1957 losses

02/01/1957 WR556   Venom F4 8 Sqn Flew into the ground during practice air to ground firing north of Kormaksar, Aden killing the pilot
03/01/1957 WA417   Vampire FB5 7 FTS The aircraft entered and uncontrollable spin and dived into the ground four miles south of Rhyl, Denbigh. The pilot did not eject and was killed. It is thought that when the canopy detached it struck the pilot rendering him unconscious
03/01/1957 WA879 G Meteor F8 74 Sqn During a dog fight at 9,000ft WE974 collided with WA879, crushing the cockpit. The seat was automatically ejected and struck the underside of WE974 killing the pilot. The other pilot ejected through the canopy but his chute did not open properly and he was killed. The aircraft crashed near Horsham St. Faith, Norfolk
03/01/1957 WE974 S Meteor F8 74 Sqn
04/01/1957 WK681   Meteor F8 65 Sqn Struck a tree and crashed five miles north of Framlingham, Suffolk. The pilot did not eject and was killed
06/01/1957 VF546   Auster AOP6 663 Sqn Lost the outer part of a wing and spun into the ground at Nantwich, Cheshire
08/01/1957 WL479   Meteor T7 RAFFC Crashed after engine failure while on approach to Manby, Lincolnshire
09/01/1957 VZ860   Vampire FB5 4 FTS During manoeuvres with other Vampires the aircraft entered a dive from 18,000ft. The pilot made no attempt to correct it and dived into the centre of Harby village, Notts. The pilot and a woman civilian were killed, two other women were injured. One house was demolished and three others were seriously damaged
10/01/1957 WV199 T Whirlwind HAS22 845 Sqn Ditched into the Mediterranean Sea off Malta on entering a hover after either loss of power or mishandling of the controls by the pilot. A definite cause could not be established
10/01/1957 WZ429 60 Vampire T11 RAFC Spun into the ground near Gosberton, Bedfordshire after failing to recover from an intentional spin. The student ejected but the instructor stayed with the aircraft and was killed
10/01/1957 WZ504   Vampire T11 7 FTS Belly landed at Mona, Anglesey after the undercarriage jammed
11/01/1957 WP342 FD-518 Wyvern S4 700 NAS Port wing dropped on landing and dug into the ground causing the aircraft to overturned on landing at Ford, West Sussex
11/01/1957 XF949 C Hunter F4 3 Sqn Written off at Geilenkirchen, West Germany when both starter cartridges  fired together starting a fire 
13/01/1957 WK434   Venom FB1 73 sqn Written off when the undercarriage was raised to stop during take off from Salalah, Iraq
14/01/1957 WE887 J Meteor F8 FWS Collided  during a formation flight. The pilot of WE887 ejected through the canopy but his chute failed to deploy and he was killed. The aircraft crashed near Wormshead, Glamorgan. WH457 landed back at Pembrey and was repaired
14/01/1957 WH457   Meteor F8 223 OCU
17/01/1957 WX921   Venom NF3 Stadishall Station Flt Burnt out after a wheel hit a concrete block on landing at Stradishall, Suffolk. A tip tank caught the ground causing a fire
18/01/1957 WZ724 G Auster AOP9 FTC Written off in a flying accident possibly at Middle Wallop, Hampshire. To 7432M
18/01/1957 WZ670   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Dived into the ground near Batu Caves, Malaya when the undercarriage struck a cable during an overshoot
19/01/1957 XB775 19863 Sabre F4 Ferry Sqn Broke up and crashed near Thumerville, France killing the pilot. It was on delivery to the Italian Air Force
20/01/1957 RA664   Lincoln B11 1426 Flt Suffered a fuel tank split prior to departure to the U.K. from Khormaksar, Aden. It was not repaired and was scrapped on site
21/01/1957 WX794 D Venom NF3 151 Sqn Written off when it skidded while taxying at Leuchars, Fife causing the undercarriage to collapse
21/01/1957 XD390   Vampire T11 5 FTS It is thought that control was lost after flying through heavy turbulence caused by other aircraft descending towards Oakington. The pilot had regained control and was pulling out of a dive when it struck the ground at Lavendon, Bucks killing both crew
22/01/1957 WA231   Vampire FB5 5 FTS Crashed on  take off from Oakington, Cambs after the engine cut
22/01/1957 WX511   Neptune MR1 217 Sqn Landed at Kinloss, Morayshire minus its nose wheel. It overshot the runway onto a road
23/01/1957 WV788   Pembroke C1 APCSS The nose wheel collapsed in a heavy landing at Dhala, Aden
23/01/1957 WX904 F Venom NF3 23 Sqn Crashed at Horsham St. Faith, Norfolk after  take off at night
24/01/1957 VZ274 65 Vampire FB5 8 FTS Broke up during a high speed, low level tail chase and crashed near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. The pilot fell from the aircraft with his chute streaming and was killed
28/01/1957 XG559   Pioneer CC1 267 Sqn Encountered a sudden down draft just prior to touch down at Bidor airstrip, Malaya. It struck the ground short of the strip causing the port undercarriage to collapse and damaging the port wing and propeller
28/01/1957 WV853   Sea Hawk FB3 898 NAS Spun into the ground in Malta after control was lost during an unauthorised dog fight at low level during an Army Co-operation Exercise. The pilot did not eject and was killed
29/01/1957 WG835   Vampire FB5 7 FTS Lost power on  take off from Valley, Anglesey. The undercarriage was raised to stop
03/02/1957 WR260 L Vampire FB9 501 Sqn During an unauthorised flight by an engineer the aircraft crashed into the side of the gorge while attempting to fly under Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol
03/02/1957 TK605   Mosquito B35 2 CAACU Swung on landing at Langham, Suffolk after the starboard throttle jammed open
04/02/1957 WS753 J Meteor NF14 25 Sqn Crashed onto farmland at night at Shotover, east of Oxford after the canopy detached. The crew did not eject and were both killed
04/02/1957 WP115 G Hunter F5 56 Sqn Crashed three miles NW of Soham, Cambridgeshire after the engine cut during a GCA approach to Waterbeach. The pilot ejected safely
05/02/1957 XE312   Sycamore HR14 194 Sqn The aircraft began to overpitch after  take off from Tanah Rata, Padane, Malaya. The pilot could not land immediately due to children on the ground. As he moved away the main rotor struck a tree causing the aircraft to hit the ground and roll over
05/02/1957 VM391   Anson C19 24 Group Comm Flt Overshot into a hedge during a night landing in bad weather at Spitalgate, Lincolnshire
07/02/1957 XD951   Swift FR5 2 Sqn Suffered an hydraulic failure while taxying at Gutersloh, West Germany and swung into another aircraft while braking. To 7447M at Kirkham, North Yorkshire
