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ST001/1501 ZB101 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 16/09/2015, d/d 01/04/2016 to RSAF as 2101 History  
ST002/1502 ZB102 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 19/11/2015, d/d 01/04/2016 to RSAF as 2102 History  
ST003/1503 ZB103 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 15/12/2015, d/d 08/06/2016 to RSAF as 2103 History  
ST004/1504 ZB104 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 17/02/2016, d/d 09/05/2016 to RSAF as 2104 History  
ST005/1505 ZB105 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 19/02/2016, d/d 08/06/2016 to RSAF as 2105 History  
ST006/1506 ZB106 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 30/03/2016, d/d 21/11/2016 to RSAF as 2106 History  
ST007/1507 ZB107 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 03/05/2016, d/d 09/08/2016 to RSAF as 2107 History  
ST008/1508 ZB108 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 29/04/2016, d/d 13/12/2016 to RSAF as 2108 History  
ST009/1509 ZB109 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 03/06/2016, d/d 09/08/2016 to RSAF as 2109 History  
ST010/1510 ZB110 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 15/06/2016, d/d 24/10/2016 to RSAF as 7901 History  
ST011/1511 ZB111 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 08/07/2016, d/d 24/10/2016 to RSAF as 7902 History  
ST012/1512 ZB112 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 08/09/2016, d/d 21/11/2016 to RSAF as 7903 History  
ST013/1513 ZB113 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 12/09/2016, d/d 21/11/2016 to RSAF as 7904 History  
ST014/1514 ZB114 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 20/09/2016, d/d 13/12/2016 to RSAF as 7905 History  
ST015/1515 ZB115 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 12/10/2016, d/d 20/02/2017 to RSAF as 7906 History  
ST016/1516 ZB116 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 05/12/2016, d/d 14/06/2017 to RSAF as 7907 History  
ST017/1517 ZB117 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 05/12/2016, d/d 20/02/2017 to RSAF as 7908 History  
ST018/1518 ZB118 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 04/10/2017, d/d 05/12/2017 to RSAF as 7909 History  
ST019/1519 ZB119 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 09/01/2017, d/d 13/11/2017 to RSAF as 2110 History  
ST020/1520 ZB120 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 08/02/2017, d/d 14/06/2017 to RSAF as 2111 History  
ST021/1521 ZB121 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 24/02/2017, d/d 04/09/2017 to RSAF as 7910 History  
ST022/1522 ZB122 BAe Hawk 165 f/f 13/03/2017, d/d 13/11/2017 to RSAF as 7911 History  
OM001 ZB123 BAe Hawk 166 f/f 05/05/2017, d/d 25/09/2017 to RAFO as 161 History  
OM002 ZB124 BAe Hawk 166 f/f 11/04/2017, d/d 24/07/2017 to RAFO as 162 History  
OM003 ZB125 BAe Hawk 166 f/f 27/04/2017, d/d 24/07/2017 to RAFO as 163 History  
OM004 ZB126 BAe Hawk 166 f/f 07/06/2017, d/d 25/09/2017 to RAFO as 164 History  
OM005 ZB127 BAe Hawk 166 f/f 02/08/2017, d/d 30/10/2017 to RAFO as 165 History  
OM006 ZB128 BAe Hawk 166 f/f 21/07/2017, d/d 30/10/2017 to RAFO as 166 History  
OM007 ZB129 BAe Hawk 166 f/f 22/08/2017, d/d 04/12/2017 to RAFO as 167, w/o 01/04/2018 History  
OM008 ZB130 BAe Hawk 166 f/f 17/10/2017, d/d 04/12/2017 to RAFO as 168 History  
102 ZB500 Westland Lynx f/f 18/05/1979 as G-LYNX, ex 'ZA500', to G-LYNX, pres. Weston-super-Mare History  
2011 ZB503 BN Islander Ex G-DIVE, ex 'ZA503', ex G-PASY, to G-CHES, w/o 12/10/2007 History  
WA927 ZB506 Westland Sea King Mk.4X f/f 19/11/1982, d/d 23/12/1982, w.f.u. Boscombe Down, stored Charlwood History  
WA928 ZB507 Westland Sea King HC4 f/f 19/01/1983, d/d 04/02/1983, to Gosport 20/03/2013, to Eastleigh, departed by 12/2016 History  
ZB512 Northrop Chukar D2 Marked 'ZA512', f/f 08/08/1982, w/o 08/08/1982 History  
ZB513 Northrop Chukar D2 Marked 'ZA513', f/f 29/09/1981, w/o 01/10/1981 History  
ZB514 Northrop Chukar D2 Marked 'ZA514', f/f 30/09/1981, w/o 01/04/1982 History  
