1971 losses

08/01/1971 XM610   Vulcan B1 44 Sqn Crashed at Wingate, County Durham, after a fire in No 2 engine damaged the flying controls. The crew abandoned the aircraft successfully. The pilot was also forced to eject from Vulcan XM645 on 14/10/1975
15/01/1971 XS500 TB Wesssex HU5 848 NAS Hit the water when low flying in haze over Mounts Bay off Porthleven, Cornwall while operating off HMS Bulwark. The pilot managed to climb to 60ft but was forced to ditch 400 yards off Loe Bar Beach where it broke up and sank killing one crew member
18/01/1971 XJ432 C Whirlwind HAR10 28 Sqn Ditched off Sai Kung, Hong Kong following engine failure
20/01/1971 XR545   Gnat T1 Red Arrows Collided and crashed during a synchronised pair display practice at Kemble, Gloucestershire. All four crew were killed
20/01/1971 XR986   Gnat T1 Red Arrows
20/01/1971 XT513   Sioux AH1 1 Wing 10th Hussars The aircraft side slipped while in a 20 ft hover at Herford, West Germany causing the main rotors to strike the ground. It then cartwheeled, came to rest inverted and caught fire. One crew member received major injuries the other minor
24/01/1971 XP303   Whirlwind HAR10 28 Sqn Hit an obstacle during the hover at Peak Alpha, Hong Kong. It rolled over and burnt out
25/01/1971 XP756 E Lightning F3 29 Sqn Crashed into the North sea off Great Yarmouth, Norfolk after a reheat fire. The USAF exchange pilot ejected safely
28/01/1971 XN772 N Lightning F2A 92 Sqn Spun into the ground near Diepholz, West Germany after failing to recover from a spin from 36,000 ft. The pilot ejected
29/01/1971 WH874   Canberra T17 360 Sqn Collided over Sutton-in-Ashfield near Mansfield, Notts when flying in formation and crashed. All crew members ejected safely
29/01/1971 WJ862   Canberra T4 360 Sqn
24/02/1971 XN465 3 Jet Provost T3 3 FTS Crashed near Easingwold, Yorks after failing to recover from a spin. Both crew ejected
25/02/1971 WT523   Canberra PR7 31 Sqn Declared a write off after landing following a bird strike to the canopy and nose over West Germany. To 8135M at Laarbruch
02/03/1971 WP312 LO Sea Prince T1 Linton-on-Ouse Station Flt Collided near Church Fenton, Yorks and crashed, the crew of XW300 were killed
02/03/1971 XW300 58 Jet Provost T5 1 FTS
19/03/1971 XG131 41 Hunter F6 229 OCU Exploded over Exmoor, Devon and crashed killing the pilot
25/03/1971 XW532   Buccaneer S2B 15 Sqn Crashed near Wansum, Netherlands after the pilot became disorientated when the aircraft entered cloud immediately after take off from Laarbruch, West Germany. Both crew were killed
25/03/1971 XM418 28 Jet Provost T3 3 FTS Written off after the engine exploded during a ground run at Leeming, Yorkshire. To 8593M at Leeming
23/04/1971 XV798 T Harrier GR1 20 Sqn Suffered a very heavy vertical landing at Wildenrath, West Germany. The pilot ejected. Allocated to ground instruction at Shoeburyness
26/04/1971 WZ821   Grasshopper TX1 Air Cadets Written off, no further details
28/04/1971 XS938 E Lightning F6 23 Sqn Crashed into the Firth of Tay, after the pilot ejected following a reheat fire on take off from Leuchars, Fife
06/05/1971 XV322   Sioux HT2 CFS The main rotor blades struck trees whilst manoeuvring in a confined space in Harewood Forest 3 miles SE of Andover, Hampshire. It crashed onto its side and caught fire in the manifold area. The pilot escaped uninjured
10/05/1971 XP744 H Lightning F3 56 Sqn Crashed into the Mediterranean Sea eight miles SE of Cyprus after the pilot ejected due to a fire
14/05/1971 XP807   Beaver AL1 132 Flt During a thunderstorm the aircraft came out of cloud in a steep dive, whereupon a wing folded and it struck the ground at Batteln, West Germany killing the two crew and one passenger. It was concluded that it had suffered inadvertent 'negative G' during the thunderstorm activity and as a result the bottom wing strut bolt had sheered, thus the wing was no longer correctly braced
