1958 losses

02/01/1958 TX188   Anson C19 Northolt Station Flt Ditched into the Mediterranean after the engine cut on  take off from Gibraltar
03/01/1958 WZ707   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn, 7 Recce Flight Force landed onto a vehicle track in the Trong rubber plant area after suffering engine failure ten minutes after take off from Taiping Perak, Malaya. The undercarriage was ripped off by a tree stump but the pilot, the only occupant, escaped unhurt
06/01/1958 XE313   Sycamore HR14 194 Sqn Lost height during  take off from a clearing and crashed into the jungle 20 miles NE of Ipoh, Malaya
10/01/1958 VP259 Q Shackleton T4 MOTU Hit trees during an overshoot at Kinloss, Morayshire and crashed on high ground near Elgin. The two pilots were killed
10/01/1958 XK902  902 Sycamore HR51 723 Sqn RAN Suffered engine failure during supply duties to HMAS Warrego. It crashed on Bald Knob Range in a mountainous area near Coffs Harbour, Grafton, New South Wales, Australia injuring the five on board. Recovered and to Bristol Aviation at Bankstown for salvage
10/01/1958 WE598   Auster T7 653 Sqn The pilot applied the brakes five yards after touchdown at Episkopi, Cyprus. He applied full power as it swung to port but it continued to swing. He shut off power and it came to rest off the air strip
11/01/1958 XG239 MH Hunter F6 92 Sqn Burnt out after the undercarriage was raised to stop during an abandoned  take off from Nicosia, Cyprus
13/01/1958 WE117   Canberra B6 231 OCU While on an air test the engines cut. It dived into the ground three miles ENE of Llanelly, Carmarthen
14/01/1958 WT939   Sycamore Mk3 A&AEE The pilot exceed the maximum speed during rearward flight at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire and lost control. It struck the ground and rolled over. One of the two crew were injured
16/01/1958 WJ767   Canberra B6 139 Sqn Flew into the North Sea off Spurn Head while on a night approach to Binbrook, Lincolnshire
16/01/1958 XE990 38 Vampire T11 8 FTS Collided head on in clear skies killing three of the crew instantly. The third was thrown from the aircraft but his chute was damaged and he fell to the ground. Debris fell on a canteen at Colwick south of Nottingham killing a woman
16/01/1958 XH321 25 Vampire T11 8 FTS
17/01/1958 XG735 443 Sea Venom FAW22 891 NAS Climbed steeply after a night launch from HMS Bulwark 60 miles off Lands End, Cornwall in the south west approaches to the UK. It turned to starboard and nose dived into the sea. The observer was injured but the pilot was killed
20/01/1958 XG581   Whirlwind HAR3 701 NAS The pilot made an engine off landing at Frater Yard, Gosport, Hampshire after severe transmission vibration and engine overspeed. The tail cone struck a tree just prior to touching down and was torn off. To Donybristle, Fife for repairs but these were abandoned and it was allocated to Arbroath for ground instruction
23/01/1958 WL633 U Varsity T1 2 ANS Ran into snow banks after skidding on landing at Manston, Kent. Three crew were killed
24/01/1958 WB925   Sedburgh TX1 CFS Both damaged beyond repair at Hawkinge, Kent when their hangar collapsed under the weight of snow. Both sold to RAFGSA later becoming BGA2964 and BGA2036 respectively
24/01/1958 WB969 D Sedburgh TX1 CFS
27/01/1958 WE547   Auster T7 LAS Stalled during an overshoot at Middle Wallop, Hants and cartwheeled across the airfield. To 7562M
31/01/1958 XD185 F Whirlwind HAR4 155 Sqn Force-landed into a river near Fort Selim, Malaya after engine failure
03/02/1958 WF253 606 Sea Hawk FB1 736 NAS Stalled just short of the runway at Valley, Anglesey while on approach and crashed killing the pilot
04/02/1958 XH118   Beverley C1 30 Sqn The brakes failed during an emergency landing at Beihan, Aden. It ran off the runway and turned onto its back killing one crew member
07/02/1958 XG562   Pioneer CC1 267 Sqn Damaged beyond repair in Malaya
10/01/1958 XJ896   Sycamore HR14 284 Sqn Crashed into high ground two mile WSW of Makheros, Cyprus. Two crew were killed
11/02/1958 TK599   Mosquito TT35 Sylt APS Belly-landed into a field six miles NW of Hohenwestedt, West Germany after a propeller feathered
11/02/1958 XA268 G Marathon T1 1 ANS Written off when the nose wheel collapsed at Topcliffe, Yorkshire
11/02/1958 XA734   Javelin FAW4 23 Sqn Crashed near Wymondham, Norfolk after the crew ejected following an engine fire
12/02/1958 WA257 25 Vampire FB5 1 FTS The pilot raised the undercarriage to stop after suffering a bird strike on take off from Linton-on-Ouse, Yorks
12/02/1958 VS584   Anson C21 HCCS Damaged  in unknown circumstances  at  Marham, Norfolk. To 71 MU and later scrapped
13/02/1958 WR525   Venom FB4 8 Sqn Belly-landed at Khormaksar, Aden after the undercarriage jammed up
14/02/1958 XK378   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Crashed after loss of control in a stall turn on approach to Kroh strip, Malaya killing the pilot
14/02/1958 XG236 N Hunter F6 66 Sqn Dived into the ground near Kielder Reservoir, Northumberland after control was lost in cloud. The pilot did not eject and was killed
15/02/1958 XA800 L Javelin FAW2 89 Sqn Written off when the undercarriage collapsed at Stradishall, Suffolk
