1968 losses

24/01/1968 XS900 M Lightning F6 5 Sqn Crashed onto Inchbrook Farm near Milltown, Grampian when it caught fire and the controls jammed after take off from Lossiemouth, Morayshire. The pilot ejected
25/01/1968 XG468   Belvedere HC1 66 Sqn Written off in a flying accident in the Middle East
26/01/1968 XL582 VL-728 Hunter T8 Naval Flying Standards Flt Both crew ejected after engine failure at 900ft shortly after take off from Yeovilton, Somerset. It crashed into a field one mile south of Somerton
30/01/1968 XT625   Scout AH1 11 Flt Force landed into the jungle near Gerik, ten miles from Butterworth, North Malaya after engine failure which was caused by turbine blade failure. On impact the helicopter rolled over, trapping one of the three occupants, who drowned. The pilot and other occupant escaped safely
30/01/1968 XM604   Vulcan B2 9 Sqn No 2 engine low pressure compressor failed during climb out from an overshoot at Cottesmore, Leicestershire. This separated and cut through the control runs causing loss on control. The pilot and co pilot ejected but the four rear crew were unable to bale out and were killed
01/02/1968 WT209   Canberra B15 45 Sqn Belly landed at Tengah, Singapore after the undercarriage failed to lower due to hydraulic failure. The pilot had previously ejected from Canberra WD963 on 29/06/1967 and was later killed when he ejected from Jaguar XZ386 on 24/06/1987
01/02/1968 XT615   Scout AH1 13 Flt Suffered engine failure at 900 ft just outside Sharjah, Oman. During the subsequent autorotation the port skid touched down first on sloping soft ground. The aircraft bounced into the air and landed on its starboard side. Two of the four occupants were injured
05/02/1968 XH759 A Javelin FAW9R 60 Sqn Damaged in a landing incident at Tengah, Singapore. Repairable but due to the imminent disbandment of 60 Squadron it was declared a write off
06/02/1968 XT150 R Sioux AH1 6 Light Regt R.A Suffered clutch failure on take off from a jungle clearing on the Asahan Ranges, Malaysia during a casevac mission. The aircraft landed heavily on its starboard side injuring one of the three occupants. Allocated to 7883M at Middle Wallop
08/02/1968 XH961 M Javelin FAW9R 64 Sqn Swung on landing and hit a bank at Tengah, Singapore
10/02/1968 XM963   Twin Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Damaged beyond repair in Malaya after the pilot had made four badly executed landings
16/02/1968 XH843 T Javelin FAW9R 60 Sqn Destroyed in a fire following engine start at Tengah, Singapore. At least eighteen Javelins have been lost due to engine start up fires
16/02/1968 XJ516 H-245 Sea Vixen FAW2 893 NAS Crashed while on approach to Yeovilton, Somerset after the crew ejected due to loss of control
21/02/1968 XP561 51 Jet Provost T4 1 FTS The pilot ejected after control was lost in cloud over Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire
21/02/1968 XM353 31 Jet Provost T3 1 FTS Crashed at Wetherby, Yorkshire
26/02/1968 XP675 48 Jet Provost T4 CFS Collided over Guiting Power in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. XS229 crashed, the crew ejecting safely. XP675 landed back at Little Rissington but was declared a write off
26/02/1968 XS229 49 Jet Provost T4 CFS
05/03/1968 XL884 LM-85 Whirlwind HAS7 Lossiemouth Station Flt Suffered engine trouble while attempting to land on a cliff top 200 yards east of Covesea radio station, Lossiemouth, Morayshire. It crashed and rolled onto its side injuring two of the three crew. To the AIU at Lee-
on-Solent and the wreckage was later placed on Fleetlands fire dump
06/03/1968 XG796 M-812 Gannet AS1 816 Sqn/RAN Fell into the Sea off HMAS Melbourne
11/03/1968 WJ770   Canberra B16 6 Sqn The aircraft was one of a pair and after flying into fog they turned to achieve separation before climbing. In doing this WJ770 flew into a hill at Sinopoli, Calabria, Italy killing the three crew
28/03/1968 XT799 U Sioux AH1 ARWF The port skid struck the ground while in a torque turn at Chilbolton, Hants during a practice display. The aircraft pitched forward, spun to the right and came to rest with the tail rotor detached