08/02/1957 WK409 A Venom FB1 73 Sqn Belly landed at Khormaksar, Aden after the undercarriage had jammed up
11/02/1957 WR336 S Venom FB1 73 Sqn Damaged in a flying accident in Cyprus and later declared a write off
11/02/1957 WZ697   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Hit by a gust of wind on  take off from Paroi airstrip, Negri Sembilan, Malaya. A wing struck the road and the aircraft cartwheeled into a ditch
17/02/1957 WN357 088 Gannet AS1 847 NAS Ditched into the sea off Cyprus, due to the port engine seizing, and being unable to restart the starboard engine in time
18/02/1957 XG516   Sycamore HR14 284 Sqn Rolled over after the rotor hit trees at Platres, Cyprus
19/02/1957 XA415 283 Gannet AS4 814 NAS Went missing on a night sortie and believed ditched into the sea 20 miles off the Lizard, Cornwall. No wreckage was ever found
25/02/1957 WK499   Venom FB1 28 Sqn Flew into the sea during a practice attack on HMS Cockade seven miles west of Waglan Island, Hong Kong
25/02/1957 WX976 J Meteor FR9 208 Sqn All 3 aircraft made wheels up landings in the desert near Simvar, Iraq after becoming  lost in  bad weather.  The aircraft were not recovered
25/02/1957 WB138   Meteor FR9 208 Sqn
25/02/1957 VZ577   Meteor FR9 208 Sqn
26/02/1957 XK989   Whirlwind HAR2 22 Sqn Lost height and ditched into the Sea off Thorney Island, Sussex. To 7415M
01/03/1957 WM310   Meteor NF13 39 Sqn Overshot while landing in rain at Nicosia, Cyprus
01/03/1957 VV563   Vampire FB5 5 FTS Stalled on approach to Oakington, Cambs and landed in the undershoot area causing the nose wheel to collapse
04/03/1957 WR557   Venom FB4 22 MU Flew into a hill 26 miles SE of Carlisle between the villages of Croglin and Slaggyford after the elevators jammed while on a test flight from Silloth, Cumbria, the pilot was killed
05/03/1957 XH117 Z Beverley C1 53 Sqn No 1 engine was feathered immediately after  take off from Abingdon, Oxfordshire due to a massive fuel leak. During the resultant emergency landing No 2 engine failed to respond to an increase in power. A forced landing was attempted in open fields but the aircraft struck power lines, several trees, a caravan and a prefab house. It then somersaulted and came to rest inverted next to Sutton Wick farm, Drayton, Berks. Three people survived, one being thrown into a horse trough by a farm worker to douse his blazing clothes. Fifteen people and eight police dogs were killed on the Beverley as were two people in the prefab house. It was concluded that two technicians had fitted a non return valve in the fuel system the wrong way round. Also, the pilot failed to operate the fuel management system correctly
06/03/1957 WA197   Vampire FB5 233 OCU The pilot misjudged his approach to Pembrey, Carmarthenshire and landed on the grass 30 yards short of the runway. It then ran into an approach light and was damaged beyond repair
07/03/1957 WH951   Canberra B6 12 Sqn The brakes failed on landing at Luqa, Malta. It  overshot the runway and ran into a wall
07/03/1957 WF298 FD-713 Sea Hawk FB3 767 NAS The pilot lost control  during  a night GCA to Ford, West Sussex. The aircraft struck Harrow Hill five miles north west of Worthing killing the pilot
08/03/1957 WH915   Canberra B6 61 Sqn Dived into high ground at Wiggington, two miles SSE of Tring, Herts in bad weather
11/03/1957 WZ430   Vampire T11 5 FTS Damaged, sent for repair but declared a write off.
13/03/1957 VV216   Vampire FB5 MCCS Lost power after the canopy detatched after landing at Wroughton, Wilts and caught fire
13/03/1957 XF427 E Hunter F6 54 Sqn Dived into the ground inverted at high speed two miles east of Yarmouth, Isle of Wight after the pilot lost consciousness. He did not eject and was killed
14/03/1957 WF270 LM-642 Sea Hawk F2 738 NAS The pilot lost control during final approach to Lossiemouth, Morayshire and struck the ground 50 yards short. The ejection seat fired on impact with the canopy closed killing the pilot
22/03/1957 WT580 RS-D Hunter F1 229 OCU Swung off the runway during an emergency landing at Chivenor, Devon after an undercarriage leg had jammed up
24/03/1957 VW370   Meteor FR9 208 Sqn Crashed at Thumeir, Aden after an engine fire
25/03/1957 XE978 41 Vampire T11 RAFC The crew abandoned the aircraft over Bardney, Lincolnshire after control failure
25/03/1957 WV388 R Hunter F4 222 Sqn Crashed into the sea eleven miles east of Leuchars, Fife during a night GCA. The pilot was killed
25/03/1957 WR363 K Venom FB1 73 Sqn Damaged in a flying accident in Cyprus and later declared a write off
27/03/1957 XA255 M Marathon T1 1 ANS Damaged in an accident at Topcliffe, Yorkshire. Not repaired and allocated to G.I as 7465M
27/03/1957 WJ375   Auster AOP6 1908 Flt Force-landed and overturned after loss of power, eight miles west of Tripoli, Libya
28/03/1957 WL887 383 Wyvern S4 831 NAS Collided and crashed over Bracklesham Bay, Thorney Island, West Sussex
28/03/1957 WP343 348 Wyvern S4 831 NAS
02/04/1957 XD187 H Whirlwind HAR 4 155 Sqn Ran out of fuel and crashed into the Jungle near Johore, Malaya
02/04/1957 VZ872   Vampire FB5 233 OCU Force-landed at Pembrey, Dyfed after the engine cut
02/04/1957 WW643 RS-X Hunter F1 229 OCU Damage to the starboard wheel and door was found after landing back at Chivenor. To 7424M
05/04/1957 VW432   Meteor T7 208 Sqn Lost power while in the circuit and crashed at Takali, Malta
05/04/1957 WV384   Hunter F4 71 Sqn The engine cut due to fuel starvation while on approach to Bruggen, West Germany. The pilot ejected but his seat gun drogue failed and he was killed
09/04/1957 WR357   Venom FB1 8 Sqn Flew into high ground during an attack on Lanzarak, Aden
09/04/1957 WN907 H Hunter F2 257 Sqn The starboard mainplane underskin at the flap leading edge was found to be damaged after landing at Kemble, Wilts. Possibly due to a foreign object being jammed in the flaps. To 7416M
09/04/1957 XJ257   Canberra B6 213 Sqn Written off in a belly landing at Ahlhorn, West Germany after the undercarriage failed
10/04/1957 XH319   Vampire T11 7 FTS Struck two seagulls at 500ft causing severe damage to the starboard mainplane and air intakes. Returned to Valley, Anglesey but was not repaired
10/04/1957 WE400 M Venom FB1 FWS Hit by a ricochet during air to ground firing. Returned to Leconfield but was not repaired
