1963 losses

03/01/1963 XP395 R Whirlwind HAR10 230 Sqn Force-landed at Chivenor main gate, Devon after engine failure. Allocated to 8674M at No.1 SoTT Halton
15/01/1963 XM924 H-346 Wessex HAS1 814 NAS Ditched into Subic Bay, Philippines after a night take-off HMS Hermes due to a decrease in power caused by a fuel system fault. The four occupants were rescued
28/01/1963 XJ585 C-455 Sea Vixen FAW1 893 NAS Hit the round-down of HMS Centaur during a night CCA sixteen miles off the Lizard, Cornwall. It caught fire, skidded across the deck and damaged four parked Sea Vixens, XJ572, XN648, XN657 and XN658. It then went over the side into the sea killing both crew
29/01/1963 XN466 26 Jet Provost T3 7 FTS Both aircraft were on approach to Church Fenton, Yorks. XN466 was ordered to overshoot as XM476 was on finals. The pilot did not overshoot and struck XM476, which had landed, from above and behind. Both aircraft locked together and swung off the runway. The three crew were injured. XN466 was repaired
29/01/1963 XM476 37 Jet Provost T3 7 FTS
29/01/1963 WJ824   Canberra PR7 58 Sqn Flew into high ground four miles east of Uldale, Cumberland during a night sortie when the pilot failed to break off from low level when the weather deteriorated. Both crew were killed
29/01/1963 XP460   Grasshopper TX1 Air Cadets Written off, no further details
05/02/1963 XP107 AD Wessex HAS1 845 NAS Force landed heavily at Sembawang, Singapore after a reduction in power followed by flames from the exhaust due to a compressor surge. Returned to the UK and became A2527 at Lee On Solent
10/02/1963 XL700   Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Failed to gain height on take off from Patik, Labuan, Malaysia and flew into trees
14/02/1963 XN318   Twin Pioneer CC1 209 Sqn Struck trees while searching for a lost patrol 6 miles north of Long Semodo, Sarawak, Borneo. It then struck the side of a ravine, burst into flames and fell into a river. All five on board were killed
15/02/1963 XL738   Skeeter AOP12 651 Sqn Damaged but was not repaired, location not known. Allocated to G.I. at Middle Wallop as 7860M. Later placed on the main gate marked as 'XL769'
19/02/1963 XN952   Buccaneer S2 Blackburn Aircraft Ltd Control was lost following a low altitude bombing manoeuvre at Holme-on-Spalding Moor, Yorkshire. It rolled, stalled and spun onto the airfield. Both crew ejected moments before impact but were killed when they fell back into the fire and explosion from the aircraft
19/02/1963 XN642 10 Jet Provost T3 3 FTS Crashed at Leeming, Yorkshire following engine failure on take off. The instructor ejected but the student stayed with the aircraft and was killed
20/02/1963 XF385 11 Hunter F6 229 OCU Undershot the runway on landing at Chivenor, Devon causing the nose wheel to collapse
21/02/1963 XF895 01 Provost T1 CFS Written off when the port wheel struck a snow bank during a night landing at Little Rissington, Gloucs causing the undercarriage to collapse
27/02/1963 XJ919   Sycamore HR14 A&AEE The engine failed while in the hover at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire. The tail rotor hit the ground causing the aircraft to roll over
07/03/1963 XE594 43 Hunter F6 229 OCU Collided and crashed at Hartland Point, North Devon during formation aerobatic practice by the Black Dragons'. Both pilots ejected
07/03/1963 XF433 53 Hunter F6 229 OCU
13/03/1963 XM290   Twin Pioneer CC1 21 Sqn Bounced on landing at Kalimi Kui airstrip, Kenya. The pilot then applied the brakes with the tail off the ground. The nose scraped along the runway until the aircraft flipped over onto its back
14/03/1963 XN504 34 Jet Provost T3 1 FTS The engine failed to respond to a throttle increase while in the circuit at Rufforth, Yorkshire. The crew ejected when they realised that they would not make the runway
16/03/1963 XA350 M-817 Gannet AS1 816 Sqn/RAN Fell into the sea off HMAS Melbourne to the west of Manus Island, New Guinea
20/03/1963 XM714   Victor B2 100 Sqn The No 2 engine fire warning light came on shortly after take off from Wittering, Cambs. During the fire drill the pilot allowed speed to fall and when between 4-5,000 feet the aircraft began to judder violently. It then flipped over, entered a spin and crashed at Barnack. The 2nd pilot ejected but the other five crew members were killed. It was established that the fire warning had been spurious