30/03/1968 XT565   Sioux AH1 17 Flt The pilot misjudged the height during a turn and struck high ground at Neuhof, West Germany. The three occupants escaped safely
01/04/1968 WR956 Q Shackleton MR2C 204 Sqn The undercarriage collapsed after skidding on landing on the wet runway at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland
04/04/1968 XS494 AP Wessex HU5 848 NAS While embarking onto HMS Albion off Borneo and overhead Sembawang the primary servo jack failed. It rolled to port causing the main rotor blades to strike the ground and the helicopter broke up on impact
08/04/1968 XP152 PO-523 Wessex HAS1 737 NAS Ditched into the English Channel off Plymouth at night while operating off RFA Engadine after engine failure. It remained afloat but inverted and was lashed to the side of the ship before being taken ashore by a tug for investigation
09/04/1968 XS579 E-13 Sea Vixen FAW2 899 NAS Crashed into the sea during a simulated attack on RFA Reliants splash target whilst operating from HMS Eagle
13/04/1968 XA312   Cadet TX3 636 GS Written off in a flying accident at Fairwood Common, Swansea, South Wales. It was rebuilt as an exhibition airframe with the spurious serial VM791. During 2001 it was still extant and in the museum at Manson
17/04/1968 XS540 AU-455 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS Suffered engine failure at 200ft during a night flight and ditched off Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa while operating off HMS Aurora. It sank and was not recovered. The two crew were rescued and were slightly injured
18/04/1968 XL558   Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Suffered severe storm damage while parked up at Vientiane, Laos
19/04/1968 WB533   Shackleton MR2C 204 Sqn Flew into high ground near Machrihanish on the Mull of Kintryre killing all eleven crew. It was exercising with HM submarine Onyx in the Clyde Estuary when a navigational error put the aircraft over land instead of sea
20/04/1968 XT622 I Scout AH1 7 Flt/4 Wing Suffered an engine failure while on approach to Kangar Kahang in the Johore State, Malaysia. Two of the four occupants were injured in the subsequent heavy landing
23/04/1968 XP456   Grasshopper TX1 Air Cadets Written off, no further details
24/04/1968 WH971   Canberra B15 32 Sqn Touched down 500 yards from the threshold, at Akrotiri, Cyprus, bounced and swung off the runway breaking into three parts
25/04/1968 XT677 A Wessex HC2 18 Sqn Flew into the ground in fog during a night approach to Rheinsehlen Camp, West Germany. To 8016M
29/04/1968 XS924 E Lightning F6 5 Sqn Crashed at Beelsby Farm, Lincs following loss of control shortly after take off from Binbrook. The pilot was killed. It was to rendezvous with a Victor for a flypast over Scampton to mark the stand-down of Bomber Command
02/05/1968 WZ874 15 Chipmunk T10 CFS Dived into the ground at Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire after failing to recover from a spin
06/05/1968 XE532 D Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn Crashed into the Persian Gulf three miles W.S.W of Dubai after hitting a radio mast when carrying out a rocket attack on a range. The pilot ejected
07/05/1968 XR133   Argosy C1 267 Sqn During a flypast at Got El Afrag, Libya to check the undercarriage the aircraft struck a 45 gallon oil drum which was 10ft above the ground and used as a shower. The starboard wing struck the ground and the aircraft cartwheeled onto its back and exploded. All eleven on board were killed
13/05/1968 WH944 O Canberra B2 231 OCU Written off when a tyre burst on landing at Waddington, Lincolnshire causing the aircraft to swing off the runway
14/05/1968 XL611   Hunter T7 A&AEE Dived into the ground at high speed at Milton Farm, East Knoyle, Mere, Wilshire shortly after take off from Boscombe Down, The crew did not eject and were both killed
