1962 losses

04/01/1962 WB532   Devon C1 Anaka Air Attache Shortly after take off from Asmara, Ethiopia the port engine lost power. The pilot made a wheels up landing in a field
10/01/1962 XB516 533 Hiller HT1 705 NAS Badly damaged when it rolled over during a heavy landing at Culdrose, Cornwall and was later declared a write off
15/01/1962 WT310   Canberra B(I)6 213 Sqn During formation flying WT310 went above WT315 to photograph it. Both lost sight of each other and collided. They crashed one mile east of Elbergen, West Germany. Both crew on WT310 were killed, the pilot and one navigator of WT315 ejected safely but three others on board were killed
15/01/1962 WT315   Canberra B(I)6 213 Sqn
16/01/1962 XG192 F Hunter F6 DFLS The pilot abandoned take off from Nicosia, Cyprus due to a low fuel pressure light. The aircraft overshot and went over an escarpment and crashed into the ground below. The pilot was cut out of the damaged cockpit and was seriously injured
16/01/1962 WV607   Provost T1 6 FTS Pulled up at high speed out of a vertical dive and overstressed the airframe. Declared a write off on return to Acklington, Northumberland
17/01/1962 WL465 67 Meteor T7 5 FTS Both engines cut while on approach to Stradishall, Suffolk. It stalled onto the runway causing the undercarriage to collapse
18/01/1962 XE784   Cadet TX3 643 GS Damaged in a heavy landing at Kirton In Lindsey, Lincs and was later declared a write off
24/01/1962 XP813   Beaver AL1 18 Flt Ditched near to the North Hinder Lightship while en route from Antwerp, Belgium to Manston, Kent. It was seen by the crew of the lightship but they were unable to launch a boat due to sea conditions. The pilot drowned when the aircraft sank
29/01/1962 WF771   Meteor T7 CAW Dived into a hill at East Halton, Lincolnshire destroying a tractor and killing a cow. The crew did not abandon the aircraft and both were killed
30/01/1962 XN362 V-315 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS Ditched into Malacca Strait between Malaya and Sumatra after loss of directional control on take off from HMS Centaur. The three crew were rescued. It was not recovered but the cause was believed to have been disconnection of the tail rotor control cables
30/01/1962 XE621 H Hunter FR10 2 Sqn Stalled while orbiting a practice target. It dived into the ground at Papenburg, West Germany and exploded killing the pilot. A newly built house was destroyed and a civilian was injured as he ran away when he was struck by debris
05/02/1962 WP854   Chipmunk T10 1 FTS Lost an undercarriage leg in a heavy landing at Rufforth, Yorkshire. To 7747M
13/02/1962 XN361 310 Whirlwind HAS7 825 NAS Ditched into the Atlantic Ocean and sank approximately 1,150 miles west of Lands End, Cornwall. It had been operating off HMS Victorious when the tail rotor failed and disintegrated. The three crew were rescued
14/02/1962 XG509   Sycamore HR14 CFS Hit the ground during a low level turn at Ternhill, Shropshire after being airborne for just two minutes. The three on board escaped safely. To 7745M
21/02/1962 WJ582   Canberra B2 RAE Met Research Flt During a second attempt to land at Leuchars, Fife in rapidly deteriorating weather the aircraft passed through very low cloud over St Andrews Bay with no sign of the runway. The pilot attempted to pull up but the tail struck the water, causing it to break off. The rest of the aircraft was thrown into the North Sea ¼ mile from Leuchars. The pilot ejected with the aircraft underwater and amazingly the occupant of the jump seat got caught up in the ejection seat and got dragged out with him. The navigator also escaped from the wreckage and all three were picked up from their dingy thirty minutes later by a helicopter from Leuchars
01/03/1962 XD379 57 Vampire T11 5 FTS The engine failed during an overshoot at Graveley, Cambs due to metal from the compressor passing through the engine. It crashed onto the airfield and caught fire after the pilot ejected
