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VP102Douglas DC-2 Allocated, ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VP109Westland Wyvern TF2  
VP113Westland Wyvern TF2  
VP120Westland Wyvern TF2  
VP125Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP126Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP127Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP128Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP129Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP130Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP131Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP132Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP133Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP134Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP135Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP136Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP137Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP138Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP139Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP140Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP141Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP142Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP143Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP144Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP145Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP146Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP147Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP148Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP149Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP150Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP151Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP152Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP153Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP164Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP165Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP166Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP167Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP168Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP169Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP170Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP171Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP172Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP173Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP174Slingsby T.24 CanxHistory 
VP178DH Mosquito TT35  
VP179DH Mosquito B35  
VP180DH Mosquito B35  
VP181DH Mosquito TT35  
VP182DH Mosquito B35  
VP183DH Mosquito PR35  
VP184DH Mosquito B35  
VP185DH Mosquito B35  
VP186DH Mosquito B35  
VP187DH Mosquito B35  
VP188DH Mosquito B35  
VP189DH Mosquito B35Sold 15/12/1954, to CF-HMQHistory 
VP190DH Mosquito TT35  
VP191DH Mosquito TT35  
VP192DH Mosquito B35  
VP193DH Mosquito B35  
VP194DH Mosquito B35  
VP195DH Mosquito B35  
VP196DH Mosquito B35  
VP197DH Mosquito TT35  
VP198DH Mosquito B35  
VP199DH Mosquito B35  
VP200DH Mosquito B35  
VP201DH Mosquito B35  
VP202DH Mosquito B35  
VP207Hawker P.1020 Fury f/f 09/05/1947, sold to Hawker Aircraft Ltd 03/04/1946, fate?History 
VP213Hawker P.1020 Fury Canx, not completed, used as a spares source, to Hawker Aircraft, scrappedHistory 
VP219Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP220Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP221Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP222Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP223Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP224Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP225Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP226Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP227Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP228Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP229Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP230Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP231Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP232Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP233Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP234Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP235Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP236Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP237Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP238Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP239Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP240Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP241Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP242Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP243Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP244Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP245Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP246Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP247Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP248Airspeed Ambassador CanxHistory 
VP254Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP255Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP256Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP257Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP258Avro Shackleton T4  
VP259Avro Shackleton T4  
VP260Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP261Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP262Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP263Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP264Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP265Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP266Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP267Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP268Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP281Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP282Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP283Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP284Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP285Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP286Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP287Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP288Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP289Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP290Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP291Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP292Avro Shackleton GR1  
VP293Avro Shackleton T4  
VP294Avro Shackleton GR1  