11/04/1957 VX977   Vampire FB5 229 OCU While carrying out air to banner firing practice a piece of the banner flew off and ripped of the port wing tip. The pilot was unaware of this until he returned to Chivenor, Devon. Not repaired and was sold as scrap
11/04/1957 WM706 K Vampire NF10 2 ANS Lifted off too early on  take off from Thorney Island, Sussex. A drop tank touched the ground and exploded. The aircraft skidded over mud flats,  broke up and caught fire. The two crew escaped with slight injuries
11/04/1957 XF902   Provost T1 6 FTS The student failed to apply power when instructed during an engine off approach to Ternhill, Salop. The instructor applied power but the aircraft struck a railway signal before power increased. It went into a steep climb before nose diving into the ground. To 7425M
11/04/1957 WN948 R Hunter F2 257 Sqn The squadron was disbanded at Wattisham on 31st March 1957 and the majority of the units Hunters went to Kemble for store. WN948 was deemed to damaged beyond economical repair, presumably the result of a ground accident, and was declared a write off. To 7441M
12/04/1957 WK582   Chipmunk T10 Leeds UAS Entered a spin during unauthorised aerobatics and crashed half a mile west of Harwood, Yorkshire killing the pilot
12/04/1957 WL410   Meteor T7 FWS Stalled and dived into the ground during a practice asymmetric approach to Leconfield, Yorks. It burst into flames killing both crew
13/04/1957 WT958 421 Skyraider AEW1 849 NAS Overshot the runway at Culdrose, Cornwall with engine trouble and crashed through the perimeter fence into a field
15/04/1957 RD771   Beaufighter TT10 Kai Tak HQ Flt Swung off the runway at Kai Tak, Hong Kong during a roller landing. It went through a hedge and a fence, across a road and came to rest on a traffic island
15/04/1957 WD725 F Meteor NF11 29 Sqn The pilot abandoned  take off from Acklington, Northumberland after loss of power. It ran off the runway and caught fire. Both crew were injured
15/04/1957 XG563   Pioneer CC1 267 Sqn Written off when the undercarriage collapsed on landing at Fort Shean, Malaysia
16/04/1957 XJ427   Whirlwind HAR4 155 Sqn The aircraft began to vibrate violently when power was increased for  take off from Seletar, Singapore. It began to break up and a rotor blade detached killing an airman. Another blade severed the tail cone. One passenger and four other airmen were injured. A rotor blade had not been fitted correctly during maintenance
17/04/1957 WL177 F Meteor F8 65 Sqn Written off when the undercarriage collapsed on landing at Duxford, Cambridgeshire
17/04/1957 VW832   Valetta C1 84 Sqn Shortly after  take off from Akaba, Jordan the aircraft entered turbulence. When trying to maintain control the port wing began to vibrate. This caused failure of the outer wing and port main spar. It crashed into the desert killing the 3 crew and 24 Army personnel on board
21/04/1957 XA298   Cadet TX3 615 GS Written off in a flying accident at Kenley, South London
25/04/1957 WE423   Venom FB1 28 Sqn During mock combat over the sea WR299 turned into the sun. The pilot of WE423 followed, was blinded and his wing removed one tail section from the other aircraft. Both pilots were able to eject and were rescued by a Junk fifteen nautical miles from Waglan Island, Hong Kong
25/04/1957 WR299 A Venom FB1 28 Sqn
25/04/1957 WR506 W Venom FB4 249 Sqn The pilot approached El Adem, Libya with the undercarriage raised. The tower advised him of this but he applied power too late to prevent the aircraft belly-landing
28/04/1957 XE892 S Vampire T11 253 Sqn Suffered engine failure shortly after  take off from Waterbeach. due to compressor failure. Both crew ejected and the aircraft crashed at Mount Pleasant Farm, Stowupland, Stowmarket, Suffolk
29/04/1957 WR282  D Venom FB1 14 Sqn loan to RNZAF Suffered a flameout at 1000 feet within sight of Tengah, Singapore. The pilot ejected and became the first RNZAF pilot to do so. The aircraft crashed into the Straits of Johore
29/04/1957 WN162   Balliol T2 238 OCU The pilot was affected by fumes and the undercarriage was accidentally raised on landing at  North Luffenham, Leicestershire
30/04/1957 XG203 H Hunter F6 111 Sqn Overshot the runway on landing at North Weald, Essex. It then broke up and exploded after the nose wheel collapsed. The explosion activated the ejector seat and blew the pilot clear. He suffered only slight injuries
01/05/1957 WH717   Canberra B2 44 Sqn Both engines failed after  take off from Watton, Norfolk. It landed again but the port undercarriage collapsed causing the aircraft to skid and overshoot into the approach lights
02/05/1957 XB320 J998 Avenger AS5 HMS Warrior Lost power on  take off from HMS Warrior and ditched into the Pacific Ocean off the Christmas Islands during Operation Grapple, the testing of British nuclear bomb
03/05/1957 VM389   Anson C19 TCCF Swung on  take off from Upavon, Wilts causing the undercarriage to collapse
06/05/1957 XE922 42 Vampire T11 4 FTS On return to Worksop, Notts the airframe was found to have been overstressed. Caused when control was initially lost and then regained during an intentional spin
06/05/1957 WR263 28 Vampire FB9 RAFC Crashed into the North Sea off Mablethorpe, Lincs after the pilot ejected due to jammed controls
07/05/1957 XA427 337 Gannet AS4 824 NAS Ditched into the sea ahead of HMS Albion after the flaps had not been lowered during a free take off
08/05/1957 VW814   Valetta C1 84 Sqn Lost power and belly landed near Shihr, Aden
13/05/1957 XE986 29 Vampire T11 8 FTS The instructor took control after the student became disorientated and lost control in cloud. On return to Swinderby, Lincs it was found to have pulled 10 G and overstressed the wings
13/05/1957 WA250 61 Vampire FB5 8 FTS Broke up while in a dive near Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
14/05/1957 WB752   Chipmunk T10 Stadishall Station Flt Written off when it hit a post while taxying at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire
17/05/1957 XG258   Hunter F6 93 Sqn Flew into the ground at Bitburg airbase West Germany during a formation aerobatic display rehearsal and when recovering from a bomb burst, killing the pilot
19/05/1957 WB977    Sedbergh TX1 644 GS Written off in a flying accident at Spitalgate, Lincolnshire
20/05/1957 XJ363   Sycamore HR14 275 Sqn After  take off from North Coates, Lincs the pilot was unable to reduce the engine revs which were in the red. He switched off the ignition and auto rotated onto the airfield