04/03/1962 XN334   Saro P531 771 NAS Control was lost immediately after lift off from HMS Ashanti due to a maximum all up weight and strong wind conditions. It struck the edge of the deck and toppled, nose first and inverted, into the sea English Channel seven miles south west Portland Bill, Dorset. Both crew were rescued but the observer was injured. Initially to ground instruction as A2525 before joining the FAA museum collection at Yeovilton
07/03/1962 TG508   Hastings C1 242 OCU Swung on landing at Thorney Island, Sussex. Skidded and caught fire after the wing tip hit the ground
07/03/1962 WE546   Auster T7 652 Sqn Crashed in West Germany
07/03/1962 XD319 192 Scimitar F1 807 NAS Ditched 200 yards ahead of HMS Centaur in the Gulf of Aden after missing the arrestor wires and attempting to go round again. The pilot was rescued by the SAR helicopter
09/03/1962 XH794 X Javelin FAW9 33 Sqn Overshot on landing at Wildenrath, West Germany due to hydraulic failure. It struck a telegraph pole then ran through the boundary fence and slid for 50 yards on the port wing tip. The pilot ejected moments before it came to rest inverted. The navigator did not eject and was trapped for several hours before being released with serious injuries
10/03/1962 XN381 334 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS Ditched and sank off HMS Centaur in the Gulf of Aden after the engine had failed. The three crew were rescued
13/03/1962 WZ674   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Caught by a down draught while flying along a ridge in South Thailand. A wing struck a tree and the aircraft crashed in flames. The pilot was seriously injured
14/03/1962 WL470   Meteor T7 85 Sqn Damaged in a belly landing at West Raynham, Norfolk after the pilot forgot to lower the undercarriage. Later declared a write off
19/03/1962 XM929 304 Wessex HAS1 815 NAS Ditched into the Mediterranean Sea off Malta while operating off HMS Ark Royal due to transmission failure. The four crew were rescued
23/03/1962 XL159   Victor B2 A&AEE During an approach to stall in a landing configuration at 16,000ft the aircraft was mishandled and entered a stable stall followed by a flat spin. The crew were unable to recover the aircraft so both pilots ejected and one rear crew member was able to abandon it successfully. Two others remained with the aircraft and were killed when it crashed in to an Elizabethan manor house at Stubton near Newark, Nottinghamshire. Two occupants in the house were also killed and two others were injured. The aircraft had been operating from Radlett. An ambulance, that happened to be at the local school, was able to attend the incident immediately
27/03/1962 XN599 4 Jet Provost T3 6 FTS Swung off the runway on landing at Acklington, Northumberland
30/03/1962 XE607   Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn During an air display at Khormaksar, Aden the aircraft failed to recover from a supersonic dive due to loss of longitudinal control. It struck the ground on the north side of the airfield killing the pilot. Eighteen people on the ground were injured and many building were damaged
04/03/1962 XK822   Grasshopper TX1 Air Cadets Crashed at Brent School, London
05/04/1962 XM452 14 Jet Provost T3 RAFC Lightning struck the starboard tip tank which began to break up. The pilot ejected safely after losing control and the aircraft crashed one mile south of Rauceby Hospital, Lincolnshire
09/04/1962 XL499 426 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS Collided at night and crashed into the English Channel off The Lizard, Cornwall. All six crew were killed
09/04/1962  XP197 414 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS
09/04/1962 XH977   Javelin FAW8 41 Sqn Written off in an engine starting explosion at Gutersloh, West Germany
13/04/1962 XH844 L Javelin FAW9 64 Sqn Written off in a starting explosion at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire
