1967 losses

Early 1967 XD218   Scimitar F1 FAA Damaged beyond repair in a refuelling incident. No further details except that it was taken to Fleetlands, arriving on 21st April 1967, and scrapped
02/01/1967 XM971 971 Lightning T4 226 OCU The nose radar fairing became detached and was ingested by the intake causing double engine failure. The crew ejected and the aircraft crashed at Tunstead near Coltishall, Norfolk. To the fire dump at Coltishall
03/01/1967 XS588 H-306 Sea Vixen FAW2 892 NAS Waved off following a poor approach to HMS Hermes. However, it came down on the angled deck in a nose up attitude and ditched over the side into the Mediterranean Sea off Malta. The observer was killed
10/01/1967 XS702 543 Hiller HT2 705 NAS Badly damaged at Culdrose, Cornwall when a fuel tank exploded during an inspection. Sent to Fleetlands for repair but was declared a write off. The cockpit bubble was later mated to the rear of Sioux XT184 (cr 11/06/1971) and was used as static display airframe
18/01/1967 XH888 S Javelin FAW9R 29 Sqn Badly damaged when it landed with the nose wheel up at Akrotiri, Cyprus. Later declared a write off
23/01/1967 WW595 G Hunter FR10 4 Sqn Flew into high ground in cloud half a mile north of Furstenburg near Kassel, West Germany killing the pilot. This pilot had previously successfully landed Hunter XG270 on a beach on 31st May 1957
23/01/1967 XJ564 H-314 Sea Vixen FAW2 892 NAS Crashed into the sea off Gibraltar on launch from HMS Hermes. Control was lost after the pilots instrument panel fell down and fouled the control column. Both crew ejected but the pilot was killed. See Wessex XS883 below
23/01/1967 XS883 H-346 Wessex HAS1 826 NAS The aircraft went to rescue the crew from Sea Vixen XJ564 above. It went into a hover but the tail rotor struck the bow anemometer of HMS Hermes and it crashed into the sea. The pilot was killed and one of the three other crew were injured
30/01/1967 XS585 V-242 Sea Vixen FAW2 893 NAS The pilot over-rotated during a night launch from HMS Victorious while in the South China Sea seventy miles west of Subic, Philippines. It rolled to starboard where the pilot ejected. The observer did not eject and was killed
02/02/1967 XT414 470 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS, HMS Naiad Flt Ditched in the Irish Sea due to engine failure and sank. One of the crew were slightly injured
04/02/1967 XT122   Sioux AH1 4/7th RDG Rolled onto its side during a landing five miles NNW of Falaise, Aden
06/02/1967 XE530 O Hunter FGA9 8/43 Sqns Damaged in a flying accident in Aden. It was sold to HSA and was rebuilt as G-9-267
07/02/1967 XT177   Sioux AH1 4 Wing The crew were unable to regain power during a simulated engine failure at Kluang, Malaysia and suffered a heavy landing. The crew escaped safely. It transpired that the instructor had switched off the magneto switches
20/02/1967 XF414 E Hunter FGA9 20 Sqn The pilot ejected near Layang, Malaysia after the engine lost power
20/02/1967 XF440 K Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn Hit by hostile ground fire over Aden. The pilot ejected after loss of hydraulics
22/02/1967 XG237 D Hunter FGA9 208 Sqn The starter motor failed to disengage at Muharrag, Bahrain as the engine wound up. The subsequent explosion wrecked the intake area. To HSA and rebuilt as G-9-268
23/02/1967 WT322   Canberra B(I)6 213 Sqn Rolled inverted and dived into the ground at Wesseke, West Germany during a sortie over the Nordhorn Range. The three crew were killed
26/02/1967 XT219   Sioux AH1 45 CAT The main rotors stuck the ground during a 3ft hover on sloping ground at Habilayn, Aden. The aircraft rolled, struck the ground and turned onto its back. The pilot escaped safely
01/03/1967 XT798 K Sioux AH1 CFS Stability was lost while landing on a slope at Ternhill, Shropshire in windy conditions. It rolled down the slop, caught fire and burnt out. The crew escaped safely
01/03/1967 XS695 5 Kestrel FGA1 A&AEE Landed short of the runway at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire which sheared off the port outrigger. The aircraft then swung, rolled over a bank and came to rest inverted injuring the pilot. To Culdrose SAH as A2619
