1966 losses

02/01/1966 XD279 R-034 Scimitar F1 803 NAS The nose wheel ran off the flight deck into a catwalk while the aircraft was positioning on HMS Ark Royal off Malaya. It was off loaded at Sembawang, Singapore and scrapped
03/01/1966 XT462 BG Wessex HU5 845 NAS A main rotor blade, that had not been attached correctly, detached during engine runs at Culdrose, Cornwall severing the tail section. The other main blades also detached causing the helicopter to roll onto its side. To Fleetlands for repair but was broken up for spares during November 1967
03/01/1966 XR638   Scout AH1 21 Flt Encountered engine problems while on a delivery flight from Wroughton to Middle Wallop. It lost height and crashed tail first at Marlborough, Wiltshire. It then caught fire and burnt out killing the two crew. Caused by inadvertent closure of the fuel cock in mistake for the heater control
05/01/1966 XR721 F Lightning F3 56 Sqn Belly landed on the B1079 road at Elm Farm, Helmingham eleven miles east of Wattisham, Suffolk after being unable to maintain height following the failure of the No.1 engine. It was on an extended approach to Bentwaters and was approximately 20 miles out. A canopy fault had prevented the pilot from ejecting but the aircraft slid into a tree which fired the seat, which was now outside its limits, killing the pilot
28/01/1966 XD316 R-015 Scimitar F1 803 NAS The pilot ejected into the South China Sea of Singapore while on approach to HMS Ark Royal during the Borneo Campaign. Control had been lost and the aircraft stalled due to loss of hydraulics on No1 engine
29/01/1966 XT161   Sioux AH1 3 Wing Sank while being brought to the hover at Falaise Field, Aden after the wind suddenly changed. The tail rotor struck the ground then the aircraft span into the ground. The three crew escaped safely
01/02/1966 XT187   Sioux AH1 AAC Centre Suffered cyclic control failure while in the hover at 150 ft. The instructor attempted to land safely at Houghton near Stockbridge, Hants but the aircraft struck the ground hard, cartwheeled and came to rest on its side. The two crew escaped safely
02/02/1966 WT531   Canberra PR7 80 Sqn Flew into high ground five miles NW of Berridale, Caithness on the slops of Scaraben (2,054ft) 1,000 foot from the summit, killing the two crew. The wreck was not discovered for two days
08/02/1966 XF269 G Sycamore HR14 CFS Rolled over on take off from Ternhill, Salop. To the dump there
09/02/1966 XJ567 VL-766 Sea Vixen FAW1 766 NAS The pilot became disorientated during a night formation GCA to Yeovilton, Somerset while in cloud. It crashed at South Cadbury after the pilot had ejected. The observer was killed
10/02/1966 XS221   Jet Provost T4 JPTF Flew into trees near Alor Star, during trials in the Malayan Jungle to judge the suitability of the Jet Provost as an airborne Forward Air Control aircraft. The pilot did not eject and was killed
11/02/1966 XH536   Vulcan B2 9 Sqn Flew into Bwlch Chwyth Mountain south of Sennybridge, Powys while on a low level navex in poor weather. All five crew were killed
17/02/1966 XJ915 S-B Sycamore HR14 CFS Rolled over during a cross wind take off from Ternhill, Salop causing the rotor blades to hit the ground. To 7910M
17/02/1966 XD250 R-027 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Crashed into the Indian Ocean ninety miles off Mombassa while operating off HMS Ark Royal during the Borneo Campaign. The pilot had ejected after hydraulic failure and a fire. The fire was due to a faulty fuel drain valve. He was picked up by an 815 Sqn Wessex
28/02/1966 XL826 S-A Sycamore HR14 CFS Rolled over on take off from Ternhill, Salop causing the rotor blades to hit the ground. This accident, following on from many others, spelt the end of the Sycamore as a training helicopter, a role for which it was not well suited. To 7909M
07/03/1966 XD325 R-024 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Took the barrier while landing on HMS Ark Royal off Malaya forcing the nose wheel up into the forward fuselage. Off loaded at Sembawang, Singapore and scrapped