16/04/1962 WJ605   Canberra B2 45 Sqn The port engine exploded causing the aircraft to break up during a bombing run over the China Rock Ranges 26 miles east of Changi, Singapore. Both crew were killed
24/04/1962 WE111   Canberra T4 SITF Akrotiri Flew into the Mediterranean Sea while on approach to Akrotiri, Cyprus killing both crew. No cause for the crash was found
24/04/1962 XP198 430 Gannet AEW3 849 NAS While operating off Singapore the aircraft was engaged in testing the No3 arrestor wire on board HMS Ark Royal. The wire pulled out and parted from the aircraft which then taxied over the side of the ship. The pilot was killed but the other two occupants were rescued
01/05/1962 XJ528 243 Sea Vixen FAW1 890 NAS During a night interception exercise off HMS Ark Royal the pilot felt a severe blow or explosion while at 2,000 ft. Both crew ejected when the aircraft fell out of control and it crashed into the South China Sea off the Philippines and was not recovered. The crew were rescued by USS Caliente
03/05/1962 XP457   Grasshopper TX1 Air Cadets Written off, no further details
05/05/1962 XN379 336 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS Ditched and sank in the Mediterranean Sea off Malta while operating off HMS Centaur. It had suffered loss of power due to suspected fuel pump failure. The three crew were rescued and the aircraft was not recovered
07/05/1962 XL870 PO-778 Whirlwind HAR7 737 NAS Ditched into Portland Harbour, Dorset after engine failure. The crew were rescued safely. It was recovered, transported to Fleetlands and scrapped
08/05/1962 XM422 20 Jet Provost T3 6 FTS Crashed at Acklington, Northumberland during practice aerobatics killing the pilot
09/05/1962 XN604 8 Jet Provost T3 6 FTS Crashed at Felton, Northumberland after the crew ejected following a false fire warning
12/05/1962 XL667 U Pioneer CC1 230 Sqn Control was lost in turbulence while on finals to land at Kingussie Airstrip, Inverness-shire. It struck the ground near to Kingussie railway station injuring the pilot and four passengers
12/05/1962 XR942   WA116 Gyrocopter Wallis Aircraft Written off in a taxying accident at Shoreham, Sussex. Serial allocated to another WA116
15/05/1962 VP294   Shackleton MR1 205 Sqn Force-landed at Gan and was damaged beyond repair
17/05/1962 XL132   Beverley C1 242 Sqn No 3 engine caught fire, exploded and fell off when on approach to Thorney Island, Sussex. The pilot ditched into Chichester Harbour when the fire spread. The five crew abandoned the aircraft without life jackets. Two drowned while three were rescued by civilians
18/05/1962 XH755 Y Javelin FAW9 33 Sqn The aircraft was joining formation behind another Javelin which had re-heat on. Control was lost in its wake and the crew ejected. The pilot was rescued but the navigator was not found
22/05/1962 XL737   Skeeter AOP12 AAC Centre During a low level engine off landing at Middle Wallop, Hants the pilot forgot to lower the collective lever. He realised too late and was unable to recover the aircraft. It hit the ground very hard and caught fire. To Bicester dump
29/05/1962 XM840 300 Wessex HAS1 815 NAS Due to an uncontrollable engine surge the aircraft ditched into the South China Sea 750 miles south of Hong Kong while operating off HMS Ark Royal. The four crew were rescued
02/06/1962 WK516   Chipmunk T10 Bristol UAS Struck high tension cables during a practice forced landing at Thornbury, Gloucestershire. It hit the ground heavily and was wrecked. Both occupants were unhurt
06/06/1962 XA330 NW-882 Gannet AS1 724 Sqn RNZAF Crashed at Nowra, Australia
07/06/1962 XA645 B Javelin FAW5 5 Sqn Both crew ejected after the port engine caught fire which spread to the whole of the rear of the aircraft. It crashed near Laarbruch, West Germany
07/06/1962 XL610 Z Hunter T7 111 Sqn Stalled and crashed at Silk Willoughby, Lincolnshire while in a slow tight turn. Both crew were killed