21/03/1963 XA235   Grasshopper TX1 Air Cadets Written off, no further details
27/03/1963 XP661 44 Jet Provost T4 6 FTS The pilot lost control while practising maximum rate turns and entered a spiral dive. He recovered the aircraft at 500 ft but overstressed the airframe when it pulled 10½g. Returned to Acklington, Northumberland but was damaged beyond repair
27/03/1963 WF415   Varsity T1 C(A) Suffered total power loss on the starboard engine during a single engine overshoot from Staverton after the pilot had mis-selected the fuel shut off switch. It crashed onto a house on the outskirts of Gloucester during the ensuing forced landing killing both crew
28/03/1963 XK381   Auster AOP9 AAC Centre After taking off up hill from a field one mile SW of Stockbridge, Hants the student pilot considered that he could not avoid a clump of trees ahead. He closed the throttle to land but the second pilot assumed control and re-applied power. The aircraft struck the trees, swung through 180 degrees and hit the ground
29/03/1963 XE309 SE Sycamore HR14 CFS Crashed five miles south of Ternhill, Salop due to loss of control at low level. The pilot was killed
01/04/1963 WJ994 19 Canberra B2 ETPS The pilot lost control of the aircraft when the port engine surged during an unauthorised roller landing Farnborough, Hampshire. It crashed onto the airfield after yawing violently which caused the undercarriage to collapse. The student pilot was suspended from the course
13/04/1963 XB268 H Beverley C1 47/53 Sqns Crashed on to the runway at El Adem, Libya while attempting to land in thick fog at night. Two of the crew were killed
18/04/1963 XL994   Twin Pioneer CC1 152 Sqn Dived into the ground and exploded while in the circuit at Bu Hafafa, Oman. Eight of the nine on board were killed
18/04/1963 XP635 41 Jet Provost T4 6 FTS Crashed at Long Horsey, Northumberland after the crew ejected following a spurious fire warning
19/04/1963 XP623 44 Jet Provost T4 2 FTS Crashed at Thrussington, Leics after failing to recover from a spin. The pilot ejected safely
24/04/1963 XE628 G Hunter FGA9 1 Sqn Dived vertically out of a four ship formation into the Mediterranean Sea off El Adem, Libya. Neither the aircraft or the USAF exchange pilot were ever found
24/04/1963 XH778 C Javelin FAW9 29 Sqn Slewed to port on landing at Nicosia, Cyprus after a brake systems fault. The pilot was forced to raise the undercarriage to prevent the aircraft running into a G.C.A hut
24/04/1963 WZ612 55 Vampire T11 4 FTS Written off after the undercarriage collapsed on landing at Valley, Anglesey
25/04/1963 XL872 C-335 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS Lost power during a stores transfer to HMS Aisne and ditched into the Indian Ocean 115 miles south of Mogadishu, Somali Republic. The three crew were rescued but the aircraft was not recovered
26/04/1963 XM142 H Lightning F1 74 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea off Cromer, Norfolk after hydraulic failure. The pilot ejected safely
29/04/1963 XM368 15 Jet Provost T3 3 FTS Crashed on Polkstone Moor, Yorks after failing to recover from a spin. The crew ejected safely
29/04/1963 WJ719   Canberra B2 98 Sqn Damaged when the undercarriage was retracted when taxying at Samsun, Turkey. It was flown to Laarbruch, West Germany with the undercarriage locked down but was deemed beyond repair and was allocated to the dump there
01/05/1963 XR384   Alouette AH2 655 Sqn The underside of the aircraft struck a small tree on take off from Sennelager Range, West Germany causing it to pitch down into larger trees ahead. The pilot and the two passengers received serious injuries
02/05/1963 XP588 51 Jet Provost T4 CFS Abandoned by the crew after a false fire warning and crashed at Chedworth, Gloucestershire
04/05/1963 XG473 AD Belvedere HC1 66 Sqn Crashed into the Trusan River Valley, Long Murarap, Sarawak, Borneo after the yaw cables failed causing the aircraft to roll out of control. All eight on board were killed