17/05/1968 XL878 PO-514 Whirlwind HAS7 771 NAS Ditched into 20ft of water in the English Channel off Weymouth Pier, Dorset due to insufficient power to maintain a hover. It sank but the three crew escaped safely. The helicopter was salvaged and, after investigation, the fuselage was burnt at Fleetlands open day 13/06/1970
20/05/1968 WZ869 R Chipmunk T10 1 FTS Crash-landed at Linton-on-Ouse, Yorks after the engine failed to pick up during an overshoot. The student had inadvertently turned off the fuel and ignition. To 8019M at Handforth, Cheshire
20/05/1968 XV158 LM-655 Buccaneer S2 736 NAS On approach to Lossiemouth, Morayshire the pilot received three reds to indicate that the undercarriage was unlocked and during a touch and go the port wheel began to collapse. Due to the possibility of cartwheeling on landing the crew ejected into the Moray Firth five miles north of Lossiemouth. The same pilot later ejected from Buccaneer XV167 on 29th January 1970
22/05/1968 XE664 LM-699 Hunter T8 764 NAS Overshot the runway at Milltown, Morayshire after suffering an engine failure. Pilot ejected and was killed, Navigator remained with the aircraft and was injured. Repaired and sold to Singapore as '514'
23/05/1968 XM528   Skeeter AOP12 5 Regt RA Declared a write off after a flying accident in West Germany
08/06/1968 XR999 56 Gnat T1 4 FTS Crashed into the sea off the North Wales coast after the crew ejected when the controls jammed
10/06/1968 WL677   Varsity T1 5 FTS An undercarriage leg collapsed in a heavy landing at Stradishall, Suffolk
11/06/1968 WT363 H Canberra B(I)8 14 Sqn WT363 lost its tail and crashed following a mid-air collision over Roermond, Netherlands. The crew ejected safely. XM278 landed at Bruggen and was repaired
11/06/1968 XM278   Canberra B(I)8 14 Sqn
18/06/1968 XS412 Y Whirlwind HAR10 230 Sqn Spun into trees at Manor Farm, Farleigh Wallop near Basingstoke, Hants after engine failure
19/06/1968 WH714 J Canberra T19 85 Sqn Ran into a hedge when the brakes failed while taxying at Binbrook, Lincolnshire. To the fire dump there
21/06/1968 XM188 188 Lightning F1A 226 OCU Failed to take a bend in the taxiway and ran into the side of a squadron office at Coltishall, Norfolk after the brake failure. The throttles were jammed and the aircraft proceeded to suck out the entire contents of the office paper trays. The local Rolls Royce representative crawled beneath the aircraft to shut down the engines and the pilot escaped by climbing onto the roof of the office
26/06/1968 XD236 038 Scimitar F1 Airwork FRU The radio altimeter failed in bad weather during a sortie as a target for HMS Corrunna. It flew into high ground in cloud on St Catherines Down, Isle of Wight killing the pilot
26/06/1968 XF388 C Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn The pilot ejected after the engine seized. It crashed in open desert 50 miles south east of Dubai
28/06/1968 XT196   Sioux AH1 10th Royal Hussars Struck the ground heavily at Dorbaum, West Germany and bounced forwards approximately 100ft during a practice engine off landing in high wind conditions. It was on a test flight from its base at Munster following major servicing at Detmold. The pilot and REME engineer escaped safely. Rebuilt and sold as HP-789 in Panama
01/07/1968 XV335 LM-656 Buccaneer S2 736 NAS Pilot lost control, during an ACT, aircraft entered a spin at 10,000ft forcing both crew to safely eject. The aircraft crashed into The North Minch, off Point of Stoe NW of Lochinver, Highland
15/07/1968 WV253 24 Hunter T7A ETPS Crashed into Lyme Bay half a mile south of Eype, near Bridport, Dorset. The pilot had ejected after failing to recover from an intentional spin which had become inverted
16/07/1968 WD679 T Meteor TT20 3/4 CAACU Overran the runway on landing at Exeter, Devon and was written off
22/07/1968 XJ674 O Hunter FGA9 20 Sqn Only one undercarriage leg would lower due to hydraulic failure and the pilot overshot from his first approach to Tengah, Singapore. He then attempted a tight circuit in manual control but the aircraft rolled to port forcing him to eject at 800ft