20/05/1957 WH790   Canberra PR7 58 Sqn Dived into the ground 11 miles ESE of Goose Bay, Canada after loss of contact during a GCA approach in bad weather
22/05/1957 XD454 40 Vampire T11 7 FTS Made a wheels up landing at Valley, Anglesey after the port undercarriage jammed
22/05/1957 WT681 RS-T Hunter F1 229 OCU The pilot was unaware that the aircraft had been damaged by a bird strike until he taxied in at Chivenor, Devon. To 7442M
24/05/1957 WV650   Provost T1 6 FTS Struck the runway hard at Ternhill, Salop after the instructor left it too late to take over from the student after he had mishandled the aircraft. He overshot and landed safely. The aircraft was not repaired
24/05/1957 XL507   Sycamore HR51 723 Sqn Crashed into the sea off Australia
25/05/1957 WX912 L Venom NF3 89 Sqn Written off after the engine torched on  take off from Stradishall, Suffolk damaging the tail. To 7448M
25/05/1957 XE661 F Hunter F4 74 Sqn While taking part in Exercise Vigilant and during  take off from Horsham St Faith, Norfolk the controls reverted to manual. The pilot attempted to stop but it overran the runway
25/05/1957 XA732   Javelin FAW4 23 Sqn While taxying for  take off at Horsham St Faith, Norfolk the starboard ventral tank detached causing a fuel spill. The aircraft quickly caught fire and burnt out. The crew evacuated the aircraft safely
25/05/1957 XE662 S Hunter F4 74 Sqn Just after the previous Hunter incident the Javelin incident occurred. The ATC tried to alert the Javelin crew but did not use any call sign. The pilot of XE662 thought the calls applied to him. He shut down his engine and attempted a power off landing. The undercarriage collapsed and the cockpit broke away. The pilot escaped safely
27/05/1957 WA259   Vampire FB5 5 FTS Lost power and crashed near Swanton Morley, Norfolk
27/05/1957 WH507   Meteor T7 Seletar Station Flt The pilot abandoned take off from Seletar, Singapore and raised the undercarriage to stop. He had been unable to pull the control column fully back due to the emergency oxygen bottle being in the way
28/05/1957 XK859   Pembroke C1 El Adem Station Flt Ran out of fuel and force-landed thirteen miles from El Adem, Libya. Caused substantial damage to the underside of the aircraft. Sent for repair but was declared a write off
30/05/1957 WV869 15 Sea Hawk FGA6 803 NAS The pilot ejected shortly after  take off from Lossiemouth after a fire started in the cockpit. The aircraft crashed near to the base
31/05/1957 XG270 D Hunter F6 4 Sqn Following engine failure, due to compressor failure, the pilot attempted to eject but the canopy would not jettison. A successful emergency landing was made on a beach on the West German island of Baltrum. Although structural damage was only slight the aircraft was swamped by the incoming tide and declared a write-off due to sea water contamination. The pilot survived unhurt but was later killed when Hunter WW595 crashed on 23rd January 1967
31/05/1957 WR466   Venom FB4 5 Sqn Stalled on  take off and crashed at Wunstorf, West Germany
31/05/1957 XG546   Sycamore HR14 284 Sqn Crashed at Platres, Cyprus after the tail rotor hit the ground
01/06/1957 XD533   Vampire T11 5 FTS The windscreen frame fractured while at high speed. This shattered the screen which caused the hood to blow off. The instructor took control and made a safe landing back at Oakington, Cambs
03/06/1957 VW444   Meteor T7 SHQ Seletar Swung off the runway when a tyre burst on take off from Seletar, Singapore
04/06/1957 WH586   Sea Fury FB11 723 Sqn Whilst returning from night flying, the aircraft flew into the ground at Nowra, Australia, killing the pilot
04/06/1957 WR338   Venom FB1 60 Sqn Written off when the nose wheel collapsed on landing at Tengah, Singapore
05/06/1957 WV489 O-S Provost T1 6 FTS Written off, no further details
07/06/1957 WT700   Hunter F1 229 OCU The engine cut while on approach to Chivenor, Devon. The pilot made a forced landing on a sand bank in the river Taw
07/06/1957 XF525 O-S Hunter F6 19 Sqn Collided during a formation display rehearsal  over North Weald, Essex. XF525, which was on loan to 111 Sqn crashed killing the pilot. XE621 landed safely
07/06/1957 XE621   Hunter F6 111 Sqn
07/06/1957 WN969 N Hunter F5 41 Sqn The pilot ejected after loss of power near Biggin Hill, Kent. The aircraft crashed into a field killing a horse and injuring two others
10/06/1957 VF562   Auster AOP6 2 TAF Hit trees following engine failure and overturned during a forced landing four miles east of Krefeld, West Germany
12/06/1957 VW165   Valetta C1 84 Sqn Stalled while on approach to Beihan, Aden and struck the ground heavily causing the tailwheel to collapse
13/06/1957 WJ189 CU-778 Firefly T7 796 NAS The starboard undercarriage collapsed on landing at Culdrose, Cornwall
14/06/1957 WK981   Meteor F8 FCCS Stalled and crashed at Bovingdon, Essex
15/06/1957 XL519   Pioneer CC1 78 Sqn Force landed  into a  jungle clearing two miles from Al Maila airstrip, Aden after loss of power due to an oil leak. The aircraft was undamaged in the landing but was damaged beyond repair by local natives before it could be recovered
17/06/1957 XF598   Provost T1 6 FTS Overran the runway at Ternhill, Salop after the engine cut during a down wind landing. To 7466M
18/06/1957 WV511 J-P Provost T1 RAFC Abandoned by the crew during a spin over Aslackby, Lincs
20/06/1957 WT563   Hunter F1 233 OCU Rolled into the ground two mile north of Pembrey, Carmarthen after control failure, killing the pilot
24/06/1957 WM979 C-160 Sea Hawk FGA4 806 NAS Flew into the ground when dive bombing at Boyndie airfield near Banff, Banffshire
25/06/1957 WE597   Auster T7 LAS Flew into power cables and crashed near Blandford Forum, Dorset
27/06/1957 WG961   Meteor T7 Odiham Sation Flt Stalled while carrying out an asymmetric approach to Odiham, Hants and crashed
28/06/1957 XF997 F Hunter F4 43 Sqn Force-landed onto mudflats in the River Eden estuary after a bird strike while on approach to Leuchars, Fife. The pilot was unhurt
01/07/1957 WP966 BD-B Chipmunk T10 LAS Hit the ground half a mile west of Middle Wallop, Hants after the engine cut during an overshoot
02/07/1957 VF522   Auster AOP6 652 Sqn Swung off the runway and hit a vehicle after an abandoned  take off in West Germany
03/07/1957 WE409 I Venom FB1 14 Sqn loan to RNZAF Entered an inverted spin from which the pilot could not recover. He ejected successfully and the aircraft crashed South West Malaya