1367VP301Avro Tudor 3Ex G-AIYA, to G-AIYAHistory 
1368VP312Avro Tudor 3Ex G-AJKC, to G-AJKCHistory 
VP320Siebel 204 DEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VP321Siebel 204 DEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VP322Siebel 204 DEx LuftwaffeHistory 
VP323Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP324Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP325Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP326Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP327Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP328Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP329Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP330Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP331Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP332Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP333Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP334Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP335Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP336Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP337Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP338Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP339Siebel 204 DN.t.u.History 
VP342DH Mosquito T3  
VP343DH Mosquito T3  
VP344DH Mosquito T3  
VP345DH Mosquito T3  
VP346DH Mosquito T3  
VP347DH Mosquito T3  
VP348DH Mosquito T3  
VP349DH Mosquito T3  
VP350DH Mosquito T3  
VP351DH Mosquito T3  
VP352DH Mosquito T3  
VP353DH Mosquito T3To AdlAHistory 
VP354DH Mosquito T3  
VP355DH Mosquito T3  
VP359Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP360Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP361Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP362Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP363Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP364Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP365Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP366Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP367Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP368Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP369Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP370Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP381Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP382Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP383Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP384Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP385Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP386Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP387Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP388Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP389Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP390Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP391Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP392Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP393Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP394Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP395Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP396Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP397Supermarine Seafire F17  
VP401Hawker Sea Hawk P.1072  
VP413Hawker Sea Hawk   
VP422Hawker Sea Hawk   
VP427Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP428Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP429Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP430Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP431Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP432Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP433Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP434Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP435Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP436Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP437Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP438Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP439Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP440Supermarine Seafire F47  
6S.73228VP441Supermarine Seafire FR47d/d 30/11/1947, to NX47FS in Fortine, Montana, USAHistory 
VP442Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP443Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP444Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP445Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP446Supermarine Seafire F47  
VP447Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP448Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP449Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP450Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP451Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP452Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP453Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP454Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP455Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP456Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP457Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP458Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP459Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP460Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP461Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP462Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP463Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP464Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP465Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP471Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP472Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP473Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP474Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP475Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP476Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP477Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP478Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP479Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP480Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP481Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP482Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP483Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP484Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP485Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP486Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP487Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP488Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP489Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP490Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP491Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP492Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP493Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP494Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP495Supermarine Seafire FR47  