03/03/1967 XP699 O Lightning F3 56 Sqn While carrying out overshoots at Wethersfield a fire broke out due to a fuel line fracture. The pilot ejected and the aircraft crashed near Finchingfield, Essex
06/03/1967 XT147   Sioux AH1 ARWF The aircraft swung uncontrollably during sloping landings at Harewood Forest near Andover, Hampshire. It struck the ground and caught fire after the fuel tank burst. The pilot managed to escape safely
07/03/1967 XS460 55-710 Lightning T55 BAe Directional control was lost while landing at Warton, Lancs due to a strong crosswind. It veered off the runway and struck the arrestor cable winchgear which tore off the starboard undercarriage. The port wing tip then dug in and spun the aircraft breaking off the nose section. Both crew were injured, the second pilot being thrown from the cockpit still in his ejector seat . This was the first prototype of the Royal Saudi Arabian aircraft
14/03/1967 XL498 767 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS The nose wheel collapsed on landing at Lee-on-Solent, Hants
21/03/1967 XP155 513 Wessex HAS1 819 NAS The crew were forced to ditch into the Firth of Clyde at Little Cumrae Point when, during a flight from Machrihanish the engine surged and lost power. It was recovered and became A2640 at Arbroath and later Lee-on-Solent
22/03/1967 WT805   Hunter GA11 738 NAS Contact with the aircraft was lost following a section take off from Brawdy, Pembrokeshire. It was discovered that it had crashed into St Brides Bay presumably after the student pilot became disorientated. He did not eject and was killed
23/03/1967 XF421 A Hunter FGA9 8/43 Sqns Badly damaged when it overran the runway during a power off landing at Khormaksar, Aden. Later declared a write off
02/04/1967 XL111   Whirlwind HAR10 SAR Flt Rolled over in soft sand at Khormaksar, Aden following a forced landing due to engine failure. To ground instruction as 8000M
05/04/1967 XH787 G Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn Swung off the runway on landing at Butterworth, Malaysia after one undercarriage leg had failed to lower
06/04/1967 XL385   Vulcan B2 617 Sqn Burnt out on the runway at Scampton, Lincs when No 1 engine exploded during take off. The five crew and an ATC cadet escaped safely despite 40 tons of fuel catching fire
15/04/1967 WT894   Cadet TX3 613 GS Written off after hitting an obstruction on landing at Halton, Buckinghamshire
17/04/1967 XM184 184 Lightning F1A 226 OCU Caught fire on landing at Coltishall, Norfolk and burnt out on the runway after a fuel leak
17/04/1967 WT489 O Canberra T4 231 OCU Took off from a roller landing at Bassingbourn and then assumed a nose up attitude. It crashed into a house at Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire. The three crew were killed
18/04/1967 XG273 U Hunter FGA9 54 Sqn Collided four miles south of Tobruk, Libya. The pilot of XG273 ejected safely. XF446 landed 
  XF446 B Hunter FGA9 54 Sqn at El Adem but was later declared a write off and was sold to HSA. To Indian AF as A1010
27/04/1967 XJ691 G Hunter FGA9 208 Sqn Crashed into the sea 18 miles SE of Muharraq, Bahrain during a night approach. The pilot was killed
28/04/1967 XN321   Twin Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn The engine cut on take off from Butterworth, Malaya and the undercarriage collapsed in the forced landing
04/05/1967 XR383   Alouette AH2 24 Flt Lost height while in a down wind turn and struck the ground heavily at Breitenscheid, West Germany during exercise 'Roadmaster 67'. Both occupants escaped uninjured
05/05/1967 XT635   Scout AH1 13 Flt Flew into a hillside at Jebal, Aden during a night patrol. Possibly due to pilot disorientation
06/05/1967 WP907  D Chipmunk T10 Queens UAS Suffered structural damage to the centre fuselage section during a heavy landing at Newtownards, Ulster. Allocated to 7970M with 6 AEF at Benson
09/05/1967 XH204 A Canberra B(I)8 3 Sqn After coming out of a bombing run the starboard aileron jammed causing the aircraft to roll. The crew abandoned the aircraft and it crashed eight miles NE of Wesel, West Germany