ZB515 Northrop Chukar D2 Marked 'ZA515', f/f 31/05/1982, w/o 23/05/1982 History  
ZB516 Northrop Chukar D2 Marked 'ZA516', f/f 01/08/1982, w/o 07/08/1982 History  
ZB520 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA520', d/d 23/02/1981, f/f 03/10/1981, w/o 03/10/1981 History  
ZB521 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA521', d/d 10/1981, f/f 31/10/1981, w/o 26/05/1982 History  
ZB522 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA522', d/d 23/02/1981, f/f 10/10/1982, w/o 14/10/1982 History  
ZB523 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA523', d/d 23/02/1981, f/f 20/05/1981, s.o.c 1984 History  
ZB524 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA524', d/d 23/02/1981, f/f 23/07/1981, w/o 12/11/1981 History  
ZB525 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA525', d/d 13/04/1981, f/f 14/10/1982, w/o 14/10/1982 History  
ZB526 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA526', d/d 13/04/1981, f/f 06/01/1982, later w/o History  
ZB527 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA527', d/d 13/04/1981, f/f 13/10/1982, s.o.c 06/1984 History  
ZB528 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA528', d/d 13/04/1981, f/f 20/11/1982, s.o.c 06/1984 History  
ZB529 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA529', d/d 13/04/1981, f/f 0/10/1982, w/o 01/11/1982 History  
ZB530 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA530', d/d 13/04/1981, f/f 03/03/1982, s.o.c 1984 History  
ZB531 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA531' History  
ZB532 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA532' History  
ZB533 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA533' History  
ZB534 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA534' History  
ZB535 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA535' History  
ZB548 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA548' History  
ZB549 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA549' History  
ZB550 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA550' History  
ZB551 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA551' History  
ZB552 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA552' History  
ZB553 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA553' History  
ZB554 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA554' History  
ZB555 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA555' History  
ZB556 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA556' History  
ZB557 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA557' History  
ZB558 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA558' History  
ZB559 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA559' History  
ZB560 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA560' History  
ZB561 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA561' History  
ZB562 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA562' History  
ZB563 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA563' History  
ZB564 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA564' History  
ZB580 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA565' History  
ZB581 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA566' History  
ZB582 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA567' History  
ZB583 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA568' History  
ZB584 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA569' History  
ZB585 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA570' History  
ZB586 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA571' History  
ZB587 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA572' History  
ZB588 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA573' History  
ZB589 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA574' History  
ZB590 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA575' History  
ZB591 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA576' History  