20/02/1958 XA355 HF-088 Gannet AS1 847 NAS The Gannet suffered engine problems whilst carrying out a night patrol looking out for ships smuggling arms to insurgents during the Cyprus Emergency. The pilot attempted to land back at Nicosia but was forced to go round again. On the second attempt it crashed short of the runway killing the three crew
20/02/1958 WP502 BY-902 Dragonfly HAR5 Brawdy Station Flt Fell from 700ft and crashed onto the airfield at Brawdy, Pembrokeshire after a rotor blade had detached. The three crew were killed
20/02/1958 WT526   Canberra PR7 80 Sqn Broke up during a low level navex over Gescher, West Germany after the tail plane actuator failed. Both crew were killed
25/02/1958 XE331 J-146 Sea Hawk FGA6 803 NAS Exploded during a test flight from HMS Eagle and crashed into the Mediterranean off Malta. The pilot and wreckage were not found
25/02/1958 WB141   Meteor T7 208 Sqn Damaged beyond repair in Malta
26/02/1958 XH714   Javelin FAW7 Gloster Aircraft Co The pilot was involuntarily ejected at 5,000ft due the seat top latch not being secured. He was killed after being unable to release himself from the seat and became entangled with the parachute The navigator ejected at 2,000ft but his seat was damaged on leaving the aircraft. His parachute did not open completely and he was also killed. The aircraft crashed in the New Forest near Kingston, Hampshire
01/03/1958 XE341 106 Sea Hawk FGA6 800 NAS The starboard wing and fuselage struck the round-down area during a misjudged approach to HMS Ark Royal. The aircraft slid across the side of the ship into the water killing the pilot
02/03/1958 XA299   Cadet TX3 615 GS Written off at Kenley, South London. Sold to the GSA as 248, later becoming 1151
03/03/1958 WV842 O-473 Sea Hawk FGA6 898 NAS Failed to pull out of a 20° live dive bombing manoeuvre and flew into St. Brides Bay off Brawdy, Pembrokeshire. The pilot was killed
04/03/1958 WS782 Q Meteor NF14 85 Sqn Collided while in the circuit at Church Fenton, Yorkshire. WS700 crashed at Kelfield while WS782 crashed at Cawood
04/03/1958 WS700   Meteor NF12 72 Sqn
06/03/1958 WK125   Canberra B2 35 Sqn Force-landed in the desert near to El Adem, Libya after an engine had failed
07/03/1958 WL733   Sea Balliol T21 Old Sarum Station Flt Force landed at Acklington, Northumberland after the engine lost power due to overheating. To the AIU at Lee-on-Solent and then to Fleetlands before being struck off charge
08/03/1958 WH183   Meteor T7 CFS The pilot misjudged his approach to Little Rissington, Gloucs and struck a fence before landing in the undershoot area
12/03/1958 XG728 436 Sea Venom FAW22 891 NAS Climbed steeply on launch from HMS Bulwark, turned to starboard and crashed into the sea 500yds off the starboard bow. Both crew were killed
13/03/1958 WZ703   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Lost power on  take off from Sembawang, Singapore and crashed
13/03/1958 XH682   Sycamore Mk3 RAE Crashed on to runway immediately after take off from Farnborough, Hampshire and was damaged beyond repair. The crew escaped uninjured. Used as spares for other Sycamores
15/03/1958 WP101 N Hunter F5 56 Sqn The pilot ejected after the undercarriage leg broke off on landing at Waterbeach, Cambs. The aircraft bounced into the air and crashed five miles NW of the airfield
25/03/1958 VZ765 E-270 Wyvern S4 813 NAS Badly damaged when an oleo leg collapsed during landing on HMS Eagle in rough seas. Declared a write off and ditched over the side on 28-3-58
27/03/1958 XG771 FD-754 Sea Vampire T22 702 NAS Ditched into the English Channel off Littlehampton, Sussex after engine failure. The crew ejected
27/03/1958 WR563 O Venom FB4 8 Sqn Written off when an undercarriage leg collapsed on landing at Sharjah, Oman
28/03/1958 WH990 530 Dragonfly HR5 705 NAS Ditched and sank into the English Channel off Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire after engine failure in the hover at 50ft. It was recovered for investigation then issued to Arbroath as ground instruction as A2463
29/03/1958 WV390   Hunter F4 RAFC Overshot the runway and ran into a fence after an aborted  take off from Strubby, Lincolnshire
01/04/1958 TX194   Anson C19 Turnhouse Comm Sqn Ran out of fuel and was written off in a forced landing at Ouston, Durham
08/01/1958 XE513   Pioneer CC1 267 Sqn A wing tip hit the ground on landing at Kuala Lumpur, Malaya causing it to turn over
09/04/1958 VW999   Auster AOP6 2 ILF Encountered a severe snow storm after  take off from Dortmund, West Germany. The pilot attempted to return to base but was forced to land in a field due to severe turbulence and poor visibility. The undercarriage broke off and the aircraft tipped over. The two crew were uninjured
09/04/1958 WT207   Canberra B6 76 Sqn The aircraft was on loan to Napiers and was fitted with a Double Scorpion rocket motor in the bomb bay. This motor caught fire and exploded over Monyash, Bakewell, Derbyshire at 56,000ft after its second use. Both crew baled out with the temperature at -57 deg C and free fell to 10,000 ft before their chutes opened. They received serious injuries