05/07/1957 XA390 322 Gannet AS1 820 NAS Broke out of the catapult while being prepared for launch from HMS Bulwark while operating in the North Channel off Bangor, County Down Northern Ireland. It ran off the deck into the sea but the pilot and two passengers were rescued
08/07/1957 WK114   Canberra B2 32 Sqn Crashed into the Limassol Bay after taking off in fog from Akrotiri, Cyprus
08/07/1957 WK471   Venom FB1 60 Sqn Stalled on take off from Tengah, Singapore and crashed into some buildings
09/07/1957 WK561 L Chipmunk T10 CNCS Hit a hedge during a forced landing four miles north of Shrewsbury after the engine cut
09/07/1957 WZ718   Auster AOP9 1900 Flt Hit the mast of a junk and ditched into Tolo Channel, Hong Kong during a practice forced landing
10/07/1957 WR295 J Venom FB1 14 Sqn loan to RNZAF Suffered a nosewheel collapse on landing at Tengah, Singapore. The aircraft suffered Cat.5 damage and was subsequently scrapped
10/07/1957 XG548 U Sycamore HR14 JEHU Written off after serious ground resonance while on development tests at Middle Wallop, Hampshire
12/07/1957 VS566 CB-X Anson C21 MCS Skidded off the end of the runway at Hendon, London and hit an obstruction
15/07/1957 WV221 U Whirlwind HAS22 845 Sqn Suffered a complete engine failure while in a hover six miles off Portland lighthouse, Dorset. It ditched and sank but the crew were rescued by submarine HMS Sleuth
16/07/1957 WV274   Hunter F4 118 Sqn Lost power and belly landed at Jever, West Germany during an overshoot in heavy rain. Sent for repair but declared a write off
16/07/1957 XG545   Sycamore HR14 275 Sqn Lost power after the engine overheated during winching practice at 25-30ft. It descended into the North Sea half a mile off Happisburgh, Norfolk. The crew were rescued by a rowing boat
18/07/1957 WR507 S Venom FB4 249 Sqn Written off in a belly landing at El Adem, Libya after the undercarriage jammed up
19/07/1957 WD296   Chipmunk T10 LAS Taxied into a fuel bowser at Middle Wallop, Hampshire
22/07/1957 WE371   Venom FB1 28 Sqn Swung on  take off from Kai Tak, Hong Kong and hit some vehicles
23/07/1957 WK311   Swift FR5 79 Sqn The pilot ejected after the engine cut over Niehoff, West Germany
24/07/1957 WE114   Canberra B2 231 OCU Dived into the ground during a night overshoot at Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire
26/07/1957 WK916 V Meteor F8 219 Sqn The undercarriage was ripped off after undershooting on landing at Kirkbride, Cumbria
26/07/1957 WZ574   Vampire T11 CFS The crew abandoned the aircraft during an uncontrollable spin over Faringdon, Oxfordshire
26/07/1957 XJ383   Sycamore HR14 284 Sqn Crashed after it rolled on  take off three miles NW of Ayios Nicolaios,  Cyprus causing the rotor to hit the ground
26/07/1957 XE595   Hunter F6 66 Sqn Although the nose lifted during  take off from Jever, West Germany the aircraft failed to become airborne. The pilot abandoned  take off but it  overshot and ran into a wheat field
27/07/1957 XB386 J-997 Avenger AS5 HMS Warrior HMS Warrior was used as the HQ ship during Operation Grapple, the testing of British nuclear bombs off Christmas Island in the Pacific. It had three Avengers on board, one crashing on 2nd May. On completion of the tests the other two were ceremoniously catapulted off the flight deck into the sea and sank
27/07/1957 XB439 J-996 Avenger AS5 HMS Warrior
30/07/1957 XF510   Hunter F6 North Weald Station Flt Crashed while on approach to North Weald, Essex after the engine cut, killing the pilot
31/07/1957 VS574   Anson C21 Bomber Command The pilot landed the aircraft in a field and hit a hedge after mistaking the field for the airfield at Old Sarum, Wiltshire
31/07/1957 WA240 30 Vampire FB5 3 CAACU Failed to become airborne from Exeter, Devon when the  pilot raised the nose too early. Take off  was abandoned but it overran the runway, ran through two fences and caught fire after both drop tanks detached
01/08/1957 XD948 J Swift FR5 79 Sqn Written off in an emergency landing at Gutersloh, West Germany after the nose wheel would not lower
02/08/1957 XE586   Hunter F6 263 Sqn Crashed onto Tuddenham Avenue, Ipswich, Suffolk after the pilot failed to recover the aircraft from a spin. The Pilot ejected safely
03/08/1957 WH989 J-974 Dragonfly HR5 HMS Eagle Ships Flt Ditched into the sea off Scotland after engine failure while performing plane guard duties off HMS Eagle
03/08/1957 XG619 B-435 Sea Venom FAW1 891 NAS Ditched off HMS Bulwark due to engine failure during a catapult launch in home waters. Both crew were killed
07/08/1957 XJ381   Sycamore HR14 194 Sqn Due to poor weather the pilot could not land at the intended zone. He diverted to another zone ten miles from Tanah Rata, Perek, Malya which was on top of a 3,600ft hill. The tachometer failed and so the pilot was unaware that he had overpitched. The aircraft sank just short of the zone and struck the ground nose first
08/08/1957 XE886 59 Vampire T11 4 FTS Flew into high ground at High Neb, Stanage Edge, Sheffield after running short of fuel. Both crew were killed
08/08/1957 VW488   Meteor T7 13 Group Comm Flt Dived into the ground after loss of control at Belsay, Northumberland. The pilot and his passenger, the mess steward were both killed
10/08/1957 XE761   Cadet TX2 RAFC Written off at Cranwell, Lincolnshire
10/08/1957 WR562   Venom FB4 8 Sqn When pulling out of a dive during a practice air to ground attack the gun doors and port pylon tanks came off causing considerable damage to the underside of the aircraft. Returned to base at Khormaksar, Aden but was not repaired
12/08/1957 WJ547   Anson T21 CNCS The tail wheel collapsed while  taxying back to dispersal after landing  at South Cerney, Gloucestershire
13/08/1957 VZ119   Vampire FB5 8 FTS The pilot broke formation while in cloud after becoming disorientated and lost control. He abandoned the aircraft but was killed when he struck part of the airframe. It crashed at Besthorpe, Nottinghamshire
14/08/1957 WZ702   Auster AOP9 RAE Stalled after bouncing on landing at Farnborough, Hampshire. The wing then dropped and the aircraft nosed over onto its back. The pilot escaped unhurt
14/08/1957 TX222   Anson C19 19 Group Comm Flt Crashed at Titsey Hill, seven miles south of Croydon, Surrey in bad visibility
15/08/1957 WH865   Canberra B2 231 OCU Flew into the ground during a night approach to Bassingbourn, Cambs