06/05/1963 XL822 V Sycamore HR14 110 Sqn During the search for Belvedere XG473 (4th May) the aircraft suffered partial engine failure. The pilot force landed in a restricted clearing near Long Murarap, Sarawak, Borneo but it struck a tree stump and rolled over. The pilot was later killed when his Wessex, XT679 collided with another on 12th November 1970
07/05/1963 XK991   Whirlwind HAR10 228 Sqn Ditched into the North Sea off Bridlington, Yorkshire after the main rotor struck the mast of a boat during winching practice. To 7810M
10/05/1963 XP851   Scout AH1 651 Sqn Suffered engine failure during winching trials at Yeovil, Somerset while on loan to the MOA. It force landed into a field adjacent to the airfield and rolled upside down in the soft ground. The pilot was uninjured but the aircraft was later deemed to be damaged beyond repair
15/05/1963 WD364 19 Chipmunk T10 Aberdeen UAS Dived into the ground at Skeen eight miles SW of Dyce, Aberdeen during a practice forced landing. It burst into flames killing the pilot
22/05/1963 XD239 R-103 Scimitar F1 800 NAS Diverted to Khormaksar, Aden during a sortie from HMS Ark Royal due to low fuel after four unsuccessful attempt to land back on the carrier. Two overshoots were made then one engine was shut down to conserve fuel. Control was lost in a tight low level turn and the pilot ejected. The aircraft crashed into 6ft of water in Aden harbour. It was returned to Fleetlands for repairs but these were abandoned. Used for spares for XD220 and XD238 then placed on the dump at Fleetlands
30/05/1963 XP240   Auster AOP9 653 Sqn Force-landed onto the side of a wadi after take off from Amriga, Aden when the pilot realised that he would be unable to clear a ridge ahead of him
31/05/1963 XN695 H-215 Sea Vixen FAW1 892 NAS The aircraft was descending with another Sea ixen off HMS Hermes from 40,000 ft to 500 ft for a night Gloworm towed target attack. It continued to descend and flew into the Pacific Ocean fifteen miles west off Okinawa, Japan killing both crew
03/06/1963 XP233   Auster AOP9 653 Sqn The pilot failed to land on the designated strip at Borgo Torelli, Libya and chose another. He landed too far down the strip and overran into a cornfield where the aircraft ground looped. The pilot and two passengers escaped uninjured
06/06/1963 XF449 S Hunter F6 19 Sqn Caught fire while taxying for take off at Binbrook, Lincs due to fuel leaking into the starter bay. The pilot pulled off the taxiway and vacated the aircraft
06/06/1963 XM179 Y Lightning F1A 56 Sqn During aerobatic practice for the Paris Air Show XM179 touched wings with XM181 during a bomb burst manoeuvre and crashed at Great Bricett near Wattisham, Suffolk. The pilot ejected but suffered a broken neck. XM181 landed safely at Wattisham
06/06/1963 XM181 J Lightning F1A 56 Sqn
12/06/1963 XH477   Vulcan B1A 44 Sqn Flew into a hillside at Aboyne, Aberdeenshire during a low level sortie at night. The five crew were killed
12/06/1963 VM388   Anson C19 39 Group Comms Flt Written off in a forced landing on the beach at Cherbourg, France after the airfield was fogged in
12/06/1963 XP248   Auster AOP9 651 Sqn Dropped onto the runway at Manston, Kent from two feet after the engine stalled while landing. On return to Middle Wallop the starboard longeron was found to be bowed at a previous repair spot. Not repaired and allocated to 7822M
24/06/1963 XF523 N Hunter FGA9 54 Sqn Dived into the ground from a low level roll over the airfield at Benina, Libya. The pilot was killed
27/06/1963 XH962 C Javelin FAW9 29 Sqn Swung off the runway during take off from Akrotiri, Cyprus causing the undercarriage to collapse. Caused by heavy braking on the starboard wheel due to a mechanical defect. The airframe was put on the fire dump here
28/06/1963 XN703 H-213 Sea Vixen FAW1 892 NAS The pilot was undertaking deck landing practice on HMS Hermes off Singapore having just joined the squadron. After the first roller landing the aircraft pulled up steeply, stalled and crashed into the sea. The SAR helicopter was on the scene in 1½ minutes followed by a sea boat but there was no trace of the two crew. Large amounts of small pieces of wreckage were recovered
04/07/1963 WZ857 D Chipmunk T10 Edinburg UAS Force-landed at Spreacombe, Devon due to engine failure and ran into a hedge