10/04/1958 XJ451   Pioneer CC1 267 Sqn Swung on take off from Fort Langkap, Malaya. It hit trees and crash-landed
15/04/1958 WH124   Meteor T7 RAFFC Ran out of fuel and crashed while on approach to Strubby, Lincolnshire
15/04/1958 WN410   Gannet AS1 RNAY Donibristle Made a wheels up landing at Donibristle, Fife due to hydraulic failure during a test flight. Caused by a maintenance error
16/04/1958 XG671 R-465 Sea Venom FAW21 893 NAS Crashed into the Mediterranean Sea at night off Malta while operating off HMS Ark Royal after the crew ejected due to jammed ailerons
16/04/1958 XG549   Sycamore HR14 194 Sqn Lost power on approach to Fort Langkap, Malaya and crash-landed. Sent for repair but these were not carried out
18/04/1958 XG165   Hunter F6 Middleton St George Station Flt Crashed at Bowley, County Durham after the engine cut and the pilot ejected
19/04/1958 WZ669   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Written off in a force landing near Seremban, Malaya after the engine failed on take off
21/04/1958 WL359   Meteor T7 4 FTS Dived into the ground during a display practice at Worksop, Notts killing the pilot. Possibly due to the aircraft being overstressed
22/04/1958 WM992 O-136 Sea Hawk FB5 802 NAS Suffered engine failure at 34,000ft. The pilot glided towards HMS Ark Royal in the Mediterranean between Sardinia and Sicily and ejected at 7,500ft
22/04/1958 WJ772   Canberra B6 139 Sqn Crashed into the Sahara desert 160 miles SSE of Gabes, Tunisia. The wreck was not found until 08/02/1959. It was en route Malta to El Adem, Libya but was 360 mile off course. Both crew were killed
22/04/1958 XA273 C Marathon T1 1 ANS Written off when the undercarriage collapsed at Topcliffe. Yorkshire
24/04/1958 WP149 H Hunter F5 56 Sqn Declared a write off on its return to Waterbeach, Cambs after the canopy had detached in flight
24/04/1958 WL731 CU-794 Sea Balliol T21 796 NAS Undershot at Culdrose, Cornwall and landed on top of the perimeter fence
28/04/1958 WM981 702 Sea Hawk FB3 764 NAS Badly damaged when a bird was ingested into the port engine intake. It returned to Lossiemouth, Morayshire but was not repaired. To A2640
29/04/1958 VS980   Meteor PR10 81 Sqn A tyre burst on landing at Tengah, Singapore. The wing tank hit the ground and the aircraft ran off the runway bursting into flames
29/04/1958 WV846 118 Sea Hawk FGA6 801 NAS Damaged while being pushed on HMS Bulwark when an elevator struck a mast. Repairs at Fleetlands were considered un-economic and it was placed on the fire dump there
30/04/1958 XD958 X Swift FR5 2 Sqn Part of the wing was torn off at high speed while operating in Germany. The pilot landed the aircraft safely but it was declared a write off
01/05/1958 XG609 730 Sea Venom FAW21 766 NAS Broke up after recovering from a dive on the Lulworth Range, Dorset. It crashed into the sea half a mile beyond the target killing both crew
01/05/1958 WJ371   Auster AOP6 652 Sqn Hit soft ground on landing near Detmold, West Germany and overturned
02/05/1958 WP898   Chipmunk T10 2 Group Comm Flt Hit a flagpole while taxying at Ahlhorn, West Germany
02/05/1958 WV910 20 Sea Hawk FGA6 ETPS Starboard undercarriage collapsed on landing at Farnborough, Hants. Not repaired and was allocated to G.I. there
05/05/1958 WN977 P Hunter F5 1 Sqn Collided over Selsey Bill, Sussex during an unauthorised dog fight killing both pilots
05/05/1958 WP137 S Hunter F5 1 Sqn
05/05/1958 XA253 A Marathon T1 1 ANS Damaged beyond repair when the undercarriage was retracted in error on landing at Topcliffe, Yorkshire
05/05/1958 WR533   Venom FB4 8 Sqn Failed to recover from a spin during a test flight and struck a beach two miles NW of Sharjah, Oman in a level attitude. It bounced and exploded 50ft above the ground killing the pilot
06/05/1958 WL358   Meteor T7 4 FTS Lost power during an overshoot at Worksop, Notts and belly-landed into a field
07/05/1958 XK934  T-325 Whirlwind HAS7 820 NAS Ditched into Lough Foyle, Northern Ireland after engine failure. The three crew were picked up by HMS Zest. The helicopter was not recovered
09/05/1958 WN506 K Balliol T2 3/4 CAACU Bounced on landing and swung off the runway during an attempted overshoot at Exeter
09/05/1958 XG732 440 Sea Venom FAW22 891 NAS Lost speed on launch from HMS Bulwark and ditched 300yds ahead of the ship. The observer was injured but the pilot was killed
10/05/1958 WN460 775 Gannet AS1 796 NAS Ditched into the sea 20 miles off Lands End, Cornwall after engine failure
12/05/1958 VZ178   Vampire FB5 8 FTS Flew into the ground during a night navex six miles east of Leicester
12/05/1958 XA625 A Javelin FAW1 87 Sqn Burnt out on the ground at Bruggen, West Germany following an explosion during engine start
12/05/1958 WD170   Valleta C1 52 Sqn Lost power during a single engine approach to Changi, Singapore and belly-landed
15/05/1958 XF259   Dragonfly HC4 CFS Hit trees and rolled over in a forced landing at Calmsden, Gloucs after the engine cut
15/05/1958 XA421 R-294 Gannet AS4 815 NAS Bolted during a night deck landing on HMS Ark Royal. Power was applied late and the aircraft ditched ahead of the ship. The two crew were rescued
