AAC  Army Air Corps 
AACU Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
AAP Aircraft Acceptance Park
A/C Aircraft
ADA Aircraft Disposal Account
ADAF  Abu Dhabi Air Force 
ADM Armada De Mexico (Mexican Navy)
AdlA Armee de l'Air (French Air Force)
ADU Aircraft Delivery Unit
AEF Air Experience Flight
AF  Air Force 
AFS Advanced Flying School
AFZ   Air Force of Zimbabwe
AGS Air Gunnery School
AGT Airwork and General Trading
ALAT Aviation Legere de L'Armee de Terre (French Army)
AlbAF Forcat Ashtarake Ajore Shgipetare (Albanian Air Force)
AMARC  Aircraft Maintenance And Regeneration Centre 
AMI  Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Italian Air Force) 
ANGK LAUT  Indonesian Navy
ANS Air Navigation School
AREAF Arab Republic of Egypt Air Force (Egyptian Air Force)
ASS Air Signals School
AST Air Service Training
ASU Aircraft Storage Unit
ATC  Air Training Corps 
ATFERO Atlantic Ferry Organisation
AusAF Osterreichische Luftstreitkrafte (Austrian Air Force)
aw/cn Awaiting collection


BAF Belgian Armed Forces
BAAF Bahrain Amiri Air Force
BAH  British Aviation Heritage 
BATF Beam/Blind Approach Training Flight
BCAM  Bomber County Aviation Museum 
BCBS Bomber Command Bombing School
BDF Botswana Defence Force
BDRT  Battle Damage Repair Training 
BDTF Bomber Defence Training Flight
BEA  British European Airways 
BFAF Burkina Faso Air Force
BFTS Basic Flying Training School
BGS Bomber & Gunnery School
b/u Broken up 
BulAF Bulgarian Air Force
BVAC  Blyth Valley Aviation Collection 


(C) Cockpit section
CANA Argentine Naval Aviation
Canx  Cancelled 
Cat  Category (for damage)
Cat.1 Repairable on-site by unit
Cat.2 Repairable on-site by unit/operating organisation
Cat.3 Repairable on-site by repair organisation
Cat.4 Repairable, but off-site at depth repair facility
Cat.5 Beyond economical repair
CCCPAF Russian Air Force
CF Communication Flight
CF Conversion Flight
CF Canadian Forces 
CFS Central Flying School
CGS Central Gliding School
CGS Central Gunnery School
(C)OTU (Coastal) Operational Training Unit
CRO Civilian Repair Organisation
CRP Contractor's Repair Party
CS(A) Controller of Supply (Aircraft)
CSP Capability Sustainment Programme
CzAF Czech Air Force


d/d  delivery date 
DAW Dubai Air Wing
DCAE  Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering 
DBF Destroyed by Fire
DBR Damaged Beyond Repair
DDRAF East German Air Force
DERA  Defence Evaluation and Research Agency 
DOSAAF Soviet youth military training organisation
DSAE Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering
DSEME Defence School of Electro-Mechanical Engineering
DSMarE Defence School of Marine Engineering


EAAS Empire Air Armament School
EATS Empire Air Training Scheme
ECFS Empire Central Flying School
EdA Ejercito del Aire (Spanish Air Force)
EE  English Electric 
E/F Engine Failure
EFTS Elementary Flying Training School
E&RFTS Elementary & Reserve Flying Training School
ETPS Empire Test Pilots School 
ETS  Engineering Training School 


(F) Fuselage 
FA Flying Accident
FAA  Fleet Air Arm 
FAAM  Fleet Air Arm Museum 
FAAr Fuerza Aerea Argentina (Argentinian Air Force)
FAB Fuerza Aerea Boliviana (Bolivian Air Force)
FAC Colombian Air Force 
FACh  Fuerza Aerea de Chile (Chilean Air Force) 
FAP  Força Aerea Portuguesa (Portuguese Air Force) 
FAR Fortele Aeriene Romane (Romanian Air Force)
FARC Force Aeriene Royale Cambodge (Cambodian Air Force)
FB Flying Battle
FBSU Flying Boat Servicing Unit
FEAF Far East Air Force
f/f  first flight 
Finn AF  Finnish Air Force 
FIS Fighter Instructors School
F/L Forced Landing
FN French Navy
FRU Fleet Requirement Unit
FTFlt Ferry Training Flight
FTS Flying Training School
FTU Ferry Training Unit