10/05/1967 XT103   Sioux AH1 42 Commando Royal Marines Stuck power lines and crashed at Johore, Malaysia during a flight from Kluang to Singapore. Of the two on board one was killed and the other was severely injured
11/05/1967 XH764 C Javelin FAW9R 29 Sqn Suffered a heavy landing at Manston, Kent. Damage was only slight but with the impending withdrawal of the type it was allocated to 7972M and was put on display there. It had been en route to 27MU Shawbury store
15/05/1967 XG200 57 Hunter F6 229 OCU Collided and crashed into the Atlantic three miles WNW of Tintagel, North Devon. The crews ejected
15/05/1967 XG235 44 Hunter F6 229 OCU
17/05/1967 WB831   Shackleton T4 MOTU Written off after a take off accident at St. Mawgan, Cornwall. It was used for fire practice there
18/05/1967 XN588 30 Jet Provost T3 1 FTS Dived into the ground near Lundwood, Wharram Le Street, Yorkshire killing the pilot
29/05/1967 XT549   Sioux AH1 9 Flt The main rotors struck the ground during a tight turn at Soltau, West Germany. The aircraft crashed and broke but the two occupants managed to escape safely
30/05/1967 XH708 P Javelin FAW9R 64 Sqn During a formation join up of six aircraft for practice flypast XH896 was struck from below by XH708. Both aircraft crashed ten miles north west of Tengah, Singapore. The crew of XH708 were killed
30/05/1967 XH896 O Javelin FAW9R 64 Sqn
31/05/1967 XT118   Sioux AH1 4 Wing During take off from a jungle clearing at Kluang, Malaysia control was lost and the aircraft crashed to the ground. Clutch slip had caused the tail rotor drive to shear. Both crew escaped safely
05/06/1967 VP966   Devon C1 Air Attache Tehran Burnt out on the ground during an Israeli air attack on Amman, Jordan at the start of the Six Day War
06/06/1967 XV120   Scout AH1 10 Flt Flew into the ground at the corner of a housing estate at Felton near Bristol Airport after the pilot had become disorientated while flying in mist. It broke up and caught fire killing the three occupants
09/06/1967 WD491   Hastings C2 24 Sqn Written off after it swung on landing at West Raynham, Norfolk and tipped up onto its nose. Allocated to Wyton fire dump
10/06/1967 WE980   Prefect TX1 2 GC Cartwheeled at Spitalgate, Lincolnshire after the wing tip struck the ground
13/06/1967 WV792 035 Sea Hawk FGA6 FRU Crash-landed at Hurn, Dorset with the nose wheel jammed up. To G.I. at Arbroath as A2559
18/06/1967 XL808   Skeeter AOP12 652 Sqn Rolled over in a corn field at Bramsche, West Germany after a forced landing following engine failure. The two occupants escaped safely
20/06/1967 XT173   Sioux AH1 Queens Dragoon Guards The pilot had to abandon take off from a ledge near Crater, Aden after being hit in the knee by a bullet. The Sioux crashed and burnt out but all three occupants escaped
21/06/1967 XM106 X Beverley C1 84 Sqn While landing at Habilayan, Aden the aircraft ran over a land mine blowing off the starboard undercarriage and badly damaging the starboard wing and fuselage. It was declared a write off and was broken up on site
22/06/1967 XJ414   Whirlwind HAR10 202 Sqn Broke up in flight and crashed into the North Sea off Great Yarmouth, Norfolk after loosing the main rotor blade. All three crew were killed
23/06/1967 WH208   Meteor T7 229 OCU Ran off the end of a wet runway on landing at Bovingdon and was written off
28/06/1967 XN597 11 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS Badly damaged when the nosewheel collapsed during a heavy landing at Wymeswold, Leics. Later declared a write off and to 7984M
29/06/1967 WD963   Canberra T4 45 Sqn Crashed into the sea two miles south of Tengah, Singapore after the crew ejected when both engines failed. The pilot later crash landed in Canberra WT209 on 01/02/1968 and also ejected from Jaguar XZ386 on 24/06/1987 but was unfortunately killed
30/06/1967 XM707   Gnat T1 CFS The crew ejected 2½ miles WNW of Kemble, Gloucestershire after loss of pitch control
05/07/1967 XH177   Canberra PR9 13 Sqn Declared a write off at Luqa, Malta after cracks were discovered in the main wing spar
05/07/1967 XS598   Andover C1 OCU Broke its back after overrunning the runway on take off from Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Allocated to ground instruction use at Brize Norton before being passed on to the Fire Service college at Moreton In Marsh