14/06/1962 XH613   Victor B1A 15 Sqn All four engines ‘ran down’ at 2,000ft while on approach to Cottesmore, Leicestershire after the electrical connections became disconnected from the throttle box. The three rear crew baled out successfully and the two pilots ejected. The aircraft dived into the ground vertically and exploded
16/06/1962 XA929   Victor B1 10  Sqn The pilot attempted take off from Akrotiri, Cyprus with full flaps extended. He did not abandon take off until the aircraft was in the overshoot area and the chute was deployed but was torn away. The aircraft left the ground for short distances and then broke up and caught fire. All six crew were killed
17/06/1962 WP976 M Chipmunk T10 Bristol UAS Control was lost while landing at Filton, Gloucs in high winds. It bounced, smashed through the boundary fence and came to rest inverted in a field. The pilot was slightly injured
20/06/1962 XP392   Whirlwind HAR10 C(A) Yeovil Suffered fuel flow failure while at 25ft during a dress rehearsal prior to a sales demonstration for the Spanish Air Force in Spain. It force landed on uneven ground and rolled onto its side. There were no casualties
21/06/1962 XL768   Skeeter AOP12 1 Flt During finals to land at Detmold, West Germany the main rotor oversped due to a loose bolt. The aircraft broke up in the ensuing heavy engine off landing. The crew escaped unhurt
25/06/1962 XE600   Hunter FGA9 8 Sqn The pilot had been warned by the Range Safety Officer about his height infringements on the Khormaksar Range, Aden. He was given permission to make a low pass to check his height calibration but proceeded to ‘beat up’ the range control office. He encountered a dust cloud from his own aircraft wash and in an attempt to pull up the aircraft stalled at 150ft. He did not eject and was killed when the aircraft crashed
26/06/1962 WG962   Meteor T7 CFS Crashed following engine failure after take off from Little Rissington, Gloucestershire. Both crew were killed
27/06/1962 XF943   Hunter F4 CFS On take off from Little Rissington some of the port tyre tread shredded off and damaged the brake hydraulic lines. The pilot was unaware of this until he noticed a fall in pressure while on approach to Kemble, Gloucestershire. He was unable to stop and overran into a brick wall
05/07/1962 XN922   Buccaneer S1 A&AEE Crashed on take off from Boscombe Down, Wiltshire due to the boundary layer control blow not being available due to a failure in the system. The aircraft struck the hangar offices of ‘D’ Squadron killing the observer and seriously injuring the pilot. An engineering officer in the offices was also killed
06/07/1962 XN153   Sedbergh TX1 644 GS Written off at Spitalgate, Lincolnshire. To RAFGSA as GSA313 later becoming BGA2024
09/07/1962 XJ382   Sycamore HR14 11 Sqn The pilot was making a forced landing fifteen miles east of Kuala Lumpur, Malaya due to a fire warning. Control was lost when the main rotor struck something causing the aircraft to land on its side. The pilot and passengers were unhurt
12/06/1962 XF451 8 Hunter F6 229 OCU Overshot during an emergency landing at Chivenor, Devon following a fire warning. Allocated to Chivenor fire dump
12/06/1962 XJ128 H Javelin FAW8 85 Sqn Written off in a starting explosion at West Raynham, Norfolk
16/07/1962 XE809   Cadet TX3 2 GC Written off in a flying accident at Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire
17/07/1962 VP191 54 Mosquito TT35 3 CAACU Overshot into a hedge at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset after the pilot abandoned take off
25/07/1962 WV919   Sea Hawk FGA6 FRU Crashed on touch down at Hurn, Hampshire
25/07/1962 XA646 S Javelin FAW5 AFDS Written off in an engine start explosion at West Raynham, Norfolk
30/07/1962 XG465 J Belvedere HC1 72 Sqn Crashed at Warendorf, West Germany after an engine failure caused a rotor to hit the fuselage. All six on board were killed