ZB592 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA577' History  
ZB593 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA578' History  
ZB594 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA579' History  
ZB595 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA580' History  
ZB596 Short MATS-B Marked 'ZA581' History  
212032 ZB600 HS Harrier T4(I) f/f 06/12/1982, d/d 10/03/1983, d/d 16/09/2002 to Indian Navy as IN656 History Edit
212033 ZB601 HS Harrier T4N f/f 03/12/1982, d/d 14/04/1983, privately owned Selby, Yorkshire 09/09/2015 History Edit
212034 ZB602 HS Harrier T4(I) f/f 25/01/1983, d/d 18/05/1983, d/d 16/09/2002 to Indian Navy as IN655 History Edit
212035 ZB603 HS Harrier T8 f/f 11/05/1983, d/d 19/09/1983, to SFDO, Culdrose, Cornwall History Edit
212036 ZB604 HS Harrier T8 f/f 08/08/1983, d/d 21/09/1983, pres. Yeovilton, Somerset History  
212037 ZB605 HS Harrier T8 f/f 07/10/1983, d/d 08/11/1983, w/o 05/12/2002, FSAIU Yeovilton, scr. History  
212038 ZB606 HS Harrier T4N f/f 26/11/1983, d/d 05/01/1984, w/o 07/02/1985 History  
107/312178 ZB609 BAe Hawk Mk.52 f/f 03/12/1979. To G-9-454, d/d 11/04/1980 to Ken AF 1001, w/o 11/03/1988 History  
B.38 ZB615 SEPECAT Jaguar T2 f/f 23/09/1982, w.f.u. 11/2005, to Cranwell 03/2009, to DSAE Cosford History  
126/312190 ZB618 BAe Hawk Mk.53 f/f 06/06/1980, ex G-9-466, to G-9-466, d/d 26/08/1980 to TNI-AU as LL-5301 History  
153/312199 ZB622 BAe Hawk Mk.51 f/f 16/10/1980, to G-9-474, d/d 16/12/1980 to Finn AF as HW-302, w/o 17/03/1981 History  
1905 ZB625 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 d/d 04/05/1982 History Edit
1906 ZB626 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 d/d 04/05/1982, to G-BZDW 13/02/2002, to 3D-HVW, to G-BZDW, w/o 26/11/2002 History Edit
1914 ZB627 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 18/05/1982, d/d 13/07/1982, sold to G-CBSK 06/06/2002, Bourne Park History Edit
1915 ZB628 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 09/06/1982, d/d 13/07/1982, w/o 09/09/1993 History Edit
2010 ZB629 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT3 f/f 21/06/1982, d/d 13/07/1982, sold, to G-CBZL 17/01/2003, w/o 22/11/2003 History Edit
1923/1915 ZB646 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 21/06/1982, d/d 13/07/1982, to G-CBGZ, Cottered, Hertfordshire History  
1924 ZB647 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 09/07/1982, d/d 17/08/1982, to G-CBSF, to Bourne Park History  
2011 ZB648 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 11/01/1984, d/d 31/01/1984, w/o 18/03/1993, scr. Predannack Fire School History  
2012 ZB649 Aerospatiale Gazelle HT2 f/f 20/01/1984, d/d 02/02/1984, to G-CBSG, to G-SIVJ, Halfpenny Green History  
1932 ZB665 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 To Shawbury store 10/01/2006, to MPSU Middle Wallop 12/04/2013 rtnd to service History  
1933 ZB666 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 w/o 24/02/2000, to Sproughton, scr. Sunderland History  
1941 ZB667 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 To Shawbury store 13/02/2018 History  
1942 ZB668 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 w/o 30/11/1992, to TAD015 for G.I. at Arborfield, Berkshire History  
1950 ZB669 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
1951 ZB670 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 Pres. Dishforth, roaded out on 21/06/2016 History  
1958 ZB671 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
1959 ZB672 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 Pres. John Moore Barracks, Winchester, 27/07/2000 History  
1966 ZB673 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 To Shawbury store, sold 15/01/2010, to Stapleford Tawney, Essex History  
1967 ZB674 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 History  
1974 ZB675 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 w/o 10/01/1991 History  
1975 ZB676 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 w/o 22/12/2003 History  
1978 ZB677 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