05/07/1967 XV269   Beaver AL1 AFWF The wheels struck bushes while on approach Middle Wallop, Hants and became entangled in a concealed net. It then swung violently to the left and struck a tree. Allocated to 8011M at the AETW Middle Wallop
19/07/1967 XF978 LM-687 Hunter T8B 764 NAS Entered an uncontrollable spin and crashed into the Moray Firth near Lossiemouth, Morayshire
03/08/1967 XF443 51 Hunter F6 229 OCU Crashed into a railway cutting at Fremington one mile SE of Chivenor, Devon at night after the engine cut during an emergency approach
07/08/1967 XR478 P Whirlwind HAR10 230 Sqn Written off in a heavy landing during practice engine off landings at Odiham, Hampshire. To G.I. at Porton Down and later to Winterbourne Gunner
09/08/1967 XS879 H-342 Wessex HAS1 825 NAS Ditched into Subic Bay, Philippines off HMS Hermes after the engine failed
11/08/1967 XL705   Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Written off in a flying accident. Damage was minor but it was not repaired because of the impending withdrawal of the type from service
17/08/1967 WB558   Chipmunk T10 Old Sarum Station Flt Hit a released glider cable during take off from Old Sarum, Wiltshire. The cable became embedded in the port wing and the aircraft cartwheeled into the ground
17/08/1967 WE984   Prefect TX1 2 GS Crashed at Spitalgate, Lincs. Parts were used in the rebuild of WE981 which was badly damaged on 20/04/1967 while operating with 1 GS at Swanton Morley
18/08/1967 XL811   Skeeter AOP12 5 Flt Crashed in West Germany after engine failure. Sold for preservation in the UK
21/08/1967 XH719 B Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn Written off at Tengah, Singapore
23/08/1967 XP512 12 Gnat T1 4 FTS Crashed onto the beach at Rhosneigr near Valley, Anglesey after loss of control due to hydraulic failure
03/09/1967 XT641   Scout AH1 13 Flt Whilst on the ground Mayfa’ah in a wadi bed in Aden the two crew were shot and killed by rebel tribesmen and the Ruler of Wahidi State taken as a hostage. The aircraft was destroyed by fire and then buried in sand to hide it. Subsequent search sorties by Shakletons, Beavers and Scouts came under heavy fire from the ground
04/09/1967 XG198 29 Hunter F6 229 OCU Dived into the ground at Ferryside, Carmarthen during a practice attack on Pembrey Range. The pilot was killed
07/09/1967 XM329 437 Wessex HAS1 737 NAS Declared a write off after the starboard cockpit window fell out in flight. It then struck and removed the flotation cover which streamed the flotation bag. It landed safely at an unknown location but was not repaired. Initially to Arbroath for ground instruction but ended its days at Predannack where it was burnt during 1995
07/09/1967 XR766 T Lightning F6 23 Sqn Spun into the North Sea off Montrose, Tayside. The pilot ejected
12/09/1967 XH891   Javelin FAW9R A&AEE Declared a write off after a fire on start up at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire. To Chivenor fire dump
12/09/1967 WP838 B Chipmunk T10 3 AEF Collided and crashed over Portishead, Somerset
12/09/1967  WK610 E Chipmunk T10 3 AEF
12/09/1967 XM136 B Lightning F1 226 OCU Crashed near Coltishall, Norfolk after loss of control on approach following a reheat fire. The pilot ejected safely
14/09/1967 XM959   Twin Pioneer CC1 152 Sqn Tipped up onto its nose after hitting ruts on landing at Tabiyah, Oman. Later declared a write off
21/09/1967 WK636 J Chipmunk T10 London UAS Crashed into a field while on approach to Benson, Oxon after the engine cut out
21/09/1967 XS693   Kestrel FGA1 Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd During a flight from Filton to Boscombe Down the engine surged and was badly damaged when the pilot failed to close the HP cock quickly enough. He was unable to relight the engine and was forced to eject at 200ft at High Post near Stonehenge, Wiltshire when he realised he had insufficient height to reach the airfield at Boscombe Down. Fitted with the wings from XS694 and preserved in Langley, Virginia, USA
29/09/1967 XL991   Twin Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Ditched into the South China Sea, three miles east of Tioman airstrip, Malaysia after both engines cut