VP501Blohm & Voss BV222 C  
VP509Avro Anson C19  
VP510Avro Anson C19  
VP511Avro Anson C19Diverted prior to deliveryHistory 
VP512Avro Anson C19G-AFKEHistory 
VP513Avro Anson C19  
VP514Avro Anson C19  
VP515Avro Anson C19  
VP516Avro Anson C19  
VP517Avro Anson C19  
VP518Avro Anson C19  
VP519Avro Anson C19(N) pres. AeroVenture, DoncasterHistory 
VP520Avro Anson C19  
VP521Avro Anson C19  
VP522Avro Anson C19  
VP523Avro Anson C19  
VP524Avro Anson C19  
VP525Avro Anson C19  
VP526Avro Anson C19  
VP527Avro Anson C19  
VP528Avro Anson C19  
VP529Avro Anson C19  
VP530Avro Anson C19  
VP531Avro Anson C19  
VP532Avro Anson C19  
VP533Avro Anson C19  
VP534Avro Anson C19  
VP535Avro Anson C19  
VP536Avro Anson C19  
VP537Avro Anson C19  
VP538Avro Anson C19  
HAC 289VP543Horten Ho IVEx Luftwaffe, to BGA647, to USA as N79289, pres. Chino, California, USAHistory 
475081VP546Fieseler Fi.156 C-7Ex Luftwaffe 475081, pres. RAF Museum at CosfordHistory 
VP550Junkers Ju.352 A-1Ex Air Min 109History 
500200VP554Messerschmitt Me.262 A-2aN.t.u, ex Air Min 81History 
VP559DFS SG.38 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VP582DFS SG.38 Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VP587Grunau Baby Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VP591DFS/30 Kranich 2Ex LuftwaffeHistory 
VP601Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP602Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP603Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP604Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP605Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP606Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP607Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP608Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP609Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP610Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP611Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP612Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP613Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP614Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP615Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP616Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP617Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP618Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP619Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
VP620Gloster E.1/44 CanxHistory 
2558VP628Auster AOP6To RCAF 16651, to CF-MMYHistory 
2576VP629Auster AOP6To RCAF 16652, to CF-KBVHistory 
2577VP630Auster AOP6To RCAF 16653, to C-FNQCHistory 
2578VP631Auster AOP6To RCAF 16654, to CF-FJMHistory 
2579VP632Auster AOP6To RCAF 16655, to C-FKBWHistory 
2580VP633Auster AOP6To RCAF 16656, to C-FLGM, stored Wetaskiwin MuseumHistory 
2581VP634Auster AOP6To RCAF 16657History 
2582VP635Auster AOP6To RCAF 16658History 
2583VP636Auster AOP6To RCAF 16659History 
2584VP637Auster AOP6To RCAF 16660History 
2585VP638Auster AOP6To RCAF 16661History 
2586VP639Auster AOP6To RCAF 16662, to CF-XNF, pres. Museum Victoria, B.C. CanadaHistory 
2587VP640Auster AOP6To RCAF 16663, to C-FKJPHistory 
2588VP641Auster AOP6To RCAF 16664History 
2589VP642Auster AOP6To RCAF 16665, to CF-KGZHistory 
2590VP643Auster AOP6To RCAF 16666, to C-FLXTHistory 
2591VP644Auster AOP6To RCAF 16667, to C-FLICHistory 
2596VP645Auster AOP6To RCAF 16668, to CF-MOEHistory 
2597VP646Auster AOP6To RCAF 16669History 
2598VP653Auster AOP6To RCAF 16670, then to C-FLWK, pres. Trenton Museum, CanadaHistory 
2599VP654Auster AOP6To RCAF 16671, to C-FLWAHistory 
2600VP655Auster AOP6To RCAF 16672, to C-FLOEHistory 
2851VP656Auster AOP6To RCAF 16673History 
2852VP657Auster AOP6To RCAF 16674History 
2853VP658Auster AOP6To RCAF 16675, to CF-LPAHistory 
2854VP659Auster AOP6To RCAF 16676, to CF-KJPHistory 
2855VP660Auster AOP6To RCAF 16677, to CF-LSUHistory 
2856VP661Auster AOP6To RCAF 16678History 
2857VP662Auster AOP6To RCAF 16679, to CF-KFNHistory 
2858VP663Auster AOP6To RCAF 16680History 
2859VP664Auster AOP6To RCAF 16681, to CF-KRF, to C-GCID, Hamilton, CanadaHistory 
2860VP665Auster AOP6To RCAF 16682History 
2861VP666Auster AOP6To RCAF 16683History 
2862VP667Auster AOP6To RCAF 16684, to CF-OMWHistory 
2863VP668Auster AOP6To RCAF 16685History 
2864VP669Auster AOP6To RCAF 16686History 
VP674DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17001, w/o 04/01/1952History 
EEP42244VP675DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17002, to N6865D, to FAMexico as FAM-11, w.f.u.1970History 
VP676DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17003, w/o 11/03/1952History 
VP677DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17004, w/o 30/01/1952History 
VP678DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17005, w/o 08/03/1952History 
VP679DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17006, to N6869D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-15History 
VP680DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17007, to N6880D, to FAMexico?History 
VP681DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17008, w/o 12/09/1952History 
VP682DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17009, w/o 16/06/1948History 
VP683DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17010, s.o.c. 15/03/1949History 
VP684DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17011, s.o.c. 23/06/1948History 
EEP42304VP685DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17012, to N6882D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-13, pres. Jalisco, MexicoHistory 
EEP42305VP686DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17013, w/o 21/06/1951History 
EEP42306VP687DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17014, w/o 06/01/1951History 
EEP42307VP688DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17015, s.o.c. 06/07/1951History 
EEP42308VP689DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17016, to N6870D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-1, pres. Mexico CityHistory 
EEP42309VP690DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17017, to N6873D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-3History 