15/05/1958 XJ730   Whirlwind HAR2 22 Sqn The engine lost power during winching practice 600 yards off Crane Pier, Felixstowe, Suffolk. The winch operator abandoned the aircraft when 10ft above the water. The engine then cut in but as the aircraft climbed away the pilot misused the cyclic control and the main rotor struck and removed the tail rotor. The winchman fell into the water and later died from his injuries. The pilot was seriously injured when the aircraft fell into the water. Caused by fuel starvation
17/05/1958 WP782 E Chipmunk T10 Oxford UAS WP776 was taxying out for another night take off from Kidlington, Oxon. The pilot was distracted by another aircraft landing and taxied into WP782. WP776 was only slightly damaged while WP782 was declared a write off. It  was sold and rebuilt as G-APSC
17/05/1958 WP776 F Chipmunk T10 Oxford UAS
19/05/1958 XG653 R-468 Sea Venom FAW21 893 NAS Lost height on launch from HMS Ark Royal, flew into the sea and broke up. The pilot was injured but the observer was killed
19/05/1958 WK312   Swift FR5 79 Sqn The pilot ejected after the controls failed five miles west of Weidenbruck, West Germany
21/05/1958 WM374   Meteor NF11 RRE No2 engine suffered a catastrophic turbine failure during a touch and go at Woomera, Australia. The resultant fire caused the rear fuselage to separate and the aircraft crashed five miles north east of the airfield, killing the pilot. It was there for trials with the Fireflash missile
22/05/1958 VV300   Anson T21 Technical College, Henlow Following a heavy landing it was written off when an undercarriage leg collapsed while taxying at Henlow, Beds
30/05/1958 VF607   Auster AOP6 652 Sqn Written off when it hit a fence on take off from Oltenstein, West Germany
01/06/1958 WT986   Skyraider AEW1 NARIU Damaged by fire at Lee-on-Solent, Hants and was later broken up
03/06/1958 VP969   Devon C1 Maintanance Command Comm Sqn Flew in to high ground at Box Low, Scotland
04/06/1958 XF869   Provost T1 1 FTS Swung on landing at Rufforth, Yorks causing the undercarriage to collapse
04/06/1958 WV863 LM-635 Sea Hawk FGA4 738 NAS The pilot lost control of the aircraft during the break to land at Milltown, Morayshire. It struck the ground vertically one mile SW of the airfield and exploded killing the pilot
04/06/1958 WD302   Chipmunk T10 Queens UAS Hit the ground during a practice engine cut at Sydenham, Northern Ireland
04/06/1958 XA119 LM-602 Sea Vampire T22 736 NAS Lost power and suffered a flame out on landing at Lossiemouth, Moray. It was not repaired
04/06/1958 XG542 Sycamore HR14 284 Sqn Rolled over after the tail rotor hit a bush six miles north of Limassol, Cyprus
05/06/1958 XA558 A Javelin FAW1 87 Sqn Crashed into a corn field near Bruggen, West Germany after flaming out on approach
05/06/1958 XD151   SR53 A&AEE The pilot abandoned take off from Boscombe Down, Wiltshire after the blind flying panel dropped down behind the control column. The aircraft collided with a large approach light post, disintegrated and caught fire. The pilot was thrown from the aircraft still attached to his seat and was killed
05/06/1958 WV391 ES-E Hunter F4 229 OCU Stalled on approach to Chivenor, Devon and crashed into a dyke killing the pilot
06/06/1958 XG590   Whirlwind HAS7 A&AEE Crashed into a field at Wither’s Farm one mile east of Cadnam Green, Southampton, Hampshire after a structural failure occurred between the engine and the clutch assembly resulting in loss of control. The two crew escaped without injury. Allocated to ground instruction at Arbroath
10/06/1958 XH296   Vampire T11 Middleton St George Station Flt The engine failed on landing at Dishforth, Yorks. It  overshot and the undercarriage was raised to stop. To Sutton on Hull fire dump
12/06/1958 WJ823   Canberra PR7 58 Sqn The  Canberra was  letting  down to Wyton at night and collided at 1,400ft with the T-33, which had just overshot from Alconbury. The  aircraft crashed one mile east of Spaldwick, Cambridgeshire. Both crew from each aircraft were killed
12/06/1958 56-1604   T-33A USAFE
13/06/1958 WT477   Canberra T4 BCHU Dived into the ground out of cloud killing four sheep 2˝ miles east of Hemswell, Lincs. All three on board were killed. The third member was just along for the ride. Although not positively determined, the cause of the crash may have been due to oxygen problems
16/06/1958 XA436   Gannet AS4 816 Sqn/RAN Crashed into the sea off HMAS Melbourne
23/06/1958 WE143   Canberra PR3 231 OCU Yawed during an asymmetric approach to Bassingbourn, Cambs and crashed. The pilot was killed and the navigator was injured
24/06/1958 PH545   Anson C12 Hemswell Station Flt The undercarriage collapsed while taxying at Hemswell, Lincolnshire
27/06/1958 WW190   Sea Venom FAW21 893 NAS Overshot on landing at Hal Far, Malta
30/06/1958 WV837 640 Sea Hawk FGA4 738 NAS Control was lost after recovering from a dive on the Rosehearty Range, Aberdeenshire. It crashed into the Moray Firth killing the pilot
01/07/1958 WD989   Canberra B2 73 Sqn Suffered an engine failure on take off from Mehrabad, Iran and swung off the runway
01/07/1958 XL701   Pioneer CC1 78 Sqn Written off when it hit a Land Rover on landing at Khormaksar, Aden and broke off a wing