08/03/1966 VF665   Marshall MA4 Marshalls The aircraft was a converted Auster and was being used for boundary layer research, It had a gas turbine engine in the rear fuselage which drew air through a myriad of 200,00 perforations in the wings, flaps and ailerons. Control was lost at 3,500ft and the aircraft entered a dive from which it did not recover. It struck the ground inverted four miles from West Wratting, Suffolk killing the two crew
09/03/1966 XT619   Scout AH1 2 Flt The aircraft was taking part in Exercise ‘Baker’s Dozen on Stanford PTA, Norfolk and was carrying a soldier in a stretcher pod as part of a casevac scenario. The pilot inadvertently shut off the fuel cock instead of the cabin heater. Realising his mistake, he reopened the cock and attempted an emergency landing in a ploughed field near Thetford. The main rotors struck a tree and the aircraft fell to the ground. The two crew and the soldier were injured
14/03/1966 XT128   Sioux AH1 AAC Centre Just after departing the dispersal at Middle Wallop, Hants the pilot wrongly diagnosed engine failure when the aircraft sank. It bounced twice and rolled to starboard causing the main and tail rotors to strike the ground. The two crew were uninjured
15/03/1966 XM190 190 Lightning F1A 226 OCU The USAF exchange pilot ejected over the North Sea off Cromer, Norfolk after a fire warning
17/03/1966 XS581 V-241 Sea Vixen FAW2 893 NAS The aircraft was on a night Glow Worm firing sortie in the English Channel ten miles off Portland Bill, Dorset. It was attempting a further attack with 2” rockets on a towed splash target when it struck the water 1,000yds from HMS Zulu. Both crew were killed
22/03/1966 XN701 R-005 Sea Vixen FAW1 890 NAS Crashed into the sea off Singapore due to the premature explosion of a 500lb practice bomb. Both crew were killed
24/03/1966 XJ522 VL-704 Sea Vixen FAW1 766 NAS The nose of XJ522 collided with the tail of XJ513 during ACT over South Devon. XJ522 crashed at Christow near Moretonhampstead. after the crew ejected safely. XJ513 landed safely at Yeovilton and was repaired
24/03/1966 XJ513 VL Sea Vixen FAW1 766 NAS
25/03/1966 XN970 E-107 Buccaneer S1 800 NAS Ditched short of HMS Eagle into the Indian Ocean off Beira, Mozambique during a blockade patrol sortie. Both crew had ejected after the port engine had failed
28/03/1966 XN950 LM-635 Buccaneer S1 736 NAS Crashed at Sweethillock Farm, after the starboard engine failed following an overshoot at Lossiemouth, Morayshire. Both crew ejected but the pilot later died from his injuries
04/04/1966 XK641 E Canberra B15 45 Sqn Rolled and dived into the ground after loss of control during a flypast at Taseh Chini jungle camp, Panang State, Malaysia. Other members of the squadron were at the camp on an expedition training exercise. All three crew were killed
04/04/1966 XH785 L Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn The crew ejected five miles NW of Tengah, Singapore after an engine explosion
05/04/1966 XE609 A Hunter FGA9 8/43 Sqns Overran the runway at Khormaksar, Aden and burnt out after suffering a fuel leak
05/04/1966 WZ715   Auster AOP9 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Gds The pilot misjudged his approach to Benghazi, Libya and landed in the undershoot area. The tail wheel struck the lip of the runway causing extensive damage to the aircraft. Later declared a write off
05/04/1966 XP670 B Jet Provost T4 7 FTS The crew ejected at 9,000 ft after failing to recover from a spin following a barrel roll over Rayon Bank, Yorkshire. The aircraft circled for some time until it crashed alongside the Coxwold to Kilburn road
06/04/1966 XD277 E-115 Scimitar F1 803 NAS The starboard engine caught fire shortly after take off from Changi, Singapore. It quickly spread to the port engine so the pilot turned the aircraft out to sea and ejected
07/04/1966 XT178   Sioux AH1 4 AOP Flt RA During forced landing practice the tail rotor touched the ground lightly. Finding no apparent damage the pilot took off again. The tail rotor then failed and the aircraft crashed and burnt out near Nicosia, Cyprus