G.I.  Ground Instruction 
GAF Luftwaffe (German Air Force)
GAL General Aircraft Limited
GDSH Gazelle Depth Support Hub
GhAF Ghana Air Force
GN Marineflieger (German Navy)
GR General Reconnaissance
GSU Group (or Ground) Support Unit


h/o  handed over 
HAF Hellenic (Greek) Air Force
HCU Heavy Conversion Unit
Heer Heeresflieger (German Army)
HGCU Heavy Glider Conversion Unit
HKGAF Hong Kong Government Air Force
HSA Hawker Siddeley Aircraft 
HTCU Heavy Transport Conversion Unit
HuAF Hungarian Air Force


IAC Irish Air Corps
IAF  Indian Air Force 
IDF Israel Defence Force
IFTS Initial Flying Training School
IHM  International Helicopter Museum (now The Helicopter Museum) 
INS Indian Naval Service 
IrAF Iraq Air Force
IRIAF Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
IWM Imperial War Museum 


JAPG  Jet Aviation Preservation Group 
JAF Japanese Air Force
JASDF Japanese Air Self Defence Force 


KAF  Kuwaiti Air Force 
Ken AF  Kenyan Air Force 
KLu Konninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Netherlands Air Force) 


Ltd  Limited 
l/f last flight 
l/n last noted 


MacAF Macedonian Air Force 
MCU Mosquito Conversion Unit
MCU Meteorological Conversion Unit
MEAF Middle East Air Force
MLD  Marine Luchtvaart Dienst (Royal Netherlands Navy) 
MMI Marine Militare Italiana (Italian Navy)
MerDet Merlin Detachment (at Al Musanah, Oman)
MexAF Mexican Air Force
MoA Ministry of Aviation 
MoAF Museum of Army Flying 
MoS Ministry of Supply
MPSU Multi Platform Support Unit
M&RU  Marketing and Recruitment Unit 
MSFU Merchant Ship Fighter Unit
MU  Maintenance Unit 


(N)  Nose section 
NEA Non-Effective Airframe
NEAM  North East Aviation Museum 
N&SAM  Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum 
NSW Naval Strike Wing 
N.t.u.  Not taken up 


OADF Overseas Aircraft Delivery Flight
OADU Overseas Aircraft Delivery Unit
(O)AFU (Observer) Advanced Flying Unit
OCU  Operational Conversion Unit 
OL Osterreichische Luftstreitkrafte (Austrian Air Force)
OTU Operational Training Unit


P2MF Puma 2 Maintenance Flight
PAF Pakistan Air Force
(P)AFU (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit
PASF Puma Aircraft Servicing Flight
PATP Packed Aircraft Transit Pool
PDSH Puma Depth Support Hub
PLAAF People's Liberation Army Air Force (Chinese Air Force)
PolAF Polish Air Force
PolAr Polish Army
PolN Polish Navy
Pres.  Preserved 


QEAF Qatar Emiri Air Force


RAAA Repaired and Awaiting Allocation
RAAF  Royal Australian Air Force 
RAF  Royal Air Force 
RAFO  Royal Air Force of Oman 
RAN  Royal Australian Navy 
RBAF  Royal Bahraini Air Force 
RCAF  Royal Canadian Air Force 
RDAF Royal Danish Armed Forces
RFS Reserve Flying School
RIW Repaired in works
RJAF  Royal Jordanian Air Force 
RMAF  Royal Malaysian Air Force 
RNA Royal Nepal Army
RNAF Royal Norwegian Air Force
RNAY  Royal Naval Aircraft Yard 
r/o  rolled out 
RoKAF  Republic of Korea Air Force 
ROS Repaired on site
RoSAF  Republic of Singapore Air Force 
RS Radio School
RSAF  Royal Saudi Air Force 
RSU Repair & Salvage Unit
Rtnd  Returned 
RTP Return to Produce


Scr.  scrapped 
SFTS Service Flying Training School
SOAF Sultan of Oman Air Force
S.o.c.  Struck off charge 
SoTT School of Technical Training
Sqn  Squadron 
SAAF South African Air Force
SloAF Slovak Air Force
SweAF Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force)
SwiAF Schweizer Luftwaffe (Swiss Air Force)
SYAM  South Yorkshire Aviation Museum 


THM  The Helicopter Museum (formerly the International Helicopter Museum) 
TNI-AU  Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara (Indonesian Air Force) 
TuAF Turkish Air Force
TUDM   Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (Malaysian Air Force)


UAEAF United Arab Emirates Air Forces
UAS University Air Squadron
UkrAF Ukraine Armed Forces
U/S Unserviceable
USAF  United States Air Force 
USAR United States Army
USMC  United States Marine Corps 
USN United States Navy


VGS Volunteer Gliding School
V/STOL  Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing 


w.f.u. withdrawn from use 
w/o  written off 
WS Wireless School


YAM  Yorkshire Air Museum 
YAF Yugoslav Armed Forces