02/07/1958 WP911   Chipmunk T10 Glasgow UAS Hit a marker board while landing at Thorney Island, Sussex
04/07/1958 VV362   Anson T22 229 OCU After taxying in at Chivenor, Devon an ambulance was reversed in front of it to transfer a patient from the Anson. The pilot increased rpm to prevent oiling the plugs but the aircraft moved forward and struck the ambulance. The fuselage was twisted and the tailplane damaged
05/07/1958 XA106 BY-559 Sea Vampire T22 727 NAS During a practice for an Air Display the aircraft lost height during a roll and crashed at Brawdy, Pembrokshire
07/07/1958 WL422 Meteor T7 29 Sqn Damaged, possibly at Acklington, Northumberland. Later declared a write off
08/07/1958 WJ407   Auster T7 39 Infantry Battalion Crashed into a field near Castle Dawson, Londonderry, Northern Ireland after the undercarriage struck HT cables
08/07/1958 WZ714   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Force-landed in a paddy field at Perak, Malaya after engine failure
08/07/1958 WR503   Venom FB4 8 Sqn Shot down by Omani guerrillas
11/07/1958 XA725   Javelin FAW5 A&AEE Damaged beyond repair when an explosion occurred after engine start up at Boscombe Down, Wiltshire. Caused by the incorrect fitting of a clamp in the exhaust system which allowed the starter exhaust to discharge directly into the centre fuselage
11/07/1958 XA751 Javelin FAW4 41 Sqn Entered a flat spin during aerobatics from which the USAF exchange pilot could not recover. Both crew ejected but the pilot was killed as he ejected too late. It crashed into a field near to Moat Farm, adjacent to the back road from Ringshall to Wattisham village, Suffolk to the north of the airfield
11/07/1958 WD357 D Chipmunk T10 St Andrews UAS Overturned  during a forced landing 2˝ miles north of Lindholme, Yorkshire following engine failure
11/07/1958 WS611 N Meteor NF12 72 Sqn A loud bang was heard on take off from Church Fenton, Yorks. The starboard undercarriage had not retracted and only did so after several attempts. It was then lowered and made a safe landing. Not repaired
12/07/1958 VM359   Anson C19 22 Group Comm Flt The pilot attempted to divert to Cranfield, Beds after the No 2 engine cut due to an empty starboard fuel tank. No 1 engine also cut and the pilot force-landed into a potato field 1˝ miles short of the airfield
15/07/1958 XK739   Gnat T1 Folland Aircraft Ltd An electrical failure caused loss of trim on  systems which resulted in a very heavy landing back at Chilbolton, Hampshire The pilot was slightly injured
20/07/1958 XG541   Sycamore HR14 284 Sqn Lost height and hit the ground at Palendria, Cyprus
21/07/1958 WN371 779 Gannet AS1 796 NAS Ditched into the sea 4 miles off Newquay, Cornwall after engine failure. The crew were rescued
22/07/1958 XF687   Provost T1 RAFC Crashed near Ingoldsby, Lincolnshire after control was lost during a practice forced landing. The pilot was killed
22/07/1958 WD350   Chipmunk T10 Leeds UAS Abandoned by the crew during a spin over Birkin, Yorkshire
22/07/1958 XA559 D Javelin FAW1 87 Sqn Burnt out on the ground at Bruggen, West Germany due to an engine start up fire
23/07/1958 XG689 E-490 Sea Venom FAW22 893 NAS During a CCA to HMS Eagle it struck the round-down area, burst into flames and somersaulted along the deck. Both crew were killed
25/07/1958 XE398 B-121 Sea Hawk FGA6 801 NAS A fire warning light illuminated on take off from Khormaksar, Aden for a flight to HMS Bulwark. The pilot reported that the engine was flaming out and attempted a forced landing back at the airfield. He was forced to eject at 100 ft one mile short of the field but was found dead in the water
25/07/1958 XG625 R-468 Sea Venom FAW21 893 NAS Sixteen Sea Venoms took off from Yeovilton to take part in a flypast for HRH the Duchess of Kent. XG625 flew into high ground on Staple Hill, Otterford near Taunton, Somerset killing the crew
26/07/1958 WB945   Sedburgh TX1 122 GS Written off in a flying accident at Halton, Buckinghamshire
27/07/1958 XG259 G Hunter F6 54 Sqn Collided with a bus at night which failed to stop at an intersection while the aircraft was taxying at Akrotiri, Cyprus. Fuselage to the Jordanian AF
01/08/1958 XJ431   Whirlwind HAR4 155 Sqn After partial engine failure the pilot made an emergency landing in mud on Port Dickson Beach, Malaya. It was submerged by the tide
01/08/1958 XG539   Sycamore HR14 284 Sqn Crashed into an orchard after the tail rotor struck cables at Kakopetria, Cyprus
06/08/1958 WJ467 K Valetta T4 228 OCU Written off in a forced landing three miles north of Leeming, Yorks following engine failure
06/08/1958 WP998 28 Vampire FB9 7 FTS Lost height rapidly while on approach to Valley, Anglesey. It struck a rocky outcrop, a railway line and ploughed through boggy land before sliding onto the runway on its belly. The Iraqi pilot was uninjured but a sheep was killed
06/08/1958 XL581 LM-619 Hunter T8 736 NAS Crashed near Lossiemouth, Morayshire during a low level roll. The pilot was killed
06/08/1958 WV184 421 Skyraider AEW1 849 NAS Damaged during touch down on HMS Albion in the Mediterranean. It diverted to Hal Far, Malta where it was further damaged while making an emergency landing