13/04/1966 XP507 07 Gnat T1 4 FTS Crashed onto the beach short of the runway at Valley, Anglesey killing both crew
18/04/1966 XD323 R-032 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Badly damaged when the nose wheel collapsed on landing at Changi, Singapore. Later declared a write off
18/04/1966 XH556   Vulcan B1 230 OCU Its back was found to have broken after the undercarriage collapsed following a fire which started during engine start up at Finningley, Yorkshire. Declared a write off and used for fire practice
26/04/1966 WB555   Chipmunk T10 Liverpool UAS Stalled at 20 ft during landing practice and crashed onto the runway at Woodvale, Merseyside. It was declared a write off but then sent for repair only to be declared a write off again and became 7924M
26/04/1966 XH717 C Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn Written off after the starboard engine exploded during start up at Butterworth, Malaysia
02/05/1966 WT515   Canberra PR7 31 Sqn While being marshalled at Ingolstadt, West Germany the port wing hit a refuelling vehicle. To Laarbruch for fire practice
02/05/1966 WL106 Y Meteor F8 85 Sqn During take off from Binbrook, Lincs the undercarriage was raised too soon. It sank back onto the runway scraping the ventral and under wing tanks. The pilot managed to get airborne and made an emergency landing, which burst the starboard tyre causing the aircraft to swing off the runway
03/05/1966 WH857 W Canberra B2 97 Sqn Stalled while attempting to overshoot from a misjudged asymmetric approach to Watton, Norfolk. It cartwheeled and burnt out short of the runway. The navigator and the AEO ejected at 100 ft but the navigator was killed. The pilot did not eject and was killed in the crash
04/05/1966 TG575   Hastings C1A 70 Sqn Written off when the undercarriage collapsed during a heavy landing at El Adem, Libya
05/05/1966 XS704 550 Hiller HT2 705 NAS A skid struck the ground heavily at Predannack, Cornwall after a practice engine failure after take off. Control was lost and it rolled onto its starboard side badly damaging the fuselage and tailboom. To Fleetlands and was stripped for spares
06/05/1966 XM213 213 Lightning F1A 226 OCU The tail bumper struck the runway during take off from Coltishall, Norfolk. It pitched onto its nose and slid along the runway with the ventral tank on fire. It came to rest just outside the perimeter fence. To the fire dump here
07/05/1966 XE617 K Hunter FGA9 208 Sqn Ran out of fuel and crash-landed while on approach to Muharraq, Bahrain
09/05/1966 XE589 RC Hunter FR10 1417 Flt Suffered a bird strike with an eagle but managed to return to base in Aden. Later declared a write of due to severe damage to the wing root and air intake. Rebuilt and to To Abu Dhabi as '701'
10/05/1966 XJ520 R-014 Sea Vixen FAW1 890 NAS The aircraft was operating in the Indian Ocean off Beira, Mozambique during a blockade patrol from HMS Ark Royal. Failure of a gearbox lead to a fuel leak and loss of the port engine followed by the starboard engine. An unsuccessful attempt was made to refuel from a Scimitar. The observers seat failed to eject so the hatch was jettisoned and he separated himself from his seat. The aircraft was rolled twice but he was stuck half in and half out of the cockpit. The pilot was forced to eject at very low altitude and the observer was killed when the aircraft struck the water. The pilot was awarded the George Cross for his attempts to save the observer
10/05/1966 XL475 R-036 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS During a night landing onto HMS Ark Royal the hook missed the wires and the aircraft struck the deck hard. The lower part of the nose wheel oleo broke off and the aircraft fell over the port side. The ship was operating in the Indian Ocean off Beira, Mozambique
13/05/1966 XR539 08 Gnat T1 4 FTS Entered a spin during recovery from a stall. The crew ejected and the aircraft crashed near Bedgellert, Gwynedd