1979 ZB678 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
1982 ZB679 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 History  
1983 ZB680 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 w/o 12/09/1990 History  
1986 ZB681 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 w/o 26/11/1992 History  
1987 ZB682 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 To Fleetlands store, to Colerne, to Dishforth, to G-CIEX Deighton, to Hungary History  
1990 ZB683 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
1991 ZB684 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 Joint Air Delivery Test & Evaluation Unit, Brize Norton for loading trials History  
1994 ZB685 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 To Everett Aero, Sproughton, exported to the USA during 09/2006 History  
1995 ZB686 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 Cabin to G.I. Middle Wallop, pres. Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare History  
1998 ZB687 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 w/o 11/02/1990 History  
1999 ZB688 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 To Shawbury store, sold 15/01/2010, to G-CHMF, to Phalaborwa, South Africa History  
2002 ZB689 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
2003 ZB690 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1 History  
2006 ZB691 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
2007 ZB692 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
2009 ZB693 Aerospatiale Gazelle AH1    
0229 ZB695 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 11/06/1981, w/o 16/09/1989 History  
0230 ZB696 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 31/03/1981, w/o 20/10/1982 History  
0231 ZB697 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 31/03/1981, w/o 01/04/1981 History  
103M02 ZB697 Mil Mi-17 Mk.1V Ex BulAF 402, to Afghanistan 19/03/2010, as 302? History  
0232 ZB698 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 02/04/1981, w/o 02/04/1981 History  
103M03 ZB698 Mil Mi-17 Mk.1V Ex BulAF 403, to Afghanistan 19/03/2010 as 303, to Eindhoven 23/12/2011 History  
0233 ZB699 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 07/04/1981, w/o 07/04/1981 History  
0234 ZB700 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 29/09/1981, damaged on first flight and never flown again History  
0235 ZB701 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 19/11/1981, w/o 19/11/1981 History  
0236 ZB702 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 01/10/1981, w/o 14/05/1982 History  
0237 ZB703 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 21/10/1982 w/o 17/03/1983 History  
0238 ZB704 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 19/11/1981, d/d 19/04/1984 History  
0239 ZB705 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 31/03/1982, w/o 07/12/1983 History  
0240 ZB706 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 19/11/1981, d/d 07/08/1982 History  
0241 ZB707 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 19/11/1981, w/o 23/07/1982 History  
0242 ZB708 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 17/03/1982, w/o 21/03/1983 History  
0243 ZB709 Northrop Chukar D2 f/f 20/11/1981, w/o 19/10/1982 History  
ZB715 Short Skeet    
ZB716 Short Skeet    
ZB717 Short Skeet    
ZB718 Short Skeet    
ZB719 Short Skeet    
ZB720 Short Skeet    
ZB721 Short Skeet    
ZB722 Short Skeet    
ZB723 Short Skeet    
ZB724 Short Skeet    
ZB725 Short Skeet    
ZB726 Short Skeet    
ZB727 Short Skeet    
ZB728 Short Skeet    
ZB729 Short Skeet    
ZB730 Short Skeet    
ZB731 Short Skeet    
ZB732 Short Skeet    
ZB733 Short Skeet    
ZB734 Short Skeet    
ZB735 Short Skeet    
ZB736 Short Skeet    
ZB737 Short Skeet    
ZB738 Short Skeet    
ZB739 Short Skeet    
ZB740 Short Skeet    
ZB741 Short Skeet    
ZB742 Short Skeet    
ZB743 Short Skeet    
ZB744 Short Skeet    
ZB745 Short Skeet    
ZB746 Short Skeet    
ZB747 Short Skeet    
ZB748 Short Skeet    
ZB749 Short Skeet    
ZB750 Short Skeet    
ZB751 Short Skeet    
ZB752 Short Skeet    
