1977 losses

02/01/1977 XT241   Sioux AH1 3 Flt The pilot noticed the shadow of overhead wires while flying over water at Portglenone, Ulster, Northern Ireland. He initiated a climb and struck the wires causing the aircraft to spin nose first into the water. One of the two occupants was killed
04/01/1977 XX461   Gazelle AH1 Gazelle Conversion Flt The pilot lost control of the aircraft after he had reduced height and tried to close the passenger door, which had opened in flight. The aircraft struck the ground heavily at Barton Stacey SE of Andover, Hampshire seriously injuring the pilot
17/01/1977 XM600   Vulcan B2 101 Sqn Crashed at Spilsby, Lincolnshire due to a fire in the bomb bay caused by an air test of the ram air turbine (emergency generator). The rear crew abandoned the aircraft between 15,000 and 10,000 ft when it was clear the fire could not be put out. The pilots tried to fly back to their base at RAF Waddington but ejected at a few thousand feet when the fire burnt through the control runs. The crew suffered relatively minor injuries and no civilians were injured
03/02/1977 XW548 S Buccaneer S2B 16 Sqn Caught fire during a low level exercise and crashed near Volkel, Netherlands. The crew ejected safely
24/02/1977 XM968 Q Lightning T4 92 Sqn Crashed near Gutersloh, West Germany after the pilot ejected due to an hydraulic failure
25/02/1977 XZ120   Jaguar GR1 2 Sqn After completing a four aircraft attack on Nordhorn weapons range, West Germany the aircraft entered cloud and visual contact with each other was momentarily lost. On exiting the cloud the pilot made a steep left hand turn to join up with his wingman who was at low level. The aircraft entered a maximum rate left hand turn from which he could not recover in the height available and it crashed two miles from the range killing the pilot
29/03/1977 XS531 504 Wasp HAS1 703 NAS Ditched into the English Channel 7 Ĺ miles off Anvil Point, Dorset after loss of control due to suspected tail rotor failure while landing on HMS Rothesay. It rolled over and sank but the two crew were rescued. Recovered and allocated to ground instruction
29/03/1977 WK515 G Chipmunk T10 AFWF Hit trees at Sparsholt two miles WNW of Winchester, Hants during unauthorised low flying. Allocated to the fire dump at Middle Wallop
04/04/1977 XW525   Buccaneer S2B 208 Sqn Crashed into Claerwen Reservoir west of Rhyader, Powys after loss of the tail when taking violent evasive action to avoid two Hunters. Both crew ejected safely
05/04/1977 XV635 463 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS HMS Cleopatra Flt Lost yaw control and crashed into the sea 15 miles south west of the Eddystone Lighthouse off Plymouth, Devon. The pilot was injured. It sank during the recovery attempt but was later salvaged. Allocated to the fire dump at Portland
30/04/1977 XW424 62 Jet Provost T5 1 FTS Crashed at Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire during solo aerobatic display practice seriously injuring the pilot
03/05/1977 XH137   Canberra PR9 39 Sqn Crashed into houses on the Oxmore housing estate,  Hartford, Cambs after loss of control during a practice asymmetric approach to Wyton. Both crew and three people on the ground were killed
13/05/1977 XE651 W Hunter FGA9 TWU Crashed into the sea 40 miles off Brawdy, Dyfed after the pilot ejected due to an engine fire
18/05/1977 XV588 R-004 Phantom FG1 892 NAS Burnt out on the runway at Leuchars, Fife after an aborted take off due to engine failure. Both crew ejected. Allocated to ground instruction at Leuchars and later to Predannack
18/05/1977 XP506 06 Gnat T1 4 FTS Suffered a ground accident at Valley, Anglesey. It was not repaired and was used as a target on the Spadeadam Range
13/06/1977 XW859 55 Gazelle HT2 705 NAS Collided during a turn to port during a formation practice by the Sharks display team. Both helicopters fell into the sea off Praa Sands six miles south west of Culdrose, Cornwall and sank in 60ft of water. The pilot of XW859 and pilot and passenger of XX415 were killed. Two other Gazelles XX391/56 and XW847/46 landed safely after being damaged by debris
13/06/1977  XX415 59 Gazelle HT2 705 NAS
14/06/1977 XX978 DM Jaguar GR1 31 Sqn Crashed at Verden, West Germany after loss of control during a low level sortie killing the pilot. Wreckage from the aircraft damaged a house
23/06/1977 XT416 442 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS   HMS Zulu Flt While off Gibraltar it was badly damaged when HMS Zuluís deck lift raised, while unattended, due to an electrical surge. The liftís main isolation switch had not been operated before the crew went for lunch. The helicopter was squeezed and crushed against the hangar covers. To Fleetlands for repair but was declared a write off
29/07/1977 XX148 M Jaguar T2 226 OCU Crashed at Whittingham, Northumberland after control was lost during a simulated attack. The aircraft had rolled inverted to begin its attack dive but nosed down and crashed. Both crew were killed when they ejected moments before the aircraft struck the ground
15/08/1977 WH948 U Canberra E15 100 Sqn Crashed into woodland seven miles NW of Coltishall, Norfolk after the crew ejected following a fire in the starboard engine
18/08/1977 XX890 K Buccaneer S2B 15 Sqn Crashed while in the circuit at Laarbruch, West Germany after the crew ejected following loss of control due to an engine fire caused by turbine failure
08/09/1977 XL571 99 Hunter T7 TWU Crashed into the St. Georges Channel one mile west of Strumble Head, Dyfed after the engine failed. The crew ejected safely
29/09/1977 XT792 463 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS Cleopatra Flt The port undercarriage collapsed during a heavy landing on board HMS Tiger due to a down draught while operating in the Far East. To Weston-super-Mare for repair and sold to the Brazilian Nay as N-7041 in December 1978
25/10/1977 XV646 H-264 Sea King HAS1 814 NAS Due to loss of yaw control it struck the deck of HMS Hermes during exercise 'Ocean Safari 77' while in the south west approaches to the UK. This caused tail rotor transmission failure and it ditched alongside the ship. The crew were rescued before it inverted and then sank in 4,000 meters of water. It was not recovered
31/10/1977 XV348   Buccaneer S2B 237 OCU Struck power cables and crashed into Glomfjord, Norway. The navigator ejected but the pilot was killed

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