17/05/1966 XR634   Scout AH1 8 Flt The pilot mishandled the aircraft while landing in the Aden Protectorate. It spun twice and landed heavily on sloping ground causing the main rotor to cut through the canopy. Luckily only one of the three crew were slightly injured by falling glass. The aircraft was repairable but it was written off when it was dropped by RAF Wessex XS675 which was recovering it
23/05/1966 XR570 22  Gnat T1 4 FTS Flew into power lines near Bala, Gwynedd. The pilot ejected safely
24/05/1966 XS563 759 Wasp HAS1 771 NAS Ditched into Portsmouth Harbour, off Fareham Creek during a test flight from Fleetlands, Hampshire. Allocated to the dump at Fleetlands. It was due to be delivered to 771 NAS
26/05/1966 XM384 4 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS The pilot of XP631 was the leader of a formation of four aircraft practicing aerobatics from RAF Syerston and, due to cloud, he allowed the practice to stray into the climbing lane from the airfield. On exiting cloud the instructor of XM384, which was on climb out, took violent evasive action to avoid the formation. However, XP631 collided with it from below shearing off its own starboard wing and the port wing and rear fuselage of XM384. All three pilots ejected safely and the aircraft crashed near Woodborough, Nottinghamshire. The No2 in the formation, XP617, was also struck and damaged by XP631 but the pilot managed to land back at base
26/05/1966 XP631 31 Jet Provost T4 2 FTS
02/06/1966 XP342 W-H Whirlwind HAR10 CFS Flew into power lines in a deep valley near Oswestry, Shropshire. The two crew escaped with minor injuries
02/06/1966 XH890 M Javelin FAW9R 29 Sqn The fully armed aircraft made a safe wheels up landing on the grass adjacent to the runway at Ndola, Zambia. This was due to the pilot and Air Traffic Controller being unable to confirm that the undercarriage was fully lowered and locked
05/06/1966 XM270   Canberra B(I)8 16 Sqn Spun into the ground during a GCA at Gutersloh, West Germany. The pilot ejected but the navigator was killed
06/06/1966 XD221 R-025 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Damaged in Malaysia while operating off HMS Ark Royal. The fuselage was dumped at Sembawang
09/06/1966 XN979 V-232 Buccaneer S2 801 NAS Crashed shortly after take off from HMS Victorious off the Lizard, Cornwall. It stalled due to an underwing combination which had not been tested. Nose to the CIT at Cranfield
14/06/1966 WF334 R Varsity T1 BCBS Following a mid-air collision the Varsity attempted a forced landing at Ulceby, Lincolnshire but struck a tree and was written off. Three of the Varsity occupants parachuted. Two landed safely but one (the Captain) fell from his harness and was killed. The remaining three crew members stayed with the aircraft as it crash landed. One was seriously injured when the aircraft struck the tree alongside where he was sitting and the other two suffered minor injuries. The pilot of the Cessna was also killed
14/06/1966 G-ATOO   Cessna 337 Private
14/06/1966 XH709 K Javelin FAW9R 64 Sqn The crew ejected after the controls locked. It crashed at New Skudai Estate, Senai, South Johore, Malaysia
15/06/1966 WZ459 71 Vampire T11 7 FTS Overshot the runway at Church Fenton, Yorks after an abandoned take off and was written off
16/06/1966 XG157 50 Hunter F6 229 OCU/234 Sqn Dived into high ground from cloud between Challacombe and North Molton, North Devon killing the pilot
17/06/1966 XM921 CU-571 Wessex HAS1 706 NAS During take off from Predannack, Cornwall XM686 crashed after colliding with XM921 which was hovering. XM921 tried to return to Culdrose but crashed short of the airfield and burnt out. The two Wessex crew escaped safely but the instructor and student of the Whirlwind were killed
17/06/1966 XM686 CU-56 Whirlwind HAS7 705 NAS
20/06/1966 XT129   Sioux AH1 AAC Centre Crashed and burnt out after hitting power lines near Baverstock, Wiltshire during Exercise ‘Talaria’ The instructor escaped but the pilot was killed