20/08/1957 XA416 J-285 Gannet AS4 814 NAS The aircraft was awaiting take off HMS Eagle behind another Gannet while operating in the Moray Firth, Northern Scotland. The gusty conditions and the slipstream of the other Gannet caused the port wing to lift and the aircraft swung through 180 degrees. It then slid over the side of the ship and entered the water inverted. The pilot escaped but the other two crew drowned
20/08/1957 WK953 K Meteor F8 208 Sqn Ran off the runway at Takali, Malta after the canopy opened on take off
21/08/1957 TX215   Anson C19 2 TAF Ran out of fuel and landed in a field at Bochum, West Germany
22/08/1957 WR550   Venom FB4 8 Sqn Belly landed six miles ENE of Khormaksar, Aden after the engine cut
22/08/1957 VX491   Valetta C1 110 Sqn The aircraft was on a leaflet dropping sortie and was attempting to overfly a 5,300ft ridge at Raub, Central Malaya when the port propeller oversped. It crashed into the side of the ridge at 4,100ft, caught fire and was destroyed. The 3 crew and 4 Army dispatchers were killed
23/08/1957 XD910 B Swift FR5 2 Sqn The canopy detached in flight, hitting and killing the pilot. It crashed into a hill four miles west of Aachen, West Germany
26/08/1957 XE381   Sea Hawk FGA6 897 NAS Struck the ground and exploded at Ford, West Sussex during display practice for the Farnborough air show. The pilot was killed
27/08/1957 WR544   Venom FB4 60 Sqn Crashed when control was lost in the slipstream of another aircraft when on approach to Tengah, Singapore
28/08/1957 WK477 G Venom FB1 45 Sqn Written off when the brakes failed on landing at Butterworth, Malaya and the undercarriage was raised to stop
30/08/1957 WP140 R Hunter F5 34 Sqn During engine start at Biggin Hill, Kent a spark ignited spilt fuel on the ground. This set fire to the aircraft  before it could be towed out of the way
30/08/1957 VX125   Auster AOP6 1912 Flt Lost height in a turn and hit the ground at Gross Reken, West Germany
02/09/1957 WP142 W Hunter F5 34 Sqn During take off from Biggin Hill, Kent the tower noticed fuel streaming from WP142 and ordered the pilot to cut his engine. It overran the runway and caught fire. The pilot of WP192 heard the instruction and thought it applied to him. He abandoned take off and the aircraft overran into a hedge. WP192 to 7471M
02/09/1957 WP192 O Hunter F5 34 Sqn
03/09/1957 WN963 F Hunter F5 41 Sqn The port undercarriage leg collapsed on landing at Biggin Hill, Kent. The aircraft swung off the runway and ran through a hedge and barbed wire fence
03/09/1957 WN139   Balliol T2 HCCS The undercarriage collapsed on landing at White Waltham, Berkshire
04/09/1957 WV845 LM Sea Hawk FGA4 764 NAS Flew into high ground two miles north west of Brora Point, Ross & Cromarty after leaving the Tain range. The pilot was killed
05/09/1957 WT754   Hunter F4 167 Sqn Written off after catching fire during engine start at Benson, Oxon
05/09/1957 WV699   Pembroke C1 Habbaniya Station Flt While  taxying  after  landing  at  Baghdad  Airport, Iraq the pilot retracted the undercarriage in error. He had intended to raise the flaps
06/09/1957 WB681   Shackleton MR1A 240 Sqn The pilot was intending to carry out an asymmetric overshoot at Ballykelly, Northern Ireland. He noticed another aircraft ahead climbing away after  take off and decided to land. It belly landed on the runway after he inadvertently selected undercarriage up
06/09/1957 XE880 74 Vampire T11 4 FTS Veered off the runway on landing at Worksop, Nottinghamshire after the starboard undercarriage collapsed
06/09/1957 XB514 538 Hiller HT1 705 Sqn Force landed into a private garden at Warsash near Fleetend, Hampshire after control was lost possibly due to loss of cyclic control and was badly damaged. The pilot was injured
09/09/1957 WR381   Venom FB4 249 Sqn Hit the ground at Sharjah, Oman during a practice attack
10/09/1957 WP144 X Hunter F5 34 Sqn The Whirlwind  was operating below its authorised height and was spotted by the Hunter pilot at the last moment. He took violent evasive action but the underside of the Hunter struck the helicopter which crashed at East Stratton, near Winchester, Hampshire killing both crew. The Hunter pilot blacked out and recovered to find the aircraft in a spin. He ejected just before it exploded. The Whirlwind wreckage was allocated to ground instruction at Arbroath as A2442
10/09/1957 XK908   Whirlwind HAS7 700 NAS
11/09/1957 WE452   Venom FB1 FWS During air to ground firing the No 4 rocket rail detached with the rocket and embedded its self into the starboard underside of the nose. The pilot was unaware of this and returned safely to Leconfield, Yorkshire. The aircraft was not repaired
13/09/1957 WW396   Provost T1 3 FTS Damaged beyond repair in a heavy landing in bad visibility at Feltwell, Norfolk
13/09/1957 WZ398   Valiant B(PR)1 543 Sqn While work on the fuel tanks was in progress in a hangar at Wyton, Cambridgeshire a live electric power supply was connected. An explosion occurred in the bomb bay and the aircraft was destroyed by fire
13/09/1957 XD553   Vampire T11 CNCS The port undercarriage leg was prevented from lowering due to a jammed undercarriage door. The aircraft made a forced landing on the grass at Shawbury, Salop
13/09/1957 XL520   Pioneer CC1 78 Sqn Failed to become airborne from Beihan Airstrip, Aden due to sand drag on the tail wheel. The pilot abandoned take off but it overshot, turned up onto its nose then fell back damaging the fuselage
14/09/1957 WL792 K Shackleton MR2 224 Sqn Made a wheels up landing at Gibraltar after suffering engine failure during the run in for a flypast during the Battle of Britain display. The crew escaped without injury
16/09/1957 XJ314   Thrust Measuring Rig RAE The artificial stability control ran away while the aircraft was in a hover at Bedford with the nose pitched up . It struck the ground inverted but the pilot escaped safely
16/09/1957 XG513   Sycamore HR14 Sylt Station Flt Struck the ground at Sylt, West Germany and rolled over when during a test flight the pilot had applied full starboard rudder during a climbing turn from 100 ft and lost control. This had exceeded the control limits of the aircraft
16/09/1957 WR488   Venom FB4 8 Sqn WR488 was written off when it ran into WR552 while taxying after landing at Khormaksar, Aden. WR552 was only slightly damaged but see 30th August 1958
16/09/1957 WR522   Venom FB4 8 Sqn
16/09/1957 VV971   Anson T21 Hemswell Station Flt Swung on landing at Hemswell, Lincs causing the undercarriage to collapse