08/08/1962 XD620   Vampire T11 4 FTS Stalled while in the circuit at Mona, Anglesey. It crashed into trees and then a cottage, crossed a road and disintegrated in a field. The pilot did not eject and was killed
13/08/1962 XD331 H-145 Scimitar F1 803 NAS While operating off HMS Hermes both engines flamed out at 37,000 feet. The pilot ejected at 6,000 feet after a relight was unsuccessful. The aircraft crashed into the Tyrrhenian Sea forty miles SW of Anzio, Italy
13/08/1962 XA307   Cadet TX3 613 GS Damaged when it hit a tree on landing near Halton, Bucks. Later declared a write off
14/08/1962 XF684   Provost T1 6 FTS During night circuits and landings at Ouston Northumberland XF684 was climbing away. It was struck from behind by XF903 which was carrying out an overshoot. Both aircraft crashed and caught fire killing both crew
14/08/1962 XF903 C Provost T1 6 FTS
16/08/1962 XL715   Tiger Moth T2 BRNC AEF Crashed on take off from Angers, France
17/08/1962 XP146 771 Wessex HAS1 737 NAS Ditched into the sea off Portland, Dorset
18/08/1962 XK535 684 Buccaneer S1 700 NAS Suffered loss of air blow over the port wing during a steep approach to Lossiemouth, Morayshire. It entered a spin and crashed into the Moray Firth killing both crew
21/08/1962 XN247   Cadet TX3 622 GS Written off in a flying accident at Christchurch, Dorset
22/08/1962 XM456 18 Jet Provost T3 RAFC The aircraft was on loan to Hunting Aircraft Ltd to investigate the spinning characteristics with fuel in the tip tanks. During a spin to the left it could not be recovered and both crew ejected, the aircraft crashing at Histon, Cambridgeshire. CA clearance for spinning with fuel in the tip tanks was withdrawn as a result
23/08/1962 WB966   Sedbergh TX1 RAFC Written off at Cranwell, Lincolnshire. Rebuilt and sold to the RAFGSA possibly as GSA314
23/08/1962 XJ493 VL-721 Sea Vixen FAW1 766 NAS The pilot abandoned take off from Yeovilton, Somerset. The aircraft ran through the perimeter fence, crossed a road, ran across a field and into the river Yeo where it caught fire. Both crew were killed. Allocated to ground instruction at Arbroath
28/08/1962 WE988   Prefect TX1 RAFC Written off at Cranwell, Lincolnshire
28/08/1962 WJ480 M Valetta T3 2 ANS Lost height and struck trees after an asymmetric overshoot at Hullavington, Wilts. It caught fire, exploded and cartwheeled into a field killing the three crew. The starboard engine fuel cock had been left closed which prevented the engine from being restarted
01/09/1962 WZ719   Auster AOP9 20 Recce Flt All were damaged beyond repair during the destruction of Sha Tin Base, Hong Kong by typhoon Wanda 
01/09/1962 WZ720   Auster AOP9 20 Recce Flt
01/09/1962 XN411   Auster AOP9 20 Recce Flt
03/09/1962 XN449 853 Sycamore HR51 723 Sqn RAN The tail rotor failed at 30 ft two miles from Nowra, New South Wales, Australia. It spun into a hillside, rolled down a slope and burnt out. The two on board escaped safely
04/09/1962 XJ603 H-213 Sea Vixen FAW1 892 NAS Struck the round-down when landing onboard HMS Hermes while operating in the Mediterranean off Hal Far, Malta. It slid up the deck and fell into the sea off the angle deck killing both crew
04/09/1962 XD448   Vampire T11 8 FTS Struck a flock of seagulls during take off from Swinderby, Lincolnshire. The pilot abandoned take off but the aircraft overran into soft ground
04/09/1962 XA472 398 Gannet AS6 831 NAS Struck the round-down of the ship during a night approach to HMS Ark Royal while operating in the Middle East. The port oleo collapsed and the aircraft slewed over the side into the sea. Both crew were rescued
06/09/1962 XR381   Alouette AH2 8 Flt Crash landed and rolled down a hill after take off from Eastleigh, Kenya after the turbine failed
09/09/1962 XP815   Beaver AL1 651 Sqn Crashed on take off from Vollos strip, Greece when the sun visor fell over the pilots face. Parts were used with XP806 (Crashed 16/09/1970) in making a composite airframe marked XP822