22/06/1966 WH967   Canberra B15 A&AEE During hot weather trials a loud crack was heard and the aircraft entered a slow roll to port. The pilot had difficulty controlling the aircraft and both crew ejected safely into the sea two miles north of the USAF airfield at Wheelus, Libya. An explosion caused by ignition of fuel vapour in the port wing had severed the aileron control
23/06/1966 WK631   Chipmunk T10 Birmingham  During a flight from Shawbury WK613 flew into WP834. Both crashed at Tibberton Grange, Shropshire killing both crew of WK631 and the pilot of WP834
23/06/1966 WP834   Chipmunk T10 UAS
24/06/1966 XL493 E-073 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS Suffered starboard engine failure at 400ft while on approach to HMS Eagle while operating off Singapore. The pilot was unable to increase speed or height on the port engine and ditched next to the ship. Both crew were rescued
27/06/1966 XH847 G Javelin FAW9R 29 Sqn Ran off the runway on landing at Khormaksar, Aden after a wheel locked
29/06/1966 XM716   Victor SR2 543 Sqn Overstressed and broke up during a high speed low level run in and pull up at Wyton, Cambs during celebrations to commemorate the reformation of 543 Sqn. All four crew were killed
30/06/1966 XK528   Buccaneer S1 RAE West Freugh Exploded over Luce Bay bombing range near West Freugh, Wigtown after fuel lines had been ruptured due to fatigue failure of the fourth stage compressor disc from the starboard engine. The engine disintegrated and escaping fuel exploded causing the main tanks to rupture and explode. This damaged the flying controls and the aircraft rolled left and crashed into the sea three miles SE of West Freugh killing the two crew
01/07/1966 XS453   Lightning T5 226 OCU The crew ejected after the undercarriage failed to lower. It crashed into the North Sea five miles off Happisburgh, Norfolk
11/07/1966 XH445 Z Javelin T3 64 Sqn Ran off the runway on landing at Tengah, Singapore after brake failure. It ran into a monsoon drain ripping off the undercarriage
11/07/1966 XT136   Sioux AH1 ARWF Suffered a heavy landing at St. Mary Bourne near Whitchurch, Hants after the instructor failed to observe the correct recovery techniques during a practice autorotation. A skid caught in a hedge causing the main rotors to strike the ground. Allocated to ground instruction as 7923M. See XT133 22/07/1966
12/07/1966 WZ722   Auster AOP9 38 Group Comms Flt Stalled and crashed on take off from Odiham, Hampshire. Airframe allocated to Odiham fire dump
12/07/1966 XE622 A Hunter FGA9 28 Sqn Written off after an engine start explosion at Kai Tak, Hong Kong
14/07/1966 XP958 E-131 Sea Vixen FAW2 899 NAS Contact was lost during a night CCA onto HMS Eagle while in the Strait of Johore, Malaysia. It was found to have crashed in shallow water killing both crew
15/07/1966 XL517   Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Crashed into the jungle after hitting trees when in a sharp turn trying to avoid low ground at Long Pa Sia airstrip, Borneo
20/07/1966 XP114 CU-573 Wessex HAS1 706 NAS Crash landed at Penboa Farm, one mile NE of Culdrose, Cornwall, after the engine had exploded at 3,000 ft. It rolled down a hill whereupon the crew jumped out after a fire started in the cockpit. It then rolled through a hedge and burnt out
21/07/1966 XT133   Sioux AH1 ARWF Suffered tail rotor drive failure while flying at 50ft near Andover, Hants. It spiralled into the ground, bounced and struck the ground heavily. The two crew escaped safely. Allocated to G.I. as 7923M using parts from XT136 which had crashed on 11/07/1966
27/07/1966 XP625 33 Jet Provost T4 CAW The crew ejected following a bird strike. It crashed near North Frodingham, Humberside
27/07/1966 XR714 D Lightning F3 111 Sqn Caught by the down wash of another Lightning during a formation take off from Akrotiri, Cyprus. It struck the runway and ran into the barrier on its belly
29/07/1966 WD377   Chipmunk T10 12 AEF Turned over on a hillside 1½ miles NW of Lochindorb, Highland after a forced landing due to engine failure