24/07/1968 XJ489 E-135 Sea Vixen FAW2 899 NAS The pilot was attempting a roller landing at Chivenor, Devon to try and release a jammed undercarriage leg. The turn onto the approach was too tight and the aircraft rolled onto its back and crashed onto marshland 1,000 yards off the runway near to Crow Point toll road on Braunton Burrows
31/07/1968 WJ783   Canberra B16 249 Sqn Ran into the barrier at Akrotiri, Cyprus and was badly damaged after take off was abandoned when the nose wheel tyre disintegrated. Later declared a write off
01/08/1968 XT123   Sioux AH1 13 Flt Crashed at Sharjah, Oman. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair when it was inadvertently dropped by the Scout that was attempting a recovery
05/08/1968 WH795   Canberra PR7 81 Sqn Landed too fast and burst a tyre at Kai Tak, Hong Kong. It swung off the wet runway onto the grass and came to rest in a sewage drain where it broke up
12/08/1968 XT809   Sioux AH1 2 Wing/5th IDG During take off from a desert air strip at El Adem, Libya the aircraft was enveloped in a dust cloud. The main rotors struck the ground after the pilot became disorientated and it crashed after travelling forward for 50 yards
15/08/1968 WG483 3 Chipmunk T10 BFWF Force-landed in a field two miles SW of Middle Wallop, Hants after losing power after take off and hitting power lines
15/08/1968 XP286   Auster AOP9 West Raynham Station Flt Crashed on landing at Leconfield, Yorkshire. Allocated to 8044M
16/08/1968 WK567 A Chipmunk T10 Queens UAS Written off when it swung off the runway during take off from Sydenham, Northern Ireland and hit an obstruction
19/08/1968 WT325   Canberra B(I)6 213 Sqn Collided at 15,000 feet at night over Holt, Norfolk and crashed. The Victor was climbing out of Marham under radar control, which was affected by thunderstorms. The Canberra was returning to Bruggen and was not under radar control. The four Victor and three Canberra crew were all killed
19/08/1968 XH646   Victor K1A (K2P) TTF
26/08/1968 WT369   Canberra B(I)6 249 Sqn Swung off the runway on landing at Luqa, Malta after the port undercarriage leg collapsed and came to rest in the dispersal area
12/09/1968 XS896 J Lightning F6 74 Sqn Suffered an engine fire when downwind to land at Tengah, Singapore. The fire burnt through the control rods causing the aircraft to pitch up and then enter a flat spin. The pilot ejected at low altitude but was killed
13/09/1968 XP115 KE-401 Wessex HAS1 829 NAS Kent Flt Ditched into the English Channel 20 miles south of the Eddystone Lighthouse after a double fire warning whilst in the hover. The flotation bags failed to operate and it sank but the crew escaped safely
16/09/1968 XS124 E-067 Wessex HAS1 820 NAS Ditched into the Atlantic Ocean near to HMS Eagle while operating off Iceland after a spurious fire warning in the sonar well. The crew were all rescued safely
17/09/1968 XT440 CL-463 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS, HMS Cleopatra Flt Lost power and ditched into the North Sea three miles from the Texel Light Vessel off the Dutch coast and ten miles from HMS Cleopatra. Both crew were injured and the helicopter was recovered and sent to the AIU at Lee-on-Solent
20/09/1968 WT313   Canberra B(I)6 213 Sqn Declared a write off after severe damage was discovered during routine maintenance at Bruggen, West Germany
25/09/1968 XL736   Skeeter AOP12 5 Regt RA Both damaged while en-route to the Larzac training area, Southern France by road. With 
  XM530   Skeeter AOP12 5 Regt RA the impending withdrawal of the type they were not repaired
01/10/1968 WH715   Canberra B2 ETPS Dived into the ground near Crewkerne, Somerset after the solo French Air Force pilot lost control during an asymetric exercise. The recovery was hampered when the aircraft entered cloud and the pilot ejected too late and was killed when he struck the ground still in his seat. A civilian suffered a heart attack and died when trying to find the pilot and two other civilians were injured by debris
07/10/1968 XT832   Sioux AH1 5th RTR The aircraft entered fog shortly after take off from Fromhausen, West Germany. While attempting to return to base it struck power lines and crashed. The pilot received major injuries