13/09/1962 XG332   Lightning F1 de Havilland Engine Co The aircraft was on finals to Hatfield, Herts after tailplane control was lost and the aircraft reared up vertically. The pilot ejected horizontally and was seriously injured when he impacted a greenhouse. Un-burnt fuel in the rear fuselage had been ignited by a small crack in the jet pipe and had weakened the tailplane actuator anchorage
16/09/1962 WW292 381 Sea Venom FAW21 831 NAS Fell back onto the runway on take off from Hal Far, Malta. It overshot and ran into a stone wall
17/09/1962 XE544 L Hunter FGA9 208 Sqn Take off from Nairobi, Kenya was abandoned due to a fire warning. A tyre burst and the undercarriage was raised to stop but the aircraft swung off the runway
19/09/1962 TG566   Hastings C1 202 Sqn Slewed off the runway at Aldergrove, Northern Ireland resulting in the fuselage becoming twisted
25/09/1962 XG523 S-K Sycamore HR14 CFS The student pilot pushed the collective lever forward while hovering at 10ft at Ternhill, Shropshire. The aircraft struck the ground heavily and was written off
28/09/1962 XL825   Sycamore HR14 110 Sqn The pilot was demonstrating the aircraft to a friend at the Malakoff Rubber Estate, Malaya. The main rotor struck and removed the tail section while flying backwards in a shallow climb. The aircraft fell backwards into trees and caught fire killing the pilot
02/10/1962 XA934   Victor B1 232 OCU No 4 engine exploded and caught fire on lift off from Gaydon, Warwickshire. No 3 engine was shut down and the fire extinguished but due to fuel mismanagement No 1 & 2 engines failed at between 300 and 400ft. The navigator abandoned the aircraft but struck a tree and was killed. The AEO left next but was killed as it was too low for his chute to deploy. The 2nd pilot ejected safely but the 1st pilot was killed when the aircraft crashed
04/10/1962 XA701 X Javelin FAW5 JOCS Written off in a starting explosion at West Raynham, Norfolk
12/10/1962 XM696   Gnat T1 A&AEE Impacted the runway heavily at Chilbolton, Hampshire which removed the starboard tyre and badly damaged underside of the aircraft. The pilot overshot and made a wheels up landing at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire
16/10/1962 XM427 12 Jet Provost T3 RAFC Stalled and crashed during a night GCA to Waddington, Lincolnshire killing the foreign student pilot
17/10/1962 XN601 5 Jet Provost T3 6 FTS The Iraqi student pilot became distracted during a touch and go at Ouston, Northumberland. The undercarriage had failed to retract and he was attempting to raise it using the Emergency lowering lever. The aircraft stalled, struck a small power pole and cartwheeled. The ejection seat was thrown up the rails without firing and the student was dragged by the streamed chute still attached to the seat coming to rest in the space between the inverted fuselage and the port wing. He suffered a few bruises and was only in hospital for a few days
24/10/1962 WW134   Supermarine 544 RAE/A&AEE This was the third Scimitar prototype. At the end of its flying career it was dispatched to the French port of Mandier, Toulon. As part of trials it was deliberately launched off HMS Centaur without a pilot and now lies on the Mediterranean seabed
25/10/1962 WJ730 18 Canberra B2 ETPS Control was lost on take off from Farnborough, Hants during a single engine safety speed evaluation. It yawed, rolled inverted and crashed onto the airfield killing both crew
28/10/1962 XG253 X Hunter FGA9 1 Sqn Crashed 37 miles NE of Khormaksar, Aden after the pilot had ejected due to engine failure caused by loss of oil
29/10/1962 XA661 F Javelin FAW5 11 Sqn Written off in a starting explosion at Geilenkirchen, West Germany
29/10/1962 XJ562 R-249 Sea Vixen FAW1 890 NAS Crashed into the sea off Aden while operating off HMS Ark Royal
30/10/1962 XA285   Cadet TX3 645 GS Written off in a flying accident at Catterick, North Yorkshire. Allocated to the Fire School there