30/07/1966 XT216   Sioux AH1 2nd Gurka Air Platoon Sank uncontrollably shortly after take off from Padawan Air Strip. It landed heavily causing the main rotors to shear off the tail boom. The two New Zealand Army Air crew and two passengers escaped safely
01/08/1966 XJ759 4 Whirlwind HAR2 ETPS During practice auto rotation at Farnborough, Hants the pilot flared too early and lowered the collective lever too early. This caused the main rotors to flex down which severed the tail rotor drive shaft. The aircraft struck the ground heavily but the two crew were uninjured
05/08/1966 XS586 V-246 Sea Vixen FAW2 893 NAS The nose pitched up during a catapult launch from HMS Victorious while operating in the Indian Ocean forty miles off Gan. Both engines stalled, possibly due to the launch speed being too low and it crashed into the sea. Both crew survived after ejecting at only 200ft in a near vertical bank
08/08/1966 XN949 LM-641 Buccaneer S1 736 NAS Pitched up and spun into the Moray Firth, Morayshire while in a turn onto finals during deck landing practice on HMS Ark Royal. Both crew ejected safely
17/08/1966 XN149   Sedbergh TX1 GC Written off at White Waltham, Berkshire. Allocated to the RAFGSA as GSA389
18/08/1966 XL810   Skeeter AOP12 9 Flt Crashed into lake Staffel Sea near Bad Tolz, West Germany after flying into power lines. Recovered by the local subaqua club after all other rescue attempts failed
19/08/1966 XN147   Sedbergh TX1 2 GC Written off in a flying accident at Newton, Notts. To RAFGSA as GSA369 later becoming BGA1482
23/08/1966 XP278   Auster AOP9 39 Group Comms Flt Ground looped on landing at Benson, Oxon after a wing dropped
24/08/1966 XP760 K Lightning F3 23 Sqn The pilot ejected over the North Sea off Seahouses, Northumberland after an engine failed. A relight had resulted in a fire
25/08/1966 XH876 N Javelin FAW9 64 Sqn The throttles jammed in the closed position while down wind to land at Tengah, Singapore. The crew ejected and the aircraft crashed into the grounds of Radio Singapore
07/09/1966 XR633   Scout AH1 4 Wing Ditched into the Straits of Malacca off Malaysia after engine failure. To Sutton Coldfield and marked as XR777. Later marked as XR625 and sold to a private owner in Suffolk
09/09/1966 XP113 531 Wessex HAS1 819 NAS Ditched into the Atlantic off Ballykelly, Northern Ireland after engine failure. It was not recovered
14/09/1966 XP616 37 Jet Provost T4 1 FTS Flew into high ground at Newgate Bank near Helmsley, North Yorkshire during a low level sortie in bad weather. The pilot was killed
15/09/1966 XJ606 V-242 Sea Vixen FAW1 893 NAS Diverted to Cubi Point, Philippines during a sortie from HMS Victorious due to low fuel. Both crew ejected after both engines failed while in the circuit to land. The aircraft crashed onto a road and struck a US Navy bus, the driver of which was badly burned and later died. The pilot had left the cross feed fuel cock closed
19/09/1966 XJ757 W-F Whirlwind HAR10 CFS Came to rest on its side and broke off its tail boom in a heavy engine off landing at Ternhill, Shropshire. Allocated to exhibition purposes as 7921M
23/09/1966 XR598   Scout AH1 11 Flt The pilot was unable to control a yaw to the right while on approach to Bakalalan, Borneo. The aircraft struck a tree which broke off the tail rotor and damaged the main rotor. It crashed injuring two of the four occupants
28/09/1966 XM704 95 Gnat T1 CFS During roller landings at Kemble, Gloucestershire the port undercarriage leg struck a manhole cover on the leading edge of the runway. After inspection from the air from another Gnat a successful two wheeled landing was made by the Instructor. Inspection revealed serious damage to the undercarriage mechanism deep within the fuselage and it was declared a write off. Nose allocated to ground instruction at Cranwell as 7992M
29/09/1966 XF983 BY-807 Hunter T8C 759 NAS Crashed at Brawdy, Pembrokeshire. The instructor ejected too low and was killed. The student was injured when he ejected