04/07/1963 XG512 G Sycamore HR14 1563 Flt The pilot experienced control problems during wet winching practice. He force-landed on a beach at South Shore, Tobruck Harbour, Libya. The nose wheel collapsed and the rotor blades disintegrated when they struck the ground
10/07/1963 XK633 57 Vampire T11 1 FTS Swung off the runway during take off from Rufforth, Yorks due to a defective starboard wheel cover. Damaged beyond repair when the main undercarriage collapsed
11/07/1963 WB928   Sedbergh TX1 Air Cadets Written off, no further details
18/07/1963 XM186 B Lightning F1A 111 Sqn Entered a spin following a high speed stall and spun into the ground at Wittering, Cambs after take off for an aerobatic display. The pilot ejected too low and became the first Lightning fatality
22/07/1963 XP243   Auster AOP9 653 Sqn Written off at Khormaksar, Aden
24/07/1963 XM668 S Whirlwind HAS7 847 NAS Force landed onto the beach at Challaborough, South Devon after the engine had failed 400yds off shore. It rolled onto its starboard side but the two crew escaped safely. Allocated to the fire dump at Culdrose
24/07/1963 XL766   Skeeter AOP12 655 Sqn Force-landed in a field from 300 ft at Heber between Reinsehlen and Soltau, West Germany after clutch failure caused loss of rotor drive. The main rotor severed the rear fuselage in the heavy landing
24/07/1963 XK939 BY-904 Whirlwind HAS1 Brawdy Station Flt The pilot was recalled to base ten minutes after take off from Brawdy, Pembrokeshire due to deteriorating weather. It entered cloud and nothing further was heard until a civilian reported the crash. It had crashed and burnt out at Treffgarne Owen. The three crew were killed
25/07/1963 XN440   Auster AOP9 8 Recce Flt Written off in Aden. No details known
25/07/1963 XK420   Auster AOP9 20 Reece Flt Caught by a down draught when crossing a ridge after an all up weight take off. It crashed one mile WNW of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong after the engine stalled when the pilot was attempting to regain control. The pilot and both passengers were killed
29/07/1963 XM380 9 Jet Provost T3 2 FTS Crashed at Thrussington, Leics after the engine disintegrated. The crew ejected safely
30/07/1963 XP250   Auster AOP9 AAC Centre The pilot chose the wrong take off direction from a field near Middle Wallop, Hampshire. The aircraft overran into a hedge when he abandoned take off after realising that he would be unable to clear HT cables
31/07/1963 XG311   Lightning F1 English Electric Company Crashed into the river Ribble abeam Lytham St. Annes near Warton, Lancashire after the pilot ejected when the starboard undercarriage would not lower due to a bracket failure. He was immediately picked up by the company’s SAR Whirlwind HAS7 XG597
31/07/1963 XD326 R-111 Scimitar F1 800 NAS During a sortie from HMS Ark Royal the pilot left it too late to recover from a dive attack on a splash target. The aircraft struck the sea off Singapore in an almost level attitude killing the pilot
02/08/1963 XH990 Z Javelin FAW8 41 Sqn Landed at Marham, Norfolk with the port undercarriage leg jammed up. It swung off the runway and was damaged beyond repair
02/08/1963 XG887   Gannet T5 849 NAS During a delivery flight from Shorts of Belfast to Culdrose a fuel leak in the port jet pipe ignited. The fire spread to the leading edge fuel tank which exploded causing the aircraft to disintegrate killing the pilot. The aircraft crashed at Hay-On-Wye, Brecknock
12/08/1963 XM922 H-344 Wessex HAS1 814 NAS Ditched into the Gulf of Aden when on plane guard duty off HMS Hermes due to engine failure. The four crew were rescued but the aircraft sank in 45 seconds and was not recovered
22/08/1963 XN183   Sedbergh TX1 RAF Halton Crashed at Halton, Bucks. To RAFGSA as GSA318 later becoming BGA1354
23/08/1963 XG517 D Sycamore HR14 1563 Flt Following a control malfunction it rolled over during a forced landing at Tobruk, Libya causing the main rotor to hit the ground
29/08/1963 XN710 R-247 Sea Vixen FAW1 890 NAS Suffered fuel transfer problems during a sortie off HMS Ark Royal. Diverted to Tengah, Singapore but the crew were forced to eject with unusable fuel on board when the engines flamed out. It crashed into jungle on the east coast of Malaya and was not recovered due the inaccessibility of the site