30/11/1962 XP972   Hawker P1127 Hawker Aircraft Co During a high G turn the engine suffered a bearing failure which started a fire in the rear fuselage. Made a successful un-powered belly landing at Tangmere, Sussex for which the pilot was awarded the OBE
02/11/1962 WP922 D Chipmunk T10 Birmingham UAS Struck the ground during low level aerobatics three miles SE of Newport, Shropshire
04/11/1962 WD372   Chipmunk T10 London UAS Collided and crashed near Reading, Berkshire. All three crew were killed when both aircraft disintegrated
04/11/1962  G-ASAE   Beagle Terrier  Private
09/11/1962 XD875   Valiant BK1 7 Sqn Written off in a ground accident, no details
13/11/1962 XP192   Scout AH1 A&AEE During simulated engine failure at high speed and low level at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire the tail rotors struck the ground and the main rotors then severed the rear fuselage. Initially thought repairable but was later declared a write off
15/11/1962 XD265 LM-611 Scimitar F1 736 NAS Crashed into the Moray Firth off Milltown, Moray after a bird was ingested into the starboard engine and started a fire during a dummy deck mirror landing at Lossiemouth. The pilot ejected safely at 500 feet and was rescued by an SAR helicopter
16/11/1962 XN360 H-986 Whirlwind HAS7 HMS Hermes SAR Flt Suffered a complete engine failure while operating off HMS Hermes. It ditched into the Mediterranean killing two of the four occupants. The wreckage was not recovered
23/11/1962 XD282 LM-610 Scimitar F1 736 NAS Crashed into the North Sea two miles  east  of Milltown, Grampian after the pilot had ejected at 100 feet. This was due to a bird strike on approach which caused control difficulties. He landed safely in soft muddy ground. The aircraft went to Lee On Solent for accident investigation and was finally scrapped at Fleetlands during July 1963
27/11/1962 XA414 CU-393 Gannet ECM6 831 NAS Collided  and flew into a hillside 1½ miles north of Greencastle, Co Donegal, Northern Ireland during a formation flight. All six crew were killed
27/11/1962 XG798 227 Gannet AS6 831 NAS
03/12/1962 XA894   Vulcan B1 Bristol Siddeley Engines The aircraft was undergoing a full power ground run with reheat at Filton, Gloucestershire. The low pressure shaft failed causing the turbine disc to be projected around the bomb bay which punctured two 150 gallon tanks fitted to fuel a test engine. The disc then penetrated the bomb bay and struck the ground whereupon it bounced and carved a path through the starboard wing, ripping every fuel tank. The ensuing fire engulfed the whole aircraft and an adjacent fire engine, the heat being so intense that the fires were allowed to burn them selves out. The core of the disc continued across the airfield bouncing every 150 feet towards a parked Bristol Type 188. It eventually ran out of momentum just short of the parked aircraft
03/12/1962 XH836 O Javelin FAW9 60 Sqn The starboard engine exploded while at 36,00ft. Both crew ejected when the aircraft went out of control. It crashed into jungle near Mersing, Malaya. Both crew landed in the jungle, the navigator not being rescued for two days
08/12/1962 XK935 985 Whirlwind HARS7 HMS Hermes Ships Flt Ditched into the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar half a mile from HMS Hermes after the engine started to scream while in a starboard turn due to apparent clutch failure. It yawed to port and 
ditched into the Gulf of Aden one mile off the starboard side of HMS Hermes. The three crew were rescued
12/12/1962 XM993   Lightning T4 LCS The undercarriage collapsed on landing at Middleton St George, Durham. It overran the runway, overturned and caught fire. The crew escaped safely
15/12/1962 XK481   Skeeter AOP10 AAC Centre Written off, no further details. To ground instruction at Middle Wallop
28/12/1962 XE535 C Hunter FGA9 28 Sqn Flew into Lion Rock Ridge, two miles NNW of Kai Tak, Hong Kong killing the pilot

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