11/10/1967 XH788 E Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn Exploded from the centre fuselage during a rolling dive over the Johore Strait, Singapore and disintegrated killing both crew. Due to either a catastrophic engine failure or structural failure caused by overstressing
12/10/1967 XL638   Britannia C1 99/511 Sqns Ran off the end of the runway and into the sea on landing at Khormaksar, Aden after power has been applied instead of reverse thrust. The aircraft could not be recovered and was blown up in situ
13/10/1967 XT540   Sioux AH1 19th Regt RA Flew into power lines in a valley at Stadkyll, West Germany and crashed. One of the crew were killed the other was badly injured
27/10/1967 XK990 G Whirlwind HAR10 202 Sqn Hit the ground just north of Acklington, Northumberland after engine failure during a practice landing
03/11/1967 XG699 LM-679 Sea Venom FAW22 750 NAS Written off at Lossiemouth, Morayshire after overrunning the runway. Allocated to Lossiemouth dump
04/11/1967 WL786 E Shackleton MR2C 205 Sqn No 4 engine oversped and caught fire. It would not feather and fell off the wing but the fire spread forcing the pilot to ditch into the Indian Ocean, 120 miles west of Llokruet, Sumatra. The aircraft skipped twice then broke up into three sections killing eight of the eleven crew. The other three were in their dingy for sixteen hours before being rescued by HMS Ajax
07/11/1967 XL807   Skeeter AOP12 19 Regt RA Damaged in a heavy landing at Hildesheim, West Germany after running out of fuel. Later declared a write of
08/11/1967 XH707 F Javelin FAW9R 60 Sqn Damaged in a flying accident in Malaya and later declared a write off
10/11/1967 XL740   Skeeter AOP12 19 Regt RA Damaged when the tail cone struck the ground during a heavy practice forced landing at Dortmund, West Germany. This caused the main rotors to chop off the tail cone. Later declared a write off
14/11/1967 XS864 DV-404 Wessex HAS1 829 NAS Devonshire Flt Ditched into the English Channel 15 miles off Portland, Dorset after loss of power in the hover at 125ft. This was due to the failure of the gearbox reduction drive. The helicopter was on loan to HMS Fife at the time
19/11/1967 WR976 P Shackleton MR3/3 201 Sqn While taking part in an anti submarine exercise 200 miles off the Cornish coast the aircraft hit the sea in a descending turn when carrying out a mock attack. Nine crew were killed and two survived
19/11/1967 XT808   Sioux AH1 5th IDG One of the aircraft’s skids caught in the canopy of a truck while flying over a convoy in Libya. The aircraft rolled to the right and crashed. The two occupants escaped safely
20/11/1967 XE654 Z Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn Flew into the ground near Al Khaburah, Oman during a practice ground attack. The pilot was killed
04/12/1967 XJ558   Sea Vixen FAW2 RNAS Belfast Crashed into Belfast Lough after both engines failed shortly after take off from Sydenham, Northern Ireland for a test flight. Both crew were killed
07/12/1967 XR487   Whirlwind HCC12 Queens Flt During a flight from Benson to Yeovil the main rotor hub and blade detached due to fatigue failure of the drive shaft. It crashed at Brightwalton, near Newbury, Berkshire killing the four crew. After this accident the Queen was never again allowed to fly in a single engine aircraft
14/12/1967 XP509 09 Gnat T1 4 FTS Belly-landed onto the runway at Valley, Anglesey when the airbrake was selected in error for the undercarriage
15/12/1967 XF322 BY-780 Hunter T8C 738 NAS Collided and crashed into St. Georges Channel twenty miles south west of Brawdy, Pembrokeshire during a dual training sortie
15/12/1967 XF938 BY-810 Hunter T8C 759 NAS
15/12/1967 XL150 K Beverley C1 34 Sqn Flew into a ridge on a 1,150ft hill 150ft from the summit while flying low level in bad weather 70 miles north of Seletar in the Malayan jungle. All six crew were killed
21/12/1967 XF702 B Shackleton MR3/3 206 Sqn Hit the ground at Creag Bhan, Lochailort, Invernesshire in extreme weather conditions. All eleven crew were killed

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