ZB753 Short Skeet    
ZB754 Short Skeet    
ZB755 Short Skeet    
ZB756 Short Skeet    
ZB757 Short Skeet    
ZB758 Short Skeet    
ZB759 Short Skeet    
ZB760 Short Skeet    
ZB761 Short Skeet    
ZB762 Short Skeet    
ZB763 Short Skeet    
ZB764 Short Skeet    
ZB778 Short Skeet    
ZB779 Short Skeet    
ZB780 Short Skeet    
ZB781 Short Skeet    
ZB782 Short Skeet    
ZB783 Short Skeet    
ZB784 Short Skeet    
ZB785 Short Skeet    
ZB786 Short Skeet    
ZB787 Short Skeet    
ZB788 Short Skeet    
ZB789 Short Skeet    
ZB790 Short Skeet    
ZB791 Short Skeet    
ZB792 Short Skeet    
ZB793 Short Skeet    
ZB794 Short Skeet    
ZB795 Short Skeet    
ZB796 Short Skeet    
ZB797 Short Skeet    
ZB798 Short Skeet    
ZB799 Short Skeet    
ZB800 Short Skeet    
ZB801 Short Skeet    
ZB802 Short Skeet    
ZB803 Short Skeet    
ZB804 Short Skeet    
ZB805 Short Skeet    
ZB806 Short Skeet    
ZB807 Short Skeet    
ZB808 Short Skeet    
ZB809 Short Skeet    
ZB810 Short Skeet    
ZB811 Short Skeet    
ZB812 Short Skeet    
ZB813 Short Skeet    
ZB814 Short Skeet    
ZB815 Short Skeet    
ZB816 Short Skeet    
ZB817 Short Skeet    
ZB818 Short Skeet    
ZB819 Short Skeet    
ZB820 Short Skeet    
ZB821 Short Skeet    
ZB822 Short Skeet    
ZB823 Short Skeet    
ZB824 Short Skeet    
ZB825 Short Skeet    
ZB826 Short Skeet    
ZB827 Short Skeet    
ZB847 Short Skeet D1    
ZB848 Short Skeet    
ZB849 Short Skeet    
ZB850 Short Skeet    
ZB851 Short Skeet    
ZB852 Short Skeet    
ZB853 Short Skeet    
ZB854 Short Skeet    
ZB855 Short Skeet    
ZB856 Short Skeet    
ZB857 Short Skeet    
ZB858 Short Skeet    
ZB859 Short Skeet D1    
ZB860 Short Skeet D1    
ZB861 Short Skeet D1    
ZB862 Short Skeet D1    
ZB863 Short Skeet D1    
ZB864 Short Skeet D1    
ZB865 Short Skeet D1    
ZB866 Short Skeet D1    
ZB867 Short Skeet D1    
ZB868 Short Skeet D1    
ZB869 Short Skeet D1    
ZB870 Short Skeet    
ZB871 Short Skeet    
ZB872 Short Skeet    
ZB873 Short Skeet    
ZB874 Short Skeet    
ZB875 Short Skeet    
ZB876 Short Skeet    
ZB877 Short Skeet    
ZB878 Short Skeet    
ZB879 Short Skeet    
ZB880 Short Skeet    
ZB881 Short Skeet    
ZB882 Short Skeet    
ZB883 Short Skeet    
ZB884 Short Skeet    
ZB885 Short Skeet    
ZB886 Short Skeet    
ZB900 Short Skeet    
ZB901 Short Skeet    
ZB902 Short Skeet    
ZB903 Short Skeet    
ZB904 Short Skeet    
ZB905 Short Skeet    
ZB906 Short Skeet    
ZB907 Short Skeet    
ZB908 Short Skeet    
ZB909 Short Skeet    
ZB910 Short Skeet    
ZB911 Short Skeet    
ZB912 Short Skeet    
ZB913 Short Skeet    
ZB914 Short Skeet    
ZB915 Short Skeet    
ZB916 Short Skeet    
ZB917 Short Skeet    
ZB918 Short Skeet    
ZB919 Short Skeet    
ZB920 Short Skeet    
ZB921 Short Skeet    
ZB922 Short Skeet    
ZB923 Short Skeet    
ZB924 Short Skeet    
ZB925 Short Skeet    
ZB926 Short Skeet    
ZB927 Short Skeet    
ZB928 Short Skeet    
ZB929 Short Skeet    
ZB930 Short Skeet    
ZB931 Short Skeet    
ZB932 Short Skeet    
ZB933 Short Skeet    
ZB934 Short Skeet    
ZB935 Short Skeet    
ZB936 Short Skeet    
ZB937 Short Skeet    
ZB938 Short Skeet    
ZB939 Short Skeet    
ZB940 Short Skeet    
ZB941 Short Skeet    
ZB942 Short Skeet    
ZB943 Short Skeet    
ZB944 Short Skeet    
ZB945 Short Skeet    
ZB946 Short Skeet    
ZB947 Short Skeet    
ZB948 Short Skeet    
ZB949 Short Skeet    
ZB970 Short Skeet    
ZB971 Short Skeet    
ZB972 Short Skeet    
ZB973 Short Skeet    
ZB974 Short Skeet    
ZB975 Short Skeet    
ZB976 Short Skeet    
ZB977 Short Skeet    
ZB978 Short Skeet    
ZB979 Short Skeet    
ZB980 Short Skeet    
ZB981 Short Skeet    
ZB982 Short Skeet    
ZB983 Short Skeet    
ZB984 Short Skeet    
ZB985 Short Skeet    
ZB986 Short Skeet    
ZB987 Short Skeet    
ZB988 Short Skeet    
ZB989 Short Skeet    
ZB990 Short Skeet    
ZB991 Short Skeet    
ZB992 Short Skeet    
ZB993 Short Skeet    
ZB994 Short Skeet    
ZB995 Short Skeet    
ZB996 Short Skeet    
ZB997 Short Skeet    
ZB998 Short Skeet    
ZB999 Short Skeet    

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