17/09/1957 VZ978 O-387 Wyvern S4 831 NAS Collided at 2,000ft and crashed over Littlehampton, Sussex, both pilots ejected safely
17/09/1957 VZ795 O-384 Wyvern S4 831 NAS
20/09/1957 WZ496 65 Vampire T11 7 FTS The crew abandoned the aircraft following an engine fire over Wem, Salop
20/09/1957 XJ413 P Whirlwind HAR4 155 Sqn Dived into trees five miles NNE of Slim river, Padang, Malaya after tail rotor failure. It was not recovered
20/09/1957 XL553   Pioneer CC1 78 Sqn Caught by a gust of wind when 20 ft off the runway while landing at  Wadi Ain, Aden. The starboard wing dropped and the aircraft hit the runway. It swerved, struck a small tree, then swerved back onto the runway and tipped up onto its nose
20/09/1957 WZ706   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Force-landed onto a track 100 miles inside Thailand. To 7851M
21/09/1957 WL640 W Varsity T1 2 ANS Went out of control at 13,000ft and broke up at 1,500ft, crashing at Falstone, Northumberland. All five occupants were killed. The pilot was not in his seat at the time and so was unable to take preventative action
21/09/1957 WK428 H Venom FB1 14 Sqn loan to RNZAF Made a wheels up landing back at Tengah, Singapore and was damaged beyond repair
23/09/1957 WR426   Venom FB4 11 Sqn Rolled during a practice attack and hit the ground at Arnoje, Denmark
24/09/1957 VZ756 J-215 Wyvern S4 813 NAS Suffered propeller problems during Exercise Strikeback, aircraft became uncontrollable in a Norwegian mountainous region causing the pilot to eject
25/09/1957 WV854 J-146 Sea Hawk FGA6 803 NAS While operating off HMS Eagle in the Atlantic Ocean off Angola the pilot ejected due to a fire caused by a fuel leak
25/09/1957 XA391 321 Gannet AS1 820 NAS Ditched into the sea off Northern Ireland after engine failure whilst operating of HMS Bulwark, both crew survived
26/09/1957 DF407   Oxford T1 Manadon Staion Flt The port undercarriage collapsed on landing at Culdrose, Cornwall
27/09/1957 VM317   Anson C19 Idris Station Flt Ditched off Tripoli, Libya after the engine cut out
27/09/1957 WL261   Meteor F8 208 Sqn Landed on two wheels at Idris, Libya after an undercarriage leg jammed
10/1957 WT743 R Hunter F4 118 Sqn Declared a write off after damage due to an acid spill from a burst battery. Possibly at Jever, West Germany
01/10/1957 WH250 B Meteor F8 Sylt APS A tyre burst on  take off from Sylt, West Germany causing irreparable damage to the airframe
03/10/1957 WJ769   Canberra B6 139 Sqn The pilot belly landed the aircraft at Idris, Libya after the port engine caught fire after  take off. The navigator and observer had ejected. Front fuselage to 7546M
08/10/1957 XA342 292 Gannet AS1 815 NAS Damaged when the tail struck a turned gun turret while being pushed on the flight deck of HMS Ark Royal. To A2471
11/10/1957 WA794   Meteor F8 5 CAACU Crashed into a quarry at Trefor, North Wales killing the pilot
11/10/1957 WH346   Meteor F8 Sylt APS Landed on two wheels at Sylt, West Germany after an undercarriage leg jammed
11/10/1957 WR377 G Venom FB4 266 Sqn Caught fire after the nose wheel collapsed on landing at Wunsdorf, West Germany
11/10/1957 XG626   Sea Venom FAW21 RNAY Belfast The engine failed on take off from Sydenham, Northern Ireland. The pilot climbed to 150ft and ejected but height was insufficient for his chute to open and he was killed
11/10/1957 WR427   Venom FB4 5 Sqn The nose wheel collapsed on landing at Wunsdorf, West Germany
14/10/1957 WE468   Venom FB1 28 Sqn Sank on take off from Kai Tak, Hong Kong and landed back onto the airfield. Control was lost and it veered off the runway where the port undercarriage leg was removed by a light stanchion. The aircraft came to rest after demolishing a collection of RAF Regiment vehicles that were parked outside a hangar. The pilot was unhurt but had to be assisted out of the cockpit
15/10/1957 WR498   Venom FB4 60 Sqn Written off in a belly landing at Tengah, Singapore after the undercarriage jammed up
16/10/1957 WT705 ES-10 Hunter F4 229 OCU Collided with a target flag off Lundy Island, North Devon. It was only slightly damaged but was not repaired and did not fly again
17/10/1957 WN141   Balliol T2 HC Exam Unit Ran into trees in a forced landing near Basingstoke, Hants after the engine cut
17/10/1957 TA686   Mosquito B35 Sylt APS Lost power on take off and crashed into a wood at Schleswigland, West Germany
18/10/1957 TX164   Anson C19 2 TAF Belly landed three miles east of Wildenrath, West Germany after an engine cut
18/10/1957 WL368 W Meteor T7 CFE Comms Flt Flew into trees in bad visibility at Kircaldy, Fife when trying to divert to Leuchars
21/10/1957 TG615   Hastings C1 511 Sqn Flew into woods after an overshoot at Colerne, Wiltshire and was destroyed by fire
23/10/1957 WV911 511 Sea Hawk FGA6 700 NAS During a normal landing at Ford, West Sussex the starboard main undercarriage oleo leg split. To A2526
23/10/1957 XE688 A Hunter F4 74 Sqn The starboard undercarriage leg sheared off while taxying in after landing at Horsham St Faith, Norfolk. It was not repaired and was later scrapped
29/10/1957 TK604   Mosquito B35 5 CAACU Belly landed at Woodvale, Merseyside after the undercarriage jammed
30/10/1957 XA256 A Marathon T1 1 ANS Damaged after the undercarriage collapsed, probably at Topcliffe, and later declared a write off
01/11/1957 WF220 037 Sea Hawk F1 FRU Badly damaged in a touch down accident at Hurn, Hants. To A2473
02/11/1957 WJ470 D Valetta T3 2 ANS Swung on landing at Guernsey, causing the undercarriage to collapse
02/11/1957 WH541   Meteor FR9 208 Sqn Both damaged beyond repair in Malta 
02/11/1957 WH544   Meteor FR9 208 Sqn
05/11/1957 XF524 S Hunter F6 54 Sqn Dived into the ground fourteen miles S-E of Nicosia, Cyprus killing the pilot
05/11/1957 XG582 717 Whirlwind HAR3 701 NAS During night trials over the Solent near Calshot, Hampshire the pilot became disorientated when the landing light beam lifted off the surface of the water as he was checking speed and descent rate. It struck the water and sank but the two crew escaped with injuries. It was salvaged and sold for scrap
06/11/1957 WW660   Hunter F4 229 OCU Made an emergency landing at Chivenor, Devon after the port undercarriage jammed. It swung off the runway, hit an old oil drum and an ATC aerial mast. It was not repaired and was sold for scrap
07/11/1957 XF948 ES-P Hunter F4 229 OCU The pilot abandoned the aircraft due to an engine fire ten miles north of Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel. He was never found
