

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