09/08/1958 WJ377   Auster AOP6 652 Sqn Overturned on landing at Hohne landing strip West Germany
13/08/1958 WR481   Venom FB4 8 Sqn WR481 had just carried out a ground attack on  the Khormaksar range, Aden when it was struck by WR541 and crashed killing the pilot. WR541 made an emergency landing at Khormaksar but was declared a write off
13/08/1958 WF541   Venom FB4 8 Sqn
14/08/1958 RD850 L Beaufighter TT10 MC&TT While being towed at Takali, Malta the ground crew took a short cut across the airfield. The tail section got stuck on the edge of the taxiway, while the rest of the aircraft continued forwards
15/08/1958 XD975   Swift FR5 A&AEE During a delivery flight from Aldergrove to Boscombe Down the pilot allowed his approach speed to Wisley, Surrey to decay too far. Control was lost and it crashed inverted onto the runway with full power applied. The pilot was killed
15/08/1958 XL834 B-391 Whirlwind HAS7 845 NAS While operating off HMS Bulwark it crashed in rough terrain in the Aden Protectorate after failing to become airborne following take off at high altitude. The four occupants escaped safely
19/08/1958 WE556   Auster T7 652 Sqn Overturned after the engine cut on take off from Herford, West Germany
20/08/1958 XE379 116 Sea Hawk FGA6 801 NAS Ditched ahead of HMS Bulwark after the ejector seat drogue streamed during a catapult launch while in the Mediterranean
20/08/1958 XG233 J Hunter F6 66 Sqn Flew into the sea off Famagusta, Cyprus killing the pilot
21/08/1958 XF448 F Hunter F6 74 Sqn Dived into the North Sea off Winterton, Norfolk when recovering from a loop during a tail chase
26/08/1958 XL842 A-324 Whirlwind HAS7 820 NAS Ditched into the Mediterranean Sea north west of Cyprus while operating off HMS Albion. The pilot had overpitched after being caught in the slipstream of another helicopter during a stores transfer to USN submarine Sea Devil. The four crew were rescued
27/08/1958 WN976   Hunter F5 56 Sqn Crashed after the engine cut during an overshoot at Duxford, Cambridgeshire
27/08/1958 XF513   Hunter F6 54 Sqn Ran off the end of the runway and burnt out at Nicosia, Cyprus after brake failure
28/08/1958 WK417   Venom FB1 28 Sqn Belly-landed at Kai Tak, Hong Kong after the pilot forgot to lower the undercarriage
28/08/1958 XD679   Jet Provost T1 CFS Written off in a wheels up landing at Little Rissington, Gloucestershire
29/08/1958 WH655   Canberra B2 249 Sqn Belly-landed at El Adem, Libya after the undercarriage jammed
30/08/1958 WR522   Venom FB4 8 Sqn During an operational sortie the pilot commenced an attack on two donkeys on a plateau 200 yards north of Sharraijah village, Jebel Ahkdar, Oman. After firing the cannon the aircraft struck the ground, bounced twice and exploded, killing the pilot
01/09/1958 XE462 R-106 Sea Hawk FGA6 800 NAS Crashed  at Blackbushe, Hampshire, during display practice for the SBAC show
02/09/1958 XJ361   Sycamore HR14 Khormaksar Station Flt Lost its tail rotor and spun into the ground at Khormaksar, Aden
04/09/1958 WZ696   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Crashed into the jungle 20 miles NW of Kota Tinggi, Johore, Malaya during a supply drop. The crew were rescued
04/09/1958 XE393 475 Sea Hawk FGA6 898 NAS Ran into the undershoot area at Hal Far, Malta and was written off
04/09/1958 XM348 24 Jet Provost T3 Hunting Aircraft Company The aircraft was returning to Luton from the SBAC show when the pilot received three separate fire warnings. He elected to make an emergency landing in a field near Twyford, Berkshire but the aircraft struck some fences either side of a road and burst into flames. The pilot escaped without injury. The fire warnings had been spurious, being caused by defective insulation on a connector which had admitted moisture
07/09/1958 XG133 A Hunter F6 19 Sqn Stalled after take off from Duxford, Cambs. It hit the ground and blew up, killing the pilot
08/09/1958 XL833 A-390 Whirlwind HAS7 845 NAS Ditched into Aden harbour following a rapid increase in engine oil temperature and loss of power. The two crew were rescued and the helicopter was hoisted on board HMS Bulwark. After the engine was removed for investigation the helicopter was jettisoned over the side the following day
08/09/1958 XE402 A-166 Sea Hawk FGA6 804 NAS Collided during an anti EOKA sortie over Cyprus from HMS Albion and crashed into the sea. All three crew ejected safely
08/09/1958 XG620 A-255 Sea Venom FAW21 809 NAS
11/09/1958 WR442   Venom FB4 8 Sqn Stalled and dived into the ground at Sharjah, Oman
19/09/1958 XA779 M Javelin FAW2 89 Sqn Stalled when turning onto approach to Stradishall, Suffolk. It crashed killing both crew
20/09/1958 XA648 M Javelin FAW5 AWDS Crashed into a sugar beet field at Dunton near Fakenham, Norfolk after losing control during aerobatics
20/09/1958 VX770   Vulcan B1 Rolls Royce The test pilot was briefed to carry out two fly-pasts at the Battle of Britain display at Syerston, Notts  at 200-300ft between 250-300kts. In fact the height was about 70ft at approx 410kts. The pilot then pulled up into a climbing turn. This exceeded the g on the airframe by double the safe limit. The starboard wing root area suffered structural failure causing the aircraft to break up. It crashed on the airfield killing the four crew and also three people in the runway control vehicle