17/05/1971 XL622 85 Hunter T7 4 FTS Crashed into Mount Cwm-Pen-Machd, Blanenau Festiniog, Merioneth, Wales killing both crew
19/05/1971 XT862 VL-156 Phantom FG1 767 NAS Crashed into the Atlantic Ocean 25 miles off Torquay, Devon. The crew ejected safely
20/05/1971 XP752 D Lightning F3 111 Sqn The Lightning collided with the underside of the Mirage IIIE during air combat manoeuvres. Damage to the Mirage was only slight but the Lightning lost an engine and the main instruments. The pilot attempted to eject but was unable to as the canopy would not release. He was therefore forced to make an emergency landing back at Colmar, France. It was later declared a write off and allocated to Coltishall as 8166M
20/05/1971     Mirage IIIE French AF
20/05/1971 XM875 PO-516 Wessex HAS1 771 NAS While carrying the press to photograph the NATO STANAVFORLANT exercise the engine failed whilst hovering alongside USS Bigelow. It ditched, rolled to starboard and sank in 48ft of water off Weymouth Bay, Dorset. Three of the press were killed
26/05/1971 XS902 J Lightning F6 5 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea nine miles SE of Spurn Head, Yorkshire after the pilot ejected following a reheat fire
05/06/1971 XN978   Buccaneer S2B 12 Sqn Lost control during air refuelling and crashed near Creil, Northern France. Both crew ejected safely
11/06/1971 XT184   Sioux AH1 3rd RM Commando The main rotors were overpitched on take off in Australia. Control was lost and the aircraft struck the ground and rolled over. The two crew were uninjured. The airframe was returned to the U.K and the rear section was mated to the bubble of Hiller XS702 (w/o 10/01/1967) and was used as a static display airframe
15/06/1971 WE989   Prefect TX1 2 GC Written off at Spitalgate, Lincolnshire
29/06/1971 XV565 R-001 Phantom FG1 892 NAS Crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Florida, USA while operating off HMS Ark Royal. The crew ejected
29/06/1971 XN558 4 Jet Provost T3 3 FTS Crashed at Dishforth, North Yorks after suffering a bird strike while on approach. The pilot ejected safely
06/07/1971 XN687 VL-704 Sea Vixen FAW2 890 NAS Crashed shortly after take off from Yeovilton, Somerset close to Ash Close Farm, Charlton Horethorne after the port engine failed on climb out
08/07/1971 XP705 L Lightning F3 29 Sqn Crashed into the Mediterranean Sea 35 miles off Akrotiri, Cyprus after the pilot ejected following an engine fire
14/07/1971 XP147 PO-521 Wessex HAS3 737 NAS Flames were seen to come from the starboard exhaust and the engine lost power. The pilot ditched into the sea 30 miles off Portland, Dorset and it sank in 200ft of water. All of the crew were rescued safely
26/07/1971 WT912 1 Cadet TX3 2 GC Written off in a flying accident at Spitalgate, Lincs
08/1971 XV329 T Lightning T5 74 Sqn When the Sqn disbanded the T5s had to be shipped back to the UK from Singapore as they cannot be fitted with over-wing ferry tanks. During shipment it suffered severe corrosion due to battery acid leakage. It was used for spares at Leconfield until being placed on the dump there in 1974
03/08/1971 XV803 Y Harrier GR1 1 Sqn Crashed near Huntingdon, Cambs after nozzle valve failure. The USAF pilot was killed after being unable to eject, as the ejection seat pins had been left in
08/08/1971 WB970   Sedbergh TX1 613 GC Crashed at Halton, Buckinghamshire
12/08/1971 XL384   Vulcan B2 617 Sqn Damaged in an inflight fire whilst returning from the USA. It landed safely at Scampton, Lincolnshire. but upon inspection was declared CAT 5. Used for spares until November 1981 then towed to the Fire Dump and was burned early 1982. Allocated to 8505M at Scampton and later became 8670M
22/08/1971 XJ426 Whirlwind HAR10 22 Sqn Ditched into Bideford Bay off Baggy Point, Devon after a fire warning light illuminated during a live casevac. The crew and casualty were rescued by another helicopter