07/11/1957 XG162 W Hunter F6 DFLS The pilot ejected and was killed one mile south of West Raynham, Norfolk after the engine cut due to fuel starvation
09/11/1957 WZ717   Auster AOP9 656 Sqn Written off in a precautionary landing at Ipoh, Malaya when the wing tip struck a telegraph pole
09/11/1957 XE588   Hunter F6 A&AEE The pilot used an incorrect technique to try and recover the aircraft from an intentional spin and ejected. The aircraft crashed into Cuckoo Hill near Gorley Hampshire. He was seriously injured being unable to jettison the canopy after therefore had to eject through it
11/11/1957 WW294 812 Sea Venom FAW21 751 NAS The port undercarriage broke off on landing at Culdrose, Cornwall causing the wing to catch fire
13/11/1957 WG490   Chipmunk T10 Coltishall Station Flt Hit a starter trolley at  Waterbeach,  Cambs while taxying. It was rebuilt and sold as D-EGAP, w/o 19/05/1959
14/11/1957 WT719   Hunter F4 43 Sqn Suffered a bird strike on take off from Kinloss, Morayshire. It damaged the port air intake and then passed through the engine. The aircraft landed safely at Lossiemouth but was not repaired. To 7596M
16/11/1957 XA251 H Marathon T1 1 ANS Declared a write off after failure of a wing spar at Topcliffe, Yorkshire
19/11/1957 WN325 380 Wyvern S4 831 NAS The port wheel entered the catwalk on landing aboard HMS Ark Royal after catching the No.4 wire. The propeller disintegrated and damaged Skyraider WV181
20/11/1957 WS830 X Meteor NF14 64 Sqn The pilot abandoned the aircraft after control was lost over Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire
21/11/1957 WH204   Meteor T7 83 Group Stalled and crashed when on approach to Wahn, West German
21/11/1957 XD656 995 Sycamore HR51 723 Sqn RAN While operating from HMAS Melbourne it suffered engine problems and ditched into the sea near to HM Submarine Telemachus off Australia. The two crew were rescued safely
25/11/1957 WS638 O Meteor NF12 72 Sqn The F-84 struck the Meteor at 33,000ft and removed its tail. The Meteor crew baled out successfully and it crashed four miles SE of Newmarket, Cambs. The F-84 landed safely
25/11/1957 FS-105   F-84F USAFE
25/11/1957 XF899   Provost T1 RAFC Force-landed three miles SE of Barkston Heath, Lincolnshire after the engine cut
26/11/1957 WM912 FD-512 Sea Hawk FB3 700 NAS Overran and struck the boundary fence during a heavy downwind landing at Ford, West Sussex after suffering a flame out
27/11/1957 WF886   Canberra T4 6 Sqn All these aircraft were destroyed in a hangar fire at Akrotiri,  Cyprus following a bomb explosion caused by EOKA guerrillas 
27/11/1957 WJ858   Canberra T4 13 Sqn
27/11/1957 WP514   Canberra B2 73 Sqn
27/11/1957 WT508   Canberra PR7 13 Sqn
28/11/1957 XK426   Thrust Measuring Rig Rolls Royce The aircraft was carrying out an  initial tethered flight in a gantry at Hucknall, Notts. At 30ft it paused, wobbled and fell back rapidly and struck the ground heavily on its rear legs. It then bounced back up to 30ft, fell back to the ground and toppled against the gantry structure killing the pilot
29/11/1957 XG289 Z Hunter F6 93 Sqn Suffered hydraulic failure on  take off from Sylt, West Germany. The pilot abandoned  take off but it ran off the runway and hit some trees, coming to rest in a ditch
02/12/1957 WV552 DW Provost T1 RAFC Overturned during a forced landing at Barkston Heath, Lincolnshire after the engine cut
04/12/1957 VW363   Meteor FR9 208 Sqn Written off at Khormaksar, Aden
04/12/1957 WV852   Sea Hawk FGA6 MTPS Stalled on approach to Abbotsinch, and spun into the ground killing the pilot
06/12/1957 XG871 544 Gannet T2 719 NAS Made a wheels up landing at Eglinton, Northern Ireland after strike a bank at the end of the runway which ripped off the port undercarriage leg. To A2474
06/12/1957 XG727   Sea Venom FAW22 819 NAS Crashed near Merryfield, Somerset following engine failure at night. The pilot ejected but was injured
06/12/1957 XA642 H Javelin FAW5 AWDS Suffered a double flame out at 30,000ft and crashed into the North Sea ten NM off Skegness, Lincs. Before impact the tail broke away following a fire in the rear fuselage. This rendered escape impossible and the crew were killed when the aircraft hit the water
09/12/1957 WV803 116 Sea Hawk FGA6 801 NAS Collided and crashed over Brawdy, Pembrokeshire while night flying formation join up, both pilots ejected safely
09/12/1957 WV906   Sea Hawk FGA6 801 NAS
09/12/1957 WW423   Provost T1 RAFC Undershot the runway at Barkeston Heath, Lincs after the engine lost power while on approach
09/12/1957 WK129   Canberra B2 RRE Flew into high ground at Carnedd, Llewelyn, Caernarvon during trials at 2,000ft with a ground radar station. Both crew were killed
09/12/1957 WZ456 50 Vampire T11 RAFC Crashed two miles south of Newark, Notts after the crew ejected, following loss of control
10/12/1957 XA250 B Marathon T1 1 ANS Written off when the starboard undercarriage leg collapsed on landing at Topcliffe, Yorkshire
12/12/1957 WJ758   Canberra B6 12 Sqn Written off in a belly landing on the grass at Takali, Malta after the undercarriage had jammed up due to an hydraulic leak
12/12/1957 WP993   Vampire FB9 7 FTS Control was lost during a formation loop and it crashed at Capelboch, Anglesey
13/12/1957 WM555   Sea Venom FAW20 890 NAS The starboard tyre burst on landing at Merryfield, Somerset. The aircraft swung off the runway causing the starboard oleo to collapse
13/12/1957 XG202 E Hunter F6 66 Sqn Crashed 1 miles N-E of Morpeth, Northumberland after the engine cut. The pilot ejected safely
13/12/1957 WH882   Canberra B2 Ferry Sqn The aircraft were 'buzzing' the airfield at Tengah, Singapore to celebrate their arrival when WH882 caught up with and collided with the other. Both aircraft crashed killing all three on board WH882. One of the four on board WJ983 was killed. WH882 was on delivery to 45 Sqn at the time but was flying with a 45 squadron crew
13/12/1957 WJ983   Canberra B2 45 Sqn
20/12/1957 RF557   Lincoln B11 199 Sqn After touchdown at Hemswell, Lincs a sudden gust of wind ballooned the aircraft back into the air. It landed heavily tail down and swung off the runway
30/12/1957 WV624   Provost T1 23 Group Comms Flt Dived into the ground after take off from Cranfield, Bedfordshire
30/12/1957 XJ249   Canberra B(I)6 213 Sqn Crashed into trees one mile NE of  Shilberborn, Hartz Mountains, West Germany while in a blizzard

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