EEP42310VP691DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17018, to N6881D, pres. Valle Airport, Arizona, USAHistory 
EEP42311VP692DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17019, to N6874D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-4History 
EEP42312VP693DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17020, to N6863DHistory 
VP694DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17021, sold to Fliteways Inc as spares, to N6864DHistory 
VP695DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17022, s.o.c. 20/11/1954History 
VP696DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17023, w/o 16/04/1950History 
VP697DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17024, w/o 22/07/1952History 
VP698DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17025, crashed 05/1948, s.o.c. 23/06/1948History 
VP715DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17026, s.o.c. 01/11/1951History 
VP716DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17027, to instructional 589B, s.o.c. 02/05/1955History 
VP717DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17028, s.o.c. 02/10/1956History 
VP718DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17029, crashed 09/03/1952, s.o.c. 08/05/1952History 
VP719DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17030, to N6861D, to FAMexicoHistory 
EEP42323VP720DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17031, to N41J, pres. CFB Comox, British Columbia, CanadaHistory 
VP721DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17032, w/o 27/03/1949History 
VP722DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17033, w/o 31/03/1951History 
VP723DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17034, w/o 16/01/1949History 
VP724DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17035, w/o 11/06/1954History 
VP725DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17036, sold to Fliteways Inc as N6884DHistory 
VP726DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17037, crashed 12/06/1948, s.o.c. 05/07/1948History 
VP727DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17038, w/o 02/05/1954History 
EEP42345VP728DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17039, to N6871D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-9, w/o 22/12/1966History 
EEP42346VP729DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17040, to N6875D, to FAMexico as FAM-5, to EAJP-200, pres. MexicoHistory 
EEP42347VP730DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17041, s.o.c. 23/05/1950History 
EEP42348VP731DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17042, s.o.c. 25/11/1955History 
VP732DH Vampire F3For RCAF as 17043, w/o prior to delivery 11/1947History 
EEP42350VP733DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17044, to N6866D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-10History 
VP734DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17045, s.o.c. 07/08/1956History 
VP735DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17046, s.o.c. 02/10/1956History 
VP736DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17047, to N6872D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-12History 
VP737DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17048, w/o 04/10/1950History 
VP738DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17049, s.o.c. 07/08/1956History 
VP739DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17050, s.o.c. 07/09/1956History 
VP740DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17051, crashed 28/08/1951, s.o.c. 05/09/1951History 
VP741DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17052, s.o.c. 22/02/1955History 
VP742DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17053, w/o 12/01/1951History 
VP743DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17054, s.o.c. 22/07/1954History 
VP744DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17055, crashed 04/08/1955, s.o.c. 14/03/1958History 
VP745DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17056, s.o.c. 02/10/1956History 
VP746DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17057, w/o 08/03/1952History 
EEP42376VP747DH Vampire F3To RCAF 17058, to N6860D, pres. Langley, British Columbia, CanadaHistory 
VP748DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17059, w/o 09/07/1954History 
VP749DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17060, s.o.c. 02/10/1955History 
VP750DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17061, w/o 09/11/1952History 
EEP42380VP751DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17062, to N701NAHistory 
EEP42381VP752DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17063, w/o 20/03/1952History 
EEP42382VP753DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17064, w/o 01/04/1952History 
EEP42383VP766DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17065, to N6862D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-8History 
EEP42384VP767DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17066, s.o.c. 08/07/1954History 
EEP42385VP768DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17067, to N6879D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-7History 
EEP42386VP769DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17068, sold to Fliteways Inc as N6860DHistory 
EEP42387VP770DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17069, to N6877D, to CF-RLK, pres. Calgary, Alberta, CanadaHistory 
EEP42388VP771DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17070, sold to Fliteways Inc as N6870DHistory 
EEP42389VP772DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17071, to N6883D, pres. Wetaskiwin, Alberta, CanadaHistory 
EEP42390VP773DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17072, to N6878D, to Markham, Ontario, w/o 06/06/2009History 
EEP42391VP774DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17073, w/o 18/05/1952History 
EEP42392VP775DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17074, pres. Rockcliffe Airport Ontario, CanadaHistory 
EEP42393VP776DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17075, s.o.c. 07/09/1956History 
EEP42394VP777DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17076, w/o 06/11/1955History 
EEP42395VP778DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17077, w/o 23/05/1952History 
EEP42396VP779DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17078, to N6867D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-6History 