27/08/1971 XG229 42 Hunter F6 63 Sqn/229 OCU Crashed at Merton, Devon after the pilot ejected following flying control seizure
01/09/1971 XT498   Sioux AH1 AAC  Development Wing Crashed at Clatford near Andover, Hampshire while attempting to recover from a wing over manoeuvre. One crew member was killed and two were seriously injured
01/09/1971 WR986 G Shackleton MR3 203 Sqn Declared a write off due to severe damage caused by rat infestation whilst operating with the squadron at Safi, Malta
14/09/1971 XV630 433 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS Lost height rapidly during a normal approach to HMS Euryalus in the English Channel off Portland, Dorset. It landed heavily in the sea, rolled over and sank. The two crew were rescued. Recovered and to the AIU at Lee-on-Solent and then as ground instruction at the RNEC Manadon
22/09/1971 XP736 G Lightning F3 29 Sqn Dived into the North Sea 30 miles off Lowestoft, Suffolk killing the pilot
30/09/1971 XR764 E Lightning F6 56 Sqn Crashed into Limasol Bay, Cyprus after the pilot ejected following an engine fire
05/10/1971 WT366   Canberra B(I)8 16 Sqn Stalled and crashed 12 miles north of Xanten, soon after take off from Laarbruch, West Germany. Both crew were killed
06/10/1971 WH973   Canberra E15 98 Sqn Rolled out of control and crashed at Lobthorpe, 3 miles from Cottesmore, Leics. The crew ejected safely
09/10/1971 XG156 E Hunter FGA9 79 Sqn/229 OCU Landed  at Gibraltar  with  one of  the  main wheels retracted and ran off the runway into some concrete blocks. The pilot ejected but was killed. He had been advised to eject over the sea but as he was a poor swimmer he elected to attempt a landing
12/10/1971 XV479 J Phantom FGR2 54 Sqn Crashed onto a cottage shortly after take off from Karup Denmark killing two civilians. The had crew ejected after suspected reheat problems
15/10/1971 XT904   Phantom FGR2 228 OCU Crashed into the North Sea off Cromer, Norfolk after the crew ejected following loss of control in a spin
26/10/1971 XR658 Y Jet Provost T4 6 FTS The airframe was overstressed when the canopy disintegrated and hit the tail causing temporary loss off control. Location unknown. To 8192M with the Exhibition Flt.
29/10/1971 XR711 A Lightning F3 111 Sqn Due to a fault with the reheat on No1 engine it was disabled but allowed to do one more sortie. During take-off from Wattisham, Suffolk as a three ship the pilot lifted off with the other two but had insufficient power to gain height. With the undercarriage already retracted the aircraft sunk back onto the runway, slid along it and took the barrier. The pilot was uninjured. Declared CAT5 XR711 was stripped for spares then put onto the Fire Dump
08/11/1971 XL575 80 Hunter T7 229 OCU Crashed into a hillside at Cwmystwyth, Cardigan killing the two crew
09/11/1971 XV216   Hercules C1 LTW Flew into the Ligurian Sea at night 28km off Pisa, Italy during a low level trail with three other Hercules. All fifty two on board were killed including forty six Italian parachutists
15/11/1971 XP116 PO-520 Wessex HAS3 737 NAS Ditched into the English Channel off Portland, Dorset. To Lee-on-Solent AES as A2618
26/11/1971 XA232   Grasshopper TX1 626 GS Written off in a flying accident possibly at St. Eval, Cornwall
09/12/1971 XV347   Buccaneer S2B 12 Sqn Burnt out at Lossiemouth, Morayshire after the port engine blew up while taxying
13/12/1971 XR567 B Gnat T1 CFS Four Gnats were completing a close formation practice over the USAF base at Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire. Upon breaking away, XR567 was crossing the airfield at 500ft when the fin detached. It crashed onto the airfield close to the runway narrowly missing five parked USAF F111Es. The crew were unable to eject in time and were both killed. The fleet were grounded and serious cracks were discovered in the fin on several aircraft. These were rectified at Bitteswell over a four year period

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