07/09/1963 XN188   Sedbergh TX1 RAF Halton Crashed at Halton, Bucks. To RAFGSA as BGA1588
10/09/1963 XJ428   Whirlwind HAR10 228 Sqn Crash-landed two miles south of Bridlington, Yorkshire after loss of power
10/09/1963 XM925 V-347 Wessex HAS1 814 NAS Ditched into the sea off Malaya after tail rotor failure while operating off HMS Victorious
11/09/1963 XJ113 X Javelin FAW8 41 Sqn The starboard engine compressor failed during take off from Wattisham, Suffolk. The pilot swung off the runway and both crew abandoned the aircraft which was on fire. The fire crews were unable to extinguish the fire and the aircraft was totally destroyed
17/09/1963 XM527   Skeeter AOP12 AAC Centre Force-landed at Fullerton, Hants after suffering loss of power at 100 ft. All of the main rotor blades sheared off in the heavy landing. The pilot escaped unhurt. Allocated to ground instruction at Arborfield as 7820M
20/09/1963 XD213 H-152 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Diverted to Yeovilton after suffering hydraulic failure following take off from HMS Hermes. However, the pilot was unable to lower the port mainwheel manually and, as the aircraft was too heavy for a safe landing, was advised to eject east of Weymouth, Dorset. This was successful and the aircraft crashed into a field at East Cheldon
20/09/1963 XP662 45 Jet Provost T4 2 FTS Lost power on take off from Syerston, Nottinghamshire due to failure of the high pressure fuel pump. It stalled in a turn and landed heavily at Wymswold causing the undercarriage to collapse. Both crew were slightly injured
23/09/1963 WW221 381 Sea Venom FAW22 831 NAS The crew could not recover to Watton due to poor weather and were forced to eject due to fuel shortage. The aircraft crashed at Foulsham, Norfolk
30/09/1963 WZ578 37 Vampire T11 8 FTS Crashed at Upton Magna near Shawbury, Salop after the pilot ejected following engine failure. Both crew ejected
04/10/1963 XL806   Skeeter AOP12 652 Sqn Damaged when it struck concealed cables when low flying near Dahl, West Germany. The pilot suffered minor injuries. Later declared a write off
04/10/1963 WT893   Cadet TX1 2 GC Written off in a flying accident at Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire. It was sold and became BGA 1227
04/10/1963 XP145 H-323 Wessex HAS1 819 NAS Ditched into the Mediterranean off Malta beside HMS Hermes due to loss of power caused by suspected fuel system failure. The three crew were rescued
05/10/1963 XG462 H Belvedere HC1 72 Sqn Suffered a heavy landing at Bomba, Libya due to rear engine failure and inadvertent shut down of the remaining engine
09/10/1963 WN457 816 Gannet AS1 816 Sqn/RAN Crashed into the sea off HMS Melbourne
16/10/1963 XN602 6 Jet Provost T3 6 FTS Made an emergency landing on a disused airfield near Boulmer, Northumberland after the engine failed and ran into a wire fence across the runway. The failure was due to a sick bag that had been thrown out by the previous student before the engine was shut down. It had been ingested and damaged the compressor. To 8088M at Manston Fire School, Kent
16/10/1963 XK480   Skeeter AOP12 AAC Centre Written off in a flying accident, location not known
17/10/1963 XH758 R Javelin FAW9 5 Sqn Crashed two miles west of West Zonhoven on the Dutch-German border after an engine disintegrated due to compressor blade failure. Both crew ejected
18/10/1963 XR536 36 Gnat T1 4 FTS Force-landed onto the disused airfield at Sealand, Flint and struck an obstruction.. The pilot had received a fire warning and had shut down the engine and had mistaken the airfield for Hawarden
21/10/1963 XK533 LM-229 Buccaneer S1 809 NAS Crashed into the Moray Firth one mile from Lossiemouth, Morayshire during a single engine approach
25/10/1963 XJ385 SJ Sycamore HR14 CFS Force-landed at Hinstock near Ternhill, Salop after the engine caught fire
05/11/1963 XM336 B Javelin T3 226 OCU Both crew ejected at 24,000ft after double engine failure during a sortie from Orange. The aircraft crashed onto the village of Saujac, Southern France killing four civilians and injuring eight others