04/10/1966 XR645 O Jet Provost T4 7 FTS Dived into the ground at Stilling Fleet six miles NE of Church Fenton, Yorks killing the pilot
04/10/1966 XT425 502 Wasp HAS1 829 NAS/HQ Flt Whilst simulating emergencies at night it hit the sea 10 ½ miles off Portland Bill, Dorset, cartwheeled and sank. The two crew were slightly injured. Recovered and to the AIU at Lee-on-Solent. It ended its days on the fire dump at Predannack, Cornwall
06/10/1966 XV153 V-232 Buccaneer S2 801 NAS The cause of the Buccaneer S2 accident on 09/06/1966 (XN979) was attributed to pilot error, but 801 NAS were not convinced. A pilot from A&AEE joined the Sqn on HMS Victorious. Following take off the aircraft stalled and crashed into Subic Bay off the Philippines. Investigation found the underwing stores combination could not be used. By a twist of fate XV153 was the replacement for XN979 on 801 NAS
07/10/1966 XM928 V-277 Wessex HAS1 814 NAS During a night CCA to HMS Victorious and when at 300ft the turbine wheel failed causing catastrophic engine failure. It plunged into the South China Sea ¾ mile from the ship and burst into flames. The Plane Guard helicopter was at the scene immediately but it was not possible to save the crew
10/10/1966 XB265 W Beverley C1 242 OCU Declared a write off after the discovery of cracks in the main spar. It was reclassified CAT 4 for its final flight to 27 MU at Shawbury where it was scrapped
11/10/1966 XH958 N Javelin FAW9 228 OCU Swung off the runway while making an emergency landing at Leuchars, Fife after an undercarriage leg jammed up
18/10/1966 XT457 BC Wessex HU5 845 NAS Crashed onto the exercise range near Townsville, Queensland, Australia while operating off HMS Bulwark, the crew escaping succesfully. To Westlands for repair but was declared a write off and was allocated to Lee-on-Solent for ground instruction
21/10/1966 XH909 J Javelin FAW9 228 OCU Declared a write off after the airframe was found to be overstressed after taking action to avoid a mid-air collision
05/11/1966 XJ412   Whirlwind HAR10 110 Sqn Sank into soft ground at Tinker Hill, Malaysia after tail rotor failure in the hover. It was abandoned as inaccessible
10/11/1966 XP895   Scout AH1 21 Flt Crash-landed heavily into a ploughed field at Overton, Hampshire following engine failure at 700ft. The two crew were uninjured
15/11/1966 XH885 R Javelin FAW9R 64 Sqn Badly damaged in a fire after engine start at Tengah, Singapore and was later declared a write off
15/11/1966 XL882 514 Whirlwind HAR7 829 NAS When at 1,200ft and in a formation vibration increased and a loud bang was heard. Shortly afterwards the engine stopped and the pilot ditched into the English Channel four miles east of Portland, Dorset. He was rescued by an accompanying Wessex but the Whirlwind was not recovered
06/12/1966 XT125   Sioux AH1 13 Flight Crashed into the Camu Peninsula, Falaise, Aden while en-route Musaymir to Habilayn after taking off overweight. The aircraft caught fire killing the three on board
07/12/1966 WZ864   Chipmunk T10 Southampton UAS Collided while on approach to Hamble, Hants and crashed. G-ATEA was repaired and returned the RAF as WG464 on 03/01/1968
07/12/1966 G-ATEA   Chipmunk T10 Private
14/12/1966 XH848 L Javelin FAW9R 29 Sqn The crew ejected when the aircraft stalled in the slipstream of another aircraft while on approach to Akrotiri, Cyprus
21/12/1966 XP770   Beaver AL1 132 Flt Failed to become airborne and ran into a tree during a field take off at Broad Chalke near Salisbury, Wiltshire. The flaps had been set in the cruise position instead of the take off position. The pilot was uninjured. To the AETW at Middle Wallop
30/12/1966 XE646 V Hunter FGA9 1 Sqn Crashed into a house injuring a vicar after the pilot ejected following engine failure while on approach to Leconfield, Yorkshire
30/12/1966 XP569 30 Jet Provost T4 2 FTS Spun into the ground at East Drayton near Tuxford, Nottinghamshire killing both crew

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