22/09/1958 XL556   Pioneer CC1 230 Sqn Written off on landing at Dishforth, Yorkshire when a undercarriage leg collapsed
23/09/1958 XG543   Sycamore HR14 194 Sqn Crashed at Kuala Lumpur, Malaya after the tail rotor hit a tree
25/09/1958 XD240 V-145 Scimitar F1 803 NAS Fell off the side of HMS Victorious at low speed into the English Channel off Portsmouth after the No.1 arrestor wire failed on landing. The pilot, who was the Squadron CO, was trapped in the cockpit and drowned despite efforts of crewmen from the rescue Whirlwind. Members of the press had been invited along to watch 803 Squadron embark
25/09/1958 XL570   Hunter T7 229 OCU Ditched into Barnstable Bay after take off from Chivenor, Devon. Both crew were killed
27/09/1958 XL848 C-336 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS The pilot set course for HMS Victorious after reporting rough engine running. Three minutes later the aircraft nose dived into the sea off  Portland, Dorset. The three crew were rescued but two were injured
30/09/1958 WP265   Eton TX1 Air Cadets Badly damaged in a flying accident, location not known. Later declared a write off
01/10/1958 WH539 Y Meteor FR9 8 Sqn Crashed near Kormaksar, Aden after the pilot ejected due to low fuel and lack of visibility in a sand storm
07/10/1958 VZ723   Vampire FB5 7 FTS Belly-landed at Valley, Anglesey after the undercarriage jammed up
07/10/1958 WP868   Chipmunk T10 CFS Spun into the ground at Bibury, Oxfordshire during aerobatics. Both crew were killed
09/10/1958 XH129   Canberra PR9 English Electric Company Entered an uncontrollable roll to starboard followed by a spiral dive due to failure of the leading edge wing root skin attachments caused by wing flex at 5G. Crashed into the Liverpool bay off the Lancashire coast after the pilot had ejected. The navigator did not have a parachute and was killed
09/10/1958 XH757   Javelin FAW7 A&AEE The aircraft was detached to Kano, Nigeria for hot weather trials. The port engine was shut down due to low fuel while on approach but the other engine then flamed out. It touched down fast, bounced uncontrollably along the runway, overran and impacted a sand bank. This tore off the nose and port undercarriage. The crew escaped safely. Caused by incorrect fuel gauge calibration
11/10/1958 WG353   Chipmunk T10 Southampton UAS Damaged in a flying accident. Repaired and became G-APTG
12/10/1958 WD383 G Chipmunk T10 Cambridge UAS WD383 collided after landing at Teversham, Cambs with WK509, which was taxying to dispersal. A passenger on WK509 was seriously injured
12/10/1958 WK509 C Chipmunk T10 Cambridge UAS
14/10/1958 WA394 22 Vampire FB5 7 FTS Ran out of fuel and was written off in an emergency landing near Valley, Anglesey
15/10/1958 XK767   Gnat T1 A&AEE Six minutes after take off from Boscombe Down the aircraft entered a steep climb due to seizure of the flying control relay valve. The pilot ejected but his seat malfunctioned and he was killed. The aircraft crashed at Stapleford, Wiltshire. All Gnats were grounded as a result of this crash
20/10/1958 WD765 5 Meteor NF11 ETPS Spun vertically into the ground at Malshanger near Basingstoke, Hants after the rear fuselage detached following loss of control at high mach at 40,000ft. The pilot was unable to release the canopy and was killed
21/10/1958 XL877   Whirlwind HAS7 815 NAS Ditched into the sea off Inishowan Head, County Donegal, Northern Ireland after complete loss of directional control while coming to a hover. The three crew were rescued by the Dutch submarine Zeeleeuw
22/10/1958 XD905 O Swift FR5 79 Sqn Overshot the runway on take off from Benson, Oxfordshire after reheat failure
23/10/1958 XL871 W-324 Whirlwind HAS7 820 NAS Ditched into the Mediterranean Sea eighteen miles off Cadiz while operating off HMS Albion. Water was induced into the air intake whilst in a hover near to the crest of a swell causing the engine to lose power. The three crew were rescued by Whirlwind XK938
24/10/1958 WZ676   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Overshot during a forced landing at Alor Star, Malaya after a supply sack hit the tailplane
24/10/1958 XA908   Vulcan B1 83 Sqn Suffered a complete electrical failure at 35.000 ft over Detroit, USA. It crashed into a residential area ploughing through trees and five houses. One woman on the ground was injured and all the crew were killed
26/10/1958 WZ666   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Suffered brake failure on landing at Telok Sengat, Malaya. It hit cables and plunged into the sea
28/10/1958 XJ479   Sea Vixen FAW1 C(A) The aircraft struck a vulture while at 100ft and 450 knots while on tropical trials 54 miles from Kano, Nigeria. The bird was ingested by the port engine and led to the break out of a fire in the wing trailing edge and loss of control. The crew ejected and received minor injuries
28/10/1958 XL869 292 Whirlwind HAS7 815 NAS Ditched into the sea after the engine overheated and finally failed one mile off Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Two crew were rescued safely by a Dragonfly from Eglington but one was killed