05/11/1963 XH765 A Javelin FAW9 64 Sqn The ASI indicated that the aircraft was not accelerating past 80 knots during take off from Kalaikuna, Bengal. The pilot abandoned take off but the aircraft overran the runway and was damaged beyond repair. Actual speed was approx 150 knots, the misreading being caused by a disconnected pitot tube
07/11/1963 XH871 F Javelin FAW9R 64 Sqn Force landed at Binbrook, Lincs due to control failure. After attempted repair it was finally declared a ‘rogue aircraft’ during April 1964 due to repeated aileron snatch. Allocated to Bovingdon for fire fighting practice
16/11/1963 WD304   Chipmunk T10 1 AEF The pilot carried out unauthorised aerobatics and mock attacks on two other aircraft. He lost control and the aircraft dived into the English Channel off Kent. The pilot and cadet both drowned in the cockpit
19/11/1963 WZ552 S Vampire T11 CATCS Damaged beyond repair at Shawbury, Shropshire
19/11/1963 XM187 D Lightning F1A 111 Sqn Landed heavily at Wattisham, Suffolk, bounced and struck the runway in a nose down attitude. The nose wheel broke off and both main undercarriage tyres burst. It ran along the runway on its nose until it finally ran off the runway causing the starboard undercarriage leg to collapse. The pilot was injured. To 9 SoTT Newton as 7838M
22/11/1963 WA709   Meteor T7 A&AEE Landed ten yards short of the runway at Holme-on-Spalding Moor, Yorkshire during a dusk landing. The aircraft was overweight with a full ventral tank and had airbrakes extended. The undercarriage collapsed when it hit the lip of the runway and the aircraft caught fire as it slid down the runway and subsequently burnt out. The pilot escaped uninjured
24/11/1963 WE590   Auster T7 Royal Hong Kong Aux Sqn Damaged in a flying accident at Kai Tak, Hong Kong. Repairs proved uneconomical and it was declared a write off
25/11/1963 XM558   Skeeter AOP12 652 Sqn The pilot became disorientated while in a turn in poor visibility. It struck power cables and crashed onto a railway line at Nienberg 30 minutes after take off from Detmold, West Germany on a flight to Verden. The pilot and passenger were injured
25/11/1963 XD164 WN Whirlwind HAR10 CFS Ditched into Holyhead Bay, Anglesey after engine failure. Recovered and to 7853M
05/12/1963 XG475 C Belvedere HC1 66 Sqn Burnt out after a starting explosion at Seletar, Singapore
10/12/1963 XS117   Wessex HAS1 845 NAS The aircraft was parked overnight on a slight slope at Nanga Gaat, Sarawak, Borneo during its delivery to 845 Sqn on board HMS Albion. The parking brake was applied and the wheels were chocked with timber. Monsoon rain eroded the ground surface causing the aircraft to move forward and jump the chocks. It ran down the slope until it struck a tree stump which embedded into the engine air intake and buckled the engine support frames. A rescue attempt by a Belvedere was attempted but the Wessex was jettisoned due to dangerous load instability
13/12/1963 XM421 47 Jet Provost T3 7 FTS The pilot ejected after becoming disorientated in cloud and losing control of the aircraft. It crashed two miles NW of Church Fenton, Yorks
17/12/1963 TG610 L Hastings C1A 242 OCU Swung off the runway during a roller landing at Thorney Island, Sussex when an engine failed. The undercarriage was raised to stop but the aircraft ran into and destroyed a Radio Servicing building. One NCO was killed in the building and four were injured. The crew were uninjured
17/12/1963 XH969   Javelin FAW8 41 Sqn Damaged beyond repair in unknown circumstances at Wattisham, Suffolk. Finally scrapped during 1964
18/12/1963 XK408   Auster AOP9 7 Flt Hit by enemy small arms fire on a supply drop over Biawak strip on the border of Sarawak and Indonesia. The passenger and pilot were both hit. An emergency landing was made on a helipad at Kandai. The aircraft was put down on tree stumps to rip off the undercarriage to prevent the aircraft from cartwheeling but the aircraft broke its back on landing. The passenger died from his gun shot injuries
29/12/1963 XP776   Beaver AL1 8 Flt Struck a thorn bush on take off from a road near Bura, Kenya. It entered a steep climb, stalled and crashed. The pilot and three passengers were injured

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