08/10/1968 XL739   Skeeter AOP12 BAOR Crashed in West Germany. Allocated to the gate guard at Hobart Barracks, Detmold
09/10/1968 XM665 PO-512 Whirlwind HAS7 771 NAS Force landed into a field near Weymouth, Dorset after the rotor blades went out of control, To Fleetlands for repair but never flew again. After storage at Culdrose and Wroughton it was displayed at Egham, Chelsfield and Booker before being sent to the Royal Australian Naval Air Museum at Nowra
10/10/1968 XM687 PO-515 Whirlwind HAS7 771 NAS The hydraulic selector switch shorted out due to ingress of moisture which caused a violent reversion to manual control. It force landed into a field and rolled onto its starboard side west of Osmington near Weymouth, Dorset breaking off the tail cone. The three crew escaped safely. Stripped for spares at Fleetlands
10/10/1968 XT175   Sioux AH1 Infantry Air Platoon Sharjah Badly damaged when it landed heavily at Sharjah, Oman due to the left pedal being jammed down. Later declared a write off. Preserved at Kidlington, Oxfordshire
18/10/1968 WN925   Cadet TX1 631 GS Written off in a flying accident at Sealand, Flint. The fuselage was used as a static exhibit marked as WL925 and based at Cosford
01/11/1968 XM920 E-143 Wessex HAS3 826 NAS Made a forced landing at Maenporth, Cornwall after a spurious engine fire warning. The starboard undercarriage leg collapsed in the heavy landing after narrowly missing high tension cables. Allocated to A2594 at Lee-on-Solent
04/11/1968 XS874 LO-405 Wessex HAS1 819 NAS Crashed into the English Channel 22 miles off Portland, Dorset. An attempt was made by HMS Rothesay to tow the helicopter ashore but it capsized en-route. It was recovered and later issued to BRNC at Dartmouth for ground instruction
05/11/1968 XR456 M Whirlwind HAR10 103 Sqn Force-landed into the jungle at seven miles west of Mersing, Malaysia after engine failure
06/11/1968 XF942 BY-801 Hunter T8C 759 NAS Shortly after take off from Brawdy, Pembrokeshire, the pilot carried out some aerobatics during which the aircraft crashed into the sea 2 miles south of St. Davids
14/11/1968 XP510 10 Gnat T1 4 FTS Crashed into the Irish Sea off Nefyn, Caernarvon after the crew ejected following loss of control in a dive
15/11/1968 XS533 456 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS, HMS Yarmouth Flt Suffered a loss of power followed by a catastrophic engine failure while in the turn at 400ft. It crashed into the English Channel 26 miles west of Portland Bill, Dorset killing one of the crew. The wreckage was salvaged and taken to the AIU at Le-on-Solent
18/11/1968 WB964   Sedbergh TX1 661 VGS Destroyed in a hangar fire at the Slingsby factory at Kirbymoorside. The aircraft had suffered CAT 4 damage on 5th July and was on repair
20/11/1968 WJ988   Canberra T17 360 Sqn The undercarriage was raised to stop after the port engine ingested a large bird on take off from Watton, Norfolk
22/11/1968 XL451 H-260 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS Ditched into the Pacific Ocean off Okinawa, Japan while operating off HMS Hermes
25/11/1968 XL455 H-262 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS Crashed into the sea off forty miles east of Okinawa, Japan after launch from HMS Hermes when the port wing folded
29/11/1968 XM174 174 Lightning F1A Leuchars TTF Crashed into Ballmullo Quarry near Leuchars, Fife. The pilot had ejected due to a fire warning
30/11/1968 WB573 Z Chipmunk T10 3 AEF Struck a hill three miles south of Porlok, Somerset in bad weather
06/12/1968 XR663   Jet Provost T4 6 FTS Declared a write off after the airframe was over stressed
06/12/1968 XE611   Hunter FGA9 5 MU Kemble Overran the runway on landing at Lyneham, Wiltshire while on delivery to the MEAF. Rebuilt and sold to the Swiss AF as J4103
20/12/1968 WH778   Canberra PR7 81 Sqn Swung off the runway on landing at Tengah, Singapore after the nose wheel collapsed

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