EEP42397VP780DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17079, w/o 02/05/1951History 
EEP42398VP781DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17080, w/o 19/09/1948History 
EEP42399VP782DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17081, w/o 29/11/1953History 
EEP42400VP783DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17082, s.o.c. 07/09/1956History 
EEP42401VP784DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17083, to N6876DHistory 
EEP42402VP785DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17084, w/o 25/07/1949History 
EEP42403VP786DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17085, to N6868D, to FAMexico 02/1962 as FAM-2History 
EEP42404VP787DH Vampire F3To RCAF as 17086, w/o 10/07/1954History 
VP788DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP789DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP790DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP791DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP792DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP811DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP812DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP813DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP814DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP815DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP816DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP817DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP818DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP819DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP820DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP821DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP822DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP823DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP824DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP825DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP826DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP827DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP828DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP829DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP830DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP831DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP832DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP833DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP834DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP835DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP836DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP837DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP838DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP839DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP840DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP841DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP842DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP843DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP844DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP845DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP846DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP847DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP848DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP849DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP850DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP851DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP852DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP853DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP864DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP865DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP866DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP867DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP868DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP869DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP870DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP871DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP872DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP873DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP874DH Vampire F3CanxHistory 
VP901Douglas Dakota   
VP902Douglas Dakota   
VP903Douglas Dakota   
VP904Douglas Dakota   
VP905Douglas Dakota   
VP906Douglas Dakota   
VP907Douglas Dakota   
VP908Douglas Dakota   
VP909Douglas Dakota   
VP910Douglas Dakota   
VP911Douglas Dakota   
VP912Douglas Dakota   
VP913Douglas Dakota   
VP914Douglas Dakota   
VP915Douglas Dakota   
VP916Douglas Dakota   
VP917Douglas Dakota   
VP918Douglas Dakota   
VP919Douglas Dakota   
VP920Douglas Dakota   
VP921Douglas Dakota   
VP922Douglas Dakota   
VP923Douglas Dakota   
VP924Douglas Dakota   
VP925Douglas Dakota   
VP926Douglas Dakota   
VP927Douglas Dakota   
VP928Douglas Dakota   
VP929Douglas Dakota   
VP930Douglas Dakota   
VP937Vickers Viking G-AGRVHistory 
VP952DH Devon C2d/d 31/10/1947, to 8820M, then to RAF Museum at CosfordHistory 
VP953DH Devon C2  
VP954DH Devon C1To G-AWRG 25/09/1968, scrapped Leavesden 12/1969History 
04201VP955DH Devon C2Ex G-BLPD n.t.u, d/d 25/08/1948, to G-DVON, to Calcutt, to Dalton areaHistory 
VP956DH Devon C2  
VP957DH Devon C2d/d 24/08/1948, to 8822M, (N) then to No.817 ATC Sqn, Lisburn, to Long KeshHistory 
VP958DH Devon C2To CTTS St. Athan for G.I, pres. Sarina, Queensland, AustraliaHistory 
VP959DH Devon C2To N959VPHistory 
VP960DH Devon C2  
VP961DH Devon C2d/d 05/11/1948, to G-HBBC Compton Abbas, (F) to West Raynham 2011History 
04212VP962DH Devon C2  
VP963DH Devon C2  
VP964DH Devon C1w/o and wreckage allocated to G-AOIZ 07/03/1956, cancelled 23/09/1961History 
VP965DH Devon C2d/d 30/05/1949, l/f 05/07/1984 to Manston Fire School for G.I. as 8824MHistory 
VP966DH Devon C1  
04220VP967DH Devon C2To G-KOOL, to Redhill, pres. ElvingtonHistory 
VP968DH Devon C2  
04222VP969DH Devon C1w/o 03/06/1958History 
VP970DH Devon C2  
VP971DH Devon C2d/d 03/03/1949, l/f 03/07/1984 to Catterick Fire School for G.I. as 8825MHistory 
VP972DH Devon C1  
VP973DH Devon C2To 8512M, to Northolt dump, perishedHistory 
VP974DH Devon C2  
VP975DH Devon C2Stored at WroughtonHistory 
VP976DH Devon C2Scrapped Northolt 1994History 
VP977DH Devon C2d/d 31/05/1949, to G-ALTS, l/f 04/07/1984 to West Freugh for G.I.History 
VP978DH Devon C2  
VP979DH Devon C1  
VP980DH Devon C2  
VP981DH Devon C2  
VP988Fairey N.16/45 CanxHistory 

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