29/10/1958 WG320   Chipmunk T10 TTC Comms Flt Bounced on take off from North  Luffenham,  Leics while glider towing. Landed safely but  declared a write off. To G-ARMF
30/10/1958 XK377   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Crashed into a ditch after the wing hit trees during an emergency landing four miles SE of Malacca, Malaya following engine failure
04/11/1958 XB515 535 Hiller HT1 705 NAS Landed heavily at Gosport, Hampshire causing the main rotor to flex and hit the tail cone after the pilot had misjudged the height during the flare of a practice autorotation landing
04/11/1958 XE512   Pioneer CC1 267 Sqn Landed heavily at Kuala Lumpa, Malaya. It swung to port and ground looped, coming to rest facing the opposite direction
06/11/1958 XL838 P-332 Whirlwind HAS7 824 NAS A loud bang was heard from the engine while in a low hover into the Mediterranean Sea off Malta. It headed back to HMS Victorious but lost power and ditched five miles from the ship. The three crew were rescued
07/11/1958 WV840 J-179 Sea Hawk FGA6 806 NAS Crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off Hal Far, Malta after the pilot ejected following an engine fire
13/11/1958 RD811   Beaufighter TT10 Seletar Station Flt Ditched inverted while on approach to Changi, Singapore after one engine failed
13/11/1958 SX934   Lincoln B2 RAFFC Written off when the undercarriage collapsed on landing at Manby, Lincolnshire
13/11/1958 VF661   Auster AOP6 651 Sqn Hit trees in a turn and crashed at Ballypitmave, Antrim, Northern Ireland. Both crew were killed
18/11/1958 WH853   Canberra B2 45 Sqn Stalled after take off from Tengah, Singapore after both engines cut. It crashed through trees into an inlet 2,000 ft from the runway. The navigator escaped but the other two drowned before the rescue party could get there
19/11/1958 XD247 R-194 Scimitar F1 807 NAS Crashed at Cullicudden, Black Isle, Ross and Cromerty after a mid-air explosion. The pilot died the following day from injuries received when he did not separate from the ejection seat. All Scimitars were grounded for several weeks as it was thought there was a fault with the ejection seat. It transpired that the pilot had not ejected but had been thrown out of the aircraft by the force of the explosion
24/11/1958 XD926 K Swift FR5 2 Sqn Made a wheels up landing at Jever, West Germany after the nose wheel would not lower
25/11/1958 WN498 GN-916 Dragonfly HR3 Eglinton Station Flt Rolled to starboard while attempting to lift the outer wing of Gannet WN349 on the Minearny Range, Northern Ireland. The winch cable was cut but it could not recover and crashed into shallow water
27/11/1958 XD957 U Swift FR5 79 Sqn Badly damaged at Gutersloh, West Germany. It was sent for repair, but these were not carried out and the aircraft was scrapped
02/12/1958 VS971   Meteor PR10 81 Sqn Swung off the runway on take off from Seletar, Singapore due to the failure of a remould tyre on the main undercarriage
04/12/1958 XF542   Provost T1 CFS Hit trees near Kingham, Oxfordshire during a tail chase and crashed
05/12/1958 WZ457 22 Vampire T11 5 FTS The undercarriage was raised to stop during an emergency landing at Swinderby, Lincs following engine failure. It overshot, ran through several hedges and fences before coming to rest in a field
08/12/1958 WS106   Meteor T7 728 Sqn Disappeared on a test flight from Hal Far, Malta
05/12/1958 WZ520   Vampire T11 5 FTS Swung during take off from Oakington, Cambridgeshire. It then bounced over a railway embankment after the undercarriage was raised to stop
08/12/1958 VX116   Auster AOP6 653 Sqn Flew into power lines three miles east of Nicosia, Cyprus while acting as air cover for a road block. When trying to regain control it crashed into a hillside and burst into flames killing the pilot
09/12/1958 VP254 B Shackleton MR1A 205 Sqn Took off on anti piracy patrol over the South China Sea off Borneo. Several hours later it was seen by a Chinese fishing boat to be flying very low and struck the water.  Of the eleven crew only the body of the Flt Engineer was found
11/12/1958 WV202   Whirlwind HAS22 RAE Crashed out of control at Farnborough, Hampshire after failure of the tail rotor drive. The crew escaped unhurt
11/12/1958 VM352   Anson C19 Gaydon Station Flt Written off when the undercarriage collapsed on landing at Gaydon, Warwickshire
15/12/1958 WP498 GN916 Dragonfly HR5 Eglinton Station Flt Ditched into Lough Foyle off Eglington four miles north of Port Stewart, Northern Ireland after experiencing a clutch failure. The crew were rescued by a fishing vessel
20/12/1958 WJ366   Auster AOP6 20 Flt Dived into the ground at Tytam Bay, Hong Kong during a wing over at low level
22/12/1958 WR137   Vampire FB9 7 FTS Caught fire and dived vertically into the ground seven miles NNE of  Valley, Anglesey and exploded. The pilot abandoned the aircraft too late and was killed
22/12/1958 XG227 B Hunter F6 92 Sqn Crashed into the North Sea five miles off Middlesbrough. The pilot was killed

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